Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8341Most auction sales -- single artistPablo Ruiz Picasso3579 timesSpain, By 9 May1997, works of art by Pablo Picasso (Spain) had been sold at auction no fewer than 3,579 times. The total value of these sales has been £668,817,963. Picasso was an artistic pioneer with a hand in every art movement of the century.
8342Highest jump by an insectFroghopper (Philaenus spumarius)70 centimetre(s)United Kingdom, Cambridge31 July 2003The highest recorded jump by an insect is 70 cm (28 in) by the froghopper (Philaenus spumarius). When it jumps, the insect accelerates at 4,000 m (13,000 ft) per second and overcomes a G-force of more than 414 times its own body weight.The research was conducted by Professor Malcolm Burrows, Head of the Zoology Department of the University of Cambridge in 2003. The secret to the insect's jumping abilities is found in its hind legs which contain extremely strong muscles. Energy is built up in them by slow contraction and locking mechanism allows the legs to be fastened in place under the body like a taut crossbow string ready to fire. When the legs are freed, the energy is released and the insect takes off in a millisecond. The hind legs are so specialised for jumping that when the froghopper walks, they drag on the ground.By way of comparison, astronauts endure a G-force of only six to seven as they are blasted into space. A ride on a rollercoaster produces a G-force of two. A froghopper grows to 1/4 in long and weighs 0.0007 oz. The approximate human equivalent is that of a 6 ft man jumping 600 ft in one single bound.
8343Oldest cat everCreme PuffUnited States, Austin03 August 2004The oldest cat ever is Creme Puff who was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 - an amazing 38 years and 3 days! Creme Puff lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA.Jake Perry was also the owner of Grandpa Rex Allen, the previous holder.
8344Greatest mouserUnknownUKThe most prolific mouser is a female tortoiseshell cat named Towser (b. 21 April 1963), owned by Glenturret Distillery Ltd near Crieff, Perth and Kinross, UK that notched up an estimated 28,899 mice. She averaged three mice per day until her death on 20 March 1987.
8345Largest recorder ensembleHang Seng Bank LimitedHong Kong, Hong Kong Exhibition Centre,Wanchai,Hong Kong27 December 2004The largest recorder ensemble involved 6,243 participants at an event organized by Hang Seng Bank at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China, on 27 December 2004.
8346Largest piano ensembleUnknownKorea (South), Incheon/Samsan07 October 2007The largest piano ensemble consisted of 555 participants led by conductor Lee Sun-Young at the '555 Fantastic Piano Festival' organised by Young Chang Co. Ltd (South Korea) at the Incheon Samsan World Gynasium, Incheon, South Korea on October 7 2007The ensemble featured 348 upright pianos, 31 grand pianos and 176 synthesisers.The concert was held to celebrate the city of Incheon winning the right to host the 2014 Asian Games.
8347First hymnUnknown01 January 1207There are more than 950,000 Christian hymns in existence. The music and parts of the text of a hymn in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri from the 2nd century are the earliest known hymnody. The earliest exactly datable hymn is the Heyr Himna Smi¢ur (Hear, the Maker of Heaven) from 1208 by the Icelandic bard and chieftain Kolbeinn Tumason (1173-1208).
8348Highest battlefieldSiachen GlacierIndia, Kashmir,Siachen Glacier01 January 1984Since 1984 the Indian and Pakistani armies have faced each other on the Siachen Glacier, in the disputed territory of Kashmir, at a height of up to 6,700 m (22,000 ft), in temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F). At this altitude, they are higher than climbers standing at the summits of the tallest mountains in Africa, North America, Australasia, Europe, and Antarctica.Reports suggest that Pakistan spends as much as $588,000 (𧸚,000) a month and India about $1 million (𧼓,355) a month maintaining troops on the glacier.Almost all of the war's 2,000 personnel casualties (between 1984-1997) have been due to the extreme weather conditions.
8349Most feet and armpits sniffedMadeline AlbrechtUnited StatesMadeline Albrecht was employed at the Hill Top Research Laboratories in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA, a testing lab for products by Dr. Scholl. She worked there for 15 years and had to smell literally thousands of feet and armpits during her career. She has sniffed approximately 5,600 feet and an indeterminate number of armpits.
8350Highest box office film gross for a French filmLe Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (Fr 2001)174000000 US dollar(s)France, 01 January 2001Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring Audrey Tautou, Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001), (UK title: Amélie from Montmartre), first released in France on 25 April 2001, took the foreign box office by storm by amassing $174 million (£109.6 million) worldwide to date.
8351Oldest existing daily newspaperWiener ZeitungAustria, Vienna01 January 1703Wiener Zeitung, the Austrian government's official gazette, was first published in 1703 and is considered to be the oldest surviving daily newspaper in the world. The publication enjoys a monopoly of the printing of new company registrations, financial results and other statements required under Austria's laws.
