Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7651Jose Mourinho, Ronaldo and Yaya Toure among new football title holders in Guinness World Records 2016 editionSome of the latest and greatest feats, accolades and achievements in world football that feature in the sports pages of the new and updated Guinness World Records 2016 Edition can today be revealed.
7652William Shakespeare turns 450 – Ten startling Great Bard-themed world recordsThe 23 rd of April is widely regarded as the birthday of arguably the greatest playwright who ever lived and one of the UK's most celebrated cultural icons.To mark the 450 th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, here we list ten of our favourite world records related to the writer.Best-selling playwright – Shakespeare remains the world’s best-selling playwright, with sales of his plays and poetry believed to have achieved in excess of four billion copies in the almost 400 years since his death. He is also the third most translated author in history.Longest Shakespeare play - Hamlet is the longest of all the Great Bard’s 37 plays. Written in 1604, the play consists of 4,042 lines of 29,551 words. Hamlet also contains the longest of any of Shakespeare’s 1,277 speaking parts, with Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, having 1,569 lines of 11,610 words.Longest theatre performance – individual - Adrian Hilton (UK, pictured below) recited the complete works of Shakespeare in an impressive 110 hr 46 min during a “Bardathon” at the Shakespeare Festival on the site of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London between the 16 th and 21 st of July, back in 1987.First known use of the word assassin - The earliest known literary use of the word assassination in English according the Oxford English Dictionary is in Shakespear’s Macbeth which he wrote in 1605.Most expensive literature by Shakespeare sold at auction - One of only five copies of his First Folio, dated 1623, was sold at Christie’s, New York City, USA, on 8 October 2001 for $6,166,000 (£4,156,947). It remains the highest price ever paid for a 17th-century book.Most BAFTA film award nominations for the same film – Shakespeare in Love, a British romantic comedy-drama depicting a love affair involving Viola de Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) while he was writing the play Romeo and Juliet was nominated for 15 British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTA)) in 1999.videoIt went on to win three on 11 April 1999 for Best actress in a supporting role (Dame Judy Dench, UK), Best Editing (David Gamble, UK) and Best Film.Most filmed author – Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets have been adapted into 420 feature film and TV-movie versions. Hamlet has appealed most to film makers with 79 versions, followed by Romeo and Juliet with 52 and Macbeth, filmed 36 times.Most Shakespeare quotes recited in five minutes (team) - The most Shakespeare quotes recited in five minutes by a team is 126, and was achieved by the Priestlands School Drama Department (UK), at the Snapple Theater Center, in New York on 18 February 2014.Most people performing Shakespeare in 24 hours (multiple venues) - On 3 July 2005, a total of 7,104 schoolchildren performed in an estimated 368 productions as part of the UK Shakespeare Schools Festival. A total of 92 theatres hosted 368 productions for the attempt which was organised in conjunction with the BBC.Most prolific Shakespeare forger - Probably in an attempt to gain the approval of his father, Samuel Ireland – a keen and knowledgeable antiquary and bookseller – William Henry Ireland created a number of forged Shakespearean manuscripts that appeared in London in 1794-95.Aamong them were correspondence between Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton, a letter and love-poem to Anne Hathaway, two theatre contracts, Shakespeare's spiritual confession, a letter to him by Queen Elizabeth, and revisions to several of Shakespeare’s known plays in addition to two never-before-seen historical dramas.The manuscripts were acclaimed as genuine by a number of highly respected literary critics and other notables. One of the new plays, Vortigern, was performed in 1796.Notwithstanding the supporting forgery, however, the play and other documents were soon regarded as suspicious: dates did not tally, some events could be disproved, and there were some odd spellings and errors of language.The matter became a huge scandal, as the literary world, in the absence of much information about Shakespeare’s life, was so receptive to the idea of newly discovered work.Samuel Ireland always thought his son too stupid to have been capable of such a fraud, and continued to believe the works were genuine - but he never spoke to his son again.
7653Fan Choice record GWR 2014 special editionEach week in this space we turn it over to you, the fans, and ask for your favorites among a group of eclectic, extreme, and exciting record-breakers.But for the next few weeks, to celebrate the launch of the Guinness World Records 2014 book edition, we're mixing it up a bit. We'll choose five of the record holders featured in this year's book and present you with exclusive photos and their record stories, as usual.Then be sure to cast your vote below and let us know what you think in the comments!FASTEST FORMULA ONE PIT STOP (pictured above)Record: 2.05 secHolder: Infinity Red Bull Racing (Austria)Location: Sepang International Circuit, Sepang, MalaysiaThat's not all: The pit stop went down at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix as Australian driver Mark Webber pitted on his 19th lap. Formula One regulations do not allow for refueling during a race, meaning the required pit stop was for tire changes. The 2 seconds is still much faster than it takes the average man to change the one flat tire on his sedan during a workday commute.HIGHEST RAMP JUMP BY A WHEELCHAIRRecord: 60 cm (23.6 in)Holder: Aaron Fotheringham (USA)Location: Rome, ItalyThat's not all: Fotheringham suffers from spina biffida and has used a wheelchair since age 13. He's become quite the inspiration for wheelchair users, as he's also broken records for the first landed wheelchair backflip and longest duration balancing a side wheelie in a wheelchair. Best of all, as it happened on an official Guinness World Records TV broadcast, you can watch Fotheringham's ramp jump attempt right here!SHORTEST DONKEYRecord: 64.2 cm (25.29 in)Holder: KneeHi, owned by Jim and Frankie Lee (USA)Location: Gainesville, Florida, USAThat's not all: KneeHi, a brown jack, was measured in the standard way for animal height records, from the ground to the top of the withers. KneeHi's breed of Mediterranean miniature donkeys were first bred in Sardinia to use for work within the home, and were introduced to the United States as recently as 1929.FASTEST ESCAPE FROM STRAITJACKET AND CHAINSRecord: 10.6 secHolder: Lucas Wilson (Canada)Location: Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Simcoe, Ontario, CanadaThat's not all:Wilson has made quite the name for himself in escapology, also having broken the Guinness World Records feat for fastest escape from a straitjacket without chains, as well. His current record for chains smashed his own previous mark, set nearly a year earlier at 19.2 seconds.LARGEST RIDEABLE BICYCLERecord: Wheel diameter of 3.3 m (10 ft 9.92 in)Holder: Didi Senft (Germany)Location: Pudagla, GermanyThat's not all: The rest of the bicycle measures 7.8 m (25 ft 7.09 in) long, 3.7 m (12 ft 1.67 in) high and weighs 150 kg (330.69 lbs). The inventor Senft has been known to crash the party riding some of his wilder bicycles at the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, wearing his "El Diablo" costume.And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice from the Guinness World Records 2014 edition- time now to cast your vote!There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:&lta href=""&gtWhat is your pick for this week's Fan Choice record?&lt/a&gtYou can also tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!The Guinness World Records 2014 book edition is on sale now at all major retailers. Find a full list here. Don't forget to also download three exclusive iBooks available now in the U.S. iTunes store, as well as the UK and Ireland iTunes store: "Awesome Animals," (free download), "Colossal Constructions," and "Incredible People."
7654Jennifer Lawrence, Game of Thrones, Frozen among new entertainment record holders in Guinness World Records 2015 bookThe success of Disney's "Frozen" earned it a place in this year record books.As the global authority on records of all types, Guinness World Records of course keeps its eye on the world of celebrity and entertainment all year long. But, with the Sept. 11 launch of the Guinness World Records 2015 book, now is the time to announce some of the celebrity records broken in the past year, to be featured in the definitive annual publication for anything superlative.Keep up with the latest on the Guinness World Records 2015 book on social media by using #gwr60Academy Award-winning starlet Jennifer Lawrence lands a spot on the film pages for Highest-grossing action movie heroine. The phenomenal success of the first two movies in The Hunger Games franchise - centered around Lawrence's protagonist Katniss Everdeen -have grossed more than $1.52 billion (£928 million) total internationally. TheHunger Games: Catching Fire was also the highest-grossing post-apocalypse movie, earning more than $420 million (£255 million) in the USA and $854 million (£519 million) worldwide.videoRecords also tumbled on televison. The hugely popular HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones makes its way into the 2015 book as the Most pirated TV program. "GoT" retained its spot atop Torrent Freak’s top 10 list of most pirated TV shows, with 5.9 million downloads per episode.HBO and Warner Bros. executives have controversially stated that "receiving the title of the ‘most-pirated’ was better than an Emmy," creating a "much needed cultural buzz."videoComing off a controversial and highly buzzworthy year of her own, Miley Cyrus’s popularity peaked after she "twerked" with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, gaining her a place in the 2015 book as the Most searched-for pop star on the Internet. Also online, international superstar Shakira set a social media record when her 100 millionth fan clicked the “like” button on her Facebook page, making her the Most liked person on the platform and First to reach 1 million likes.Other stand-out entertainment records to grace the pages of the Guinness World Records 2015 book include:Highest box office film gross for an animation: There's no letting go of this record for Frozen, as the wildly popular Disney princesses Elsa and Anna racked up an astounding $1.13 billion (£686 million) and counting at the international box office to date.Fastest-selling iTunes album: Beyoncé features in the new 2015 book for the release of her incredible eponymous video album, which sold 828,773 copies worldwide in the first three days of availability. Highest annual earnings for a film actor: This record is shared by Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. Cruise earned approximately $76.7 million (£46.6 million) between May 2011 and May 2012, but Downey made the same amount between June 2012 and June 2013, benefiting from the proceeds of both The Avengers and Iron Man 3.videoMost swearing in one film : The DiCaprio-Scorcese movie The Wolf of Wall Street featured a count of at least 687 expletives – an average of 3.81 swear words per minute.Most Twitter followers: Star singer Katy Perry boasts the most Twitter followers in the world, with a count of more than 56 million, sure to increase by the time you read this.Most “likes” on a Facebook item: This belongs to Vin Diesel for a Facebook photo of himself and the late Paul Walker after Walker's tragic death in November, at more than 6.8 million likes. Most words in a hit single: The single "Rap God" from Eminem packed a mouth-filling 1,560 words into its 6 min 4 sec runtime.videoLongest continuously running film franchise: Its latest installment in 2014 extended the Godzilla franchise over a total span of 60 years, and counting.As the Guinness World Records 2015 book celebrates the 60th anniversary edition of the series, it includes a special throwback section looking at the past 60 years, examining how the film and music industry has changed. It also looks at how some records haven't, like how Gone With the Wind remains the Highest-grossing film ever when adjusting for inflation.Guinness World Records 2015 is the 60 th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book and is available worldwide in September. It’s packed full of incredible feats, facts and achievements and also features new Augmented Reality technology that enables the reader to bring record-breakers to life in stunning 3D. You can find out more about the book, and sign up to be notified when it becomes available in your region, by heading to for the latest on all things world record, including the 2015 book, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!Related stories One Direction find place in Guinness World Records 2015 book with historic first three albums Metallica rock their way into Guinness World Records 2015 Edition Cristiano Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy and Roger Federer among sports stars to make the cut in Guinness World Records 2015 book The Top 5 unusual sports titles in the new Guinness World Records 2015 book Video: Introducing Jiff - the fastest dog on two paws!
