Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

7951Largest centipedeScolopendra gigantea26 centimetre(s)Venezuela, Central AmericaThe largest species of centipede is the 26-cm-long (10-in) giant centipede (Scolopendra gigantea) of Central and South America. The species, which is also known as the Peruvian giant yellowleg centipede, has modified jaws on its head, which can trap and deliver venom to its prey, such as mice, lizards and frogs. A population discovered hanging upside down from cave roofs in Venezuela feed on bats. The venom is toxic to humans (much like an insect-sting) and can cause a swelling and fever.
7952Fastest string/can stilt walking - one mileAshrita Furman11/55 minute(s), second(s)Canada, Ottawa,Ontario08 January 2011The fastest mile on can and string stilts was 11 min 55 sec by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Louis-Riel Dome track in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on 8 January 2011.Furman made 16 trips back and forth across a 100 m straightaway, plus an additional 10-meter run at the end to total the 1,610 m necessary for one mile (1.6 km).
7953Largest toothpick mosaickaba shigemitsu40.521 square metre(s)Japan, Aichi Shinshiro Tsugeno05 October 2008The largest toothpick mosaic was 40.521 square metres (436.16 square ft) and was created by the students of Tsugeno High School (Japan). It was finished and presented in Aichi, Shinshiro City, Japan, on 5 October 2008.All 229 Students of the school participated in creating the mosaic, they used a total of 1,620,840 toothpicks in seven different colours.
7954Most television programmes watched as studio audience memberAlessandro CoccoItaly15 June 2014The most television programmes watched as regular member of the studio audience is 30,885 and was achieved by Alessandro Cocco (Italy) who started in 1969 and appeared in 9,822 different programmes with a personal daily record of seven programmes in one day, as of 31 December 2012.
7955Largest pair of knitted mittensSelbu Bygdemuseum2.37/97.5 metre(s)Norway, Selbu06 February 2014The largest pair of knitted mittens measure on average 2.37 m (7 ft 9.31 in) in length and 97.5 cm (3 ft 2.39 in) in width, and was created by Selbu Bygdemuseum (Norway), in Selbu, Norway, on 6 February 2014.As the mittens were hand-knitted, their dimensions vary slightly: the left mitten measures 2.37 m long (7 ft 9.31 in) and 1 m (3 ft 3.37 in) wide, whilst the right mitten measures 2.38 m (7 ft 9.7) long and 94.8 cm (3 ft 1.32 in) wide.
7956Most skateboard switch stance kickflips in one minuteRob Dyrdek17 timesUnited States, Los Angeles17 September 2007The most skateboard switch stance kickflips in one minute is 17 by Rob Dyrdek (USA) on MTV's The Rob & Big Show in Los Angeles, California, USA on 17 September 2007.
7957Farthest distance travelled by worm moveJoel Massuda59.49 kilometre(s)United States, San Jose30 July 2013The farthest distance traveled non-stop by worm move is 59.49 m (195 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Joel Massuda (USA) in San Jose, California, USA on 30 July 2013.Joel's attempt was held on a turf covered American football field and his total attempt time was 1 minute 28.16 seconds.
7958Fastest time over the GWR dog agility courseAll About Dogs show5/42.8 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, BrentwoodThe world's fastest time over one of the world's largest dog agility courses for a team of 10 dogs and handlers, in relay is 5 min 42.8 sec and was achieved by the East of England Agility Team. The event was organised by Roy and Carol Dyer (UK) and held at the All About Dogs show, Brentwood, Essex, UK on 11 May 2003. The course is much larger than normal shows. It involved 200 standard dog agility jumps in an arena measuring 150 m x 60 m (492 ft x 196 ft), there were also official time keepers, judges and a course steward present. A normal dog agility course consists of 20 pieces of equipment/jumps in a 30 m x 30 m (98 ft x 98 ft)arena.Each dog does 20 jumps of the whole course and passes a baton between.The winning team scored only 5 penalty points. They are:Joyce Fuller (Dale), Cathie Witt (Sasha) Ray Clack (Bess), Neil Lye (Sam), Val Amps (Tog), Nikki Murden (Tippi), Steve Rose (Shilo), Tanya Hetherington-Cleverly (Nellie), Gary Harrison (Meg, Gareth Graham (Meg).The course,equipment and judging will conform to Kennel Club Regulations
7959Largest chocolate Easter eggShopping Centre Le AcciaierieItaly, Cortenuova16 April 2011The tallest chocolate Easter egg measured 10.39 m (34 ft 1.05 in) in height and was made by Tosca (Italy). It was measured at Le Acciaierie Shopping Centre, in Cortenuova, Italy on 16 April 2011.The chocolate Easter egg weighed 7,200 kg (15,873) and had a circumference of 19.6 m (64 ft 3.65 in) at its widest point.
