Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7711Happy 67th birthday to Snooty - the world's oldest living manatee
7712Record Holder Profile Video: FIFA goal king Patrick HadlerSharp shooting Patrick Hadler, 19, from Germany has been verified by Guinness World Records for achieving the highest score on FIFA World Cup 2014.The teaching assistant from Hannover took the title for Highest Margin of Victory against the Computer on FIFA World Cup 2014 with an incredible 321-0 scoreline playing as Germany against the Cook Islands.Patrick first started gaming when he was just six years old, counting Pokemon on his Game Boy colour and Formula 1 on his Playstation 1 as his early favourite games. He started playing FIFA with FIFA 2000 on his PS1 in 2001 and got every subsequent FIFA game, playing almost every day.He decided to attempt the World Record after seeing Jacob Gaby’s record on FIFA 2012 and was sure he could beat it. Patrick was also inspired by YouTube star and FIFA fan KSI who had also held the record for FIFA 2013 and thought it would be great to try and beat his score. When attempting the record Patrick deliberately chose a weak opponent. It was essential to get the ball as quickly as possible after each restart, one mistake could cost him his record score. It only took Patrick six attempts to crack the record.Patrick also holds the Guinness World record for Highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 13 and Highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 14. When Patrick is not playing FIFA, he also enjoys the Assassins Creed Series.Patrick is also a big fan of the Guinness World Records books after receiving the 2006 annual as a child and says he is thrilled to make an appearance in this year’s Gamer’s Edition.“You never think that one day you may get a record and be in the book”, he explains“However once I found GWR Challengers online I realised that I had an opportunity to break a record and make the Gamers Edition. ““It’s very cool to get a Guinness World Record and to think that no-one in the world is better than you.”videoPatrick appears in Guinness World Records 2015 Gamer’s Edition which is out now. To find out where to buy it in your country, head to you think you can do better than Patrick, why not post your score on our Challengers website?
7713Ben Affleck is the new Batman, Microsoft CEO to retire, and Bon Jovi breaking up? - News in World RecordsFor the three of you who have not checked the Internet in the last 24 hours: Ben Affleck is the new Batman.The actor/director best known for "Daredevil," "Gigli," and "Jersey Girl"* will don the cowl for the upcoming Warner Bros. sequel to "Man of Steel," supposedly titled "Batman vs. Superman." Affleck, while capable, will have a big utility belt to fill. The Christian Bale-led installments of the Caped Crusader franchise include what was then the record for the highest box-office film gross on opening day - 2008's "The Dark Knight," which took in $66.4 million (£33.2 million).*Kidding, Ben, we love you! "Argo" was so dope.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today he plans on retiring sometime within the next 12 months. In a chain of events that must make Ballmer feel so wanted, shares of Microsoft stock have risen 7% since the announcement. Whoever takes over will inherit a record-breaking company many times over: Microsoft has ranged in everything from producing the best-selling HD video game console with its Xbox to trailing only Google for owning the most valuable trademark. As noted in the link above, Bill Gates will be involved in the hiring process for Ballmer's replacement. Good luck walking into that interview.They've seen a million faces and they've rocked them all, but may Bon Jovi as we know it be disbanding? Reports speculate that band guitarist Richie Sambora has been fired after 30 years of living on prayers. While the band hasn't released a statement, the report says money is to blame. To exhibit the peak popularity of Bon Jovi, the band set the record in 2010 for the most expensive concert VIP package. Their "Diamond VIP Experience" for the Cirlce tour cost $1,875 (£1,212).Lastly, a Florida man who fell off his fishing boat was saved this week - after treading water for 18 hours. His incredible survival story is capture in this news piece.videoWhile such an indidivual record for treading water is not monitored due to safety concerns, the story of Efstathios Moumouris is surely inspirational - perhaps no more so than to the group that just earlier this year set the record for most people treading water: 469 at the Buffalo Triathlon in Buffalo, Minnesota, USA, in June.
7714Images of the Week: From the shortest man to the most people running 100 metresEvery Friday we'll be publishing on some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive.Check out these exciting pictures and records below!The shortest living manThe shortest living man (above) was Junrey Balawing (Philippines, b.12 June 1993) who measures 59.93 cm (23.5 in) tall as verified at Sindangan Health Centre in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, on 12 June 2011. His height averaged 59.93 cm (23.6 in) over six measurements taken in the 24-hour period leading up to the morning of his 18th birthday. Junrey's record was recently broken this year by Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal.The highest flame blown by a fire breatherThe highest flame blown by a fire breather was 8.05 m (26 ft 5 in), and was achieved by Antonio Restivo (USA) at a warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on 11 January 2011.The shortest bullThe shortest bull is Archie, a 16-month-old Dexter Bull, fully registered in the Northern Ireland livestock inventory, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, who measured 76.2 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers on 22 November 2011. His parents are Dexters but all the other calves have tended to be much larger.The most people running 100 metres in a 1 hour relayThe most people running 100 metres in a 1 hour relay is 252 and was achieved by the Lebanon High School and Watertown High School (both USA) in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA, on 19 April 2012.The longest Pella de GofioThe longest Pella de Gofio is 218.76 m (717 ft 8 in) and was made by Federación Empresarios Puertocanteras (Spain), in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, on 30 May 2012. The Pella de Gofio was prepared by 87 chefs. Extra flavourings added to the basic Pella de Gofio mixture include bananas, honey rum and fresh cheese.