7655GWR-Men: Records of Future PastThe latest mega-hyped superhero movie hits theaters this weekend and it comes in the form of one of comics' most revered storylines.X-Men: Days of Future Fast opens Friday and will combine the now-famous last generation of mutants from the 2000s movie franchise with the latest iteration of gifted youngsters from 2011's X-Men: First Class.The cast features more than a dozen mutants in a generational, time-traveling crossover. But if you check out any of the promotional materials that have been released in the run-up to the film, we're focused on pretty much five characters: Professor X (both old and young), Magneto (same), Mystique (thank you Jennifer Lawrence's Academy Award!), Storm (Halle Berry - still gorgeous), and Wolverine (the link between both timelines).videoBut the Xavier Institute wasn't the only place to house unique and gifted individuals. We know a thing or two about that here, and so, we've picked five record holders who reminded us of one of these featured X-Men. Think of them as superhero spirit animals. WOLVERINE: "The Dutchess"Probably the most obvious pairing, at least physically. While he possesses a number of abilities, including his rapid healing, heightened senses, and adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is best known for his lacerating claws.Slightly different, but no less impressive (and with just as cool of a nickname), Chris "The Dutchess" Walton offers a similarly stunning sight of hand.She owns the longest fingernails on a pair of hands, totaling 731.4 cm (23 ft 11 in) combined between her right and left.PROFESSOR CHARLES XAVIER: Aaron FotheringhamIn First Class, we learn the origin of Professor X's need for his wheelchair. For Aaron Fotheringham, the cause is spina biffida, confining him to his chair since age 13. But just like the good Professor, Aaron has performed some tremendous feats in his now trademark chair.Having done enough to perhaps earn the nickname "Professor F," Fotheringham owns three incredible records: the first wheelchair backflip landed in 2008, highest ramp jump by a wheelchair at 60 cm (23.6 in), and longest duration side wheelie in a manual wheelchair for 18.22 sec. MAGNETO: Louise GreenfarbYou just know that, if you walked into Magneto's kitchen, his fridge would be cluttered with magnets. Imagine how easy it would be for him to rearrange those ubiquitous alphabet magnets to spell whatever he wanted in, like, 2 seconds?Well, he still probably couldn't compete with Louise Greenfarb.Having started her collection in the 1970s, Greenfarb owns the largest collection of fridge magnets, with more than 35,000 at last count. She stores most of them in collector's tubs, but keeps 1,000 on the inside of her front door, another 2,000 attached to four magnetic floor spindles, 1,000 displayed on various other metal appliances throughout her home, and another 1,000 magnets actually on the refrigerator.MYSTIQUE: Jokers' MasqueradeJennifer Lawrence certainly played a secondary role as Mystique in First Class, seen as her mainstream breakout after a big star turn in Winter's Bone. She's now seemingly front and center for Days of Future Past, thanks certainly to the one-two punch of Katniss Everdeen and " I beat Meryl!"But from Mystique's first moment on screen, all we could think about in the hallways of GWR is Smurfs. Particularly the record for largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs, set with 2,510 by Jokers' Masquerade at Swansea University in 2010. What better place for Mystique to plot an evil plan than by hiding in the back there somewhere?STORM: Sybrand DijkstraA name like that definitely sounds like a comic book alter-ego from the Netherlands. In reality, this Dutchman did exactly what Storm has the unique ability to do -- move water. While the Halle Berry-played superhero can create tempests at the flick of a wrist, Sybrand acts a bit more subtly. He owns the record for most water moved by the hands in 30 sec, transferring 2,241 ml (78.87 UK fl oz 75.77 US fl oz) from one receptacle to another.----------The X-Men have teamed with Spider-Man, the Avengers, and others before, so they certainly seem open to meeting and working with others that have special abilities. We'll get to working on introductions soon.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7656Ryan Giggs retires: We salute record-breaking Manchester United legendAfter a record-breaking career, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs called time on his playing days earlier this week.The former Welsh international most recently took charge as manager of his beloved Manchester United for four games after the sacking of David Moyes.After announcing his retirement in an open letter to Manchester United fans, Giggs will now act as assistant to new ‘Red Devils’ manager Louis van Gaal. After a glittering career filled with trophies, awards and Guinness World Records titles, we look back at the astonishing achievements of the ‘Welsh Wizard’.After making his Manchester United debut as a substitute against Everton on 2 March 1991, Giggs went on to make a staggering 963 appearances for his boyhood club. Of those appearances, a record-breaking 632 were made in the Premier League, giving Giggs the Guinness World Records title for ‘Most appearances in the English football (soccer) Premier League’. Over this period, Giggs played a huge role in establishing an unrivalled period of success at Manchester United that would see him pick up an unprecedented 13 Premier League winner’s medals, earning him the title for ‘Most wins of the top division in English football by a player (soccer)’, winning his last title in the 2012-2013 season.videoWith his retirement, Giggs will snap a run of 22 consecutive seasons in which he has appeared in the Premier League, giving him the title for ‘Most consecutive Premier League football seasons played in’. Amazingly, this season was also the only Premier League campaign in which Giggs failed to find the net in the league for Manchester United, meaning that his record for ‘Most consecutive Premier League football seasons scored in’ stands at 21. The last of his 109 Premier League goals came against QPR on 23 February 2013.videoAs good in front of goal as Giggs was, he was even better when it came to creating goals for the 150 Manchester United teammates he had over his career. From his early years as a winger with blistering pace and phenomenal dribbling ability, to his later years firing raking long balls and supplying inch perfect through passes for his strikers to get on the end of, Giggs has turned setting up goals into an art form. That is why he holds the record for the ‘Most English Football Premier League assists’ at an unbelievable 162.It wasn’t only domestically that Giggs broke records. He also holds the record for ‘Most UEFA Champions League appearances’, having played in the competition 151 times, scoring 30 goals and winning the tournament on two occasions, in 1998-1999 and 2007-2008. He also became the ‘Oldest player to score in the UEFA Champions League’ when he netted for Manchester United at the age of 37 years 185 days in a 2-0 victory over Schalke 04 in a semi-final first leg at Vetlins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on 26 April 2011.videoInternationally, Giggs was never able to achieve the same level of success he reached with his club, retiring relatively early in his career with 12 goals in 64 international appearances for Wales. However, with a Great Britain side being entered into the football competition at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Giggs was asked to captain the team, setting more records along the way. He became the ‘Oldest outfield Olympic footballer (male)’ and ‘Oldest Olympic football goalscorer (male)’ when, at age 38 years 243 days, he played and scored for Team GB in a match against the United Arab Emirates at Wembley Stadium, on 29 July 2012.videoDefining MomentWith a career littered with highlights, it is difficult to come up with one defining moment for the great man. However, from the majesty of the run and finish, to the horror of the ‘hair-raising’ celebration, Giggs’ extra time goal to win the FA Cup semi-final replay at Villa Park against rivals Arsenal on 14 April 1999 is one of English footballs most iconic moments:videoWith English football unlikely to see the likes of Ryan Giggs again, Guinness World Records would like to mark his decision to retire by saluting all of his record-breaking achievements. Ryan Giggs, you are Officially Amazing.Giggs’ Guinness World Records titles in full:Most appearances in the English football (soccer) Premier LeagueMost wins of the top division in English football by a player (soccer)Most English Football Premier League assistsMost consecutive Premier League football seasons played inMost consecutive Premier League football seasons scored inMost UEFA Champions League appearancesOldest player to score in the UEFA Champions LeagueOldest Olympic football goalscorer (male)Oldest outfield Olympic footballer (male)Giggs on the cover of the Guinness World Records Book 1995 (UK edition)
7657Mass Participation Monday: Get Ready for March MadnessAlex Angert is a records manager for Guinness World Records, specializing in achievements having to do with mass participation -- that is, a lot of people doing something record-breaking together. Once a month, he's here to share his report.The calendar has turned to March and that means one thing here in America: Madness. March Madness that is.With the NCAA Tournament on the horizon, we have basketball, bracket busters, and bubble teams on the brain. But the question on everyone’s minds shouldn’t be who will win this year or be the next Cinderella story, but rather why does the madness have to be limited to only March?Here at Guinness World Records, we recognize tournament records of all sorts, from underwater hockey and tug of war to Rock, Paper, Scissors and strip poker, and we think it's time some of these lesser known tournaments get the recognition they deserve.So if there is a sport, game, or activity out there that you think would make a great tournament record, send in an application and let us know! In the meantime, get your brackets ready because it is time for a March Madness-themed Mass Participation Monday. Of the dozens of awesome tournaments and competitions we monitor, here are four that stand out.LARGEST FOOTBALL (SOCCER) TOURNAMENTSMale: 181,909 participantsFemale: 33,534 participantsRecord holder: Fundacion Telmex (also pictured above)Location: All throughout MexicoGood luck predicting a perfect bracket for these. With 10,799 teams in the men’s tournament and 1,863 teams in the women’s, there is bound to be a few upsets along the way to the final. Fundacion Telmex, which hosts a tournament called Copa Telmex each year, has set this record eight different times. The current men’s record was set at the 2011 tournament, while the women’s record was set at the 2013 competition. The largest football (soccer) tournament was originally monitored as one overall tournament, but separate records for the male and female divisions were created in 2011 due to the continued growth of the event.LARGEST BEARD AND MUSTACHE CHAMPIONSHIP462 participantsRecord holder: Newport Winter CarnivalLocation: Newport, New Hampshire, USAWCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-We love a good face full of hair at Guinness World Records, so naturally one of our favorite records would be a competition completely dedicated to the most devoted hirsute competitors. This specific tournament focused on who had the best upper lip furry caterpillar and participants were placed in one of five categories: Best Menudo, Tom Selleck, Handlebar, Nietzsche/Walrus and Freestyle mustache. The top competitors in each category were then judged again and it was determined Steve Lucas (USA) was the winner of the Grand Mustache Contest for having the “Grand Stache.”LARGEST PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT370 participantsRecord holder: Tennis Competitors of DallasLocation: Frisco, Texas, USAGuinness World Records monitors records for the largest tennis tournament, badminton tournament and table tennis/ping pong tournament, but imagine a sport that combined all three racket sports. Enter pickleball. The tournament, which followed a round robin format, was won by Sandy Cassday and Karen Spika. Top pickleball players Bev Yongren, Alex Hamner and Jennifer Loncore attended the record-breaking event. Sadly, there are no pickles used in pickleball, for those of you wondering.LARGEST WII SPORTS BOWLING TOURNAMENT436 participantsRecord holder: TexanPlusLocation: Houston, Texas, USAVideo game mass participation records are some of our most popular and this is one of our favorites. Partly because there is no need to lace up neon lime green bowling shoes and partly because, well, who doesn’t love to play Wii bowling? Proof that video games aren’t just for kids comes from this record right here, as the 436 participants were all senior citizen, who participated at a health fair that also offered free vaccinations. If TexanPlus wants to break the largest video games tournament overall next time, though, they’ll need to recruit a few more people to come out and bowl. The overall record saw 2,541,519 people come out to play FIFA at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2013 in Madrid, Spain.Have you participated in any of the records above or any other recent mass participation record? You could be in line for your very own Guinness World Records certificate! Find out how right here.
