Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7921Largest aircraft carrying cruiserAdmiral KuznetsovRussia01 January 1990Aircraft carrying cruisers are the results of attempts to create ‘all round’ warships, capable of ship-to-ship combat as well as carrying aircraft. The largest of these is the Russian Navy’s Admiral Kuznetsov, commissioned in 1990. It measures 302.3 m long with a beam of 72.3 m and displacement of 58,600 tonnes with a maximum load. It has 12 Granit anti-ship missiles, 192 3K95 Kinzhal surface-to-air missiles, an anti-submarine rocket launcher, as well as defensive anti-air guns. It can carry 12 SU-33 ad 5 SU-25 fighters, along with 24 helicopters. Admiral Kuznetsov is the only ship in its class and Russia’s only aircraft carrier.
7922Most weight squats lifted in 3 minutes - 200 KGShaun JonesItaly, Milan,,On the set of Lo Show Dei Record01 April 2011The most weight squats lifted in 3 minutes with a minimum of 200 kg (440.92 lbs) is 29 and was achieved by Shaun Jones aka Mr Remarkableman (UK) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, Milan, Italy, on 1 April 2011.The weight lifted at each squat was 200 kg (440.92 lbs), which included the weight of the bar. Therefore, Shaun Jones aka Mr Remarkableman lifted a total weight of 5,800 kg in 3 minutes.
7923Most live streams for a single eventPrince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding / St James's Palace72000000 peopleUK, London29 April 2011The YouTube broadcast of Prince William’s marriage to Catherine Middleton (both UK) in London, UK, on 29 April 2011 achieved a record 72 million live views, as people from 188 countries around the world tuned in to watch the event on the company’s official Royal Channel. Although this figure alone was enough to beat the 70 million streams achieved during the inauguration of US President Barack Obama in 2009, the wedding’s overall tally is likely to have been significantly higher when taking into account the millions watching via other live streaming services.
7924Most potatoes carried between the knees in three minutes-relay (team of six)Emma Krys, Bedir Aydemir, Tarik Windle, Gemma Brown, Susan Clarke, Bich Van NguyenUnited KingdomThe most potatoes carried between the knees in three minutes is 45 and was achieved by Emma Krys, Bedir Aydemir, Tarik Windle, Gemma Brown, Susan Clarke (all UK) and Bich-Van Nguyen France) at the World Trade Centre, Barcelona, Spain, on 14 May 2010.This was part of a GWR Live! event with MEC UK and GWR Live!
7925Longest Minecraft tunnel (PC)Lachlan Etherton10502 itemsAustralia, Greenwith03 August 2013The longest Minecraft tunnel is 10,502 blocks (equating to 10,502 metres), and was achieved by Lachlan Etherton (Australia), at EB Games store, in Greenwith, Australia, on 3 August 2013.The tunnel digging/minding took around 50 minutes to do. The lighting of the tunnel took 20 minutes and the walk through of the tunnel to complete the record attempt took 10 minutes.
7926Largest trading cardPanini AmericaUnited States13 February 2010The world’s largest trading card was revealed to the world on 13 February 2010. Carrying the image of Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant, and embossed with a 38.1-cm-by-38.1-cm (15-inch-by-15-inch) swatch of an official game jersey, the 2.133 m x 1.498 m (7 ft x 4 ft 11 in) card was produced by Panini America.
7927Longest career as editor-in-chief of an educational magazineMitsuru EbeJapan31 July 2011The longest career as an editor-in-chief for the same educational magazine is 53 years 110 days, achieved by Mitsuru Ebe (Japan) for ‘Gendai Kyoiku Kagaku’ who held the position continuously between the first issue in April 1958 and July 2011.Mr Ebe has served as editor-in-chief of ‘Gendai Kyoiku Kagaku’ (Modern Education Science) since the first day of publication on 12 April 1958. He retired from the position on 31 July 2011 at the age of 81.