7960Largest inflatable sculptureShaoju-Ju Chang1791.11 cubic metre(s)Chinese Taipei, TaiChung20 July 2009The largest inflatable sculpture has a volume of 1,791.11 m³ (63,252.45 ft³) and measures 60 x 20 x 7 metres (196 ft 10 in x 65 ft 7 in x 22 ft 11 in) in size. It is called "Gulliver" and was presented and measured in Taipei, Taiwan, on 20 July 2009.The sculpture is a model of the human body, with all internal organs inside. People can walk inside Gulliver and learn about the human body.
7961Largest statue of the Virgin MaryHaskovo14/17 metre(s)Bulgaria, Haskovo08 September 2003The world's largest statue of the Virgin Mary with Jesus measures 14 m (46 ft) high and stands on a base 17 m (55 ft 9 in) tall. It was unveiled on 8 September 2003 and stands overlooking the city of Haskovo, Bulgaria.
7962Largest pair of spectacles / glassesErrold Jessurun1.94/68 metre(s)Netherlands, Weesp01 December 2004The largest pair of spectacles were manufactured in December 2004 by Errold Jessurun (Netherlands) who is employed by Jess Optiek of Weesp, Netherlands. The spectacles are 1.94 m (6 ft 4. 25in) wide and each lens is 68 cm (2 ft 2.75 in) wide.Each lens has a strength of +1.25
7963Largest seafood displaySchmidt Zeevis and Wichter Steller of Schmidt Zeevis (Netherlands)Netherlands, Rotterdam,Lido deck of the SS Rotterdam26 June 2011The largest seafood display consisted of 2,271.7 kg (5,008 lb) of seafood and was achieved by Schmidt Zeevis and Wichter Steller of Schmidt Zeevis (Netherlands) with the help of the executive Chef Erik Troost of SS Rotterdam and his team on the Lido deck of the SS Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 26 June 2011.
7964Longest marathon playing kickballPadua Franciscan High School51/00 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, ParmaThe longest marathon playing kickball was 51 hr 00 min by students at Padua Franciscan High School (USA) in Parma, Ohio, USA, from 27-29 May 2011. The game lasted 474 innings and resulted in a final score of 431-306.The event helped raise $10,000 (£6,319) for "Kick-It," an organization that uses kickball to raise funds for pediatric cancer victims.
7965Smallest elephant (species)Borneo pygmyMalaysia, Borneo01 September 2003The world's smallest elephant is the Borneo pygmy, which is a sub-species of, and 30 % smaller than, the Asian elephant (<em>Elephas maximus</em>). An adult male measures 1.7-2.6 m (5 ft 6 in-8 ft 6 in) tall, whereas the female is 1.5-2.2 m (4 ft 11 in-7 ft 2 in) in height. The average estimated weight is 2,500 kg (5,500 lb). There are estimated to be more than 3,500 Bornean pygmy elephants in Borneo, Malaysia, where they were confirmed as being a separate sub-species in September 2003, following DNA research funded by the World Wildlife Fund.This officially increases the number of sub-species of the Asian elephant to four, along with Sri Lankan, Indian and Sumatran. See 'Largest mammal on land' for comparisons to the African elephant (Loxodonta africana).See note from J.Payne on the Latin name "Strictly speaking, in scientific circles, it does not yet have a latin name, because the recently published data have not been used in a scientific paper to argue that there should be a special name for this type of elephant. However, it can be called Elephas maximums borneensis, because that was the name used for the Borneo elephant in a paper published in 1950 in Ceylon."The tusks (in the males only) measure 0.5 - 1.7 m (1 ft 6 in-5 ft 6 in) long and weigh up to 15 kg (33 lb).