7658Mass Participation Monday: Everybody is popping bubble wrapAlex Angert is a records manager for Guinness World Records, specializing in achievements having to do with mass participation -- that is, a lot of people doing something record-breaking together. He shares a monthly report with us, and here's June:Trends in record breaking usually make sense. For instance, we can always count on an increase in applications for the most people dressed as Santa Claus in December or most people carving pumpkins around Halloween.But sometimes, a record just takes off. And for some unbeknownst reason, a certain mass participation record has taken 2014 by storm – the most people popping bubble wrap.It has been one of our most popular and successful records of the year, as more and more applications have been popping up for this record each month. OK, I promise I won’t populate this entire column with bubble wrap-popping puns.While the timing of this record-breaking phenomenon is a mystery, the popularity of it is not. Everyone, both young and old, loves popping bubble wrap. There is no denying the pure joy of having a package come in the mail filled with bubble wrap just begging to be popped, instead of its ugly step-sister, the packing peanut. The guidelines for this record are as straightforward as it gets. All you need is a lot of people and a lot of bubble wrap for them to pop for at least two minutes simultaneously.The record category, which is relatively new, was first set on 28 January 2013 on "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day." There, 366 people came together in Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA, which is considered the birthplace of bubble wrap.Sealed Air Corporation, which was founded in 1960 based on the invention of bubble wrap three years earlier, and Hawthorne High School held that record for more than a year before the bubble bursting boom of 2014 exploded.In a span of three months, from the end of February to the end of May, the record has fallen an unbelievable six times to six different schools from all parts of the globe.Some poppers opted to go the stomping route, while others popped each bubble individually with their fingers. A few of the schools passed out individual sheets of wrap, while others had giant bubble wrap bales rolled out onto the ground.The first group to break the record in 2014 was the University of Florida’s Bateman Team and Student Government (USA) with 399 participants. In the ensuing three months, the Bramley Church of England Primary School (UK) got 532 people to pop, Gonzaga College SJ (Ireland) got 550, Riverside Primary School (Australia) got 647 and West Scranton Intermediate School (USA, above) got 733. All have held the record at some point, whether it was for only a day or for a few weeks.The most recent and current record holder is Twin Lakes Elementary School (below) in Elk River, Minnesota, USA, thanks to the support of 942 students, staff and volunteers from the community who came out to pop bubble wrap. Bringing the record full circle, they popped wrap donated by the original record holders, Sealed Air Corporation.There is no telling how long Twin Lakes Elementary will hold the record with more and more applications for this category coming in each week. Some record crazes come and go (the most people planking craze of 2011, for instance), but we here at Guinness World Records are excited to see how many more schools and organizations decide to challenge this one in the coming months. Will someone dethrone the current record holder? Only time will tell.And if bubble wrap isn’t your thing, you and your friends can always try another mass participation popping record. Balloons, party poppers and even collars are some of our other pop-ular records your school or group can attempt. OK, ok, I hate to burst your bubble, but that is a wrap on all of the puns until next month’s Mass Participation Monday.For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7659Frankenstein, Dracula, Godzilla - which movie monster owns the best record?Image (C) AlamyFriday sees the release of the movie "I, Frankenstein," the latest iteration of the legend created by Mary Shelley in 1818.And while the scariest thing about this flick may end up being the critics' reviews, we took it as an opportunity to go through cinematic history and pit some of film's greatest monsters against each other.The task? Find out who lays claim to the coolest Guinness World Records title.Let's count 'em down!6.) Frankenstein's monstervideoWe begin with Frankenstein himself. Well, technically, Frankenstein's monster, since anyone worth their weight in Boris Karloff movie posters knows that the original monster created by mad scientist Victor Frankenstein actually has no name.Oddly enough, this famous movie monster doesn't own any records. But that's not for lack of trying. Frankenstein's monster finds itself second to a pair of records: the "Castle Thunder" sound effect (above) first heard in Frankenstein (1931) sits behind the "Wilhelm Scream" as the most common sound effect in film. And poor Frankie - always the bridesmaid, never the bride - is also second in the list of most commonly portrayed character in horror films, trailing someone we'll soon meet.5.) GodzillaThe famous giant green lizard from Japan is responsible for no current records, but that wasn't the case a decade ago. Allan Park Cinema in Sterling, UK, unveiled the largest popcorn sculpture in October 2003 and modelled it on Godzilla. The edible monster measured 4.89 m (16 ft 0.5 in) tall, weighed 1,000 kg (2,240 lb), and was created to celebrate the cinema's 65th anniversary. It is unknown whether butter flavoring was used.The current record was built in New York in 2006, standing 20 ft 10 in (6.35 m) tall, 12 ft 9 in (3.88 m) wide and weighing 11,688 lb (5,301.59 kg) in the shape of a cake. Godzilla would still win in a fight.4.) Mr. HydevideoMore a historical abnormality than an outright record, Mr. Hyde from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame is still responsible for one of the coolest movie trivia nuggets ever, one which is particularly timely as we find ourselves in the middle of awards season.In 1932, Fredric March's performance as man and monster landed him the Academy award for Best Actor. An award he had to share that year with Wallace Beery for his performance in The Champ. It remains to this day the only time the Oscar for Best Actor was shared by multiple winners.3.) King KongvideoTo say the movie that first introduced King Kong and the movie that earned the most money with King Kong are different is to say that Jim Thorpe couldn't make it in today's NFL.The 1933 King Kong remains a veritable classic, one of the greatest films ever made. However, the 2005 King Kong can lay claim to having held the record for most expensive film made. At the time of its production, Peter Jackson's pet project required a $200 million budget, due mostly to the large use of digital effects. In fact, the 3,709 FX shots were the most ever for a film at that point (2,510 ended up being used).What's crazy is that since King Kong set that record less than a decade ago, it has been surpassed by an astonishing 16 movies for highest-ever price tag, with 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at No. 1 on a reported $300 million budget.2.) DraculavideoWe told you we'd come back to this one! After nearly 117 years in existence, Dracula has amassed plenty of appearances. So much so that he owns the records for most portrayed literary character in film and most portrayed character in horror films, comfortably ahead of the aforementioned Frankenstein. With inclusion of TV movies and straight-to-video releases, Dracula has appeared in 272 films (155 of them features). Not only showing he has enough bite ( seewhatwedidthere?) for the top horror spot over Frankenstein, the Count has so far fended off no less than Sherlock Holmes for the overall literary character adaptation record.1.) JawsvideoWhat they needed a bigger boat for was all that cash!As the first film to gross $100 million, Jaws earned the inimitable record achievement of being the first blockbuster. It went on to earn the most money by a film of all-time (until Star Wars started swinging its lightsabers) and quite literally changed the way Hollywood does business. Be it an ultrasuccess like The Avengers or a monster flop like John Carter, anything resembling a summer tentpole movie today can trace its lineage back to the terrifying Great White, who interestingly barely appears at all until the last few scenes of the movie.It was Jaws that proved people will line up outside theaters and hand over wallets to the tune of millions of dollars, all to be scared by a moving picture. Without it, perhaps I, Frankenstein doesn't get made. And for that, the giant fish gets our top spot.
7660Six Nations Championship 2014: Ten of the best Rugby Union recordsSaturday sees the kick-off of the Six Nations, the annual international rugby union centrepiece tournament which sees England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales battle to become champions of Europe.Here below, we detail some of the key rugger records related to the tournament.Most conversions in the Five/Six Nations ChampionshipsWhile England fly-half Jonny Wilkinson called time on his international rugby union in 2011, his legendary career still looms large over the Six Nations.Wilkinson holds the most career conversions in the Five/Six Nations Championships with 89 from 43 matches between 4 April 1998 and 13 March 2011. Wilkinson's 89th conversion came in England's 22-16 win over Scotland at Twickenham, London.Most Five/Six Nations Grand SlamsPulling off the grand slam (beating all five other teams during one year's competition) remains the ultimate achievement for Six Nations rugby.England currently top the charts here, having pulled off the feat 12 times - their most recent in 2003. However, Wales are very much on their tails, having pulled off the grand slam last year to bring up to a total of 11.Most wins of the Five/Six Nations ChampionshipsOverall England have the most Home Nations, Five Nations, and Six Nations tournament victories with 26 (excluding 10 shared victories).Most drop goals scored in the Five/Six Nations Championships As well as being the master of dead ball kicking, Wilkinson also holds a record breaking tally for drop goals in the Six Nations, notching up 11 for England between 4 April 1998 and 20 March 2010.Most international Rugby Union caps won as captainWhile Irish legend Brian O'Driscoll had to face dissapointment last year after being dropped for the final British and Irish Lions Test against Australia last summer, the 35-year-old can nevertheless lay claim to a record-breaking tally of 84 caps won as skipper while playing for Ireland and the Lions from 2002 to 2012.O'Driscoll surpassed the figure of 83 achieved by John Smit (South Africa) who played for the Springboks between 2003 and 2009, when Ireland were beaten 60-0 by New Zealand.Largest margin of victory in a Five/Six Nations Rugby Union matchEngland's 80-23 demolition of Italy at Twickenham Stadium , on 17 February 2001 remains the largest drubbing in Six Nations history. The home team scored 10 tries and racked up 9 conversions along with four penalties during the rout.Most appearances as a player in the Five/Six Nations ChampionshipsIreland's Ronan O’Gara has racked up a host of rugby union records in the Six Nations since 2000. The 36-year-old has the record for the most match appearances in a Six Nations career, with 63 between 19 February 2000 and 24 February 2013. His points tally of 557 represents the most points scored by a player in a Six Nations career, while he has also scored the most penalties by a player in a Six Nations career, with 109 scored.Highest attendance for a Five/Six Nations Rugby Union MatchThe biggest crowd for a championship match is the 104,000 fans who witnessed the tense 12-10 Scotland victory over Wales at Murrayfield, Edinburgh on 1 March 1975.Most consecutive the Five/Six Nations Championship winsThe record for longest run streak has stood since 1886, with England registering ten successive victories. The feat was matched once again by England in 1925.Largest lead at half-time in a Five/Six Nations Rugby Union matchWales' imperious first 40 minutes display against Scotland at Murryfield in 2005, which saw the away side go in at the break 38-3 up is yet to have been bettered. While the home side managed to restore some pride by reducing the deficit, the game nevertheless ended in a convincing 22-46 win for the Welsh.