7715Meet RevM - the owner of the world's largest drum set - videoA full-time minister and professional musician for over 30 years, Dr. Mark Temperato (AKA RevM) describes himself as "an Agent of Rhythm" and is the owner of the world's largest drum set with 340 pieces.The drum set features various quality drums, cymbals and other equipment combining over 50 different makes and models.The set requires transport in a custom, carpeted 48ft, 18-wheel tractor trailer, and takes about three or four people 15 hours to set up.Despite its impressive size, the set is all within reach while 56-year-old Dr. Temperato sits on his black Roc-n-Soc Lunar Drum Throne. "I have a long reach and stay in shape for all the swinging, extending and twisting. My solos can last 45 minutes or more!"The drum set has taken over 35 years to build. "It is a lifelong endeavour," says Mark. "It is not just building something bigger because somebody else did it first. I eat and breathe this stuff. I can take months or years before I find the right addition to my set."When asked how it feels to be Guinness World Records record holder, Mark replies, "I am so grateful and honoured… it gives me a chance to encourage others to make some history and do something worthy of world recognition. Not just to get attention but to allow their gifts and talents to blossom so show the world what they can really do!"The full kit list is as follows: 103 Drums, 110 Cymbals, 2 Hi Hats, 4 Gongs, 20 Cowbells, 18 Clave & Blast Blocks, 10 Agogo Bells, Wood Block, 3 Round Chimes, Stick Chime, 5 Chime Tree's, Bell Tree, 3 Bells, 5 Tambourines, 2 Claves, 6 Shakers, 40in. Rain Stick, Vibra-Slap, 6 Maraca, 2 Jet Sticks, 2 Tambourine Sticks, 3 Afuche, 2 Triangles, 4 Castanets, Latin Whistle, Hand Clapper, LP Woodpecker, Thunder Tube, Guiro, LP Gong Mallet with extension rod, On Board Tool Kit, 4 Stick/Mallet Holders, 3 Drum Lug Ratchet's, Upright Stick Bag, Roc-N-Soc Lunar Throne w/back rest, 5 Nathan (K5HL) 150db Air Chime Train Horns and 2 Emtech Custom Ear Plug Sets (-13db & -25db).videoMark's record and many, many more feature in the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition - is out now worldwide from all good retailers. Find out more about the book and its incredible augmented reality feature, and where you can buy a copy of Guinness World Records 2013 here:
7716Android and iPhone gamers get chance to compete for world record title in special Kiip challengeGuinness World Records and Kiip, the first mobile rewards network to offer real rewards for virtual achievements, are partnering up for a second time to give users a chance at record breaking glory.Running from April 27 to April 29, the 'Top Mobile Gamer Challenge' will pit mobile gamers against each other on three popular games: 'Mega Jump' by Get Set Games, Slam Dunk Basketball by Visual Dreams and 'Monster Shooter' by Gamelion Studios.High Score Guinness World Records for each of the respective games will be awarded throughout the course of the event.To participate, users can simply download the apps to their iPhones and Android Devices and compete for top scores and Guinness World Records glory.Game players will then submit their score during the event and see how they stack up against the world's best.Scores will be viewable publicly on the official Kiip Swarm Leaderboard at Scorers during the competition will be eligible for actual Guinness World Records® titles including: 'Highest Score Achieved on Mega Jump,' the 'Highest Score Achieved on Slam Dunk Basketball' and the 'Highest Score Achieved on Monster Shooter.'The mobile gaming challenge winner will not only get their name in the next Guinness World Records 2013 Gamers Edition (published in January 2013), but will also receive their own exclusive, personalized certificate officially recognising their feat.The final winners across each game will be announced at the culmination of the competition.This competition is part of an ongoing network integration using Kiip's Swarm technology that will see players of every Kiip-enabled game being potentially eligible to become a Guinness World Records holder in future editions of the digital and print publications.Brian Wong, CEO of Kiip, mentions: "We've always thought that the Guinness World Record is the ultimate achievement. We're glad we're going to be able to continue bringing the ultimate achievement to everyone playing these top games. We're proud to also announce that we're now integrated into over 200 games, which means that there is a reward at almost every turn. Achievements are becoming more and more real, every single day.""This event will give anyone with a smartphone, anywhere in the world, the chance to be a Guinness World Records holder. It's the kind of accessible record-breaking that we love," said Samantha Fay, SVP of Global Communications, Guinness World Records.
7717Video: Pelé honoured with two Guinness World Records achievements in LondonBrazilian football legend Pelé was honoured with two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificates during a surprise presentation at the annual HMV Football Extravaganza (FE) event in London last night.Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday was on hand to present the 73- year-old with certificates for Most Career Goals and Most World Cup Winners’ Medals.Born Edson Arantes do Nascimento, during a playing career which stretched from 7 Sep 1956 to 1 Oct 1977, Pelé scored 1,283 goals.He also has the distinction of being the only player in the history of the game to win three World Cup winners medals.Speaking after the presentation, Craig said: “In 1970 Pelé made his first appearance in the Guinness World Records book, and has been a fixture in every book since, including the latest 2014 edition of the book.”“He is a figure who transcends both football and sport, and is a wonderful ambassador for the charities he represents”Pele is congratulated by current England manager Roy Hodgson“We’d like to congratulate him on his incredible career and for being officially amazing.”The HMV Football Extravaganza, which helps raise money for UK music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, took place at the Grovesnor Hotel in Park Lane.As well as receiving his official Guinness World Records certificates, Pelé was also honoured with FE’s Legend of Football award which recognises outstanding achievement and contribution to the beautiful game.Past recipients have included Sir Bobby Robson (2001), Sir Alex Ferguson (2005), Eric Cantona (2010) and Jose Mourinho (2011).Brian McLaughlin, chairman of the Football Extravaganza event, said: "We are honoured to be presenting Pelé with the Legend of Football Award""He is without doubt the greatest footballer of all time and a man who remains at the centre of the beautiful game, where he is universally recognised, respected and revered in every corner of the globe."video
7718Video: World's tallest man Sultan Kosen gets marriedWe’re today happy to announce that Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest man, has married in a private ceremony in the south-eastern city of Mardin in Turkey. Standing at 8 foot 3 inches, the 30 year-old towered over his new wife, 21 year-old Merve Dibo who measures 5 foot 9 inches.Sultan rose to fame in 2009 when he was recognised by Guinness World Records as being the world’s tallest man.On his first visit to London, UK, in September 2009 he said that he hoped his newfound fame would change his life, and help him find a wife: “It’s really difficult to find a girlfriend. They are usually scared of me. Hopefully now that I'm famous I'll be able to meet lots of girls. My dream is to be married."In the two years that followed Sultan’s life did change the exposure his record-breaking stature received saw him benefit from free life-saving surgery to stop his growth, specially tailored clothing and the opportunity to travel the world. It was only on Sunday, however, that he fulfilled his dream of getting married.The couple met through a mutual friend. She travelled from her home of Hasaki, in Syria, to his village Dede köy in Turkey to meet him.They only begun dating two months ago, but say they knew immediately that they wanted to be together.Sultan says: “When I looked into her eyes, I knew it was love”. Merve says: “At first everyone around me told me not to marry him because of his height, but I fell in love with his heart, not his height. His height doesn't bother me at all.”The couple, who are Muslim, enjoyed a full wedding party following Sunday's ceremony with over 1,500 guests, including a representative from Guinness World Records and local dignitaries.After the wedding the happy couple headed back to their specially made home in Dede köy, where they say they hope soon to have two children “god willing.”videoRelated links Tallest Man - Living Tallest Man ever
