Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7231Largest shopperGunter AndersenGermany, Satrup01 August 2002The largest shopper (shopping trolley) is 3.08m (10.10ft) tall, 1.23m (4ft) wide, and 1.55m (5ft) deep and was created by Gunter Andersen of Satrup, Germany in August 2002. It is a perfect replica of the orginal.
7232Youngest female at No.1 on UK albums chartUnknownUnited Kingdom09 October 2004The youngest female artist to have a No.1 album on the UK chart is Joss Stone (UK) with her second album 'Mind, Body & Soul' on 9 October 2004, aged 17 and 181 days.
7233Most Champions League victoriesManchester United93 timesUK, QueryThe most UEFA Champions League matches won by a team is 93, by English Premier League side Manchester United between 15 September 1993 and 4 May 2011.
7234Most leapfrog jumps in one minute by a team of twoMichael Kremmel, Andrew MacLaren, Brett Hileman, Nickolaus Bonner57 timesUnited States, Tempe,,Arizona State University15 April 2011The most leapfrog jumps in one minute by a team of two is 57 and were achieved by Michael Kremmel and Andrew MacLaren and by Brett Hileman and Nickolaus Bonner (all USA) at the same event, organized by Muscle Milk at the Sun Angel Stadium of the Arizona State University, in Tempe, Arizona, USA, on 15 April 2011.Both couples broke the record minutes before the event concluded. At the same event, the couple of Joey Bellus and Shaun Rico (both USA) equalled the previous record of 53, before the new record of 57 jumps was achieved.
7235Largest number of amateur radio contacts in a yearJukka HeikinheimoPitcairn Islands21 April 2000Between 25 January and 21 April 2000, Jukka Heikinheimo (Finland) made 56,239 amateur radio contacts from Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean.
7236Largest wafer biscuit (size)Rolf MoenNorway, Austvatn09 August 2008The largest wafer biscuit weighed 2.13 kg (4 lb 11 oz) and was made by Rolf Moen (Norway) in Austvatn, Norway, on 9 August 2008.The wafer had a diameter of 63.5 cm (2 ft 9 in).
7237Oldest commissioned warship afloatUSS Constitution1797/10/21 year(s), month(s), day(s)USA, Charlestown21 October 1797The USS Constitution - also known as 'Old Ironsides' - was commissioned on 21 October 1797 and remains on the US Navy ship roster with a crew of between 50 and 80 active duty Navy sailors. Constitution's home port is Charlestown, Massachusetts and it makes occasional trips to sea.There is a wealth of information contained in the pamphlet attached.SEE ALSO: Oldest Commissioned Warship
7238Largest tuning forkPo Shu WangUnited States, Berkeley02 January 2003The world's largest tuning fork measures 12.83 m (42 ft 1.3 in) tall and is tuned to 0.6320 hertz. It was built by Po Shu Wang (USA) and installed as a public display in Berkeley, California, USA in January 2003.
7239Highest capacity internet routerCisco Systems, Inc.United StatesThe world's highest capacity internet router is the CRS-1, by Cisco Systems. It has a traffic capacity of 92 terabits per second and was announced on 25 May 2004.
7240Largest collection of stickers of bowling clubsCedric BrownUnited Kingdom, Truro11 October 2004Cedric Brown (UK) has a collection of 17,455 bowling stickers that he has amassed since the 1980s from numerous bowling clubs around the world.Holder passed away in Oct 2005
7241Shooting, air pistol score in 24 hours (pair)Robert Ferencak, Robert KranjcSlovenia, Dobova17 October 2005The highest score by a pair shooting an air pistol for 24 hours is 13,454 by Robert Kranjc and Robert Ferenčak (Slovenia) in Brežice, Slovenia on 16-17 October 2004total shots: 1450Ave score: 9.279Went from 10am - 10amit took place at the Aquarius bar, which was set up specifically for this event. 3 witnesses were specialists in shooting and confimed that the set up was true to the rules of the sport.
7242Longest combine harvester journeyYenisei Combine HarvestersRussia, Orel25 June 2003Three Russian-made Yenisei combine harvesters made a journey of 5,300 km (3,293 miles) between Krasnoyarsk and Orel, Russia, from 12 May to 25 June 2003.
7243Longest football tourLenton Griffins Football ClubUK03 August 2004The longest football tour was made by Lenton Griffins Football Club (UK) who visited 12 countries between 3 July and 3 August 2004.The team played fixtures in: Wales, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Liechenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain and Morrocco. There were also inadmissable fixtures played in England and Ireland.
7244Oldest indoor bowls playerJean Ella CowlesUnited Kingdom, Spalding Lincolnshire01 March 2012The oldest indoor bowls player is Jean Ella Cowles (b. 31 August 1917, UK), who at 94 years, 6 months and 1 day still actively competes as a member of Spalding and District Indoor Bowls Club in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK. This was verified on 1 March 2012.Jean Cowles started playing in her 50s after her husband passed away and has been playing competitively ever since.