7661Record holder profile: Chanel Tapper – World’s longest tongue (female)Chanel Tapper, a student from California, USA, has the world's longest tongue, measuring 9.75 cm (3.8 in), from tip to top lip.Her lizard-like tongue is twice as long as the average, as long as the world's largest cockroach, as wide as your palm, the same volume as a quarter pounder hamburger and around the same length as an iPhone.We recently put some questions to Chanel about her record-breaking body part.What do you do for a living? What's a typical day for you in your hometown? I am a full-time student and I work part-time. I just moved to Houston, Texas, so I'm still adjusting, but in my home town there is no typical day.I love to go out, so I can be anywhere at any given time.When did you first realise that your tongue was longer than average? What happened?I was eight and my mom and I were taking pictures for Halloween.In one of the pictures we stuck our tongues out. I noticed I had a long tongue when the pictures from Halloween were printed and I saw it...but I guess it became apparent in middle school when people started commenting on it.Why I stuck my tongue out at people, I don't know... I'm goofy! But there are still some people from back then that only remember me because of my tongue!What reaction do you get from people when they see it?For most people it's a jaw-dropping experience. It's like they don't believe what they see and nie out of ten times, they'll ask me to do it again.Some girls/women have screamed/jumped back. If there are other people around, the person who saw my tongue will tell the nearest next to them.I'll often get asked questions like, "can you touch your nose or elbow?" and, "do you choke people when you kiss them?"But always, everyone in one way or another is entertained by seeing it.Despite the excitement of having achieved a Guinness World Record, if you had the choice would you keep your long tongue or choose to have a 'normal' one?This is my normal tongue. I was born like this, so no choice would be necessary.What do your friends and family think about your record? I don't think I showed many family members, but my friends think a lot of things. Some think it's cool, some think it's nasty, some still get surprised every time they see it.Are there any explanations for your long tongue such as other members of your family having the same trait or was it just by chance?My mom has a long tongue, but not like my length. I believe I was born without something underneath that prevents it from extending far.Are you always conscious of your tongue or has it become something very normal for you?I am ALWAYS conscious. There aren't many instances where I have to remember, "Chanel, don't stick out your tongue," but I am aware of my surroundings before I put on a show.Does it affect your relationships in any way? Do you currently have a boyfriend and if so, what does he think?It does. Most guys that know or already see it automatically have their mind in the gutter, and so do some females. I don't have a boyfriend, but the last guy I dated didn't make it that big of a deal, and I really liked him for that.Were you born with your tongue unusually long or was it something that developed?I was born with it.What do you anticipate for yourself now that you're set to appear in the Guinness World Records 2012 Edition book?I honestly don't know. More attention I'm guessing, but I am excited to find out.The truth is all of this may end up being my ticket to paying for the rest of my years in school.It may just be fifteen minutes of fame. Either way, I will enjoy every opportunity that comes, as long as it doesn't interfere with school.
7662Video: Schoolchildren smash samba band world record at Royal Albert Hall for a causeA record-breaking 1,675 children got into the carnival spirit on Monday as they set a new world record for the largest ever Samba band at London’s Royal Albert Hall.The youngsters, aged between seven and 16 and from 27 schools across the UK capital, were joined by dancers from the London School of Samba to perform a specially-commissioned piece of music for the attempt.The event was organised by world music education initiative Inspire-works in support of the launch of the second Street Child World Cup - a global campaign that brings street children from around the world together to play football and raise awareness about their lives. Running parallel to the world famous Rio Carnival, the performance created an enormous wall of noise that enveloped the iconic venue. It marked the culmination of weeks of hard work by the pupils who had taken part in a 10-week intensive samba course with Inspire-works facilitators to prepare for the record attempt.Speaking after the successful attempt, Street Child World Cup Chief Executive John Wroe said: “Today over 1,600 school children have made a stand and banged their drums for the rights of street children across the world. Their message was loud and clear: no child should have to live on the streets.”The moment we found out the children broke the world record! #bangthedrum They did an AMAZING job!— StreetChildWorldCup (@SCWC2014) March 3, 2014Caroline McNamara, Senior Education Consultant at the Royal Albert Hall, said “We were so proud to support this great cause as part of our education and outreach work and what an achievement to break a World Record in the process. We were delighted to welcome all the schools involved for what was an unforgettable event”Monday’s attempt smashed the previous world record, which was set by 1,038 people in São Paolo, Brazil in 2001.SCWC kicks off in three weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with up to 250 street-connected boys and girls from 19 countries on five continents coming together to play football and challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children everywhere.To find out more about the Street Child World Cup, head to record-breaking 1,675 children got into the carnival spirit on Monday as they set a new world record for the largest ever Samba band at London’s Royal Albert Hall.The youngsters, aged between seven and 16 and from 27 schools across the UK capital, were joined by dancers from the London School of Samba to perform a specially-commissioned piece of music for the attempt.The event was organised by world music education initiative Inspire-works in support of the launch of the second Street Child World Cup - a global campaign that brings street children from around the world together to play football and raise awareness about their lives. Running parallel to the world famous Rio Carnival, the performance created an enormous wall of noise that enveloped the iconic venue. It marked the culmination of weeks of hard work by the pupils who had taken part in a 10-week intensive samba course with Inspire-works facilitators to prepare for the record attempt.Speaking after the successful attempt, Street Child World Cup Chief Executive John Wroe said: “Today over 1,600 school children have made a stand and banged their drums for the rights of street children across the world. Their message was loud and clear: no child should have to live on the streets.”Caroline McNamara, Senior Education Consultant at the Royal Albert Hall, said “We were so proud to support this great cause as part of our education and outreach work and what an achievement to break a World Record in the process. We were delighted to welcome all the schools involved for what was an unforgettable event”Monday’s attempt smashed the previous world record, which was set by 1,038 people in São Paolo, Brazil in 2011.SCWC kicks off in three weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with up to 250 street-connected boys and girls from 19 countries on five continents coming together to play football and challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children everywhere.videoTo find out more about the Street Child World Cup, head to
7663My Story: Robin Hendrickson on the life of Stewie, the world's longest catWe recently received the sad news that the world's longest cat, 48.5in long Stewie, had passed on. Today his owner, Robin Hendrickson, tells of her fascination with the Maine Coon breed, and Stewie's incredible life:I attended my first TICA cat show in late 2000, and one breed in particular caught my eye - the Maine Coon. It was long haired and BIG. The gorgeous coat, heavy boning and personality reeled me right in! I had always wanted a BIG cat - so I knew I MUST have one of these gentle giants some day. It was also here I met Gloria Mahan, Geri Herrick and Robin Pratt, whom I am ever grateful to, for leading me down the path that would one day lead to owning Stewie. For the next few years I entered my standard house cat in the local Household Pet Cat Shows sponsored by the Silver Cats Club. He did well, and was even a TICA regional winner in 2006. But, I still longed for that big cat. I still wanted a Maine Coon. In 2005, my partner Erik and I decided that this would be the year to get one. After some research we found a breeder, Val Horton, who had two kittens, silver in color, both boys. It was love at first sight: Dallas with his fluffy full coat, and Dylan with almost no fur, and no whiskers either! He had shed out his "baby" fur early and his Mom had bitten off all of his whiskers - But he was still so cute! We KNEW we had to have them both. The boys, Dylan and Dallas as they were then known, arrived home to Reno on May 1st. They fit right in - Dylan was always under my feet and being fans of Family Guy, we named him Stewie. Dallas was always stomping his little kitten feet, so he became Odin (after the Norse god). Val told us the boys came from lines that carried big cats which was exactly what we wanted. But we never knew just how big they would get!I started taking them both to cat shows: Odin didn't really like it, but Stewie was in his element! He loved all the people that came "just to see him", he was a real personality. As we attended more shows, I kept hearing from other owners how much bigger Stewie had gotten. Then when Val taught me how to carry them to the ring to show off their size, I really noticed how long Stewie was getting to be - even though he was just a year old. In 2007, when Stewie was just 2 and a half years old, I was curious. I searched online, and saw the longest cat at the time was a red Maine Coon named Leo, who was 48 inches long. When I got out the tape measure and checked Stewie, he was very close to that world record 48 inch mark. I read up on what was required to submit a claim to Guinness World Records for Stewie, and once we received our guidelines, we were on our way. Unfortunately, he came up just short the first time he was measured - but that day we discovered Stewie had something of a special gift: A little boy with autism came to the show with his parents to meet Stewie, and cheer him on in his attempt. I introduced him to Stewie, who nuzzled the boys face and licked his cheek, and was ever so friendly. The boy looked up to thank me, and his parents were overjoyed. This was hugely rewarding for us, and I knew then that even if he never got the record, Stewie was destined for greater things. Two years later, we were successful in securing the longest cat record. On August 28, 2010, Stewie was measured at the Nevada Humane Society. With the help of Michele Lani, Savannah Hann and Susi Woosley, Stewie was measured at 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. We sent off our evidence packet, and received confirmation from Guinness World Records on October 12th that Stewie was indeed the longest cat in the world! We were immediately thrust into the limelight, it took all of 7 hours for Stewie and I to be known around the world! I knew I wanted to use Stewie's new-found fame for good, and remembering his amazing temperament with the boy from the cat show, I knew he would make a wonderful therapy cat. Stewie breezed through the certification process and training, and began work in July 2011. Patients that never spoke, talked to him. Others that were bed-bound were just thrilled to see him. One patient recited to a volunteer about his visits every week for six months until she passed away. Stewie helped me too, bringing me out of my shell as we did so much good work together. The first patients that he visited led us to try for Stewie's second record. On February 13, 2011, Stewie's tail measured in at 16.34 inches, the longest of any domestic cat. He was only the second cat in history to hold two Guinness World Records titles simultaneously. Whether visiting classrooms, hospital wards, or Senior Centers, Stewie was a star! We helped with Humane Society adoption events, and posed for so many pictures. Life to us was a dream. Then at Christmas 2011, our world came crashing down. We had been treating Stewie for what we thought was a viral infection, then woke up Christmas morning to find his eye distended nearly out of his head. I rushed him to the emergency vet, and we were told there was a growth behind his eye. The days that followed were a blur. Stewie underwent a CT scan, only to get inconclusive results. We didn't know where to turn, or what exactly this growth was, just that we were going to lose our beloved boy soon. After posting the news on Stewie's Facebook page, I was contacted by the local media. I was hoping for a miracle, and one came in the form of the founder of Eye Care for Animals, who helped us get a definitive diagnosis free of charge when he heard of Stewie's plight. When we learned it was cancer, it was almost too much to bear. There wasn't a suitable specialist vet in Reno, but I was fortunate to find Veterinary Centers of America in Sacramento, who had everything we needed to fight this: Radiation, chemotherapy and Dr. Crowe. On January 23, 2012, Stewie made the trek to Sacramento for evaluation, and treatment began immediately. Over the next year, Stewie underwent 11 doses of radiation and countless doses of chemotherapy, and was declared cancer-free on July 26, 2012. However, this remission was short lived: At his 3 month re-check, we found that the cancer had returned. We proceeded with more chemo, but the cancer was much more aggressive this time and wasn't responding to the drugs. The last option available to us, "rescue protocol" failed too. We were devastated, but our wonderful boy didn't let it get him down, he was still our Stewie, proud and regal as ever. To help Stewie enjoy his remaining time with us, I chose to take him to the TNCC show in Portland in January 2013. Stewie had always loved people and the attention they gave him so much, and trips out of the house delighted him, he loved to travel. This trip was my gift to him, as I knew his time was short. It turned out to be a wonderful last outing for him. He walked the show hall with his tail and head held high, his fans following, greeting everyone he could and thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. All the while we knew that once we returned home, we would celebrate his birthday and then celebrate his wonderful life when the time came. On February 4th, 2013 at 7:37 pm, SGCA Mymains Stewart Gilligan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and passed away. I will always love and miss my "Big Bubba"... - Robin HendricksonAs a tribute, here, once again is Stewie's Record Holder Profile video which we filmed back in 2011.videoMy Story is a regular feature on, where record holders reveal their experiences.Do you hold, or have you held a Guinness World Records title? Do you want to tell the world about your it? Contact us on our Facebook page or via Twitter, and you could be the next to have your story published!
