Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8371Heaviest goalkeeper (Football)Willie Henry `Fatty' FoulkeEngland, Bradford City01 January 1907Heaviest goalkeeperThe biggest goalkeeper in representative football was the England international Willie Henry `Fatty' Foulke (1874-1916), who stood 1.90m 6ft 3in and weighed 141kg 22st 3lb. His last games were for Bradford City, by which time he was 165kg 26st. He once stopped a game by snapping the cross bar.William Foulke was nicknamed both "Fatty" and "Colossus" he played for Sheffield United, Chelsea and Bradford City. The goalkeeper played in three FA Cup Finals in 1899, 1901 and 1902. Like many sportsmen of the time he was also a keen cricketer and represented Derbyshire in four first-class matches in 1900 scoring one half-century.
8372Most Olympic athletics medals, WomenMerlene OtteyRussia, Moscow01 January 2000Jamaican sprinter Merlene Ottey won nine Olympic 100 m and 200 m medals – three silver and six bronze – between the 1980 Games in Moscow, Russia, and the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia. The bronze won in the individual 100 m in Sydney was awarded in 2009, after the gold medallist, Marion Jones (USA), was stripped of her title due to a drugs offence.
8373Largest percentage of population to attend a funeralAyatollah Ruhollah Khomeini10200000 peopleIran, Tehran11 June 1989Official Iranian estimates gave the size of the crowds, lining the 32-km 20-mile route to Tehrans Behesht-e Zahra cemetery on June 11, 1989, for the funeral of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as 10,200,000 people, that is one-sixth of the population of Iran. Western agencies etimated that 2 million paid their respects as the body lay in state. In the crush eight people were killed and 500 injured.At the funeral, hundreds of hands shredded the white shroud, exposing the pale body of the Ayatollah lying in the bottom of an open casket. Impassioned mourners sought to touch the body, delaying his burial.
8374Largest religious data baseThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons)United States, Little Cottonwood Canyon01 September 2011The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) maintains a genealogical data base at Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA. The Family Search library holds genealogical records for over 110 countries, including over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical records, 742,000 microfiche, 310,000 books, serials, and other formats, and 4,500 periodicals.
8375First radio transmissionUnknownUSAThe earliest description of a radio transmission system was written by the American Dr Mahlon Loomis (1826- 1886) on 21 July 1864 and demonstrated between two kites more than 22km 14 miles apart at Bear's Den, Loudoun County, Virginia in October 1866. He received US patent No. 129,971 entitled Improvement in Telegraphing on 30 July 1872.
8376Largest published crosswordAra HovhannisianArmenia, YerevanThe largest published crossword contains 132,020 squares with 12,842 clues across and 13,128 clues down and was compiled by Ara Hovhannisian (Armenia) in Yerevan, Armenia, from November 2007 to October 2008.The crossword measures 5.68 m² (61.14 ft²) and was published in a special edition of "Russiky Crossword."
8377Oldest known surviving photographJoseph Nicephore NiépceUSA, niversity of Texas,Austin01 January 1827The earliest known surviving photograph was taken by Joseph Niépce (1765-1833), in 1827 using a camera obscura it shows the view from the window of his home. Rediscovered by Helmut Gernsheim in 1952, it is now in the Gernsheim Collection at the University of Texas, Austin, USA.
8378Fastest 100 km ultra distance track (men)Donald Ritchie6/10/20 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London28 October 19786:10:20 Don Ritchie (UK) Crystal Palace, London, UK 28 October 1978
8379Longest gourd (Luffa)Beidaihe Jifa Agriculture Sightseeing Garden4.55 metre(s)China, Qinghuangdao10 October 2008The longest luffa gourd measured 4.55 m (14 ft 11 in) as verified at the Beidaihe Jifa Agriculture Sightseeing Garden in Qinhuangdao, China, on 10 October 2008.
8380First heart-lung-liver transplant patientDavina ThompsonfirstUnited Kingdom, Cambridge17 December 1986The first triple transplant patient was Davina Thompson (b. 28 February 1951 - d. 13 August 1998) of Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire, UK. On 17 December 1986 at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, she underwent surgery for seven hours by a team of 15 headed by chest surgeon Mr John Wallwork and Prof. Sir Roy Calne (both UK) .She died at the age of 47 on 13 August 1998.
