Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8221National Federation of the Blind members create incredible umbrella mosaic for world recordOn 8 July, The National Federation of the Blind (USA), the largest organisation of blind people in the US, celebrated its 75th anniversary with a successful Guinness World Records title attempt for the Largest umbrella mosaic.
8222Bexhill town swings into the record books by performing the largest Charleston danceThe Town of Bexhill (UK), in Bexhill-on-Sea, UK, marked the town’s annual Roaring 20s event in retro record breaking style last month by setting a new record for the world’s Largest Charleston dance.
8223Video: Philippine city hosts Largest Zumba class workoutThere was plenty of dancing in the streets in the City of Mandaluyong in the Philippines at the weekend as it hosted the world's Largest Zumba class ever attempted, with 12,975 energetic participants in attendance.
8224TV star Al Roker set to report weather forecast from all US states in latest record attemptNBC’s famous weather anchor Albert Lincoln “Al” Roker has just announced that - exactly one year after he achieved his first Guinness World Records title - he is attempting something even bigger.
8225Recycling records set in US and Hong Kong after campaigns collect mountains of used clothes and bottlesRecycling records are piling up across the world as people do their best to protect the environment and help those in need this new year.
8226Longest videogame marathon on Space InvadersEric Furrer02 September 1980The record for the longest marathon session of Space Invaders is held by Eric Furrer (Canada) who played the game for 38 hr 30 min between 29 August and 2 September 1980. The machine on which 12-year-old Furrer played was fitted with a special button that he used to pause the game for bathroom breaks.
8227Highest guitar score on Guitar Hero 5 (Activision, 2009)Danny JohnsonThe highest score achieved on Guitar Hero 5: Legends of Rock is 913, 316 to the song “Do you feel like we do?” with a 2,668 note streak by Danny Johnson (USA) at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California on 15 June 2010.
8228Oldest sweet shopOldest Sweet Shop in EnglandUnited Kingdom, Pateley Bridge01 January 1827The oldest sweet shop or candy store in the world is the aptly named "Oldest Sweet Shop in England", situated in Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire, UK. It first opened its doors in 1827 and has sold sweets continously right up to the present day. It also occupies a building dating back to 1661.
8229Highest restaurant from ground levelAt.mosphere Burj KhalifaUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai23 January 2011The highest restaurant from ground level is At.mosphere, situated at a height of 441.3 metres (1,447ft 10 in) and located on Level 122 in Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, UAE, developed by Emaar Properties PJSC and officially opened in Dubai, UAE, on 23 January 2011.
8230Longest line of lemonade standsBPS and Beverly Elementary SchoolUnited States, Beverly Hills, Mi20 August 2011The longest line of lemonade stands consisted of 349 stands and was achieved by BPS and Beverly Elementary School (USA) in Beverly Hills, Michigan, USA, on 20 August 2011.
8231Largest collection of Barbie dollsBettina DorfmannGermany, Düsseldorf10 October 2011Bettina Dorfmann (Germany) has 15,000 different Barbie dolls, as of October 2011, that she has collected since 1993.Bettina received her first doll back in 1966, but has only been collecting seriously since 1993. Barbie was first released by US toy giants Mattel in 1959. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, the name of the daughter of Mattel founders Elliot and Ruth Handler (USA).Bettina posed for this photo in October 2011, when her collection surpassed 15,000 dolls. She received her first doll when she was five years old – but it wasn’t Barbie, it was Midge, Barbie’s best friend. She’s now the proud owner of an original (and rare) 1959 Barbie. Got a broken Barbie? Bettina runs a doll hospital, where she fixes broken legs, untangles matted hair and replaces missing limbs!According to Mattel, there are in excess of 100,000 collectors of Barbie dolls worldwide. Watch the video profile below - for more great videos, be sure to subscribe to the Guinness World Records YouTube channel.
8232Largest free rock concert attendanceRod Stewart4200000 peopleBrazil, 31 December 1994A free concert staged by rock superstar Rod Stewart (UK) at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on New Year’s Eve 1994 reportedly attracted an audience of 4.2 million, although this figure is believed to include those who turned up solely for the fireworks display at midnight.
8233Most people wolf howlingDepartment of Campus Involvement at St. Cloud State University296 peopleUnited States, St. Cloud26 April 2013The most people howling is 296 and was achieved by the Department of Campus Involvement at St Cloud State University (USA) in St Cloud, Minnesota, USA, on 26 April 2013.