7664World Cup Rewind: Hakan Şükür scores the tournament’s fastest ever goalThe 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.Today: Turkey striker Hakan Şükür and the fastest World Cup goal of all timeThe 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea is often regarded as the ‘World Cup of shocks’.Defending World Cup champions France, who also secured glory in the European Championships two years earlier in 2000, were defeated by Senegal in their first match and exited the tournament at the group stage securing just one point. Argentina and Portugal also failed to reach the knockout stages. A further shock was that England weren’t defeated by penalties.Hosts Japan and South Korea both advanced to the knockout rounds with the latter miraculously reaching the last four where they were eliminated by Germany.With every high, however, there must be a low and South Korea were on the receiving end of one particular record breaking feat: the Fastest goal in a football (soccer) FIFA World Cup match.The record-breaking strike was to come in the 3 rd place playoff when Turkey’s captain and talisman Hakan Şükür pressed and pounced on some sluggish defending from Hong Myung-bo in the Korean defence to score after just 10.8 seconds.videoYou could possibly excuse Hong Myung-bo and his teammates for this particular mistake after their astonishing achievement at reaching this stage, but this didn’t stop Şükür from wheeling away in delight as his quick thinking and predatory instinct helped earn himself a spot in the record books. The moment was all about Şükür. Despite being tipped as a player to watch ahead of the World Cup, he had failed to net a single goal during the entire tournament prior to his record breaking achievement. The relief was all too clear to see in his celebration after his history-making strike."The goal was late in coming - I had to wait until today.” He was quoted in saying shortly after the match.To put Şükür’s achievement into context with other fastest goals scored in the football arena, he betters: the fastest goal in a UEFA European Championships (1 min 7 sec scored by Dimitri Kirichenko (Russia) Greece vs Russia first round match) and the fastest Champions League final goal (52 seconds by Paolo Maldini (Italy) playing for AC Milan against Liverpool).videoHis achievement, however, is slower than both Roy Makaay ( fastest Champions League goal in 10 seconds for Bayern Munich v Real Madrid in 2007 ) and Ledley King ( fastest football (soccer) goal in the Premier League after 8 seconds for Tottenham Hotspur v Bradford City in 2000 )videoNicknamed the "Bull of the Bosphorus", Şükür enjoyed an illustrious career of 20 years on both the international and domestic front. With Turkey, he amassed 51 goals in total making him their leading goalscorer of all time. He also captained his country on 30 separate occasions, most notably at the 2002 World Cup.At club level, he made 540 appearances for seven clubs in Europe scoring 258 goals in the process. Şükür’s most successful and prominent period of his club career came at Turkish giants Galatasaray who he played for in three separate spells (1992 – 1995, 1996 – 2000 and 2003 – 2008), accumulating 392 appearances, and was where he ended his career in 2007.Şükür, who is of Kosovar-Albanian origin, scored 217 goals during his time at the club, winning the” Gol Kralı” (Turkey top goal scorer award) on three separate occasions and secured 14 major club honours.He was a physically strong striker who also possessed a great talent in being in the right place at the right time. A real poacher you could argue which is somewhat of a dying art in the modern game today. Over the years he also scored some fine – and important - headed goals.Despite the successes in his homeland, Şükür struggled elsewhere – in particular in Italy and England after moves to Inter Milan and Blackburn Rovers respectively.It is also argued that, despite scoring 51 goals for his country, he failed to deliver on the biggest international stage and this can be backed up in the sense that he only scored three goals in three separate tournaments.This, however, failed to overshadow his successes at Galatasaray and his reputation as one of the best goal-scoring talents the country has ever produced.The 2002 World Cup would prove to be his final major international tournament appearance. He would continue playing for his country for a further five years, making his 112 th and final appearance for Turkey in a 1-0 loss to Greece in a Euro 2008 qualifier in 2007 at the age of 36.Retirement from all forms of the game soon followed at the end of the 2007-2008 season, where he helped his most notable club, Galatasaray, to domestic league glory.To this day, he is still a heavily discussed and prominent figure who, after a career in football, turned to politics and was elected as a Member of Parliament to the Turkish Parliament in the 2011 General Elections. He has since, however, stepped down from this position but still performs as an MP independently.So, with the benchmark set ahead of the World Cup, which starts next week, with the time to beat standing at 10.8 seconds, will this be one of many records broken at the 2014 World Cup?Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, are you ready?videoRelated articles: World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world recordWorld Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournament World Cup Rewind: America goes crazy for soccer in 1994For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
76652013: Best-selling Action-adventure Videogame SeriesThe games industry has spawned its fair share of icons over the years. From PAC-Man to Lara Croft via Mario, certain gaming names have become every bit as relevant to modern popular culture as Batman films and LEGO bricks.
7666Timberlake leads VMA nominations, Kinect gets new use and Mandela turns 95 - News in world recordsNominations for this year's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) have been announced, with Justin Timberlake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis leading the pack with six nominations apiece.Timberlake's 'Mirrors' will face off against the duo's 'Thrift Shop' for the coveted of Video Of The Year, with Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines', Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and Bruno Mars' 'Locked Out Of Heaven' also in the running.The record for most MTV Music Video Awards nominations in one year is held by Lady Gaga who notched up a formidable 13 nominations in 2010, including 10 for her track “Bad Romance”. Unsurprisingly, she went on to become the top winner of the night at the actual awards show, with her team-up with Beyonce on "Telephone" taking Best Collaboration and "Bad Romance" winning seven separate awards including Video of the Year.While it’s certainly had its critics, it seems like every day a new use is being found for the Xbox Kinect motion controller. Microsoft Research Asia may have found the best alternative use yet however, with their developers turning the console add-on into a clever sign language reader.Developers at the unit have created software that allows the Kinect to recognise almost every American Sign Language gesture via hand tracking, even at conversational speeds.Launched on 4 November 2010, by 3 January 2011, the Kinect sensor had sold 8 million units – an average of 133,333 a day – making it the fastest-selling videogames peripheral of all time.Actor Tom Hanks is to reprise his role as Da Vinci Code professor Robert Langdon in a new mystery thriller it has been confirmed today.Hanks will reunite with director Ron Howard for the film version of Dan Brown's latest best-selling novel, Inferno, which is pencilled in for December 2015 release.Brown holds the record for highest annual earnings for an author after pocketing an estimated $76.5 million (£43.8 million) in 2005.Finally, the world has been celebrating the 95th birthday of former South African president Nelson Mandela.South African schoolchildren sang "Happy Birthday" during morning assemblies while crowds left flowers and candles outside the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving urgent medical care since June for a lung ailment.Mandela who was president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, holds the unenviable record of longest period of incarceration for a future head of state after being interned in three different prisons (most notably Robben Island) as a political prisoner from 5 August 1962 to 11 February 1990 – a total of 27 years 6 months 6 days.
7667Facebook Home launches, Iron Man 3 aims for The Avengers, and giant tarantulas - The News in World RecordsRecord-breakers in the news todayIf you’re like us, you’ve probably already checked Facebook today. And if you’re like most smartphone users, you may have already visited one of the world’s most popular social media sites up to 14 times since you woke up. And now, checking your news feed will be easier than ever, thanks to Facebook’s announcement that it is partnering with mobile phone manufacturer HTC to create “ Facebook Home” for Android devices.This will certainly make it easier to read what your Aunt Sally had for lunch today, but also could make it simpler to break a few Facebook-related records. Phone users might challenge the most likes on a Facebook item in 24 hours or the most comments on a Facebook item, held by U.S. president Barack Obama and Indian Trinity, respectively, with 3,868,253 likes and more than 3.7 million comments.Something else to surely get the fanboys and girls excited today: the new TV ad for “Iron Man 3,” set to hit theaters May 3 in the U.S. While the spot isn’t meant to debut until tomorrow, Entertainment Weekly has secured it already, and you can check it out here.As the first release in the Marvel universe cinema series since last year’s “The Avengers,” does IM3 stand any chance of building on its predecessor’s momentum and challenging any of its 10 box-office records, including the highest grossing superhero movie, at more than $1.5 billion (£938+ million)?videoFitness apparel company Lululemon announced yesterday that its chief product officer will leave the company on April 15 after five years. His exit follows a massive recall on Lululemon yoga pants for being accidentally too see-through. Once the dust is settled, maybe all of Lululemon’s fans can get together in a show of solidarity and try to break the record for the largest yoga class, set by 29,973 students at Jiwaji University in Gwalio, India, on 19 November 2005.Elsewhere, a new species of giant tarantula has been discovered in northern Sri Lanka. Poecilotheria rajaei, as it’s been dubbed, has a leg span 8 inches across. Impressive, no doubt, but still a ways to go to catch the largest spider ever, the ominously named male goliath bird-eating spider. Classified as species Theraphosa blondi, two of this spider kind have been found with leg spans 11 inches across.Lastly, bad news for our bald or balding friends. Japanese researchers have found that thinning hair on the crown of the head could lead to increased odds of heart disease.The lesson from the story is that, regardless of hair situation, men should adjust for a healthy lifestyle. This was exactly the idea in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada back on September 19, 2010, as 57 people who were ahead of their time not only set the record for most heads shaved simultaneously, but then proceeded to immediately take part in the annual Terry Fox Run.
