Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7381First arcade maze gameGotcha01 January 1973The earliest arcade maze game is Gotcha. It was developed by Atari in 1973 and was a departure from the popular bat ‘n’ ball games on which the company was founded.
7382First multiplayer first-person shooterMidi Maze (Xanth Software F/X, 1987)firstMidi Maze (Xanth Software F/X, 1987) for the Atari ST exploited the system's relatively sophisticated MIDI ports to enable multiplayer action. It was the first example of a networked multiplayer first-person shooter.By connecting one of the computer's MIDI out to the next's MIDI in, it was possible to create a 16-player machine-to-machine network, which was an effective if rudimentary basis for multiplayer gameplay. Players in the game were represented as smiley faces and could fire bullet-like dots to take down their fellow gamers.
7383Best-selling strategy videogame for PCStarCraft11000000 unit(s) soldNot Applicable, 01 July 2013The original StarCraft (Blizzard, 1998) sets the bar high in terms of sales – not just for its successor Starcraft II, but for all PC strategy games as it holds the record for copies shifted – a mighty 11 million copies worldwide as of July 2013.
7384First vertically oriented videogame on the DSDr Kawashima’s Brain TrainingThe earliest major game to utilise the Nintendo DS on its side was Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, making the experience of playing the game more akin to that of reading a book. By opening the DS vertically, the game instantly feels more “worthy”.
7385First personal computerSimonUnited States01 January 1950The first personal computer (PC), known as Simon, was released in 1950. It retailed at $600 (£214) and had a six 2-bit word memory, giving 12 bits of memory in all. It was developed by Edmund Berkeley (USA).Simon is also known as the Simon Mechanical Brain and the Simon Electromechanical Personal Computer. Berkeley outlined the idea of the Simon computer in his 1959 book Giant Brains, or Machines That Think, going on to develop his theories in a series of 13 essays published between 1950 and 1951 in Radio-Electronics magazine.
7386First massive multiplayer online real-time strategy gameDarkSpace01 January 2001
7387Most players on a single Game Boy multiplayer sessionFaceball 2000 (Bulletproof Software, 1991)01 January 1991Faceball 2000, released in 1991, was the only Game Boy title to allow 16 players to play together, via cables and link ports. Faceball 2000 was also the first (and only) Game Boy black and white game played from the first person perspective.
7388Most people playing pong using bottles as controllersUniversity of Leipzig, Institute of Exp.Physics IGermany, Leipzig09 March 2008The most players in a game of 'Bottle Pong' is 303, achieved by the Physics Department of Leipzig University in Leipzig, Germany, on 9 March 2008.The game involves players blowing into bottles that produce different pitches and therefore control the paddles in the game.
7389First massively multiplayer online war gameWWII Online: Blitzkriegfirst, 01 June 2001In June 2001, servers went online capable of accommodating thousands of players across a massive scale map of Europe, either on foot, in vehicles or in the air, making WWII Online: Blitzkrieg the first massively multiplayer online war game.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
7390Largest playing card joker collectionDonato De SantisItaly, Rome01 January 2009The largest collection of Joker playing cards consists of 8,520 cards ammassed by Tony De Santis (Italy) since 1999 after inheriting a 2,000 piece collection from the magician Fernando Riccardi (Italy).Tony's collection is unique because all the Joker images on the cards are different (not the backs of the cards as usually is the case with this type of non GWR collections). Tony promised his friend and mentor Fernando that he would continue his collection upon his death and so he did. Fernando had initiated the image in 1942 with some antique cards. Tony started to add to it, travelling to markets all over the world to find new items for his collection. Tony likes to memorise his Jokers and every week he looks at them individually for a few seconds as you would do when you memorise a poem - being a magician himself he's quite good at that. The Joker cards come in every form and shape (square, circle, fish, bone, etc.), some are only a few mm large. In his collection Tony has also Jokers from decks that have 6 Jokers and they are very rare.
7391Most breakdance flares in one minuteVictor OrtizSpain, Madrid09 January 2009The most breakdance flares in one minute is 37 and was achieved by Victor Ortiz (Spain) on the set of 'Guinness World Records', Madrid, Spain, on 9 January 2009.Victor actually completed the 37 flares in 42 seconds. He stopped after losing momentum and could not regain it before the 60 seconds were up.
7392Most kite surfing world championships (female)Kristin BoeseNot Applicable, Various01 January 2008The most kite surfing world championships won by a woman is nine and was achieved by Kristin Boese (Germany) between 2005 to 2008.This record includes both the PKRA and KPWT federations. A breakdown of Kristin's titles are as follows: 2005 PKRA Freestyle World Champion, 2005 PKRA Wave World Champion, 2006 PKRA Freestyle World Champion, 2006 PKRA Slider & Kicker World Champion, 2007 PKRA Boardercross World Champion, 2007 KPWT Overall World Champion, 2007 KPWT Wave World Champion, 2007 KPWT Course Racing World Champion, 2008 KPWT Course Racing World Champion,
7393Oldest mother to conceive naturallyDawn BrookesUK20 August 1997On 20 August 1997, Dawn Brooke (UK) became the oldest natural mother when she gave birth to a son by Caesarian section at the age of 59 years. She conceived accidentally, having managed to ovulate past her last period.