7245Most expensive teddy bearSteiff Louis Vuitton213720.00 euro(s)Monaco, Christie's14 October 2000A Steiff 'Louis Vuitton' teddy bear made in 2000 and measuring 45 cm (17 in) sold for €213,720.00 ($182,550 £125,831) on 14 October 2000 at Christie's, Monaco.
7246Largest parade of Willys vehiclesJuan Carlos OspinaColombia, Armenia07 February 2006The record for the largest parade of Willys vehicles was 353 achieved by Juan Carlos Ospina (Colombia) and Willys Colombia group in Armenia, Bogota on the 7 February 2006.
7247Longest serving daily newspaper columnistHiroyuki ItsukiJapan, Tokyo,Nikkan Gendai NewspaperThe record for the longest serving daily newspaper columnist is held by Hiroyuki Itsuki (Japan) who has been publishing a daily column in the Nikkan Gendai (Japan) for 32 years and 220 days as of 13 June 2008.On 13 June 2008 Mr. Itsuki published his column 8,000.
7248Largest gathering of fairiesSt Giles Hospice871 participantsUnited Kingdom, Lichfield22 June 2013The largest gathering of fairies is 871 and was achieved by St Giles Hospice (UK) in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, on 22 June 2013.
7249Largest semi-truckNicolas Industrie SAS71 tonne(s) (metric ton)France, 28 October 2005The Tractomas TR 10 x 10 D100 by the Nicolas Industrie SAS, France, is the world’s largest semi-truck with a total weight of 71 tonnes and was launched in France on 28 October 2005.The truck is 12,620 mm long, 3,480 mm wide and 4,515 mm high.
7250Footbag - most consecutive eclipsesAlex ZerbeFranceThe record for the most consecutive eclipses completed with a footbag is 26 and was set by Alex Zerbe (USA) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Biscarrosse, France on 30 June 2004.Send gen guidelines and get them to contact for specifics.
7251Most double hundreds in a Test match career (male)Sir Donald BradmanAustralia01 January 1948The most scores of 200 runs or more made by an individual batsman is 12 by Sir Don Bradman (Australia) playing for Australia in 52 matches 1928-48.
7252Youngest pool World ChampionChia-ching WuChinese Taipei, Kaohsiung10 June 2005The youngest player to win a pool World Championship is Chia-ching Wu (Taiwan, b. 9 February 1989) aged 16 years 121 days when he won the title at Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 10 June 2005.
7253First perfect 10 awarded in Olympic gymnasticsNadia ComanecifirstCanada, Montreal18 July 1976The first award of a score of perfect 10 at an Olympics Games gymnastic event was to Nadia Comaneci (Romania) for her uneven bars routine in the team competition in Montreal, Canada, on 18 July 1976.
7254First crossword clueNew York WorldfirstUnited States, New York21 December 1913The first crossword clue appeared in the US newspaper, New York World, on 21 December 1913. The puzzle lacked a 1-across and so the first clue was placed at 2-across. The clue was “What bargain hunters enjoy”. The answer? “Sales.”[NB Alternatively, the 1-down clue is “To govern”. Answer “Rule”.]
7255Most expensive fortune cookie sold at auctionKids10000 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London08 February 2006The most money anyone has paid for a fortune cookie is £10,000 ($17,473) at an auction at the Chinese New Year Gala Dinner in aid of Kids at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, London, United Kingdom, on 8 February 2006.
7256Longest span of an electrical overhead powerlineAmeralik SpanGreenlandThe Ameralik Span is the longest span of an electrical overhead powerline in the world. It is situated near Nuuk on Greenland and crosses Ameralik fjord with a span width of 5.37 km (3.34 miles).
7257First player to take four wickets in four balls in a One-Day International (male)Lasith MalingafirstGuyana, 28 March 2007Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka) became the first bowler to achieve fourconsecutive dismissals in any form of international cricket against SouthAfrica in Guyana on 28 March 2007.
7258Most wickets taken in an ICC World Cup tournament (male)Glenn McGrathWest Indies, West Indies01 January 2007Glenn McGrath (b. 9 February 1970, Australia) took 26 wickets in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, held in the West Indies - the most wickets in a single tournament.
7259Fastest century scored in a Cricket World Cup final matchAdam GilchristBarbados, Kensington Oval28 April 2007Australian wicketkeeper, Adam Gilchrist (b. 14 November 1971), scored the fastest World Cup final century in 72 balls against Sri Lanka at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados, on 28 April 2007.
7260Most team wins of the ICC World Cup (male)AustraliaNot Applicable01 January 2007The most wins of the cricket World Cup by a nation is four by Australia in 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

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