Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8071Fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on body (male)Ali BahçetepeTurkey, Mentese18 March 2015The fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on the body is 6.33 sec and was achieved by Ali Bahcetepe (Turkey) at the Ataturk Cultural Centre of Mugla Sitki Kocman University in Mentese, Turkey, on 18 March 2015.
8072Largest simultaneous car tyre burnoutRussell Avis103 participantsAustralia, Canberra01 January 2015The largest simultaneous car tyre burn-out involved 103 cars in an event organised by Street Machine Summernats at the Street Machine Summernats 28 event in Canberra, Australia, on 1 January 2015.The Summernats event previously held this title with a total of 68 cars.
8073Most electrical energy generated by pedalling on bicycles in 24 hoursThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong, Hong Kong12 September 2014The most electrical energy generated by pedalling on bicycles in 24 hours is 31,399.31 watt hours and was achieved by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) at their premises in Hong Kong, China, on 11-12 September 2014. They used 48 different bikes to generate the electricity.
8074Most times to take-off and land in one hour (ultralight aircraft)Marcus FurnissUnited Kingdom, Barton10 April 2015The most times to take-off and land in an ultralight aircraft in one hour is 36 and was achieved by Marcus Furniss (UK) at City Airport, Manchester, UK, on 10 April 2015. Marcus flew a Team Eurostar EV-97.
8075Most hit singles on US chartGleeUnited States26 October 2013As of 6 December 2014, cast members of the TV series Glee (Fox, USA) had amassed 207 different entries on the Billboard Hot 100. Featuring the vocal talents of actors such as Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer and Idina Menzel, Glee debuted on the Hot 100 on 6 June 2009 with a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'". The troupe's 207th hit was a version of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love", performed by Michele (as Rachel Berry) on the Season 5 episode "The Quarterback" in tribute to Cory Monteith, the actor who played Finn Hudson in the show who died in July 2013. In total, the cast of Glee has sold 42.2 million digital tracks in the USA.
8076Longest line of surfboardsThe City of NewcastleAustralia, Newcastle15 February 2015The longest line of surfboards consists of 608 surfboards and measures 1,123.28 m (3,685 ft 3.53 in), and was achieved by the City of Newcastle (Australia) at Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, Australia, on 15 February 2015.
8077Most body mass index (BMI) tests performed in 8 hoursV SenthilbalajiIndia, KARUR-TAMILNADU04 April 2015The most body mass index (BMI) tests performed in eight hours is 26,453 and was achieved by V Senthilbalaji, to mark the 67th birthday of Selvi J Jayalalithaa, General Secretary of AIADMK (India), in Karur, India, on 4 April 2015. The event took place with a total of 5 records being attempted Most blood pressure readings in eight hours, Most blood glucose level tests in eight hours, Most lung function tests (spirometry tests) performed in eight hours, Most body mass index (BMI) tests in eight hours and Most eye tests in eight hours.
8078Most players in a football exhibition matchChampionat.compeopleRussia, Moscow,,Sport complex Luzhniki, Moscow, Russia26 July 2014The most players in a football exhibition match is 1,435 and was achieved by (Russia), in Moscow, Russia, on 26 July 2014.
8079Longest duration suspended in the air by rice bowl suction on the stomachZhou Pengchengminute(s), second(s)China, Xiamen09 September 2014The longest duration suspended in the air by rice bowl suction on the stomach is 12 minutes and 2 seconds and was achieved by Zhou Pengcheng (China) on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special in Xiamen, Fujian, China on 9 September 2014.
8080Longest comaEdwarda O’BaraUnited States21 November 2012When Edwarda O’Bara died on 21 November 2012, she had survived 15,663 days (about 42 years) in a coma. Born in 1953, in Miami, Florida, O’Bara suffered a childhood history of diabetes, which she successfully managed with insulin. But when, in December 1969, she contracted pneumonia the two illnesses together proved too much for her 16-year-old body and she slipped into diabetic coma on 3 January 1970. Edwarda’s parents continued to care for her until her father died in 1976 and her mother eventually passed away in 2008. After this, her younger sister Colleen assumed responsibility. Edwarda’s 59th birthday in April 2012 was celebrated by thousands of well-wishers. She died later that year.
8081Longest drawing by an individualPeter DrawSingapore, Singapore05 October 2014The longest drawing by an individual is 626.381 m (2,055 ft 0.66 in) and was achieved by Peter Draw (Singapore) at Nanyang Polytechnic, in Singapore on 5 October 2014.