7966Largest aneurysm removedSylvia Ast11.7 centimetre(s)Germany, Tuerkheim02 April 2009The largest aneurysm of the ascending aorta removed from the human body was 11.7 cm (4.9 in) in diameter and was removed from Sylvia Ast (Germany) at Deutsches Herzzentrum in Munich, Germany on 2 April 2009.Sylvia Ast was 26 years old at the time of operation and suffers from Turner's syndrome.
7967Largest air guitar ensembleSan Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino2377 peopleUnited States, Highland22 September 2011The largest air guitar ensemble was 2,377 participants, and was organized by San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino (USA) at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California, USA, on 22 September 2011.The attempt was led by professional air guitarist Dan Crane (aka Bjorn Turoque), and was held during the casino's annual "Rock n' Roll Bingo Night" held in conjunction with local rock station KCAL-FM.
7968Fastest time to climb the height of Everest on an climbing wallTom Lancaster13/25 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Windsor,British Leisure Show12 March 2011The fastest time to climb the height of Everest on an indoor climbing wall is 13 hr 25 min and was achieved by Tom Lancaster (UK) at the British Leisure Show in Windsor, Berkshire, UK, between 11-12 March 2011.Tom embarked on this record breaking feat in memory of his friend and fellow climber, Rupert Rosedale. He also raised money for three charities: Mountain Rescue England and Wales, Heart UK and Amnesty International.
7969Largest naturally frozen ice rinkRideau Canal SkatewayCanadaThe Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is 7.8 km (4.8 miles) long and has a total maintained surface area of 165, 621 m² (1.782 million ft²), which is equivalent to 90 Olympic size skating rinks.This is called an ice rink (as distinguished from any number of other frozen bodies of water) because its entire length received daily maintenance such as sweeping, ice thickness checks and there are toilet and recreational facilities along its entire length.We would like to put a claim on the longest (7.8km) and largest in square meters (165, 621 square meters) maintained ice surface on a natural body of water in the world.
7970Largest knitting needlesJeanette Huisinga, Jim BolinUnited States, CaseyThe largest knitting needles measure 3.98 m (13 ft 0.75 in) long and have a diameter of 8.25 cm (3.25 in). They were made by Jim Bolin (USA) and were presented and measured at Monroe Elementary School, Casey, Illinois, USA, on 20 May 2013.The knitting needles were used to knit a tension square of ten stitches by ten rows by Jeanette Huisinga (USA).
7971Most goals scored by an individual in an international ice hockey gameChris BourqueUnited States26 December 2005Chris Bourque (USA), son of the NHL Hall of Famer Ray Bourque (Canada), scored five goals to help power the United States past Norway, 11-2, in an opening game at the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 26 December 2005. Bourque, a second-round draft pick of the Washington Capitals, scored twice on the power play and once short-handed, equaling the USA Hockey record with five goals in one game first set by Wally Chapman (University of Minnesota), who scored five goals in a 12-3 victory against Switzerland, on 3 January 1984.
7972First skin-breathing mammalJulia Creek dunnartfirstAustraliaThe first species of mammal shown to breathe through its skin, at least for part of its life, is the Julia Creek dunnart (Sminthopsis douglasi), a tiny species of Australian marsupial mouse. McGill University (Australia) physiologist Dr Jacopo Mortola (Canada) has discovered that although as an adult this shrew-like marsupial breathes through its lungs like other mammals, when first born it is so small – only 4 mm (0.15 in) long – that its muscles are too weak to inflate its lungs. Consequently, it absorbs oxygen directly through its skin, a process continuing until it leaves its mother's pouch, by which time it is large enough to inflate its lungs.
7973Fastest circumnavigation of Great Britain by powerboatNeil McGrigorUnited Kingdom, Southampton12 August 2005The fastest circumnavigation of mainland Britain (not including Ireland) took 27 hr 10 min at an average speed of 53.5 knots (99.1 km/h or 61.6 mph) and was accomplished by Neil McGrigor, Tony Jenvey, Jeremy Watts and John Guille (all UK) in Bradstone Challenger a Bladerunner 51 powerboat. The 1,469 nautical mile (2,721 km or 1,691 mile) journey started in Southampton on 11 August 2005 and finished there the following day. Official UIM record (see for more info).