8352First feathered animalLongisquama InsignisNot Applicable, Central Asia 220 million years ago.23 January 2000In June 2000, scientists announced their discovery of a 220 million-year-old fossilised animal. The animal, named Longisquama Insignis, had appendages on its back which were hollow and had other characteristics which are seen today in birds' feathers. This creature probably used its primitive feathers to glide between trees 75 million years before the first birds evolved.The fossil was originally discovered by a Russian palaeoentomologist in the late 1960s but it was not until it became part of a travelling Russian dinosaur exhibit in the 1990s that US scientists were able to scrutinise it. The feathers were long and protruded from the back of the creature, which predates the dinosaurs. Further study of this creature should provide valuable insights into the origin of birds, and has already caused controversies in the palaeontological world
8353Shortest lactation periodHooded sealArcticThe shortest lactation period for a mammal is only 3-5 days by the hooded seal (Cystophora cristata) between mid-March and early April when their pups are born. Hooded seals breed on old heavy ice flows and when born their pups weigh approximately 20 kg (44 lb) and measure 1.05 m (3.44 ft).
8354Largest art competitionCamlin Limited4850271 participantsIndia, Mumbai08 December 2011The largest art competition attracted a total of 4,850,271 entrants from 6,601 schools across India in the All India Camel Colour Contest, organised by Kokuyo Camlin Limited (India), the final judging took place on 8 December 2011.The entries were divided into groups depending on the type of media used e.g. crayons, pastels, water colours etc. Judging took place at regional then national level.
8355First wartime use of a bouncing bombBouncing bombfirstGermany, Rhur Valley16 January 1943Inspired by skimming stones on water, Barnes Wallis (UK) designed the bouncing bomb, first used on 16 May 1943, when Guy Gibson of the UK's 617 Squadron RAF released the cylindrical bombs in the Rhur Valley, Germany, during an attack on the Mhone and Eder dams.Following on from the experiments Wallis had done using a catapult and marbles in a tub of water, the bombs were dropped from a height of 18 m (60 ft), at a speed of 386 km/h (240 mph) and spinning at a rate of 500 rpm. The bombs then bounced over the water, sunk infront of the dam wall and exploded underwater. The result was heavy flooding in Germany, and also damaged production in the Ruhr Valley. Due to the low flying zone that was necessary to drop the bombs, the RAF sustained many losses interms of aircraft and personnel being brought down by German anti aircraft fire. Therefore, bouncing bombs were rarely used again.
8356Loudest clapAlastair GalpinNew Zealand, University of Auckland02 November 2008The loudest clap measured 113 dBA and was produced by Alastair Galpin (New Zealand) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, on 2 November 2008.
8357Largest same name gathering - first nameDubai Shopping Festival 20051096 peopleUnited Arab Emirates, Creek Park,Dubai10 February 2005The largest gathering of people with the same first name is 1,096 Mohammeds as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival at Creek Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 10 February 2005.
8358Most TV links hijacked by a campaignerGabriele PaoliniItaly01 January 2012The record for the most TV links hijacked is 35,000 as of 1 January 2012 and belongs to Gabriele Paolini (Italy). He regularly sabotages journalist and presenter links on national TV in Italy, encouraging the use of condoms, as part of his civil battle against AIDS.
8359Oldest drive-in cinemaShankweiler Drive-in1934/04/14 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Orefield10 October 2002The oldest drive-in still in operation is Shankweiler's Drive-in Theater, Orefield, Pennsylvania, USA, which has opened for every consecutive season (April - September) since 15 April 1934. Started by Wilson Shankweiler, it was only the second to open in the US and had a capacity to hold 275 cars. It currently takes 300 cars.
8360First drive-in cinemaRichard HollingsheadfirstUnited States, Camden06 June 1933The first patent for the Drive-In Theater (United States Patent #1909537) was issued on 16 May 1933 to Richard Hollingshead who opened the first one on 6 June 1933 on a site for 400 cars in Camden, New Jersey, USA to show the film Wife Beware (USA 1933).
8361Oldest donkey everSuzy54 year(s), day(s)United States, Glenwood01 January 2002The record for the oldest documented age for a donkey belongs to Suzy, who reached 54 years old in 2002. Suzy was owned by Beth Augusta Menczer (USA) and lived in Glenwood, New Mexico, USA. Suzy died in 2002, during her 54th year.Suzy was originally bought in 1949 as a yearling (thus born in 1948) and lived on Moon Ranch, New Mexico until 1968. Suzy was bought by her current owner in 1973, who had her checked by a vet. The vet placed her age at 21 or 22 years old, meaning she would be 50 in 2002. Ms Menczer traced Suzy's records and previous owners who attest to her being 1 in 1949. The average life span of a donkey is 25-30 years.The record was updated and altered from 'oldest donkey living'.