7719Hong Kong man sets record for largest The Nightmare Before Christmas collectionWe're just a week away from Halloween, and to start celebrating the ghoulish holiday, Guinness World Records is spotlighting record holder William Wong, whose collection of 2,020 unique items is officially recognized as the largest collection of The Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia. William, a 46-year-old native of Hong Kong, began his collection 21 years ago, before Tim Burton’s stop-motion musical fantasy even hit theaters on Halloween weekend 1993.When asked why he's grown his collection to such lengths, William responded: "Ever since I was very young, I’ve always been attracted to the cute and scary so it was love at first sight with The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve been collecting every item I could find since the movie debuted."A graphic designer by trade, Wong rents a store near his office to house his vast collection of apparel, jewelry, dolls, books, trading cards and glassware. He says that his favorite item is his one-of-a-kind handmade Jack Skellington, which was made by his wife. Another particularly special item is the film’s official style guide, which has never been available for sale to the public.He has met new friends and honed his online shopping skills because of his hobby and he also loves his official recognition, but does admit to one detrimental effect: spending a lot of money on his passion.But, above all, William says his The Nightmare Before Christmas collection has helped him feel “satisfied, happy, fun and young.”William is featured in the 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition of the Guinness World Records book, which is out now! Find out all about it and see more record holders like him at for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7720Bartender! One hour cocktails record falls again in New York CityIt's a common frustration for many people enjoying a night out: you just want to order a drink at the bar as quickly as possible and get back to your friends at Big Buck Hunter. But slow bartenders, big crowds, or complicated orders can really kill the vibe.If this hits a little too close to home, we have some words of advice: visit whatever bar employs Sheldon Wiley.The veteran bartender, who as recently as last year set the record for the most cocktails made in one minute with 18, has now for the second time in his career broken the record across 60 minutes.This time, at New York's Bounce Sporting Club, Wiley mixed 1,905 drinks to retake the title for most cocktails made in one hour.Wiley originally broke this record in March 2011, mixing 1,003 drinks. After Las Vegas mixologist Erik Mora topped that with 1,559 drinks in December, Wiley sought out the chance to recapture his crown. Wiley says the key to the huge jump in drinks is the use of a soda gun, as opposed to only bottles, which is permitted as per the record guidelines.The official rules state that each cocktail requires a minimum of three ingredients - at least one of which must be alcoholic - and that no cocktail can be duplicated. With the Stoli Premium Vodka brand sponsoring his attempt, Wiley had eight different vodka flavors and Bounce's entire inventory at his disposal to make every drink unique.After the attempt, all drinks were served to the participants and media on hand. And Wiley - the now self-proclaimed "world's fastest bartender" - returned to the top shelf of Guinness World Records-certified mixologists.For the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
7721Savortex hand dryer blows its way to world recordGuinness World Records has certified the first-ever world record to be achieved by a hand-dryer.The Vortex 550 EcoSmart, created by British manufacturer SAVORTEX, has achieved the world record for theMost pairs of hands dried using 30 kJ of energy.This record was developed as a challenge to measure the energy efficient performance of hand dryers.To verify the record, Guinness World Records required participants' hands to be submerged in water and immediately placed under the hand dryer. The energy efficiency challenge required hands to be sufficiently dry, which was measured when the moisture level was less than 40% on all areas of the hand.The Vortex 550 EcoSmart successfully dried four pairs of hands using less than 30kJ of energy. Typically, hand dryers use between 70kJ and 90kJ of power to dry just one pair of hands. The Vortex 550 EcoSmart achieved its record using unique patented technology recovers energy while in operation and uses a compression process to generate warm air without heating elements. The British designed-and-made hand dryer claims to be the lowest carbon emission hand-dryer in the world and SAVORTEX says it is able to dry 40 pairs of hands at a cost of one pence in electricity.Other existing efficiency records held by Guinness World Records include:Longest lasting AA alkaline batteryis Panasonic's EVOLTA which outperformed the batteries of other leading manufacturers by between 10% and 30% in January 2008Most fuel efficient vehicle is the PAC-Car II which can travel 100km on 0.01857 litres of petrol, and was created by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology for the Shell Eco Marathon on 26 th June 2005Most energy efficient supermarket­is J Sainsbury in Greenwich, London which has, since its launch in 1999, had a utilities bill which is 50% less than typical supermarkets of equivalent size. Its energy efficiency is achieved through ground submersion to give natural insulation, natural lighting sources and wind-generated powerCommenting on the new Guinness World Records title, Marco Frigatti, Head of Records, said: "Guinness World Records is continually innovating on the record titles that we recognize and we, like consumers and businesses around the world, are focused on sustainability and efficiency. This title tests the energy efficiency of hand dryers and reflects that advancing technology within the market. Guinness World Records aims to continue to expand the range of energy efficiency world records that we recognise."
7722Live With Regis and Kelly show begins week of record breakingIt's set to be another history-making seven days on top US morning TV programme Live! with Regis and Kelly, as the show reunites with Guinness World Records™ to celebrate Guinness World Records Breaker Week. All this week, Live! and Guinness World Records will feature a wide range of incredible record-breaking attempts to celebrate the launch of the Guinness World Records 2012 Edition book. The week-long special has become an annual feature on the programme, showcasing a one-of-a-kind collection of over-the-top stunts and unbelievable acts.This year's line-up is no exception, with the schedule as follows: Monday, September 12: Five gymnasts and tumblers who make up the acrobatic Extreme Team will visit LIVE and attempt to reclaim their record for "Most Basketball Forward Flip Slam Dunks in 30 seconds."Tuesday, September 13: Regis and Kelly host Sarwan Singh of Canada who will show off the beard that landed him the "Longest Beard on a Living Person" record, last measured at 7 feet, 9 inches on March 4, 2010. Wednesday, September 14: Patrick Bertoletti, Tim "Eater X" Janus, and Crazy Legs Conti from the International Federation of Competitive Eaters will try to beat the record of "Most Bananas Eaten in One Minute," which currently stands at seven bananas peeled and eaten.Thursday, September 15: Walter Urban of Canada will try to raise the bar on the current record for "Most Weight Squat Lifted In One Hour," which currently stands at more than 60 tons, coming in at a whopping 125,065 pounds.Friday, September 16: Capping off the week will be a special Guinness World Record attempt by Germany's Martina Servaty, who will try to crush her own record of "Most Juice Extracted From Grapes By Treading In One Minute." Live co-host Kelly Ripa will go head-to-head with Martina, trying to stomp her for the same record.