8234Most people throwing Wellington boots simultaneouslyLincoln University348 participantsNew Zealand, Christchurch16 July 2013The most people throwing Wellington boots simultaneously is 348 and was achieved by Lincoln University (New Zealand) in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, on 16 July 2013.
8235Largest structure in the universeHercules-Corona Borealis Great WallNot Applicable05 November 2013The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall is a massive structure of galaxies measuring around 10 billion light years across. Its existence was discovered by astronomers charting the locations of gamma ray bursts which had been detected by the Swift Gamma Ray Burst mission. Its discovery was announced on 5 November 2013 and it lies around 10 billion light years from Earth.
8236Largest oil tanker (deadweight tonnage)Tankers International, Euronav441585 tonne(s) (metric ton)Korea (South), Okpo,,Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Shipyard11 June 2001The largest oil tankers are the TI Class (Belgium and Marshall Islands) with a displacement of 441,585 deadweight tonnes and the lead ship Hellespont Alhambra was launched at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Shipyard, Okpo, Geoje, South Korea, on 11 June 2001.
8237Largest collection of horseshoesPetru CostinMoldova, ChisinauThe largest horseshoe collection belongs to Petru Costin (Moldova) and consists of 3,200 horseshoes as of 21 May 2011, in Chisinau, Moldova.
8238Longest nipple hairDaniele Tuveri17.00 centimetre(s)Italy, Quartu Sant'Elena13 March 2013The longest nipple hair is 17.00 cm (6.69 in) and belongs to Daniele Tuveri (Italy), as measured in Cagliari, Italy, on 13 March 2013.
8239Most solves in Rubik's Cube competitions in a single yearSébastien AurouxNot Applicable14 November 2013In 2012 Sébastien Auroux (Germany) solved 2,033 of 2,122 Rubik's Cubes in World Cube Association competitions. That's equivalent to more than 5.5 solves every day and the figure doesn't include any Cubes solved outside of official events.
8240Most expensive letter sold at auctionFrancis Crick's letter - 19536098500 US dollar(s)United States, New York,,Rockefeller Plaza10 April 2013The most expensive letter sold at auction was sold for US$6,098,500 (£3,964,025 4,634,860€) on 10 April 2013 by Christie's, New York, USA, for a letter written by Francis Crick in 1953 to his son Michael Crick, outlining the revolutionary discovery of the structure and function of DNA.In the seven-page handwritten letter 'Secret Of Life to his 12-year-old son, Francis Crick describes his discovery of the structure of DNA as something "beautiful". It includes a simple sketch of DNA's double helix structure.The letter was sold to an anonymous buyer.
8241Most expensive manuscript that is illustratedCodex Hammer / Codex Leicester30802500 US dollar(s)United States, New York city11 November 1994An illustrated manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci (Italy) known as the Codex Hammer (or Codex Leicester as it has been renamed back to its original title) in which he predicted the invention of the submarine and the steam engine, was sold for a record $30,802,500 (£19,246,489) at Christie's, New York, USA on 11 November 1994.The only Leonardo manuscript in private hands, it was bought by Bill Gates (USA) (see Richest man), who re-named it with its original title Codex Leicester after the sale. Compiled about 1508-1510, the manuscript is a synthesis of Leonardo's views on nature, dealing with hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, hydraulic engineering, geology to palaeontology and from astronomy to meteorology.
8242Most expensive hair sold at auction onlineElvis Presley115120 UK pound(s)United States, MastroNet Inc,Oak Brook,Illinois15 November 2002The most valuable hair clippings sold at auction are a mass of dark black cuttings from the head of Elvis Presley which were sold by his personal barber, Homer 'Gill' Gilleland, for $115,120 (£72,791, buyer's premium included) to an anonymous buyer during an online auction held by MastroNet Inc, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA on 15 November 2002.The mass of hair is approximately 3 in (8 cm) in diameter and is accompanied by letters of authenticity from Tom Morgan Jr. (detailing their history), John W. Heath (the world's foremost Elvis memorabilia expert) and John Reznikoff of University Archives (the world's most respected authority in the field of hair collecting).