8362First cirumnavigation of the world by balloonBrian Jones, Bertrand Piccard, Breitling Orbiter 3firstSwitzerland, Mauritania,North Africa20 September 1998Bertrand Piccard (Switzerland) and Brian Jones (UK) completed the first ever non-stop around-the-world flight in a balloon on 20 March 1999, after piloting Breitling Orbiter 3 from Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland, to the 'finishing line' of 9.27ºW over Mauritania, North Africa.Regarded as one of the last great challenges in aviation, their circumnavigation was also the longest ever flight in a balloon, in terms of both duration (477 hr 47 min) and distance (40,814 km or 25,360 miles).
8363First circumnavigation by balloon soloSteve FossettfirstAustralia, Northam28 April 2001Steve Fossett (USA) circumnavigated the globe in Bud Light Spirit of Freedom, a 42.6 m (140 ft) tall mixed gas balloon, from 19 June to 2 July 2002, becoming the first person ever to so so alone. He took off from Northam, Western Australia, and landed at Eromanga, Queensland. Australia, after covering 33,195 km (20,627 miles).His was only the second ever around-the-world balloon flight.
8364First cellular phoneUnknownfirstUnited States, New Jersey03 April 1973The concept of a portable telephone first appeared in 1947 at Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs, New Jersey, USA. The first actual portable telephone handset was invented by Martin Cooper (USA), of Motorola, who made the first call on 3 April 1973 to his rival, Joel Engel, head of research at Bell Labs. The first commercial mobile phone network was launched in Japan in 1979.
8365Most expensive telegram sold at auctionKhrushchev's telegram to Gagarin68500 US dollar(s)United States, New York City11 December 1993The highest price ever paid for a telegram is $68,500 (£45,850) at Sotheby's, New York, USA, on 11 December 1993 by Alberto Bolaffi of Turin, Italy, for the congratulatory telegram sent by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev to Yuri Gagarin on 12 April 1961 after he became the first man in space.
8366Most expensive camera sold at auctionWestLicht Photographica2160000 UK pound(s)Austria, ViennaThe most expensive camera sold at auction is a prototype Leica 35mm film camera, which was sold to an anonymous buyer for €2.16 million (£1,73 million, $2,8 million), at the WestLicht Photographica auction in Vienna, Austria, on 12 May 2012.The prototype Leica 35mm film camera, known as the 0-series, was one of just 25 produced in 1923 for testing, and only 12 of them are known to have survived to this day. The starting price was €300.000.
8367First mass production motorcycleHeinrich & Wilhelm Hildebrand, and Alois Wolfmüller1894 year(s)Germany, Munich01 January 1894The earliest factory which made motorcycles in large numbers was opened in 1894 by Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand and Alois Wolfmüller at Munich, Germany. In its first two years this factory produced over 1000 machines, each having a water-cooled 1488 cc (90.8 cu in) twin-cylinder four-stroke engine developing about 1.9 kW (2.5 hp) at 600 rpm.Although an Englishman, Edward Butler, produced a motor tricycle in 1884, the invention of the first true gasoline-engine motorcycle is generally attributed to German Gottlieb Daimler in 1885. Daimler's invention was simple: he attached a four-stroke engine to a wooden bicycle frame, which was stabilized by the addition of an extra pair of lateral wheels (not unlike bicycle 'training wheels'). A pulley connected the engine to the rear wheel. Various manufacturers sprang up soon afterwards in Europe and the United States, with perhaps the most famous motorcycle of them all, the Harley Davidson, first being offered for sale in 1904. Motorcycles were used extensively during the First World War for sending dispatches, and their popularity increased rapidly as a result.
8368Most martial arts throws in ten hoursCsaba Mezei, Zoltán Farkas57603 timesHungary, SzanyCsaba Mezei and Zoltán Farkas (both Hungary) of the Szany Judo Sport Team completed 57,603 judo throws in a ten hour period at the Szany Sports Hall, Szany, Hungary on 1 May 2003.The pair threw 27 members of their club.
8369Most Indianapolis 500 WinsA. J. Foyt Jr., Al Unser Sr., Rick Mears4 timesUnited States, IndianapolisThe most Indianapolis 500 wins is four and is shared by A.J. Foyt Jr (USA) (b. January 16, 1935) in 1961, 1964, 1967 and 1977 Al Unser Sr (USA) (b. May 29, 1939) in 1970-71, 1978 and 1987 and Rick Mears (USA) (b. December 3, 1951) in 1979, 1984, 1988 and 1991. The Indianapolis 500 is a 500mile 804km race, consisting of 200 laps, and was inaugurated in the USA on 30 May 1911.
8370First ascent of EverestEdmund Percival Hillary, Tenzing Norgay SherpafirstNew Zealand, Mount Everest (8,848 m 29,029 ft) was first climbed at 11:30 a.m. on 29 May 1953, when the summit was reached by Edmund Percival Hillary (New Zealand), and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. The successful expedition was led by Col. (later Hon. Brigadier) Henry Cecil John Hunt.

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