8082Longest lino printSint Lucas School28.32 metre(s)Netherlands, Eindhoven29 January 2015The longest lino print measures 28.31 metres (92 ft 10 in) long and was created by Sint Lucas School (Netherlands), in Noord Brabant, Eindhoven, Netherlands, on 29 January 2015. It was the students idea to break a record by creating the longest lino print, with a theme based around Vincent Van Gogh
8083Longest serving chief of policeMillard JordanUnited States, Lawtey05 August 1962The longest serving chief of police is Millard M. Jordan (USA), who served for 51 years and 243 days, from 1962 to 2014, in Lawtey, Florida, USA, as verified on 25 February 2016.Millard M. Jordan also held this record title in 2001. He was elected chief of police on 8 May 1962 and was re-elected each year until his retirement date of 6 January 2014.
8084Largest collection of Mickey Mouse memorabiliaJanet EstevesUnited States, Katy04 December 2014The largest collection of Mickey Mouse memorabilia consists of 8,170 items and belongs to Janet Esteves (USA) as verified in Katy, Texas, USA, on 4 December 2014.Janet has been collecting Mickey Mouse memorabilia for over 40 years and was first recognised as the record holder in 2005.
8085Largest collection of Swamp Thing memorabiliaJohn E Boylan797 itemsUnited States, Sioux Falls21 March 2015The largest collection of Swamp Thing memorabilia consists of 797 unique items and belongs to John Boylan (USA). The collection was verified in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA on March 21 2015. After having grown up watching the Swamp Thing movies, animated series and live-action television, John's collection did not actually start until his mid-twenties. After 5 years of collecting he has amassed an array of different items including 501 comics, advertisements, movie posters, figurines, clothing and even some original production art. Some of his favourite items include a Swamp Thing TV crew member jacket, a Swamp Thing promotional watch, a sleeping bag, an autographed DC Comics holiday card and of course, his collection of original comic book production art.
8086Largest spider sculptureJamberoo Action Park19.7 m (H) (64 ft 7.59 in) x 22.2 m (W) (72 ft 10.01 in) x 15 m (L) (49 ft 2.55 in) square metre(s)Australia, Jamberoo24 July 2015The largest spider sculpture measures 19.7 m (64 ft 7.59 in) in height, 22.2 m (72 ft 10.01 in) in width and 15 m (49 ft 2.55 in) in length and was achieved by Jamberoo Action Park (Australia) in New South Wales, Australia, as measured on 27 July 2015.In pictures: Largest spider sculpture makes a big splash at Australian water slide park
8087Memorizing binary numbers - three secondsRamón CampayoGermany, Hamburg01 August 2009Ramón Campayo, of Spain, successfully memorised 68 binary digits in the space of just 3 seconds during a demonstration on 1 August 2009 at the German Open Memory Championships in Hamburg. That’s over 22 binary digits memorized per second. The digits were displayed simultaneously for the 3-second period on a computer screen, after which he recited them all without error.
8088Most draught horses ploughing simultaneouslyMullahead & District Ploughing Society LtdUnited Kingdom, Portadown28 February 2015The most draught horses ploughing simultaneously is 84, and was achieved by Mullahead & District Ploughing Society Ltd (UK) in Portadown, Co. Armagh, UK on 28 February 2015. The attempt took place as part of the 100th ploughing competition organised by Mullahead & District Ploughing Society Ltd.
8089Greatest distance by dragon boat in 24 hoursDragon Boat PinatarSpain, San Pedro del Pinatar31 October 2015The greatest distance by dragon boat in 24 hours is 187.933 km (116.78 miles) and was achieved by Dragon Boat Pinatar (Spain), in San Pedro de Pinatar, Murcia, Spain, between 31 October and 1 November 2015. The boat was paddled by Alejandro David López Maya, Enric Sánchez Gonzáles de la Rubia, Alan Ávila Taberber, Alberto Jesus Gómez Moreno, Sergio Gómez Perez, Francisco Javier Martínez Ruiz, Samuel Aznar Albertos, David García Fernández, Rubén Álvarez Amez, Aleix Serrat Oliva, Daniel Vives Gil, María de la Salud García Martínez, Fernando Sánchez Meoro, Pedro López Sánchez, Isaac García-Alcalá-López, Miguel Jesús Cánovas Sanchez, Carlos Reina Alcaina, Enriqué Conesa Segura, Mario Castro Álvarez and David Fernández Marques, and steered by David López Granados (all Spain). The team manager was Jorge Carracedo.