7394Largest burlesque clubTina Warren1630 peopleUnited Kingdom, Glasgow Carling Academy,Glasgow14 February 2009The greatest attendance to a burlesque club event was 1,630 and was achieved by Club Noir (UK) at the Glasgow Carling Academy, Glasgow, UK, on 14 February 2009.
7395Most overtime goals in an ice hockey seasonSteven StamkosNot Applicable01 January 2012The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most overtime goals scored in a season is five by Steven Stamkos (Canada) in the 2011/12 season for Tampa Bay Lightning.
7396Largest display of PinatasUnion de Locatarios del Mercado MunicipalMexico, Hermosillo27 April 2008The largest display of piñatas is 504 in an event organised by Union de Locatarios del Mercado Municipal, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, on 27 April 2008.
7397Largest working rifleJames A. DeCaineUnited States, Ishpemimg,Michigan01 September 2008The largest working rifle is 10.18 m (33 ft 4 in) long andbelongs to James A. DeCaine (USA). It was measured in Ishpemimg,Michigan, USA, on 1 September 2008.
7398Largest compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel stationC-nergy Compressed Natural Gas StationSingapore, Singapore09 September 2009The largest compressed natural gas fueling station is the C-Nergy Compressed Natural Gas Station in Singapore which has a total of 46 filling hoses. It was opened to the public on 9 September 2009.CNG - compressed natural gas is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline.
7399First full length feature filmed in digital high resolutiionVidocqfirstFrance, 01 January 2001The French film Vidocq (2001) - about the life of Eugène François Vidocq, founder of the Sûreté Nationale , France's National Police - was the first theatrical release of a movie shot on digital 1080p24 cameras.This revolutionary movie was released a whole year before Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones (USA, 2002) made it to the screen.
7400Most people doing chest bumpsJaci Testro446 peopleAustralia, Melbourne27 October 2009The most people doing chest bumps is 446 and was achieved by McDonald's (Australia) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 27 October 2009.Record participants were McDonald's Australia assistant managers - mainly from Victoria and Tasmania - who took 5 minutes 55 seconds to perform the 223 chest bumps one-by-one, after being organised into several very long lines facing each other.
7401Largest volcanic zonePacific Ring of FireThe Pacific Ring of Fire is a huge horseshoe-shaped arc of concentrated earthquake and volcanic activity around 40,000 km (24,800 miles) long, located in the Pacific Ocean. It contains some 452 volcanoes and more than 75% of the active and dormant volcanoes in the world.
7402Fastest track speed skate 10,000 m (male)Fabio FrancoliniBelgium, Ostend23 August 2013On 23 August 2013, Fabio Francolini (Italy) skated 10,000 m on the track in a time of 14 min 23.54 sec in Ostend, Belgium.
7403Most drinks with a ring pull opened in 30 seconds
7404Most gallstones removed from a patientAnonymousUnited Kingdom01 August 1987In August 1987 23,530 gallstones were removed from an 85-year-old woman at Worthing Hospital, W Sussex, after she complained of severe abdominal pain.
7405Most minutes played in an NHL ice hockey seasonMartin BrodeurNot Applicable01 January 2007The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most minutes played in a season is 4,697 minutes by Martin Brodeur (Canada) playing goaltender for the New Jersey Devils (USA) during the 2006-07 season.
7406Most seasons consecutively winning 30 matches in NHL ice hockey by a goaltenderMartin Brodeur12 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 2008The National Hockey League (NHL) goaltending record for most consecutive seasons winning at least 30 games is 12 by Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils following the 2007-08 season.
7407Most seasons consecutively winning 35 matches in NHL ice hockey by a goaltenderMartin Brodeur11 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 2008The National Hockey League (NHL) goadltending record for most consecutive seasons winning at least 35 games is 11 by Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils following the 2007-08 season.
7408Most auctioneers bidcallingTexas Auctioneers Association102 peopleUnited States, Corpus Christi15 June 2007The most auctioneers bidcalling simultaneously was 102 at the Texas Auctioneers Association Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, on 15 June 2007.
7409Most consecutive footbag kicks in ten minutes - doublesPaul Vorvick and Tricia GeorgeUnited States, Wilsonville05 August 2006The most consecutive footbag kicks in ten minutes by a pair is 1,415 by Tricia George and Paul Vorvick (both USA) at Fun in the Park, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA on 5 August 2006confirmed by - see attached email
7410Largest anniversary cakeEarthGrains Bakery and residents of Fort Payne, Alabama58.1 tonne(s) (metric ton)United States, Fort Payne18 October 1989EarthGrains bakery and residents of Fort Payne, Alabama, USA, made a birthday cake weighing 58.1 tonnes (128,238 lb) at the VFW Exhibition Hall, Fort Payne, on 18 October 1989.The cake had an area of 237.83 m² (2,560 ft²).The cake included 7.35 tonnes 16,209lb of icing and the additional ingredients were 33,826lbs cake flour 25,408lbs granulated sugar 20,683lbs powdered sugar 12,284lbs corn syrup 1,608lbs vegetable oil 161lbs vanilla flavor 1,206lbs baking powder 536lbs powdered milk 528lbs salt 24,005lbs water 4,438lbs veg. shortening 1,072lbs whey 1,613lbs corn starch 107lbs cellulose gum 54lbs xanatham gum 149lbs sorbic acid 37lbs agar 147lbs GMS 90 98lbs gellatin. Final dimensions of the cake, which took 50 hours to bake, were 80 ft long, 32 ft wide.

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