76681983: Most Active VolcanoThere are certainly better-known volcanoes than Kilauea. Vesuvius, for example, in Italy’s Gulf of Naples, has erupted since prehistoric times – the most infamous occasion coming in AD 79, when the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were swamped in lava flows, noxious gas and ash. (The term ‘magma’ is used to describe super-hot molten, or semi-molten rock in subterranean chambers the material is referred to as ‘lava’ when it has reached the surface.) Or Krakatoa in Indonesia, which erupted in August 1883, killing nearly 40,000 people (many in the resulting tsunamis) and unleashing spumes of sulphur dioxide and other noxious gases 27 km (17 miles) into the atmosphere, lowering global temperatures for the following five years. The sound of its eruption measured 172 decibels at a distance of 160 km (100 miles), although it was audible thousands of miles away, and is credited as the Loudest sound ever heard. Both volcanoes – and many others the world over – remain active, and are still prone to sporadic eruptions. But Kilauea has the edge on both of them in one respect.
7669Fan Choice Record of the Week: April 19Despite now being over 20 years old, the fantasy world inhabited by Manga comic book characters Goku, Son Gohan and Piccolo still remains popular it would appear.Our readers last week voted in their droves for the Largest gathering of people dressed as Dragon Ball characters to be our Fan Choice Record of the Week.Our congratulations go out to all those involved in the event which took place at the Saló de Manga Festival in Barcelona, Spain. This achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favourite record of the year at the end of 2013.While there's no sign of martial arts or mystical orbs among this week's nominees, there's no shortage of amazing feats for you to vote on. Get familiar with the candidates and learn how to share your vote below!Longest journey by solar electric vehicle (pictured above) Record: 29,753 km (18,487 miles) Holder: Solar Car Project Hochschule Bochum (Germany) who travelled around the world departingLocation: The team travelled around the world from beginning in Adelaide in Australia and finishing in Mount Barker, in the same country. That's not all: The team spent a total of 168 days driving and 8 days solely recharging the vehicle. The other days were spent exhibiting the Solar Car at a variety of locations, events and universities as well as being transported between continents.Fastest 100 km run barefootRecord: 11 hours, 14 minutes, 3 seconds Holder: Peter Wayne Botha (New Zealand) Location: At the 15th Annual Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour race in Auckland, New Zealand, on 6 October 2012. That's not all: Once Peter achieved the Guinness World Record, he went on to complete a total of 106.569 km in 12 hours.Largest operational mousetrapRecord: The trap measured 6.02 m (19 ft 9 in) long, 3 m (9 ft 10 in) wide and 28.5 cm (11.22 in) high Holder: Dietmar Weides (Germany) Location: Neroth, Germany That's not all: The mousetrap's weighs 867 kg (1911.41 lb) with a surface area of 18 m2 (193.75 square feet).Most people wearing paper hats simultaneouslyRecord: 817 Holder: Australian Rotary Health (Australia) Location: Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia That's not all: The attempt was part of a fundraising effort for mental health research.Fastest speed achieved by a car on iceRecord: 335.71 km/h (208.62 mph) Holder: Janne Laitinen (Finland), on behalf of Nokian Tyres (Finland) Location: Gulf of Bothnia (Frozen Sea), Finland That's not all: Laitinen drove a modified Audi RS6 for the record attempt, while the tyres used were standard, commercially available winter tyres. So there are your nominees for this week - now it's time for you to cast your vote!There are a number of ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:What is your pick for this week's Fan Choice Record?You can also leave your choice in the comment section below, or tweet your choice to us on Twitter ( @GWR) with the hashtag #GWRFanChoice.Then check back here next week to see who's been crowned the latest fan favourite.
7670August Sports world records round upFrom the London 2012 Games to big landmarks for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Roger Federer - we take a look back over the past month's record breaking achievements in the world of sport.The end of August saw the transfer window close for many soccer teams across Europe, and saw Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich, pictured above, once again involved in another big money move.Already the holder of the record for the most expensive football player from combined transfer fees, the total amount paid for Zlatan over the course of his career now adds up to an incredible £109.2m following his £15.7m move from AC Milan to French giants Paris Saint Germain this summer.The 30-year-old forward's previous transfers break down as follows: Malmo to Ajax £6.3m (2001), Ajax to Juventus £10.8m (2004), Juventus to Inter £16.7m (2006), Inter to Barcelona £40m (2009), Barcelona to Milan £19.7m (2011).Also making his mark in the world of soccer in August was Fabrice Olinga who became the youngest goalscorer in the top division of Spanish football.The teenager from Cameroon netted for Málaga against Celta Vigo, at the Estadio Municipal de Balaídos, in Vigo, Spain, on 18 August 2012 at the tender age of just 16 years and 102 days.videoTennis ace Roger Federer notched up two records over the summer following his victory at Wimbledon.The Swiss star now has the record for the longest time at number 1 in the ATP male singles rankings, surpassing a record set by Pete Sampras and now also has the benchmark for the most times seeded 1st at a Grand Slam, having notched up his 23rd top ranking for this year's US Open. videoAugust also saw the emergence of two new names to watch out for in women's golf.At the age of Canada's 14 years and 279 days, Brooke Henderson carded a final round 72 to capture the CN Canadian Women's Tour event at Club de golf Beloeil in Quebec Canada, making her the youngest person to win a professional golf tournament.videoElsewhere, Lydia Ko won the Canadian Women's Open to become the youngest tournament winner in LPGA Tour history at the age of 15 years and 128 days.The South Korea-born New Zealander finished with a five-under-par 67 to win by three shots.videoFinally, no retrospective of August's sporting action would be complete without acknowledging the incredible 128 world records that were notched up at the London 2012 Olympics.From imperious performances in the pool from Rebecca Soni and Michael Phelps, to inspirational displays on two wheels from Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins and unforgettable athletic performances s provided by Usain Bolt and David Rudisha, the London Games will be a tough act for Rio in 2016 to follow. Click here for the definitive list of all of the new benchmarks set at the Games.We'll have a full round-up of September's sporting landmarks at the end of the month, including a full breakdown of records achieved at the London 2012 Paralympics.
7671Sir Patrick Moore – 1923-2012: A tribute to the record-breaking astronomerBritish astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore died peacefully at his home last week, aged 89.Sir Patrick held the record title for " most durable TV presenter / Longest running TV show - same presenter", having hosted the monthly BBC series The Sky at Night since its first edition aired in 1957, with his final appearance on the show coming less than a week before his death. Here below, fellow astronomer and Guinness World Records Science & Technology Consultant Dave Hawksett pays tribute to his friend.There is a saying that one should never meet one's heroes. Sir Patrick Moore, who died peacefully at home on 9 December aged 89, was the exception.A self-taught astronomer who always described himself as an amateur, Patrick's own mapping effort of the Moon assisted both the American and Soviet lunar exploration programmes.During World War II he served as a navigator in Bomber Command and there are rumours of his actions behind enemy lines for British intelligence. His television show, The Sky At Night, was broadcast once a month from April 1957 to December 2012. He only missed one episode due to food poisoning in 2004.Image: Guinness World Records' Dave Hawksett with Patrick Moore (left) and astronomer Iain Nicolson (right)Patrick was a unique broadcaster. His machine gun-style delivery, coupled with his childlike enthusiasm drew you into the screen. Countless people, me included, were inspired by him to take up astronomy.I first met Patrick 20 years ago, and later worked with him on the BBC's coverage of the Mars Pathfinder landing, taught astronomy with him at Wansfell College, and contributed to some of his many books. Upon calling him to congratulate him on his knighthood some years ago, I received a series of one-liners explaining why he did not deserve it, punctuated by his laughter and mine.Despite his fame and accomplishments, Patrick was humble, approachable and generous. After attending one of his legendary house parties, I stayed in the local hotel and was shocked upon checking out to find Patrick had paid for my room.Patrick brought astronomy to the public during its golden age, from before the era of manned spaceflight right up to the present. He knew Orville Wright, Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, and once played a duet with Albert Einstein.Patrick never married. His fiancée was killed in World War II and he could not settle for second best. Instead, his vast circle of friends became his family and he operated an open-house policy at his home: 'There's only one rule here, and that's help yourself!' was how he greeted visitors. Without his presence the night sky already seems dimmer.Clear skies and thanks for everything Sir Patrick.