7723Michelle Obama to launch jumping jack world record attempt at the White HouseMichelle Obama will be leading the leaping at the White House on Tuesday for a worldwide challenge to break the record for the number of people doing jumping jacks.Organized in association with National Geographic Kids, the Let's Jump! event will see the US First Lady join hundreds of school children from the Washington area who will perform one minute of continuous star jumps in the grounds of the White House.The event, which will be attended by an official from Guinness World Records, will signal the beginning of a 24-hour challenge across the globe to break the record.videoA live stream of the event will be available to view at set a new benchmark, more than 20,425 people need to get on their feet and perform jumping jacks for one minute during the 24-hour time period between 3 p.m. ET on October 11 and 3 p.m. ET on October 12.Anyone can join one of many sponsored events that are being held worldwide.They can also organize their own event or jump by themselves following official Guinness World Records rules. Official jump event locations, documentation forms, rules and other information can be found on the National Geographic Kids' Let's Jump! website at Lets Jump! world record attempt was inspired by Mrs. Obama's, 'Let's Move' initiative, which is dedicated to solving the problem of childhood obesity.The UK leg of the attempt was launched last Wednesday by World Dance Champions and stars of Britain's Got Talent, Flawless at the capital's London Eye landmark.Speaking ahead of next week's event, Marlon 'Swoosh' Wallen, creator of Flawless said: "Star jumps are fun and can be done anywhere - and they're also a great way to keep fit!""Plus, breaking a Guinness World Record will be something kids and their parents can be proud to accomplish together."To find out more about the UK leg of the record attempt, visit
7724Chinese smog, rap legend waxworks and Rory McIlroy’s Nike deal - The news in world recordsRecord-breakers in the news todayNorthern Irish golf star Rory McIlroy has been unveiled as Nike's new brand ambassador, making him one of the highest paid sports stars in the world.While the exact details of the sponsorship may never be revealed, the deal has been widely reported to be worth around $100m (£62m) to $125m (£77m) over five years.That could earn the 23-year-old around $50,000 (£31,000) a day.The County Down born golfer holds the records for lowest score to par at a golf US Open and lowest total score (36 holes) at the golf US Open, having managed to notch up a score of 16-under and a total of 131 (65-66) at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, in June 2011.Iconic British entertain retail chain store HMV has hit the headlines in Britain after the financially-troubled company entered administration.Founded in 1921, the company still holds the title for smallest functional vinyl record. Six titles of 33.3mm 1 5/16 in diameter were recorded on mini vinyl records by the company's studio at Hayes, Middlesex, UK on 26 January 1923 for Queen Mary's Dolls' House.Completely functional, some 92,000 of these miniature records were pressed including 35,000 of God Save The King.Elsewhere, dangerous levels of pollution have been recorded in many of China's northern cities in recent days, with air pollution in the capital, Beijing, soaring past levels considered hazardous by the World Health Organization.The most lethal smog recorded occurred in London in 1952. Between 3,500 and 4,000 people, mainly the elderly and children, died in the UK capital from acute bronchitis caused by thick smog between 4 and 9 December 1952.The deadly smog was caused by the burning of fossil fuels combined with a weather inversion that trapped smoke particles near the ground.Visibility in the streets was only 30 cm (12 in) and cinemas had to close because it was impossible to see the screens.Finally, a new exhibition at Madame Tussauds featuring four legendary rap MCs immortalised in wax has have been opened at the London tourist landmark.The hip hop supergroup which features Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G. and P Diddy, has been brought together from attractions around the US.The Longest freestyle rap lasted 12 hours exactly and was achieved by Reid 'V.i.P' Brown (USA) at Primal Skateboards in Abilene, Texas, USA, on 22 October 2011.
7725One Heart Health Community UAE launches awareness drive with Most Blood Glucose Level Tests challengeShoppers in Dubai Mall were last month invited to participate in a Guinness World Records™ title attempt by having their blood glucose levels tested. The event marked the launch of the One Heart Health Community awareness initiative established to educate UAE residents about heart related illnesses and communicate the common risk factors. Endorsed by Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Diabetes Centre, Emirates Diabetes Society and the Emirates Cardiac Society the campaign will engage the public online through Facebook, twitter, blogs and a new mobile application ‘Break-Up’ designed to help users track lifestyle change and gain motivation through peer support and tracking.The Most Blood Glucose level Tests in Eight Hours record title was achieved thanks to the 8,675 mall-goers who came to be tested by the 80+ nurses installed in booths in the shopping centre’s Star Atrium. “This was the perfect start for what is a very serious initiative to underline to people from all walks of life in the UAE the risk factors of heart-related illnesses and the importance of a healthy lifestyle,” said Mohamed Hammad, Founder and Managing Director at Benchmark Middle East, FZ-LLC, the initiator of the One Heart Health Community.“We’re delighted to have claimed a new Guinness World Records title and we will go all out to take two more over the next few months. But we won’t lose sight of the fact that our main objective of all of this is to persuade as many people as possible that heart disease can be prevented if positive changes are made in their daily lives.”The next two Guinness World Records title attempts scheduled for August and November this year are the Most Blood Pressure Readings and the Most Cholesterol Readings. Mass-participation record title attempts are an ideal way to evangelise initiatives such as health screening because the goals are entirely congruent. The event caught the attention of the Emirates press with coverage across numerous top titles including: Trade Arabia, Khaleej Times, Gulf Today, Zawya and Sahil Online.Ahmed Abo Al Fadl, Marketing Director at event sponsor Merck Serono, a biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry leader, explained: “Educating individuals about all of the risk factors, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, tobacco use and lack of physical exercise, is key to reducing the number of people who suffer from cardiovascular disease across the region.”
7726Red Clay Consolidated School District Soars to Tallest Plastic Brick StructureLike the Tower of Babel reaching ever higher, the world record for the tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks has spent years growing incrementally.Since the first record tower was built in 1998, taller versions have been assembled by individuals, by groups, and even by the LEGO company. Successful attempts have happened in nine different countries, from Estonia to Norway.And now, the record has found its way to the Red Clay Consolidated School District in the U.S. state of Delaware.Tapping into the manpower of a 16,000-student school district, Red Clay topped out its structure at a skyscraping 34.43 m (112 ft 11.75 in). The organization used more than 420,000 individual LEGO bricks to assemble its tower.The feat garnered the First State school district national recognition, including a video feature on the USA Today website. Red Clay was able to enlist the support of more than 30 corporate sponsors, who provided bricks and supplies for the attempt, partnered with donations from various local families.Smaller portions of the tower were constructed across the 32 schools in the district, with the total weight of the bricks clocking in at over a ton. Then, with all the sections coming together in the city of Wilmington, construction crews assembled them into one unit, sending the tower upward.Red Clay superintendent Dr. Merv Daughtery placed the final brick at the top of the tower, which bested the previous record-holding structure by nearly 2 m (nearly 6.5 ft).After the tower’s construction, plans call for it to be dismantled with the bricks being redistributed to various district schools for their own uses.“This has been a great community event," Dr. Daugherty said. "It shows what people can accomplish when they pull together. One kid could have never done this by themselves, but when we all work together as a team we can do something that people thought impossible."
7727Culture Liverpool and Very set most models on a catwalk record in styleLast weekend, Culture Liverpool, in association with, strutted to record-breaking success after an incredible 3,651 people sauntered down a 40 metre-long catwalk at Liverpool's Pier Head, UK.