7974Largest Santa hatChill Youth ClubNorway, Fredrikstad09 December 2008The largest Santa hat measures 15.47 metres (50 ft 9 in) long and 8.23 metres (27 ft) wide and was created by children from the Chill Youth Club (all Norway). It was presented and measured in Fredrikstad, Norway on 9 December 2008.All children were volunteers, i.e,. any child that showed up at the club could participate at any time. The hat took 3 months to be completed and was made from a 38 x 3 metre (124 ft 8in x 9ft 10in) strip of red felt and 21 x 1.5 metres (68 ft 10 in x 4 ft 11 in) fake fur.
7975Largest collection of casino chips and tokensBruce and Sue WunderUnited States, SibleyThe largest collection of casino chips and tokens belongs to Bruce and Sue Wunder (both USA), with a total of 554 casino chips and tokens from 554 different casinos, as of 14 May 2009, which they have been collecting since 2000.The collection consists of 449 casino chips and 105 slot tokens.
7976First dog to detect mobile (cell) phonesMurphyfirstUnited Kingdom, Norwich01 September 2006The first sniffer dog to be trained and used soley for the purpose of identifying illegal mobile (cell) phones is Murphy, a springer spaniel, who was trained by the Eastern Area Drug Dog team, UK, to identify a certain scent emitted by mobile phones. Murphy works with his handler, Mel Barker (UK), to detect such contraband items amongst prisoners at Norwich Prison (HMP Norwich), East Anglia, UK - items that can be used to plot escapes, arrange drugs deliveries or to intimidate witnesses from their trials. Murphy can even differentiate between prison officers' and prisoners' mobile phones, as well as locate them hidden in wall cavities or wrapped in plastic bags.Murphy was 15 months old when he began in the prisons, in Autumn 2006.
7977Largest parade of convertiblesMX-5 Owner's ClubUnited Kingdom, Blyton,,Blyton Park Driving Centre01 July 2012The largest parade of convertibles is 270 cars and was organised by the MX-5 Owner's Club (UK) at the Blyton Park Driving Centre, Lincolnshire, UK, on 1 July 2012.
7978Most costume changes demanded by a lead theatrical roleOur House, Paul Kieve29 timesUnited Kingdom, London28 October 2002The most complete costume changes demanded for a lead theatrical role are 29 achieved by Michael Jibson (UK) during his performance of ‘Joe Casey’ in the West End musical Our House, directed by Matthew Warchus (UK) at the Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden, London, UK, from 28 October 2002 - 16 August 2003. The quick-change costumes and illusion effects were designed by Paul Kieve (UK) allowing the fastest change to take just 4 seconds on stage. Assisted in the wings by principle dresser Murray Lane (UK), there were an additional three partial changes during the 2 hr 10 min show.
7979Internet2 land speed recordUniversity of TokyoJapan, Tokyo31 January 2006On 31 December (New Year's Eve) 2006, a team of researchers from the University of Tokyo, Japan, led by professor of computing science Dr Kei Hiraki, the WIDE Project and NTT Communications transmitted 585 gigabytes of data across 32,372 km (20,115 miles) of network in approximately 30 minutes - an average rate of 9.08 gigabits per second. The network stretched from Tokyo to Chicago (USA) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) the back to Tokyo via Seattle (USA). New Year's Eve was chosen as Internet traffic is traditionally at a low. The Internet2 Land Speed Record (I2-LSR), as it is known, is an open and ongoing competition to push the Internet's performance over high-bandwith, end-to-end networks.
7980Lowest below age golf scoreJamed D. Morton, Keith PlowmanNew Zealand, Auckland20 November 2007The lowest score below the player's age for a round of golf is shared at 17, when 89 years old James D. Morton (USA) hit a 72 at Valleybrook Golf and Country Club, Hixson, Tennessee, USA, on 21 April 2001. 89 years old Keith Plowman (NZ) also hit 72 at Maungakiekie Golf Club, Auckland, New Zealand, on 20 November 2007.This record is shared by Claim ID 216967 and 61274

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