7928Largest collection of umbrella sleevesNancy HoffmanUnited States, Peaks Island,,In her home, also known as the Umbrella Cover Museum.07 July 2012The largest collection of umbrella covers is 730 covers and belongs to Nancy Hoffman (USA), in Peaks Island, Maine, USA, as of 7 July 2012.To showcase the collection, her house became the site of the Umbrella Cover Museum in 1996. The collection includes covers from 50 different countries and was established as a celebration of the mundane. Nancy held an event to mark the counting of the collection at the museum and guests were invited to enjoy the collection and to sing the museums official song.
7929Fastest 10 x 10,000 m relay swimThomas Lurz, Hull Dance & Events GmbH, Michael Dimitriev, Sven Stallkamp, Alexander Schäfer, Marcel Jerzyk, Jan Wolfgarten, Andreas Waschburger, Pit Schlörmann, Niclas Mellies, Jeremy-Jay Krogull-Hull16/32/27.06 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, Osnabrueck12 November 2011The fastest 10 x 1,000 m relay swim is 16 hours 32 minutes 27.06 seconds, achieved by a team of 10 representing Hull Dance & Events GmbH (Germany), at Nettebad swimming pool, Osnabrueck, Germany, on 11-12 November 2011. The successful attempt was organized in support of the charity RTL Spendenmarathon and in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2011.The swimmers were: Michael Dimitriev, Thomas Lurz, Sven Stallkamp, Alexander Schäfer, Marcel Jerzyk, Jan Wolfgarten, Andreas Waschburger, Pit Schlörmann, Niclas Mellies and Jeremy-Jay Krogull-Hull (all Germany). The swim relay raised €40,000 (then £34,608 US$54,162) for the charity Stiftung RTL to support several projects helping children in need. In total, the RTL Spendenmarathon raised €8,501,738 (then £7,355,729 US$11,511,781). As of 22 November 2011, more than €101 million (then £87,385,497 US$136,759,080) has been raised since 1996.
7930Largest collection of Morgan (motoring) memorabiliaW. Garrett CapuneUnited States, Fullerton, California,,Morgan Memorabilia Museum in his home.12 March 2012The largest collection of Morgan (motoring) memorabilia consists of 1,552 items and belongs to W. Garrett Capune (USA), in Fullerton, California, USA, as of 12 March 2012.Mr Capune began collecting Morgan-related items in 1959 and has 105 different types of memorabilia in the collection. The collection is housed in a separate part of his home known as the Morgan Memorabilia Museum, which is regularly opened up for public viewings and is popular with Morgan enthusiasts.
7931Largest cappuccinoAltoga4250 litre(s)Italy, Calcinato20 October 2013The largest cup of cappuccino contains 4,250 litres (934.87 UK gal 1,122 US gal) and was prepared by Altoga (Italy) at the Fiera Milano Fairground, in Rho, Milan, Italy, on 20 October 2013.No of participants: 33No coffee machines: 9 with 3 brewing groupsBegin preparation at 3:30 amEnd preparation at 13:30 pm
7932Fastest time to wrap three lunch boxes with wrapping clothMiyuki ShinoharaJapan, MinatoThe fastest time to wrap three lunch boxes with wrapping cloth is 22.88 seconds and was achieved by Miyuki Shinohara (Japan) in Tokyo Midtown, in Minato, Tokyo, Japan on 3 May 2013.The record was achieved on the second day of Guinness World Records live event in Tokyo Midtown.
7933Largest dim sum (yum cha) mealChan’s Yum Cha at Home750 peopleAustralia, Melbourne03 March 2013The largest dim sum (yum cha) meal consists of 750 people and was achieved by Chan’s Yum Cha at Home (Australia), in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 3 March 2013.Six different types of dim sum items were available at the meal and tea was served with the food as per the yum cha tradition. The dim sum meal took place at Chan’s Dumpling Festival which was held as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
7934Fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (male)Alan Bate125/21/45 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Thailand, 04 August 2010The fastest circumnavigation by bicycle is 125 days 21 hours and 45 minutes and was achieved by Alan Bate (UK) who cycled a distance of 29,467.91 km (18,310.47 mi) and travelled over 42,608.76 km (26,475.8 mi) in total (including transfers). The journey started and finished at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, from 31 March to 4 August 2010.