7728Largest billboard unveiled at King Khaled International Airport in Saudi ArabiaJCDecaux SA, the number one outdoor advertising company in the world by revenue, recently saw its subsidiary JCDecaux ATA join with LG Electronics and King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to create a record-breaking largest billboard.The advertising structure took over three months to complete, totaling an approximate 12,000 labor hours. It clocked in at an official measurement of 3,000 m² (32,291.6 ft²), measuring 250 m (820.2 ft) long by x 12 m (39.3 ft) tall. After completion of the billboard, LG’s advertising artwork was installed within 7 days."LG is very proud to be part of a fantastic initiative that will be recognized internationally through Guinness World Records," said Deuk Soo Ahn, President of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia. "This is part of what makes our product one to beat. Branding at KKIA is a major part of our media mix and this activation reflects how seriously we view the Saudi market.”The landmark structure is strategically positioned on the capital city's airport's Access Road and enables LG to showcase the new LG G3 smartphone to 100% of the airport’s passengers, whilst communicating the brand’s identity.King Khaled was the third-busiest airport in the Middle East last year in terms of total passengers and is expected to handle almost 20 million passengers in 2014."This project is a remarkable achievement for our team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," said David Bourg, Chairman of JCDecaux ATA and CEO JCDecaux Middle East. "This efficient and well-coordinated initiative benefited from JCDecaux’s expertise to overcome a number of technical challenges. It also underlines our commitment to adding value for our partners and enhancing the passenger experience through creativity, innovation and seamless implementation.”Has JCDecaux and LG's combined effort inspired a record idea for your group to attempt? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
7729Google Fiber sends thousands in Provo, Utah, on largest scavenger huntEveryone could use a getaway every once in a while, but what if everything you ever wanted to see or do was right in your backyard?That's what the city of Provo, Utah, recently attempted with the help of Google Fiber. As part of its Passport to Provo initiative, the group also teamed with the Provo City Mayor's Office, Downtown Provo Inc., and the Cotopaxi apparel company to makee history with 2,079 participants taking part in the largest scavenger hunt, smashing the previous record of 924 people.videoProvo is one of the few cities that has been chosen as a rollout location for Google Fiber, the tech giant's home broadband offering. After debuting in Kansas City, Fiber now plans on expanding to Austin, Texas, in addition to Provo."We were hoping to get over 2,000 to double the record," said Devin Baer, Field Sales and Marketing Manager for Google Fiber. "But we really didn't know what to plan on. Provo City has never done anything like this before and [Google Fiber has] certainly never done anything like this before."Teams of hunters filled Provo streets, businesses, parks, and landmarks in search of murals, stages on which to perform, animals with whom to speak (above), and litter to clean up, in addition to other tasks.For the hunt, participants were asked to complete 15 tasks, at least three each from five categories that included Downtown Culture, Quirky and Fun, Outdoor and Adventure, Community Service and Local Business.Provo Mayor John Curtis (below) officially kicked off the scavenger hunt, thanking Google Fiber and reminding residents of Fiber's quickly approaching Sept. 20 sign-up deadline. Event coverage found its way to the Salt Lake Tribune, NBC affiliate, and the Provo Daily Herald."We were thinking of what to do and the idea of a scavenger hunt came up, and it works on so many different levels," Baer told the Daily Herald. "We couldn't think of anything else that would allow us to help people explore new, local businesses appreciate and discover the arts and culture scene in Provo ... and fundamentally accomplish our No. 1 goal, which was to help people to explore and discover the revitalization of downtown Provo."Has Google Fiber's takeover of Provo inspired you to get the word out on a product or place with a record attempt? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
7730Telmex tops its own massive digital inclusion campaign recordWhen it comes to brand saturation, few global entities can match the ubiquity of telecommunications company Telmex in Mexico. Founded in 1947 and run with heavy investment by the world-famous Slim family, Telmex continues today with market share over 80% among Internet Service Providers in the country.So when Telmex wanted to make the Internet more accessible to Mexico’s general public, it teamed with Guinness World Records for a three-pronged record-breaking campaign, achieving a treble of success in April.In its second year partnering with Guinness World Records, Telmex’s “Aldea Digital” (Digital Village) broke its own 2013 record for the largest digital inclusion event, bringing 258,896 visitors to Mexico City’s famous Zócalo plaza. Telmex also broke the records for most people trained in IT in one month (177,517) and the most scans of an Augmented Reality app in 8 hours (49,237).Technology industry titans like Steve Wozniak and Hamadoun Touré joined the more than a quarter million participants who attended the 2-week conference. An additional 230,000 visitors were estimated to have accessed the event online remotely.The 2014 Digital Village came on the heels of 2013’s digital inclusion record being featured by Forbes, and Telmex’s charitable foundation division breaking the record for the largest football/soccer tournament with its nationwide “Copa Telmex” seven straight years.Once inside the Digital Village, visitors walked through an array of exhibits and educational videos, with the option of more than 40 different free workshops, ranging from IT basics to application development, programming, 3D animation and robotics.The stated goal of the record attempts and event was to bring awareness of Internet usage and broadband access to those for whom it was unfamiliar. By the end of the record-breaking festival, Telmex confirmed that more than 30,000 visitors sent an email for the first time in their lives.Telmex plans to celebrate its achievements by commissioning a trailer advertisement to play in movie theaters across Mexico in the coming weeks.Combining its latest triple record success with its past attempts, Telmex has now broken a total of 14 Guinness World Records titles in the last 7 years.Has Telmex inspired you or your group to attempt a record of your own? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.
7731Durex Australia hugs its way to world record for Embrace range launchDurex Australia made a romantic attempt for the record books in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day this year, with a successful bid for the longest marathon hug title.Looking to promote their new Embrace range, Durex brought together 12 couples to cuddle up for the event which took place at Sydney’s Darling Harbour in Australia.Titled, The Durex Great Embrace couples were selected for the attempt via a competition on Durex’s social media channels.As well as the competition entrants, TV celebrity Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband, pictured above, of 30 years, John were also part of the attempt.Within the first hour four couples from the starting 12 were disqualified for moving their hand positions, leaving the remaining eight to settle in for the long haul.Unable to lie down, sit or even lean against a wall, the couples soon began to suffer sore feet and aching lower backs.They had begun their embraces at 7am and at around 4pm the favourites for the trophy, a couple that had been in intense cuddle training over the previous few weeks, also had to drop out as illness struck.Then there were seven couples left to survive a long night of cuddles, and survive they did. When the sun rose over Darling Harbour, the seven pairs that had been standing the previous evening were all still in the game. Their spirits lifted as an end was finally in sight, although groans of pain and sudden leg cramps were constant companions.After exactly 26 hours and 5 seconds of hugging, the couples released their arms simultaneously. The previous record of 25 hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds had been smashed by over half an hour.The new, record-holding huggers were:- Katherine dos Remedios (26, Australia) & Christopher Jackson (29, UK)- Lisa-Jayne Clarke (24, South Africa) & Adam Tyndall (24, Australia)- Leah Horn (24, New Zealand) & Jack Hyles (26, Australia)- Jamie-Lee Boardley (22, Australia) & Jamie Steven (22, Australia)- Krystle Lucas (30, Australia) & Halit Kara (31, Australia)- Alex-Andrea MacDonald (32, Australia) & Hayden Bell (32, Australia)- Morgan Poinelli (27, USA) & William Robinson (28, UK)The attempt attracted worldwide attention, including the Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail.
