Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

811Longest marathon playing sitarRenuka PunwaniIndia, Ahmedabad27 November 2011The longest sitar marathon lasted for 25 hours exactly and was achieved by Renuka Punwani (India) at the Pancham Academy of Indian Music, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, from 26-27 November 2011.Renuka is a respectable 76 years old but shows no sign of her stamina fading: she has accompanied other students of the Pancham Academy on previous music marathon record attempts including singing and playing the santoor.
812Highest suspension straitjacket escapeScott HammellUnited States, Knoxsville13 August 2003Scott Hammell (Canada), escaped from a regulation straitjacket, whilst suspended by a rope hanging upside down below the basket of a hot air balloon travelling at a height of 2,194.5 m (7,200 ft) over Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on 13 August 2003.The rope from which he was tied to hung 15.24 m (50ft) from the basket.
813Longest chain of watchesSwatchPortugal, Lisbon02 December 2003The longest chain of watches consisted of 1,382 Swatches buckled together in Oeiras Parque, Lisbon, Portugal on 2 December 2003.Jerramy Fine observed.
814Treadmill, Fastest time to run 100km (team)High Performance Running Team5/1/20 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Belgium, Lokeren14 December 2013The fastest 100km on a treadmill by a team is 5 hours 1 minute 20 seconds, achieved by High Performance Running Team (Belgium) in Lokeren, Belgium, on 14 December 2013.The record breaking High Performance Running Team was made up of the following members: Wouter Steyfkens, Joris Keppens, Ruben Van Praet, Levi Hoste, Toon De Bruyne, Kevin Bonnaerens, Davy De Schryver, Dieter Vanstreels, Steven De Loose, Pieterjan De Bosscher, Stijn D'heer and Berten De Vleeschauwer.
815Fastest 100 m by a pantomime horse (team)Nafi Baram and Kathleen RiceUnited Kingdom, London30 November 2006The world record for the fastest pantomime horse over 100 m (mixed) is 16.37 seconds and was set by Nafi Baram and Kathleen Rice (both UK) at the Battersea Millenium Arena, London, UK on 30 November 2006.
816Fastest mile jumping on a pogo ballAshrita Furman43/9 minute(s), second(s)Japan, Fujinomiya11 July 2006The fastest mile jumping on a Pogo Ball is 43 min 9 sec set by Ashrita Furman in Fujinomiya, Japan, on 11 July 2006.
817Most times to pass through a tennis racket in a minuteThaneswar Guragai38 timesNepal, Radisson Hotel,Lazimpat,Kathmandu26 February 2012The most times to pass through a tennis racket in a minute is 38, and was achieved by Thaneswar Guragai (Nepal) at the Radisson Hotel in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 26 February 2012.
818Fastest mile spinning a whip topAshrita Furman25/13 minute(s), second(s)Turkey, Antalya19 December 2006The fastest mile spinning a whip top is 25 min 13 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sheraton Voyager Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, on 19 December 2006.
819Most comedy gigs in one weekMark MurphyAustralia, Wodonga20 October 2007Most comedy gigs in a week is 30 and was achieved by Mark Murphy (Australia), in 30 different venues around Australia, on 14-20 October 2007.Mark helped raise over $2,000 for the Camp Quality children's charity through ticket and t-shirt sales and donations during his attempt.
820Largest collection of pencil sharpenersDemetra KoutsouridouGreece, Florina11 July 2003Demetra Koutsouridou (Greece) has a collection of 8,514 different pencil sharpeners that she has amassed since 1997.
821Fastest round of golf (fourball)Ben Crosby, Andrew Crawford, John Lyon, Russell Hayhoe1/4/25 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Pontleland19 June 2005A fourball consisting of Ben Crosby, Andrew Crawford, John Lyon and Russell Hayhoe (all UK) completed 18 holes in 1 hr 4 min 25 sec at Ponteland Golf Course, Northumberland, UK, on 19 June 2005.
822Largest collection of snow globesWendy SuenChina07 April 2008Wendy Suen (China) has 1,888 different snow globes, as of 7 April 2008, that she has collected since 2000.
823Most consecutive times to hit a target with a paper aircraftFumihiro Uno13 timesJapan, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima06 January 2010The most consecutive times to hit a target with a paper aircraft are 13 and were achieved by Fumihiro Uno (Japan) at the Castem Co. Ltd offices in Fukuyama, Japan, on 6 January 2010.The distance between the trower and the bucket was 3 m (9 ft 10 in).
824Most directors of a filmThe OwnerUnited States, HamtramckThe multi-language independent feature film "The Owner" (2012) was directed by 25 directors from 13 countries. The film follows a backpack on its journey around the world, interweaving a variety of cultures, languages and film styles into one single narrative. The film premiered around the world on 25 May 2012.The film's directors are Xavier Agudo, Mike Canzoniero, Francois Coetzee, Martin de Barra, Todd Felderstein, Nicolas Fogliarini, Yango Gonzales, Nino Leitner, Craig Lines, Vishesh Mankal, Varun Mathur, Steve Murphy, Arne Nostitz-Rieneck, Asmit Pathare, Neha Raheja Thakker, Adam Ruszkowski, Alexander Schoenauer, Sabine Sebaali, Prashant Sehgal, Fahad Saikh, Marty Shea, Brian Shephard, Nicole Sylvester, John Versical and Rafael Yoshida.
825Largest bodhran ensembleThe Lansdowne Club980 participantsAustralia, Sydney17 March 2006The largest bodhran ensemble involved 980 participants who played 'The Mason's Apron' at Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia for a St Patricks's day lunch on 17 March 2006.