7672Mass Participation Monday: Off to the races to commemorate the Boston MarathonAlex Angert is a records manager for Guinness World Records, specializing in achievements having to do with mass participation -- that is, a lot of people doing something record-breaking together. He shares a monthly report with us, and here's April:In the United States, holidays are synonymous with sports. Independence Day has baseball. Thanksgiving has football. And Patriots' Day has the Boston Marathon.For those unfamiliar with Patriots' Day, it is the holiday remembering the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. Typically, the city of Boston is filled with excitement and pageantry to celebrate the occasion and marathon.However, this year, Patriots' Day and the Boston Marathon, which is one of the six World Marathon Majors, hold extra meaning. This year’s race marks the one year anniversary of the tragic bombings at the finish line of the 2013 marathon. With great fortitude, the city of Boston has banded together in the last year under the mantra of "Boston Strong," and the race is back in full force for 2014.To honor Patriots Day and today's running of the Boston Marathon, we decided to recognize some of our favorite race records for this month’s Mass Participation Monday.MOST RUNNERS LINKED TO COMPLETE A MARATHON73 runnersRecord holder: CaBa’s CaBaNauTeNLocation: Würzburg, GermanyRunning a marathon is tough enough, but imagine having to do it with 72 other people linked to you. Well, that is what a group of runners did at the iWelt Marathon in Germany in May 2012. Linked by a metal chain, the 73 runners finished the charity marathon that benefitted AWO Unterfranken in just under seven hours.LARGEST THREE-LEGGED RACE649 pairsRecord holder: The Isle of ManLocation: Douglas, Isle of ManGood luck finding a place more suited to hold this record than the Isle of Man, whose flag consists of a Triskelion of three legs. The attempt was organized by Douglas Development Partnership with the assistance of Barclays Bank. All pairs, who were required to have their ankles securely bound together, were only allowed to run as hopping and jumping were both not permitted.LARGEST SPACE HOPPER RACE771 hoppersRecord holder: Yorkshire Cancer Research, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and Cavendish Cancer CareLocation: Sheffield, England, UKWhilst our aforementioned three-legged race doesn’t allow hopping, this race embraces it. All equipped with their own space hopper, 771 participants bounced their way across the finish line at the Don Valley Grass Bowl in hopes of raising as much money as possible for charity. In the end, £50,000 ($83,986) was raised for the three charities as participants both young and old participated in the race.LARGEST HIGH HEEL RACE967 participantsRecord holder: Fort Wayne Women’s BureauLocation: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USAThink walking in high heels is tough? Try running in them. At an event to raise funds to support counseling for victims of sexual assault in Fort Wayne, racers traded in their sneakers for stilettos for charity. What was even more impressive was the majority of the runners donning the high heels were men!We don't expect many - if any - of the approximately 36,000 registered entrants in Boston to run in heels, but we certainly do wish all the best to those resilient runners and citizens looking to truly define #BostonStrong on this most cherished of regional days.And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
76731D Day: Will One Direction add to their world record tally?Saturday promises to be the hottest date on the calendar for One Direction fans, with the band set to take part in a seven-hour live internet broadcast.Organised to mark the release of the band’s new album "Midnight Memories," 1D Day will be streamed around the world on YouTube and Google+ starting from 7 p.m. (GMT)/2 p.m. EST, allowing One Direction lovers in every corner of the globe to watch live at the same time. As well as playing exclusive tracks from their new album, the stream will also see appearances from some of the boys’ top showbiz pals including Celine Dion, Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and The Muppets.Lucky fans will also get the opportunity to hang out with the guys and participate live in the stream, with the band set to surprise 1Ders by dropping into their Google+ Hangout parties and chatting live face-to-face in a special feature called One Big Drop In. And that’s not all. Our official adjudicators will also be on hand as Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis attempt to add to their collection of Guinness World Records titles during the stream with a series of"It will be broadcast all over the world and people can watch them present for a seven hour marathon linking in to lots of shows across the world connecting with fans," 1D Day producer and director Ben Winston told MTV News. "And it's almost like the most amazing webcam broadcast you could ever imagine.""We are going to try and break a world record every hour," Winston said. "For things like how many toilet rolls can you pile up in a pile."The boys already lay claim to the world record for having the most followers on Twitter for a music group with with 12,130,152 followers as of 16 May 2013.They also hold the record for Highest debut by a UK group on the US singles chart for “Live While We’re Young”, which entered the charts at No. 3 on 20 October 2012 and also have the title for First UK group to debut at No. 1 in the USAwith a debut album after "Up All Night" debuted at No. 1 with first-week sales of 176,000 in March 2012.Speaking ahead of the event, singer Liam said: "1D Day is all about giving back to our amazing fans for supporting us for the past three years."When we suggested it, we never thought anyone would let us loose LIVE all day — we cannot wait!"1D Day can be viewed in all countries by visiting: or find out how to hang out with the boys visit for more information. Be sure to let us know what you think about the group's record attempts on Facebook and Twitter ( @GWR) with the hash tag #1Dday!
7674Bonfire night: Our pick of firework-related recordsBonfire night, also known as Guy Fawkes night, is marked by thousands across the UK on November 5 with small fireworks parties in back gardens along with big organised displays in public parks.The annual event marks the anniversary of the arrest of Guy Fawkes who had plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605.So get ready to ooh and ahh as we pick out some suitably combustive world records to mark the occasion.The largest firework display consisted of 77,282 fireworks and was achieved by the State of Kuwait during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Constitution held in Kuwait City, Kuwait, on 10 November 2012.The firework display stretched over 5 km (3.11 miles) of seafront, started at 8 p.m. and lasted 64 minutes.videoThe largest commercially available firework is the Super Crown which is 0.6 m (2 ft) tall, has a 41 cm (16 in) shell and is packed with 34 kg (75 lb) of gunpowder and explosives.These take about eight seconds to reach 488 m (1,600 ft) at which point a second charge at the shell's core scatters golden stars across approximately 0.5 km (0.25 mile), each one burning for a further nine seconds. To import the Super Crown from China costs £200 plus a further £200 for the mortar (which has a case 5 cm (2 in) thick) to launch the firework.Apart from this, a hole 2 m (6 ft) deep must be dug to house the mortar.The firework uses a range of chemicals to achieve its effects. Iron and the metallic element antimony produce sparks and glitter, red flames are produced from compounds of lithium and strontium, yellowy gold from sodium, blue from copper and green from barium. The First use of rockets can be traced back to 13 th century China. Propelled by gunpowder, `flying fireworks', (charcoal-saltpetre-sulfur), were described by Zeng Gongliang in 1042. War rockets originated in 1245 near Hangzhou, China (the capital of China between 1127 and 1278) However the first use of true rockets was reported in 1232 when the Chinese and Mongols were at war with each other. During the battle of Kai-Keng, the Chinese repelled the Mongol invaders by a barrage of 'arrows of flying fire'.The largest Catherine wheel record was set in Mqabba, Malta, on 18 June 2011. Measuring 32.044 m (105 ft 1.56 in) in diameter, the super-sized firework was built by Lily Fireworks Factory, with the wheel completing four revolutions under its own propulsion once lit.videoThe world's longest firework waterfall was the 'Niagara Falls', which measured 3,517.23 m (11,539 ft 5 in) when ignited on 23 August 2008 at the Ariake Seas Fireworks Festival, Fukuoka, Japan.videoFinally, often regarded as the most timid of fireworks, the humble sparkler nevertheless has its own entry in the record books.The most sparklers lit simultaneously is 845 and was achieved by Kyoto Tsubasukai (Japan) in Ukyo, Kyoto, Japan, on 12 May 2013.
7675All of Europe is Related, Beef Gets Pricey, and ABBA Opens a MuseumBefore we get to the rest of today’s news, one of the biggest headlines worldwide is the announcement from Sir Alex Ferguson that he’s retiring from soccer (er, football!) at the end of the season after managing Manchester United the last 26-plus years. Truly a titan of sport and one of the most successful managers anywhere, anytime – for a full record-breaking retrospective of Sir Alex’s career, check out my colleague Kevin Lynch's look back here.Meanwhile, it turns out Sir Alex is actually related to many of the players charged to his stewardship over the years. In fact, all of Europe can say the same, as a recently released study confirms that all Europeans alive today can be traced back to the same group of ancestors as recently as just 1,000 years ago.If the citizens of the continent can get their organization skills together, all of the E.U. definitely has a shot to break the record for the largest family reunion, of 2,585 relatives set by the Lilly family at Flat Top, Virginia, USA, on Aug. 9, 2009.And what would families be without moms? Mother’s Day in the U.S. approaches this Sunday and, rightfully so, Americans are spending more on Mom this year. Surveys found that we’ll spend between $17.1-20.7 billion (£10.98-13.3 billion) on mothers this year. With that kind of cash, a good gift idea for Mom might be the most expensive chocolate egg sold at auction, valued at $11,107 (£7,000), and auctioned at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on March 20, 2012.Another food item with skyrocketing prices these days is beef. Due to a confluence of factors, beef prices have hit an all-time high and show no signs of slowing down. If the largest hamburger – clocking in at 2,014 lbs (913.54 kg) by Black Bear Casino Resort (USA) on Sept. 2, 2012 – were to be recreated today, it would cost an approximate $4,240 (£2,722) just to buy the meat. The old question, “Where’s the beef?” has seemingly been answered – it's at the bank.videoEnding on a lighter note, those looking for a unique vacation destination have one more option to choose from: ABBA the Museum. The careers of Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid certainly proved museum-worthy, and now that's the case in Stockholm.Not only does the Swedish group hold the records for most consecutive No. 1 albums on the UK charts (8, tied with Led Zeppelin) and oldest album to top the UK charts (“Gold – Greatest Hits” hit top spot again 16 years after is release), but they’ve garnered an amazing international following. This was best proven when Melbourne’s Kew Primary School set the record for largest gathering of ABBA impersonators with 368 people on Guinness World Records Day 2011.Mamma Mia indeed!
7676St Patrick's Day: Ten unexpected Irish world recordsThe annual Irish national holiday for St Patrick's Day has long inspired Emerald Isle-themed record attempts marking the occasion.In past year's the date has seen a host of successful record attempts around the world including the world's largest Irish dance, largest gathering of people dressed as Saint Patrick and largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns.While we'd readily associate these records with being held in Ireland, there are a whole host of records claimed by the country and its inhabitants that may come as a surprise.In celebration of the nation where GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS can trace much of its roots, here we list some of the lesser known record-breaking achievements associated with Ireland.Best selling act with no concert appearancesIrish singer/songwriter Enya, has sold 70 million albums around the world since going solo in 1988, despite having never performed a solo concert.Busiest airline for international passengersIn the year up to 14 May 2012 Irish airline Ryanair carried 76.422 million people, making it the world's largest carrier of international passengers, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).First road traffic deathMary Ward, an Irish amateur scientist, holds the unfortunate record of being the first person to have been recorded dying due to a road accident. On 31 August 1869, Mary fell out of her cousin's experimental steam car and was run-over, breaking her neck in the process.At the inquest, the presiding coroner, John Corcoran, stated "this must never happen again". The vehicle speed was estimated to be 3.5 to 4 miles per hour (5.6 to 6.4 km per hour).Largest tea consumption per capitaBetween 1998 and 2000, the country with the greatest annual consumption of tea was Ireland with 2.69 kg (5 lb 14 oz) per capita, which is approximately 1,184 cups per person each year.Longest serving altar boyTommy Kinsella began to serve at Mass in the Church of the Holy Redeemer, Bray, Co Wicklow, in April 1917, at the age of 11. He continued working for the same church for 81 years until his death on April 1 1999.Tallest windmillThe tallest windmill in the world is the St Patrick's Distillery Mill in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, now without sails. It is 45.7 m (150 ft) tall.Largest gathering of people dressed as the HulkThe largest gathering of people dressed as the Hulk was achieved by 574 participants at the Muckno Mania Festival (Ireland), Castleblayney, Ireland, on 13 July 2012.Largest gathering of people dressed as nunsThe largest gathering of people dressed as nuns was 1,436 and was achieved by Nunday Listowel (Ireland) in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland, on 30 June 2012.The attempt was organised to raise funds for charity Pieta House.Heaviest duck eggThe heaviest duck egg weighed 227 g (8 ounces)and measured 14 cm (5.5 in) in height with a circumference of 20 cm (8 in). The egg was laid in November 1999 by a White Pekin duck owned by Willie and Kitty Costello, of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland.Oldest Moon mapA series of carvings on a rock at Knowth, in the valley of the River Boyne, has been identified as the most ancient Moon map discovered to date. It is estimated to have been carved around 5,000 years ago.