7935Largest Frito pieFrito-LayUnited States, Dallas01 October 2012The largest Frito pie weighed 601.01 kg (1,325 lb), and was assembled by Frito-Lay (USA) at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Texas, USA, on 1 October 2012. The Fritos Chili Pie was assembled in a U shaped chafing dish measuring 133 sq ft. It included 635 bags of Fritos corn chips, 660 cans of Hormel Chili without Beans and 580 bags of shredded cheddar cheese, which produced 5,000 individual servings.
7936Largest air drum ensembleSan Manuel Indian Bingo & CasinoUnited States, Highland07 October 2012The largest air drum ensemble was 2,297 participants, and was organized by San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino (USA) at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California, USA, on 12 October 2012.Air drum expert Ari Gold conducted the participants through three special air drumming maneuvers to AC/DC's Back in Black performed by tribute band TNT. The record attempt was recorded for the CBBC television show Officially Amazing.
7937Highest-altitude financial transactionPavel Vinogradov, Vladimir Bezrukov, Mikhail Mishustin11.31 UK pound(s)Russia, Moscow22 April 2013The financial transaction executed at the highest altitude is a land tax payment of 616.00 Russian roubles (£11.31 US$18.51) transferred electronically by cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov (Russia) from the International Space Station while it was orbiting at an altitude of 419 km (260.35 miles) on 22 April 2013. The event was organized by Mikhail Mishustin, Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, and Vladimir Bezrukov, Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise.The money was transferred from Vinogradov’s personal account with Sberbank to the Federal Tax Service of Russia while the space station was positioned 121 degrees west and 51,7 degrees south.
7938Largest bujta repaDruštvo Za Šport, Turizem, Razvoj In Kulturo SlovenijeSlovenia, VELIKA POLANA07 August 2013The largest bujta repa weighed 1089.5 kg (2401 lb 14 oz) and was prepared by Društvo Za Šport, Turizem, Razvoj In Kulturo Slovenije (Slovenia), in Velika Polana, Slovenia, on 7 August 2013.
7939Most players in a hurling exhibition matchMeelin GAA Club , Meelin Carnival911 peopleIreland, Meelin25 August 2013The most players in a hurling exhibition match is 911 and was achieved by Meelin GAA Club and Meelin Carnival (both Ireland) in Meelin, Cork, Ireland, on 25 August 2013.
7940Fastest chimney ascent - horizontalRaffael ArmbrusterGermany, Cologne10 June 2013The fastest horizontal chimney ascent over 10 m is 17.176 seconds and was set by Raffael Armbruster (Germany) at Halbmondgaesschen in Cologne, Germany, on 10 June 2013. The feat was recorded for the TV show GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS - Wir holen den Rekord nach Deutschland, aired on RTL2 (Germany).The street Halbmondgaesschen is very narrow, marked by two houses facing wall to wall. Raffeal climbed while being 'squeezed' between the walls with stretched out legs and arms, holding his weight only by pressing against the walls.
7941Largest straw mosaicInternorm Fenster GMBHIreland, Dublin,,The Orchard Centre, County Wicklow02 June 2014The largest straw mosaic has an area of 265.99m² and was achieved by Internorm Fenster GMBH in County Wicklow, Leinster (Ireland) on 2 June 2014The mosaic was completed in under an hour and the participants involved were the dealers of Internorm windows. The image created was that of the 'Internorm first window'.
7942Largest chandelier - outdoorPlayhouseSquareUnited States, Cleveland30 April 2014The largest outdoor chandelier measures 6.10 m (20 ft) from top to bottom and has a diameter of 5.18 m (17 ft) achieved by PlayhouseSquare (USA) and permanently displayed at the intersection of East 14th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, as of 30 April 2014.The total weight of the chandelier is 2,721.55 kg (6,000 lb) and is held up by a stainless steel support structure that contains three arms and is painted with a 3-stage automotive paint finish. The 4,200 crystals used to make the chandelier were constructed of impact modified acrylic (PMMA) and the 68 LED lighting fixtures used to illuminate the chandelier were provided by DCL and Lumid.