8381Largest chainsawBig GusUnited States, Ishpening01 January 1996A working chainsaw measuring 6.98 m (22 ft 11 in) long and 1.83 m (6 ft) high was made by Moran Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan, USA in 1996. Named `Big Gus', it was put on display at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap at Ishpening, Michigan, USA.
8382Strongest beer ever soldBrewDog55 percentageUnited Kingdom, FraserburghThe strongest beer ever sold is "The End of History", which was brewed by BrewDog in Fraserburgh, Scotland and has an alcohol volume of 55%.Bottles were sold for £500 (US $806) each or £700 ($1,129) when packaged in a taxidermied squirrel. The last bottles were sold in July 2010.
8383Longest time adrift at seaCaptain Oguri JukichiJapanThe longest known time which anyone has survived adrift at sea is approximately 484 days, by the Japanese Captain Oguri Jukichi and one of his sailors Otokichi. Their ship was damaged in a storm off the Japanese coast in October 1813 and they drifted in the Pacific before being rescued by an America ship off California on 24 March 1815.Jukichi's cargo ship was carrying several hundred bags of soy beans between Toba and Edo in Japan, when a strong wind led the captain to order the mast cut down. The crew lived off the beans and distilled seawater, but by the time of their rescue, 12 of the crewmembers had died of scurvy.
8384First undisputed overland journey to North PoleUnknown1968/04/19 year(s), month(s), day(s)USA, 19 April 1968The earliest indisputable attainment of the North Pole by surface travel over the sea-ice took place at 3 p.m. (Central Standard Time) on 19 April 1968, when expedition leader Ralph Plaisted (USA), accompanied by Walter Pederson, Gerald Pitzl and Jean Luc Bombardier, reached the pole after a 42-day trek in snowmobiles.
8385First solo expedition to the South poleErling KaggefirstNorway, 07 January 1993Erling Kagge (Norway) became the first person to reach the South Pole after a solo and unsupported surface trek on 7 January 1993, at age 29. His 1,400 km (870 mile) journey from Berkner Island took 50-days.
8386First film from TV seriesDragnetQuery, Query01 January 1954This is credited to the thriller Dragnet (1954) starring Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday, the role he had created in the NBC TV series, which had then been running for three years and was to continue until 1959. In 1969 the movie of the TV show was remade as a TV movie.
8387First flight across the Atlantic solo (female)Amelia EarhartfirstCanada, Atlantic OceanOn 20-21 May 1932 Amelia Earhart of Kansas, USA, became the first woman and second person to make a solo transatlantic flight when she piloted single-engine Lockheed Vega from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada, to Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in 13 hr 30 min.She then went on to make two unsuccessful attempts to circumnavigate the world. On 2 July 1937, after completing 35,400 km (22,000 miles) of her second attempt, Earhart set off with navigator from Lae, Papua New Guinea, for Howland Island in the Pacific. Neither was ever seen again.
8388Largest internet search engineGoogle, Query01 January no longer publishes its index size – owing, it says, to inaccurate data and duplicate sites – but in terms of the number of searches carried out, it is certainly the most popular search tool. In January 2011, Google enjoyed a 65.6% market share with 11.1 billion searches carried out that month in the USA alone.
8389Most concerts performed in 12 hoursWeltrekorder35 total numberGermany, Köln22 August 2010The most live music concerts performed in 12 hours is 35, achieved by Weltrekorder (Germany), who played at venues across Cologne, Germany between 21 and 22 August 2010. The first concert started on 21 August 2010 at 16:00 and the last concert ended at 3:58 the following morning.
8390Longest running cartoon strip by a single artistJim Russell (James Newton Russell) AM, MBE, JPAustralia, Kirrawee,New South Wales01 August 2001Since January 1940, Jim Russell (b. 26 March 1909, d. 15 Aug 2001) of Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia, drew the comic strip The Potts, published in Smiths Weekly until 1950 and then daily in the Melbourne Herald until his death. Thus, it ran for over 61 years.The Potts were originally created by Stan Cross, who worked for Smiths from 1920 until 1939. Russell was his assistant, but was nominated to take over drawing all his features. When Smiths closed down, Rupert Murdoch bought the rights to the strip, allowing its continuation.