7732Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival raises event awareness with record tripleWhen International Lobster Festivals, Inc., decided it wanted to put its annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival on the map, it turned to record-breaking in what it knew best: lots of lobster.Held annually since 1999, the 2013 Lobster Festival set an unprecedented crustacean record treble, setting three records in the span of a day:-The most lobsters cooked simultaneously in the same cooker: 950-The largest serving of lobster: 1,126 lb 8.8 oz (510.99 kg)-And the most lobsters served in 8 hours: 9,060All records were broken at the festival’s San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant location in San Pedro, California, home to the festival since 2009.It wasn’t the first time this festival had broken a record, as it dished out the most seafood prepared at an outdoor event that same year. It also wasn’t the first time the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival pulled off a unique stunt to garner attention: past festivals have featured skydivers, car test drives, and the festivities also double as an indie music festival each year.But with its 2009 record recently broken and a new chance available to cement its place in the lobster festival landscape, festival producer Jim Hall knew exactly the move."The idea for attempting three records was, you may as well go big or go home,” Hall said.Not exactly sure what records would work best for his event's ambition, Hall and his team engaged with Guinness World Records to come up with a list of potential records that would both meet the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival’s objectives and fit with its brand.With history made three times over, Hall understood the magnitude of what his event has accomplished. For an event that has raised more than a quarter million dollars for charity in years past, the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival and San Pedro Fish Markets continue to find ways to set themselves apart.“We have spared no expense to bring this honor to San Pedro. The team at San Pedro Fish Markets has been preparing for this for several months,” Hall said on the event’s official site. “The folks at Guinness World Records have been terrific to work with and … San Pedro is going to have some serious bragging rights.”
7733JOY brand makes history with longest line of washed platesJOY, the leading dish washing liquid detergent in over 31 countries, created Malaysian history recently by breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest line of washed plates. A total of 26,213 washed plates lined the running tracks of Bukit Jalil, measuring 6.84 km (4.25 mi). The new world record was achieved with just one single 800ml bottle of JOY. Procter & Gamble, the company behind the event, were accompanied by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicators and the hungry appetite of more than 20,000 Malaysians, who supported this record-breaking feat by consuming thousands of plates of Malaysia’s favourite dish – Nasi Lemak.After the meal, the dishes were then washed and placed in the record line.“I’m extremely happy that JOY has broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title," said Nicolas de La Giroday, Country CEO, P&G Malaysia and Singapore. "This proves that JOY can wash an amazingly large number of plates and is five times more powerful than ordinary dish washing liquids. What a fantastic way for JOY, our 'Surprisingly Small but Surprisingly Powerful' dish wash liquid, to make Malaysia proud!”Attending the record-breaking feat was Guest of Honour, Y.B. Tan Sri Datuk Panglima Joseph Kurup, from the Parliament of Malaysia.“This achievement is a great display of our Nation and Rakyat coming together and uniting as one Malaysia to create history," Kurup said. "Sharing and bonding over a common love of food, everyone here today can proudly say they have contributed in helping put Malaysia on the map by obtaining a globally recognised record-breaking title.”JOY attempted the record to celebrate its newly launched product, which claims 5X more grease-cutting power than other brands. The event brought together the local public with celebrity guests and even included a friendly wash-off challenge, contributing towards the very last mile which broke the record. The JOY product will be available in all local leading supermarkets and grocery stores from October."I certainly hope," said de La Giroday, "that after today, it will be the staple dish washing detergent on every kitchen counter in this country."
7734Orange Julius stakes record claim with 1,200-piece fruit sculpturePedestrians strolling down Calgary’s famous Stephen Avenue were treated to a historic moment Tuesday, as renowned fruit sculptor Shawn Feeney helped Orange Julius® set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for largest fruit sculpture. The 10-foot-tall fruit tree (officially measured at 3.06 m), comprised of 1,200 pieces of pineapple, orange, strawberry, peach and mango, was certified onsite by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator Michael Empric and officially entered into the record books.The achievement celebrates the launch of Orange Julius® at all Dairy Queen® Canada locations and was topped off by a meet and greet with 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist curler Cheryl Bernard and 4,000 free Orange JuliusStrawberry Premium Fruit Smoothies for the public in exchange for donations to Children’s Miracle Network® and its local partner, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Canadian Red Cross in support of Alberta flood relief. Money raised was equally divided between both charities following the event.Calgary is considered a Heritage Market by Dairy Queen® Canada, where its Orange Julius® locations and products are well recognized and have been enjoyed for decades.“To set the world record for largest fruit sculpture in Calgary makes the event even more special,” said Denise Hutton, Vice President, Marketing Dairy Queen ® Canada. “ Orange Julius® enjoys a loyal fan base here, which we wanted to recognize with today’s achievement while helping to support those affected by the flooding, and to let Albertans know that Orange Julius® can now be enjoyed outside of malls at any DQ® Canada location.”This isn’t DQ® Canada’s first foray into the record books. In 2011 it broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for largest ice cream cake at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square.This time around, the successful fruit sculpture saw coverage from The Wall Street Journal’s “MarketWatch,” Yahoo! Finance, and Canada’s National Post.“We’ve been a part of some incredible events over the course of our nearly 30-year partnership with DQ® Canada,” said John Hartman, Chief Operating Officer, Children’s Miracle Network®. “Time and time again they manage to raise the bar, and today’s achievement is no exception.”