826Oldest spider web with trapped preySan Just spiderSpain, San Just01 June 2006The oldest known example of a spider's web with insects entrapped has been dated to the Early Cretaceous period of 110 million years ago it was discovered in San Just, Spain and reported in June 2006. The sample contains a parasitic wasp (now extinct), a beetle, a mite, and a fly trapped within 26 strands of sticky silk, and is preserved in ancient tree sap (amber).
827Largest parade of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg carsAuburn Cord Duesenberg ClubUnited States, Auburn31 August 2003A total of 485 Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars participated in a parade through Auburn, Indiana, USA, on 31 August 2002.
828Fastest wheelbarrow race - 100 mOtis GowaAustralia, MareebaThe record for the fastest wheelbarrow race over 100m is 14 seconds by Otis Gowa and was filmed on location for Guinness World Records at Davis Park, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia on 15 May 2005.The person pushed in the wheelbarrow was Stacey Maisel, she is 41 years old and weights 50kg.
829Largest waltzZlatko Berbic1510 participantsBosnia and Herzegovina, TuzlaThe largest waltz was achieved by 1,510 couples at an event organised by Radio Kameleon in Freedom Square in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 7 May 2010.Participants were pre-registered and checked in at the event as couples.
830Most surfboards stacked on a carUnknownUnited States, Santa Barbara01 January 1998In 1998 a group of surfers (USA) successfully stacked a total of 282 surfboards on top of a car and drove 30.4 m (100 ft ) near Santa Barbara, California, USA.The car used was a Humvee. Source: Bill Sharp, Editor of Surf News and a compiler to the surfing encyclopedia.
831First autographA-duIraq01 January 2600The earliest surviving examples of autographs are those made by scribes on cuneiform clay tablets from Tell Abu Salãbikh, Iraq, dated to the early Dynastic III A period c. 2600 BC. A scribe named ‘a-du’ has added ‘dub-sar’ after his name, thus translating to ‘Adu, scribe’. The earliest surviving signature on a papyrus is that of the scribe Amen’aa, held in the Leningrad (St Petersburg) Museum, Russia and dated to the Egyptian middle kingdom, which began c. 2130 BC.Information taken from Archives (e.g. 1994).Submitted for use in Scholastic's Modern Marvels.
832Most venenciadores pouring wine simultaneouslyJesus Rubiales61 peopleSpain, Seville15 October 2005The world record for most venenciadores pouring wine simultaneously is 61 achieved by Jesus Rubiales Lopez and VENENCIADORES S.L. at the Exhibition Hall in Seville, Spain on 15 October 2005.James Bradly adjuticated the event.
833Largest collection of pocket mirrorsIrene BraunGermany, Elmshorn10 June 2010Irene Braun (Germany) has a collection of 698 different pocket mirrors, as of 10 June 2010, which she has collected for 25 years.All of her pocket mirrors are promotional mirrors that have advertisements of various companies on the back.
834Longest time spent running in a filmGiulio Base1/14/10 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome,A run through the most representative venues of the city.23 September 2007The record for the longest time spent running in a film by one character is 1 hr 14 min 10 sec, set by Giulio Base (Italy) playing himself during the film Cartoline da Roma, shot in Rome, Italy, on 23 September 2007.The movie presents the actor and director Giulio Base walking his dog one Sunday morning (from 6.00 am to 7.15 am) as he thinks and meditates about the most different topics. A copy of the movie is included in the record file.
835Longest flight for a micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)Micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)United States, Lancaster04 November 2007On 4 November 2007, a new distance record was set for a micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Lancaster, California, USA. The “Pterosoar", a joint project between Oklahoma State University and California State University (both USA), flew 120 km (74.5 miles) consuming only 16 of the 64 g of hydrogen carried on board in a pressurized hydrogen tank. Potentially the UAV could significantly increase this distance to nearly 500 km (310 miles) based on its fuel capacity.
836Fastest marathon dressed as a clownPaul Fernandez2/50/44 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Unknown25 January 2009The fastest marathon dressed as a clown is 2 hr 50 min 44 sec and was achieved by Paul Fernandez (UK) at the Gloucester Marathon 2009, in Quedgeley, UK, on 25 January 2009.Paul Fernandez finished 2nd overall in the race but on the date of approval was still slower than the fastest waiter (2 hr 47), fastest supehero (2 hr 49) and fastest marathon pushing a pram (2 hr 42).
837Most candles lit simultaneously (single venue)Art of Living Foundation12135 participantsIndia, Ahmedabad,,Sardar Patel Stadium13 November 2012The most candles lit simultaneously at a single venue is 12,135 and was achieved by Art of Living Foundation (India) in Ahmedabad, India, on 13 November 2012.
838First game engine to feature spline-based curved surfacesid Tech 3firstThe first game engine to allow spline-based curved surfaces in a game was the id Tech 3, the engine behind Quake III Arena. This technology renders and slots together a series of small geometric shapes in order to create the impression of a smooth surface, so gone are the flat, 2D sprites of its predecessors. Other features of the engine include improved animation (thanks to the use of vertex movements), a high-level shader language, and a method for rendering volumetric fog.
839Most nail extensions made in 4 hours (team)Scion InternationalUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai27 February 2010The most nail extensions made in 4 hours by a team is 182, in an event organised by Scion International (UAE) at the Lulu Hypermarket in Al Quasis, Dubai, UAE, on 27 February 2010.The record attempt was made in conjunction with the Dubai festival that takes place annually.
840Fastest 100 metres juggling a footballAbraham Munoz17.53 second(s)United States, chicago il09 August 2009The fastest 100 metres juggling a football is 17.53 seconds, and was achieved by Abraham Munoz (Mexico) at the York University Campus Track in Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA, on 9 August 2009.Abraham used only his feet throughout the record attempt.

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