7677Fan Choice: June 13 - Vote now!There was one clear winner for last week’s Fan Choice competition. Zhao Jingtao from China and his fascinating hair follicle.Taking a whopping 53 per cent of your vote, Zhao’s 23.3 cm (9.17 in) world record for longest chest hair easily beat the rest of the opposition to take his place in our end of year poll.Zhao owned a previous chest hair that had grown almost long enough to beat the prior record, but was accidentally pulled out in June 2011. He spent more than two years re-growing it before he broke the record for good this time around. He says the hair grows an average of 1 cm per month and hopes to continue extending the record. Every Friday here, we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like Zhao, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week features a huge piece of art created from vegetables, a mega-sized pillow and an incredibly big pair of shorts. But first, here’s a record hoping to drive away with your vote.LARGEST DRIVABLE VEHICLE MADE FROM INTERLOCKING PLASTIC BRICKSRecord: 3.93 m (12 ft 10 in) long, 1.45 m (4 ft 9 in) wide and 1.22 m (4 ft) highHolder: The Link Management Limited (Hong Kong)Location: Lok Fu Plaza, Kowloon, Hong KongThat's not all: The vehicle took over 300 hours to build and complete, using over 200,000 lego blocks and was built to celebrate the opening of Hong Kong Toy Museum in Lok Fu Plaza.LARGEST VEGETABLE MOSAICRecord: 1,858.07 m² (20,000 ft²)Holder: Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing (India)Location: SMG Sports Complex, Sirsa, Haryana, IndiaThat's not all: The mosaic was created to raise awareness of the advantages of eating organic produce, the total weight of vegetables used was 77,723 kg (171,349.88 lb). A mixture of cauliflower, beetroot, capsicum, green peas, garlic, green chilli and tomatoes were used. LARGEST PILLOWRecord: 18.59 m (61 ft) long and 26.64 m wide (87 ft 4 in)Holder: Sinomax Group (China)Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, ChinaThat's not all: The global bedding manufacturer created the super-sized piece of comfiness to raise awareness of World Sleep Day.MOST PEOPLE POPPING BUBBLE WRAPRecord: 647Holder: Riverside Primary School (Australia)Location: Launceston, Tasmania, AustraliaThat's not all: Bubble wrap popping is often a satisfying way of wasting time, but time taken by the pupils involved was anything but squandered, with the attempt breaking a record of 550 that had been set just weeks earlier by Gonzaga College SJ in Dublin, Ireland.LARGEST LEDERHOSENRecord: 5.52 m (18 ft 2 in) long and 4.51 m (14 feet 9.5 in)Holder: Gerhard Ritsch (Austria)Location: Mittersill, Salzburg, AustriaThat's not all: The huge Alpine leather breeches were created by traditional Tyrol tailors Ritsch in Zell am See, using an incredible 110 square metres of leather.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!Fan Choice: June 13Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7678Ahmed Gabr breaks record for deepest SCUBA dive at more than 1,000 feetMany Guinness World Records titles are based on going up - soaring higher and higher for a freefall parachute jump speeding faster and faster for a land speed car drive building taller and taller for the tallest manmade structure.But, just as iconic is breaking a record for going down.Welcome to the Officially Amazing universe, Ahmed Gabr.Ahmed, a 41-year-old Egyptian, has broken the record for the deepest SCUBA dive, plunging an astonishing 332.35 m (1,090 ft 4.5 in) in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, Egypt.Ahmed's amazing dive broke the previous mark of 318.25 m (1,044 ft) by South African Nuno Gomes in 2005, also off the coast of Dahab. In order to make the record dive, numerous precautions and preparations needed to be taken to ensure Ahmed's safety and success. The special forces officer in the Egyptian Army has spent 17 years as a diving instructor and used the last four training for the attempt. He submitted his original application of intent to Guinness World Records more than a year before his dive. When the day finally came, Ahmed needed approximately 12 minutes to reach his record depth, which was measured with a specially tagged rope that accompanied him. But, to ensure safe passage back to the surface, it required nearly 15 hours to have Ahmed return back for air after breaking the record, due to the various risks of the water pressure at such depths. Assisting Guinness World Records adjudicator Talal Omar in making the official measurements were three independent expert witnesses: Vice Dean of Engineering for the Cairo campus of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, professor Ayman Wanas Professional Association of Diving Instructors course director Mustafa Alsayyad and Technical Diving International instructor/trainer Ahmed S. Hussein. Ahmed told the media leading up to the attempt that he was hoping to prove that humans can in fact survive under such conditions as deep sea immersion. After diving further underwater than any person ever, and resurfacing with a smile on his face, Ahmed proved that not only can someone survive - they can earn a spot in history sure to never be forgotten.The 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book is out now! Find out all about it and see record holders like the longest tongue at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7679Fan Choice: July 4 - Vote now!The Art of Living Foundation can rename itself the Art of Winning this week.The group and its record for most people reading aloud simultaneously cruised to an easy victory in last week's Fan Choice, crushing the rest of the competition.Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favourite. The winners from each week, like The Art of Living Foundation, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes a well-traveled man and a soccer/football master, but first, a floor that looks straight out of a Home Alone booby trap.LONGEST LINE OF TOY CARS (pictured above)Record: 24,189 vehiclesHolder: National Motor Museum (UK)Location: Beaulieu, UKThat's not all: Laid out all around the museum, the line stretched to just under 2 km (1.2 mi) long, and broke the previous record by nearly 10,000 cars. The attempt was used to support the Naomi House and Jacksplace hospices for children and young adults, with the cars used in the line being auctioned off after the attempt.MOST SOCCER/FOOTBALL HEEL TOUCHES IN ONE MINUTERecord: 144Holder: Sinan Öztürk (Germany/Turkey)Location: Mittweida, GermanyThat's not all: Sinan also broke the record for 'most rope skips while keeping a football in the air with the head in one minute' on the same day, so you can tell he's pretty skilled. Fascinated by football freestyling, Sinan took up the art in 2008 and can now do juggling tricks with up to five balls at once.MOST NATIONAL CAPITALS VISITED IN 24 HOURS BY SCHEDULED TRANSPORTRecord: 7Holder: Barnaby Davies (UK)Location: Across EuropeThat's not all: In his manic 24 hours, Barnaby visited London, Paris, Brussels, Ljubljana, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. He traveled on trains between all cities, save for one scheduled flight between Brussels and Ljubljana. Barnaby also used the record to raise awareness against human trafficking, working with anti-trafficking groups ECPAT and ITMI.LONGEST JOURNEY BY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (NON-SOLAR)Record: 19,607.96 km (12,183.80 mi)Holder: Norman Hajjar (USA)Location: Portland, Ore., to Venice, Calif.That's not all: Norman spent three weeks coasting down the Pacific, driving a Tesla Model S for the attempt. The car consumed 4311.1 kWh of electricity and he stopped for 91 charges over the course of the journey. LARGEST GATHERING OF PEOPLE DRESSED AS STORYBOOK CHARACTERSRecord: 1,560Holder: Tanglin Trust SchoolLocation: SingaporeThat's not all: It took nearly 2 hours to get all the children and staff of the school - an institution for British expat students in Singapore - organized properly for the attempt. Costumes ranged across the entire storybook spectrum, from Pippi Longstocking to Thing 2 to Peter Pan.And those are your nominees time now to cast your vote!<a href="">Fan Choice: July 4</a>Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7680First men on the moon 45th Anniversary: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic Apollo 11 missionToday marks the 45 th anniversary of what many regard as mankind’s greatest achievement.On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin opened the hatch to the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle, climbed down the craft’s ladder and set foot on a surface previously uncharted by humans, in turn setting a Guinness World Records title as the first men on the Moon. Armstrong, who passed away in 2012, was the commander of the three man crew of Apollo 11, which included fellow moonwalker Aldrin and Command module pilot Michael Collins.The moonwalk came just six hours after the Eagle touched down on the Moon’s desolate surface on the Sea of Tranquility.videoArmstrong had earlier reported the lunar module's safe landing at 2017 GMT with the words: "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." Despite his cool delivery of those now iconic words, the Eagle had in fact touched down with just 30 seconds of fuel remaining as Armstrong searched for a safe landing spot – a record for least amount of fuel left on a moon landing.The first to leave the Eagle, Armstrong placed his left foot down first on the moon’s surface, going on to famously declare: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."45 yrs ago now “That’s one small step for (a) man…one giant leap for mankind.” -Neil Armstrong— NASA (@NASA) July 21, 2014While still on the ladder Aldrin urinated into a special collection bag within his spacesuit, setting the slightly less lauded record for first person to relieve themselves on the Moon.Speaking of the incident in the 2007 film In the Shadow of the Moon, Aldrin stated "Everyone has their firsts on the Moon, and that one hasn't been disputed by anybody." With millions watching grainy footage of their pioneering mission on TV back home on Earth, the pair went on to spend two hours collecting lunar rocks which they would bring back home to Earth to study. As well as jumping across the landscape and planting the Stars and Stripes flag, the pair also took photographs while on the moon. Prior to the Apollo mission, Aldrin had already proven himself to have been a pioneer of space photography having taken what is now recognised as the first selfie in open space during a tethered spacewalk as part of the Gemini 12 mission back in 1966.Did you know I took the first space selfie during Gemini 12 mission in 1966? BEST SELFIE EVER— Buzz Aldrin (@TheRealBuzz) July 19, 2014The Apollo 11 astronauts reunited in 1999 -Michael Collins,Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" AldrinOnly 10 other astronauts have walked on the Moon since the Apollo 11 landing, with Eugene Cernan becoming the last man to tread the lunar surface on 14 December 1972 as part of Apollo 17.At age 36 years 6 months and 18 days, Charles Duke stands as the youngest to step foot on Earth's only natural satellite during the Apollo 16 mission, with Alan Shepard the oldest after moon walking during the Apollo 14 mission at the age of 47 years 2 months and 18 days. All images via NASA / Reuters

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