7735Guinness World Records Day 2014 – As it happenedToday marked the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day, which saw thousands of people around the world come together to celebrate the international day of record-breaking.The event saw Sultan Kösen and Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world’s tallest and shortest living men, meet for the very first time.The pair were greeted by the world’s media this morning at St Thomas’s Hospital in London to mark Guinness World Records Day in the UK, and to celebrate the 60 th Anniversary of Guinness World Records.Sultan, 31, who hails from Turkey and measures a staggering, record breaking 2m 51cm (8ft 3in), said of the occasion: “It has been a real privilege to have taken part in Guinness World Records Day 2014. I love London and to be able to finally meet Chandra after all this time is amazing. Even though he is short and I am tall, we have had similar struggles throughout our lives and when I look into Chandra’s eyes, I can see he’s a good man.”Sultan and Chandra arrived at London St Thomas’ in black London taxis to the wonderment of the on-looking media and guests, and enjoyed tea and cake with Guinness World Records’ Editor in Chief, Craig Glenday, overlooking Houses of Parliament and the River Thames.Chandra, 75, (54.6cm / 21.5 inches), who comes from Nepal, added: “It’s been a lifelong dream to travel and becoming a Guinness World Records title holder has enabled me to do that. I’m honoured to be in London, I’ve always wanted to visit and the fact I get to meet Sultan is special. It makes me extremely proud to represent Nepal all around the world, I’m extremely humbled by the support I receive.”videoAs many as 600,000 other budding Guinness World Records title hopefuls from across the world took part in GWR Day 2014, with incredible records tumbling in Australia, France, Dubai, China, USA, Germany, Japan as well as in the UK.In Shanghai, China, the Guinness World Record title for the most people eating breakfast in bed was smashed.A grand total of 388 people congregated in Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, to tuck in to their morning meal simultaneously, beating the incumbent record by a whopping 99 people.Records for the largest rice mosaic (1,798 sq.m) and the largest line dance (multiple venues) (25,703) were also surpassed, all in the name of GWR Day 2014.The iconic Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, also contributed hugely on GWR Day 2014.Dancers from the famous cabaret club broke the record for the most simultaneous demi-grand rond de jambe cancan kicks by a single chorus line in 30 seconds, with a fantastic 29 kicks.The Moulin Rouge was also the venue for other victorious record breaking attempts including most spinning spits in 30 seconds (36) and the most times to position one leg behind the heads in 30 sec by an individual (30).videoIn New York, USA, largest high heeled shoe was created by Jill Martin and fashion brand Kenneth Cole. The shoe measures an astounding 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) long and 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) tall.Not to be outdone, Thunder Law of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters scored a slam dunk of a title. He landed the record for the farthest basketball shot made backwards – a huge 25 m (82 ft 2 in).To find out more about Thunder's incredible shot and to watch video of the attempt, click here.Guinness World Records’ Editor in Chief Craig Glenday said of the event: “This has been the biggest Guinness World Records Day yet, with more than 600,000 people taking part across the globe, from Australia and China to Japan and the UK."It's a truly awe-inspiring international effort that brings together people from all walks of life. This is illustrated perfectly in the meeting of two of the most iconic living record-breakers, Messrs Dangi and Kösen – what an honour it has been to host them on the 10th anniversary of GWR Day.”Established to commemorate the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world’s best-selling copyright book, every year Guinness World Records Day captures the imagination of people young and old, from every side of the world to attempt some truly amazing and awe inspiring feats.Elsewhere in the world there were new Guinness World Record title attempts for:JAPANThe fastest 100 m running on all fours was 15.86 seconds and was achieved by Katsumi Tamakoshi (Japan) at Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field, in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, on 13 November 2014 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2014.To find out more about Katsumi's new record and to watch video of the race, click here.The most paper aircrafts made in five minutes (team) is 4,880 and was achieved by Hinode Elementary School and Hinode Junior High School (both Japan) at Itako Chuo Community Center Gym, in Itako, Ibaraki, Japan in honour of Guinness World Records Day 2014.AUSTRALIAThe most people head banging simultaneously is 320 and was achieved by students of Armidale High School, NSW, Australia in honour of Guinness World Records Day 2014. (The song was ‘It’s a long way to the top’ by Aussie rockers AC/DC).The most spears caught from a spear gun underwater from a 2m (6 ft 6 in) distance in one minute is 10 and was achieved by Anthony Kelly (Australia) in the swimming pool at Sport UNE (University of New England) in Armidale, NSW, Australia, in honour of Guinness World Records Day 2014.UKThe largest gathering of people dressed as penguins is 373 and was achieved by Richard House (UK) in Queen’s Walk, London in honour of Guinness World Records Day 2014.For a full recap of the day’s event check out now closed live blog, which gave updates from the many record attempts from around the world as they
7736Vote now in the Fan Choice 2014 Final - Part 3Each week here we offer five of the latest records verified by our Records Management Team from around the globe, asking you to vote for your favourite, in what we call the Fan Choice record of the week. At the end of the year, we then take the winners and pit them in a knockout-style bracket to determine - once again entirely by fan vote - what the Guinness World Records universe's favourite record of the year is. Check them out below and scroll down to cast your vote!  Click here for Fan Choice 2014 Finalists Part One Click here for Fan Choice 2014 Finalists Part TwoFASTEST TIME TO RUN AN ULTRA MARATHON ON EACH CONTINENT (FEMALE)
7737Power ranking the cast of The Expendables 3Seemingly hellbent on singlehandedly proving that bigger is, in fact, better, Sylvester Stallone returns to the big screen this weekend with The Expendables 3, the latest in his action star nursing home franchise.What's it like to meet Stallone and other pop culture legends?Read our editor-in-chief Craig Glenday's diary from San Diego Comic-Con 2013.The budget? Bigger.The explosions? Bigger.And the cast? Well, you get the point.The movie features a star-studded lineup, no doubt. But how do these names stack up when it comes to the world of record-breaking? Time for our official “The Expendables 3 Guinness World Records Power Rankings!”GROUP 1: WE LOVE YOU, BUT KEEP WORKING17-13. Robert Davi, Jet Li, Ronda Rousey, Wesley Snipes, Jason StathamvideoDespite some big-time name recognition in this group, there’s nary an official world record to be found among them. But, at least thanks to Snipes, we'll always have Willie Mays Hayes.GROUP 2: RECORD BREAKERS BY ASSOCIATION12. Glen Powell: It’s a unique list when a relative unknown like Glen Powell can trump Jason Statham, but this is a unique place! Powell featured as “Trader #1” in The Dark Knight Rises, which holds the mark for highest box office opening weekend for a 2D movie with $160,887,295 (£103.9 million).11. Kellen Lutz: Like Powell, Lutz can thank a mega-franchise for his spot. He played the role of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series. The franchise's five installments take up the top five spots for the highest-grossing vampire movie ever.10. Dolph Lundgren: Dolph finds his spot thanks to riding the coattails of buddy Stallone by co-starring in Rocky IV. We’ll discuss more below.9. Victor Ortiz: When Floyd Mayweather Jr. broke the record for highest annual earnings by a boxer in 