7943Fastest music DVD (film to release)MarillionUnited Kingdom, Wolverhampton,,Wolverhampton Civic Hall13 April 2013The fastest music DVD (filming to release) is British band Marillion's DVD entitled 'Clocks Already Ticking', which was filmed, edited, and duplicated for sale in 10 hrs 31 mins. The DVD was filmed at the "Marillion Weekender" event at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, UK, from 12-13 April 2013.Marillion previously held this record in 2003. For this attempt, the DVD went on sale at the venue and online at the "Sandbag" music retail outlet. The DVD was produced by Abbey Road Studios, Toward Infinity and Racket Records.
7944Largest ball of cling film/plastic wrapHessle Road Network Young People's Centre213.2 kilogram(s)United Kingdom, Hull14 November 2013The largest ball of cling film weighed 213.2 kg (470 lb), and was achieved by Hessle Road Network Young People's Centre (UK), in Hull, Yorkshire, UK, on 14 November 2013.
7945Largest pancettaComune di Ponte dell'OlioItaly, Pontedell'Olio23 June 2002The largest pancetta was made by the Commune de Ponte dell'Olio and the Piacenza Chamber of Commerce, Piacenza, Italy and weighed 150.5 kg (331.79 lb). The giant pancetta was displayed at the Pancetta Festival at Primo Maggio Square, Pontedell'Olio on 23 June 2002.The overall pancetta measured 3.30 m (10.8 ft) Pancetta is a lightly cured spiced bacon made from the central part of fat covering the side of a pig. Once the complicated processes of compiling the pancetta have been followed, the finished product looks similar to a salami. After the festival, the pancetta was stored in a refrigerated canister ready to be taken for slicing, at the town's Old Saviours Day Festival in November 2002.
7946Youngest person to have wisdom tooth extractedMatthew AdamsUnited States, Midland24 October 2004Matthew Adams (USA) (b. 19 November 1992) had his lower two wisdom teeth removed due to lack of space at Midland Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Michigan, USA, on 24 October 2002 when he was aged 9 years 339 days.
7947Fastest crossing of Canada on foot (female)Ann KeaneCanada, Tofino08 September 2002Ann Keane (Canada) ran across Canada from St John's, Newfoundland, to Tofino, British Columbia, in 143 days between 17 April and 8 September 2002. She covered a total of 7,831 km (4,866 miles) and ran for all but three of the days.
7948Most expensive painting of a moonscapeIf we could do it all over again – are you ready for some football?182369.60 US dollar(s)United States, 14 February 2005The most expensive moonscape painting sold was created by US astronaut Alan Bean, lunar module pilot on Apollo 12 (14-24 November 1969) and commander of Skylab 2 (29 July to 25 September 1973). It depicts the fictional scenario of Bean, who describes himself as an astronaut-explorer-artist, chasing a football on the Moon, thrown by Apollo 12 commander Pete Conrad. The painting, titled ‘If we could do it all over again – are you ready for some football?’, was sold to an unnamed buyer in 2004 for $182,369.60 (£98,415.75).
7949Largest table tennis batTodd ThomasUnited States, IrvingThe largest Table tennis bat measures (8.83 ft) tall, has a diameter of (5.83 ft) and its handle is (3.46 ft) tall. It was created by Todd Thomas (USA) and was presented and measured at the DFW Table Tennis Club in Irving, Texas, USA, on 3 May 2010.The bat is (2.75 in) thick at the blade and (21 in) thick at the handle. There are a total of 4,682 pips on both sides. It is constructed from wood and rubber, just like a regular bat.
7950Most people extreme ironing underwaterde Waterman Diving Club173 peopleNetherlands, Oss28 March 2011The most people extreme ironing underwater is 173 and was achieved by de Waterman Diving Club (Netherlands) in Oss, Netherlands, on 28 March 2011.Ironing lasted 10 minutes.

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