8391Longest suspension in NHL history for an infraction during a gameChris SimonNot Applicable15 December 2007The National Hockey League (NHL) record for longest suspension is 30 games given to Chris Simon (Canada) of the New York Islanders (USA) as punishment for stepping on the leg of Pittsburgh''s Jarkko Ruutu (Finland) with his skate on 15 December 2007.Simon also owns the second most severe suspension of 25 games for a slashing incident against Ryan Hollweg (USA) on 8 March 2007.
8392Most foot juggling flips in 30 secondsAmanuel Mikele & Samial AfekaTurkey, Istanbul12 June 2013Amanuel Mikele and Samial Afeka (both Ethiopia) performed 40 consecutive foot juggling flips in 30 seconds, during their performance on the set of 'Guinness World Records - Rekorlar Dunyasi' in Istanbul, Turkey, on 12 June 2013.
8393First balloon flight over the South PoleIvan Andre TrifonovAustria, Antarctica08 January 2000Ivan André Trifonov (Austria) ballooned 14,934 m (49,000 ft) over the geographic South Pole Antarctica at an altitude of 4,571 m (15,000 ft) with his two Spanish crew members on 8 January 2000 in a Cameron AX 60 - EC-HDB hot air balloon.
8394Most handcuff escapes in one hourZdenek Bradac627 timesCzech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou12 February 2010The most handcuff escapes in one hour is 627 and was achieved by Zdenek Bradac (Czech Republic) at the Liberec Film Club in Liberec, Czech Republic, on 12 February 2010.The record was set as part of a successful attempt for the most handcuff escapes in 24 hours (10,625).
8395Most people making snow angels simultaneouslyState Historical Society of North Dakota8962 peopleUnited States, Bismarck17 February 2007The record for the most people making snow angels simultaneously is 8,962 at the State Capitol Grounds in Bismarck, North Dakota for an event organized by the State Historical Society of North Dakota on 17 February 2007.
8396First virus powered batteryMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyfirstUSA, Cambridge,Massachusetts01 April 2009In April 2009 scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, announced they had genetically engineered viruses to build the positive and negative ends of a lithium ion battery. The simple bacteriophage viruses were genetically ‘coaxed’ capture particles of gold and cobalt oxide and then self-assemble onto polymer sheets, forming the anode of the battery.In tests, the new battery technology can be charged up more than 100 times before deteriorating.
8397Largest tequila tasting eventTequila Tromba , Fonda LolaCanada, Toronto19 September 2013The largest tequila tasting consists of 862 participants and was achieved by Tequila Tromba and Fonda Lola (both Canada) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 19 September 2013.
8398Largest potato dumplingAblig Feinfrost GmbHGermany, JenaThe largest potato dumpling weighed 365 kg (804.69 lbs), and was created by Ablig Feinfrost GmbH (Germany) in Jena, Germany, on 1 May 2010.The dumpling was created according to a traditional Turingian recipe.
8399Largest human animal imageUniversity of Pittsburgh Class of 20173614 participantsUnited States, Pittsburgh,,,Outside the Petersen Events Center21 August 2013The largest human animal image consisted of 3,614 participants and was achieved by the University of Pittsburgh Class of 2017 (USA) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on 21 August 2013.The students of the University of Pittsburgh Class of 2017 stayed in position for six minutes to form the image of a panther.
8400First perfect game in MLB 2K10 (2K Sports, 2010)Wade McGilberryfirstUSA, Semmes,Alabama02 March 2010The first person to achieve a perfect score on MLB 2K10 is Wade McGilberry (USA), who played as the Atlanta Braves when he successfully pitched '27-up, 27-down' against the New York Mets at his home in Semmes, Alabama, USA on 2 March 2010.McGilberry was officially recognised by the game''s publisher Take Two and received a $1,000,000 cheque for his achievement.

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