2012, he did it on the strength of just two fights – one of which was this infamous $40 million payday against Ortiz. Hands up, Victor!video8. Terry Crews: No. 8 on this list, but No. 1 in our hearts. We love Crews in everything from Old Spice commercials to Brooklyn 99. But, as the newest host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire in the U.S., Crews joins the most syndicated TV game show ever, as the franchise has aired in more than 100 countries.7. Antonio Banderas: Voicing the swashbuckling cat Puss in Boots in three films of the Shrek franchise, Banderas hitched his wagon to the highest-grossing animated film series of all time at more than $3.5 billion (£2.1 billion). He also is a frequent diner at Restaurante Botín in Madrid, the oldest operating restaurant, open since 1785.GROUP 3: THE BIG BOYS6. Mel Gibson: His appearance in TE3 is Gibson’s highest-profile role in years, as he continues to mend his damaged public perception. But you can’t deny his abilities in cinema. In addition to successes with the Lethal Weapon franchise and epics like Braveheart, his The Passion of the Christ is both the highest-grossing foreign language film and religious film at more than $611 million (£366 million) worldwide.5. Randy Couture: Now an actor, Couture first made his name fighting in UFC, where he owns the most title reigns (5), most title fight appearances (15) and is the oldest person to win a UFC fight (47 years, 48 days) and championship (43 years, 255 days). He has also inspired a slew of cheesy fight montage videos.video4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Straddling bodybuilding, acting, and politics, Ahhnold has perhaps the most interesting career arc on this list. He held the record for both most consecutive (6) and overall wins (7) of Mr. Olympia until later being surpassed by Lee Haney (1984-91) and Ronnie Coleman (1998-05). He still owns the longest time between Mr. Olympia titles (5 years) and his 1994 vehicle True Lies became the first-ever movie with a $100 million budget.videoHe also saw the Arnold Sports Festival named after him, recognized as the bodybuilding event with the largest attendance back in 2007.3. Kelsey Grammer: Those tossed salads and scrambled eggs sure led to a lot of success for Grammer. Frasier not only owns the record for most Emmys won by a comedy series (37), but the character of Frasier Crane is also tied for the longest-running human character on primetime TV at 20 years. Add in his work as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons (which owns too many records for us to even list here) and as Dr. Hank McCoy in the X-Men movie franchise, and Grammer is very secretly a world records machine.2. Sylvester Stallone: He may lead the Expendables, but he doesn’t top our list. We actually broke down Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger head-to-head last year, and Sly packs quite the resume punch ( Rocky pun entirely intended). Be sure to check it out for the full scoop on Stallone.1. Harrison Ford: Star Wars. Heard of it? Indiana Jones. Seen 'em? The list goes on and on with Ford, a truly special talent and well worthy of the competition on the rest of this list. There are nearly 100 Star Wars-related records in the GWR database, reflecting the popularity of a franchise fueled in large part by his Han Solo. Thanks to his starring turns, Ford at one point held the record for most films starred in to gross $100 million internationally (15). If you remove cameo artists like Stan Lee or voice-only actors, Ford still ranks No. 6 on that list. He’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world and known for quality, not just quantity. Plus, he’s responsible for this.videoWe can't wait to see who makes the call sheet for Expendables 4 -- resident GWR strongman Paddy Doyle would fit right in!And for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!
77381958: Most Goals Scored at a World Cup FinalsThink about this: when the first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was published in 1955, the number of FIFA World Cups won by Brazil was a round, robust zero.That’s how much can change in 60 years, both for the global authority on record breaking – now known simply as Guinness World Records – and the football world’s preeminent national team: the very first World Cup staged after that 1955 publishing was won by Brazil in 1958. Since, the Seleção have gone on to win five total, the most of any nation.So, yes, a lot can change over the course of 60 years. But some records – some stand the test of time to the point of appearing unbreakable.And on that note, in today's "60 at 60" feature, we take a look at an iconic record from 1958, and remain at that same World Cup in Sweden. Allow us to introduce you to Just Fontaine.videoLooking back at the 1958 World Cup, a lot more has changed compared to what we saw at Brazil 2014.They held playoffs to find out who escaped the group stages?The countries were seeded in pots based on geography?The man who scored the most goals ever in a single World Cup tournament didn’t even make the team of the tournament as selected by journalists?!Amazingly, that’s the case with Fontaine, the French striker to whom we dedicate this record retrospective. His singular 1958 performance remains one of the most legendary sporting achievements of all time.videoFontaine scored 13 goals in Sweden that summer, across the six matches that France played. It remains the high-water mark for the most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament.Amazingly, it was the only World Cup in which Fontaine would ever play. And, despite nearly 60 years having passed, his tally of 13 in one tournament still has him sitting fourth all-time on the career goals list.Here's Fontaine pictured, in 1978, posing with his Golden Boot from Sweden.To put it in perspective, career World Cup goals-scored holder Miroslav Klose needed 24 matches across five tournaments to earn his 16 goals. The Brazilian Ronaldo required 19 matches across three World Cups to earn his 15. And third-place Gerd Mueller spread his 14 goals across 13 matches.Again, Fontaine needed only six.That’s a ballistic 2.17 goals per game average, the second-highest of any player to have ever scored 10 or more goals in a World Cup career (Hungary’s Sandor Kocsis hit 2.2/game with 11 goals in five matches in 1954).Fontaine netted a hat trick in France’s opening match that summer, then proceeded to score in every game for Les Bleus thereafter. And he didn’t simply load up in one or two matches. He scored multiple times in four of the six contests, including a four-goal virtuosity against defending champs West Germany in the third-place game.videoHe remains one of only four players to ever score multiple hat tricks in a World Cup career.Sadly, Fontaine’s career was cut short at just 28 years old due to chronic injury. But he showed across a mere three weeks in the Swedish summer of ’58 the kind of historic touch he held in those boots.And yet, to revisit the point, Fontaine interestingly still couldn’t even crack the media’s all-tournament team. This was despite earning more votes than any other forward. The reason? The votes for Fontaine were split between the “inside forward” and “outside forward” position, meaning he didn’t have enough at one position to make the squad.While he may not have received his proper recognition from the media of the time, Fontaine’s record has only appreciated in its impressiveness, and 60 years on, it appears nobody may challenge one of the sport’s most long-standing achievements.
77392002: Largest TortoiseTortoises are known to reach their maximum size by about the age of 30, but somebody forgot to tell Goliath. After taking up residency at Seffner's Life Fellowship Bird Sanctuary as a hatchling in 1960, Goliath grew, and grew, and grew...
77401979: Most Successful SongwriterWith 129 of the songs he has written/co-written charting in the UK, Paul McCartney (UK) lays claim to the most songs to feature in the UK singles chart. An astonishing 91 of his singles reach the Top 10, with 33 of those making it to No.1. Here he is pictured with his wife, Linda, at a dinner in his honour hosted by Guinness World Records at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London on 24 October 1979.

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