8243Most powerful rocketThe N-1 rocketfirstKazakhstan, TyuratamThe N-1 booster of the former USSR (also known as the G-1 in the west), first launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at Tyuratam, Kazakhstan, on 21 February 1969. It had a thrust of 4620 tonnes, but exploded at takeoff + 70 seconds. It was to be the rocket that took cosmonauts to the Moon ahead of the Americans but three other launch attempts failed.Cool diagram at
8244Longest reign in EuropeAfonso I HenriquePortugal06 December 1185The longest reign of any European monarch was that of Afonso I Henrique of Portugal who ascended the throne on 30 April 1112 and died on 6 December 1185 after a reign of 73 years 220 days, first as Count and then (after 25 July 1139) as King.Contrary to press reports following the death of Ranier III, Prince of Monaco on 6 April 2005, he is not the longest-serving monarch in Europe, having become the ruling prince in 1949 - a total of 56 years.
8245Richest British Prime Minister14th Earl of Derby7000000 UK pound(s)Not ApplicableThe richest person to become British Prime Minister was Edward Stanley the 14th Earl of Derby (1799-1869) who had a personal fortune in excess of £7 million (about £444 million in today's terms). Derby actually served as Prime Minister three times. His term dates are as follows: 23 February 1852 - December 1852, 20 February 1858 - June 1859, and 28 June 1866 - February 1868. When the leader of the Whigs, Lord John Russell, resigned as Prime Minister in 1852, the Earl of Derby tried to form a government. When the House of Commons defeated budget proposals in December 1852, the government of Derby resigned.Six years after his first premiership, the Earl of Derby returned as head of a minority government. In June 1859, Derby's government resigned after losing a vote of no confidence.In 1865 when the Whig-Liberal leader Lord Russell brought forward a moderate reform bill, a combination of Tory opposition and a revolt against Russell toppled his government. Derby formed his third minority government again with Disraeli as Chancellor of the Exchequer. In 1868 when Derby retired from politics, Disraeli became prime minister.
8246Highest paid legislatorsUS Congress169300 US dollar(s)United States, 01 September 2011According to legal website Lawyerment, the US Congress are the most highly paid legislators in the world. A basic annual salary of US$169,300 (approx. £109,000) is topped up with US$1,021,167 (approx. £658,000) per annum for office help, with senators also receiving up to US$143,000 (approx. £92,000) per annum for office expenses.
8247Most people collecting litterOita City146679 peopleJapan, Oita City07 August 2005The most volunteers involved in collecting litter in one location in one day is 146,679 arranged by Oita City, Oita, Japan on 7 August 2005.
8248Largest carved sapphireRichard Sipe, Sr.United States, Hickory19 March 2005The largest carved sapphire is a multi-coloured (blue, gold, grey) polished rock that weighs 80,500 carats (16.1 kg, 35.49 lb). The sapphire was displayed during the annual Unifour Gem & Mineral & Jewellery Show at the Hickory Metro Convention, NC, USA on March 19 2005.Sipe says he acquired the rock from a fellow gem-lover in North Carolina, it weighed 63 lb. He spent 3 years whittling it down with diamonds to carved the multi-coloured stone. Sipe, 78, has been digging for sapphires for half a century. According to him, no matter how much you polish a sapphire it has the potential to shine brighter. A stonemason by trade, he developed a passion for rooting around and finding stones so hard he would not break with an axe. He taught himself to carve sapphires and jade almost 30 years ago. On the outside, a sapphire looks just like a regular rock, but it's heavy, Sipe said.
8249Largest abalone pearlDat Vi TruongUnited States, Elk Grove14 March 2011A 718.50 carat baroque abalone pearl measuring 14 x 8 x 4 cm (5.51 x 3.14 x 1.57 in) was found by Dat Vi Truong (USA) in Mendocino, California, USA, on 31 May 2010. Mr Truong found the pearl when he was on holiday with his wife in Mendocino, California. He knew he had found something special when he pried open one of the three abalone shells he collected from the ocean floor.Abalone pearls cannot be produced by manufacturing methods, so all of them are natural in origin. The abalone mollusc inhabits mid-temperature oceans and are fairly common. However, it rarely produces pearls. When it does, the result is an irregularly shaped gemstone, with iridescent colours including reds, greens, blues and yellows. There are several species of abalone, whose shell colours vary. The main colour of the pearl that grows inside, reflects the colour of the shell of the abalone.
8250Longest pensionMillicent Barclay26 October 1969Miss Millicent Barclay who was born on 10 Jul 1872, three months after the death of her father, Col. William Barclay, became eligible for a Madras Military Fund pension to continue until her marriage. She died unmarried on 26 Oct 1969, having drawn the pension for every day of her life - 97years 3months.

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