8090Heaviest road vehicle pulled by teethIgor Zaripov13,713.6 kilogram(s)China, Jiangyin07 January 2015The heaviest road vehicle pulled with teeth was a bus weighing 13,713.6 kg (30,233.31 lbs) and was achieved by Igor Zaripov (Russia) on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China on 7 January 2015. With an initial weight of 12,890 kg, a driver, a cameraman and 10 members of the audience were added to the bus to give a final weight of 13,713.6 kg. Igor successfully pulled the weight a total of 5 m.
8091Most consecutive pogo stick jumps with no feetFred GrzybowskiUnited States, Pittsburgh02 July 2014The most consecutive pogo stick jumps with no feet is 117 and was achieved by Fred Grzybowski (USA), at Pogopalooza Pittsburgh in Point State Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on 2 July 2014.
8092Largest fried riceTurkey Culinary Federationkilogram(s)Turkey, Bolu27 September 2014The largest serving of fried rice weighs 3,150 kg (6,944.56 lbs) and was achieved by the Turkey Culinary Federation (Turkey) in Bolu, Turkey, on 27 September 2014.Preparation/cooking began at 7:40 am and was completed at 12:40 pm. Ingredients included rice (1,125 kg), water (1,350 l), sunflower oil (135 kg), butter (135 kg), lamb meat (180 kg), mushrooms (180 kg), peas (36 kg), walnuts (45 kg), salt (45 kg), black pepper (9 kg), dill (9 kg), and allspice (4.5 kg). 20 chefs participated in the attempt. The cooking vessel and lid weighs 500 kg.
8093Largest collection of sheep-related itemsTyesha ElamUnited States, Houston13 November 2015The largest collection of sheep-related items consists of 1,365 items and belongs to Tyesha Elam (USA) in Houston, Texas, USA, as of 13 November 2015. Tyesha has been collecting lambs for over 25 years. She began her collection when she helped establish the Alpha Lambda Omega Christian sorority, whose mascot is a lamb, at the University of Texas at Austin. Her collection includes stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, magnets, and other items. Friends have brought her sheep items from all over the world including France, China, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Jamaica, and Turkey.
8094Largest parade of Toyota cars
8095Oldest hockey player (female)Marie LarsenAustralia, Canberra01 June 2014The oldest hockey player (female) is Marie Larsen (Australia, neé Lenon, b. 25 July 1934) who played for Tuggeranong Vikings Women's Hockey Club against Australian National University Team in the Hockey ACT Women's State League 5 Competition in Canberra, ACT, Australia, on 1 June 2014, aged 79 years 311 days.
8096Oyster opening - most in one hour (team)Tyne Valley Oyster FestivalCanada, Tyne Valley,Tyne Valley Oyster Festival31 July 2014The record for the most fresh oysters opened in one hour by a team of ten is 8,800 achieved by participants at the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival (Canada), Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada on July 31 2014.
8097Fastest time to pop three balloons blindfolded (no hands)Johnathan SargentGreece, Hotel Alykanas,,Thomson Family Resorts Hotel31 July 2014The fastest time to pop three balloons blindfolded (no hands)is 2.97 seconds and was achieved by Johnathan Sargent (UK), at the Thomson Family Resorts Hotel in Alykanas, Greece, on 31 July 2014.
8098Largest confetti mosaicJunior Chamber International Obu , Children of Obu and Higashiura28.9 square metre(s)Japan, Chita24 August 2014The largest confetti mosaic measures 28.9 m² (311 ft² 11 in²) and was created by Junior Chamber International Obu and the children of Obu and Higashiura (both Japan) at Aichi Health Plaza, in Chita, Aichi, Japan, on 24 August 2014.
8099Fastest jet-powered fire truckShannen Seydel655 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Brainerd11 July 1998The world's fastest fire truck is the jet-powered Hawaiian Eagle, owned by Shannen Seydel, of Navarre, Florida, USA, which attained the speed of 655 km/h (407 mph) in Ontario, Canada, on 11 July 1998. The truck is a red 1940 Ford, powered by two Rolls Royce Bristol Viper engines boasting 4,470 kW (6,000 hp) per engine generating 5,443 kg (12,000 lb) of thrust.
8100Lowest limbo skating over 10 mShristi Sharma16.5 centimetre(s) centimetre(s)India, Nagpur23 August 2014The lowest limbo skating over 10 m is 16.5 cm (6.5 in) and was achieved by Shristi Dharmendra Sharma (India) at Ramgopal Maheshwari Sankrutik Bhawan in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, on 23 August 2014.Miss Sharma was only 10 years old when she set this record.

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