Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8551Most tractor-mounted hedge trimmers working simultaneouslyHedge Cutting AssociationIreland, Kilbline, Bennettsbridge20 October 2013The most tractor-mounted hedge trimmers working simultaneously is 102 and was achieved by Hedge Cutting Association (Ireland), in Kilbline, Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, on 20 October 2013.The record attempt was in aid of the LauraLynn Charity and was held during the second All Ireland Hedge Cutting Championships.
8552Largest gathering of people wearing duck tape (duct tape)Destination ImagiNation752 participantsUnited States, KnoxvilleThe largest gathering of people wearing duck tape (duct tape) is 752, achieved by Destination ImagiNation (USA) in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on 22 May 2014.The attempt took place as part of the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals.
8553Most people playing Settlers of Catan simultaneouslyMayfair Games922 peopleUnited States, Indianapolis16 August 2013The most people playing Settlers of Catan simultaneously is 922 and was achieved by Mayfair Games (USA) in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, on 16 August 2013. The event took place during the trade show Gen Con Indy 2013. The game was set up as one continuous Seafarer's expansion board with all 922 players, with the final winner being the first to reach 25 points.
8554Largest Chinese drum ensemble
8555Most people playing draughts (checkers) simultaneouslyPHP Agency LLC540 peopleUnited States, Reno,,Peppermill Hostel and Casino08 February 2014The most people playing checkers simultaneously is 540 at an event organized by the People Helping People Agency (USA) in Reno, Nevada, USA, on 8 February 2014. The record was achieved at the conclusion of the annual sales convention for the PHP Agency in Reno, Nevada, that featured guest speakers and awards.
8556Largest collection of toenail clippingsAtlantic PATHCanada, Various25 October 2013The largest collection of toenail clippings consists of samples from 24,999 individuals and was compiled by Atlantic PATH (Canada) as of 25 October 2013.The clippings were collected as part of a scientific study, rather than being a personal collection.
8557Fastest horse racing time over 5 furlongsStone of FolcaUnited Kingdom, Epsom02 June 2012The fastest racehorse over 5 furlongs (0.625 miles) is Stone of Folca (UK, b. 6 May 2008) ridden by Luke Morris and trained by John Best (both UK) who won the Epsom Dash in a time of 53.69 secs at the Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey, UK on the 2 June 2012.Stone of Folca had a starting price of 50/1 - this is the fastest time ever recorded in Britain since electronic timing began. Stone of Folca broke the previous record of Spark chief on 30 August 1983 by just 0.01 secs.
8558Largest scientific instrument
8559Largest trombone ensemble
8560Largest plastic duck
8561Most swearing in one filmSwear Net Inc. & The Pits Inc.timesCanada, Toronto12 September 2014The most swearing in one film features 868 expletives which was achieved by Swear Net Inc. & The Pits Inc. (Canada) for the film Swearnet as directed by Warren Sonoda (Canada). The record was verified in London, UK, on 12 September 2014.
8562Oldest conductor
8563First Three Poles Challenge – North Pole to land
8564Most people applying false eyelashesMandom Corp. Pte. LtdpeopleSingapore, Bugis+ Indoor Atrium,,Hall in Shopping Mall20 September 2014The most people applying false eyelashes is 324 and was achieved by Mandom Corp. Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) at The Ground Theatre @ SCAPE, Singapore, on 20 September 2014.
8565Largest gathering of people dressed as witches
8566Largest battle by number of tanksBattle of KurskRussia, Prokhorovka12 July 1943The largest tank battle ever is generally acknowledged to be the Battle of Kursk during World War II. On 12 July 1943, in the Prokhorovka region near the Russian town of Kursk, a total of 1,500 German and Russian tanks amassed for close-range fighting. By the end of the day both sides had lost over 300 tanks each.The battle was part of a larger German offensive in Russia, known as Operation Zitadelle (Citadel) from 5 July - 22 August 1943. Although it was supposed to be a surprise offensive by the Germans, the Russian Red Army was secretly informed of the plan. By the end of the campaign, the Russians had successfully ended the German campaign in their homeland, but casualites were high: 500,000 German soldiers were killed/wounded, as for the Russians - 250,000 killed, 600,000 wounded and 50% of their tank strength was lost. The total amount of armour amassed in preparation for Operation Zitadelle was: 900,000 German soldiers, 2,700 tanks, 2,200 aircraft and on the Russian side 1,300,000 men, 3,600 tanks, 20,000 artillery pieces and 2,400 aircraft.The battle marked the decisive end of the German offensive capability on the Eastern Front and cleared the way for the great Soviet offensives of 1944–45.
8567Largest egg and spoon raceMorecambe Community High School1445 participantsUnited Kingdom, Morecambe23 March 2012The largest egg and spoon race involved 1,445 participants and was achieved by Morecambe Community High School (UK) in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK, on 23 March 2012.Cameron Ball was the winner of the race with a time of 28.59 seconds.
8568Most continuous Thomas flairs - (floor)Vitali Schnikers48 timesGermany, MunichVitali Schnikers (Germany) achieved 48 continuous Thomas Flairs within the confines of a circle measuring 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in diameter, at the studios of Guinness - Der Show Der Rekorde, Munich, Germany on 23 February 2002.
8569Largest model railway engineThomas & FriendsUnited Kingdom, London01 January 2003The largest model railway engine is the Thomas the Tank Engine character 'James', which is 264.3 cm high, 149.6 cm wide, 652 cm long (104.05 x 58.59 x 256.69 in) and weighs nearly 1.5 tons (236.2 st). The model was built by BBC Visual Effects (UK) for a Thomas the Tank Engine tour in 2003.James was the largest of four engines made for the tour, the other three were models of Thomas, Percy and Gordon.Each engine is powered by 4 x 48 volt 4 horsepower motors, totalling 16 horsepower.The track they run on is 155 m (508.53 ft) in length.The set is 24.38 x 24.38 m (80 x 80 ft) in size.The trains can still be classed as models due to the fact that if they were real trains the proportions of wheel diametre to train size would be different.
8570Largest tuba ensembleTUBACHRISTMASUnited States, Anaheim,Disneyland21 December 2007The largest tuba ensemble involved 502 participants who played 15 different Christmas Carols for an event organized by TUBACHRISTMAS in Anaheim, USA, on 21 December 2007.The participants came from 8 different states and there was an age difference of 72 years between the oldest and youngest participant.
8571Largest cosmic ray telescopePierre Auger ObservatoryArgentinaThe largest cosmic ray telescope is the Pierre Auger Observatory, which is a vast array of some 1,600 particle detectors arranged across 3,000 km2 (1,158 m2) of western Argentina. It is designed to detect very high energy cosmic ray particles produced by supermassive black holes.
8572Most expensive prop from a theatre showChitty Chitty Bang Bang750000 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London01 April 2002For the musical stage version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which opened on 16 April 2002 at the London Palladium, London, UK, the magical flying car of the title cost an estimated £750,000 (US$1.07 million) to make. The complete set including the flying car was designed by the award winning set designer Anthony Ward (UK).At a cost of ٤.2 million (US$8.9 million) to stage, the show is the most expensive in British history - beating the previous record by set by Cats. (٤ million)
8573Largest collection of monkey-related itemsAngela Wu, Angela Wu, Xi ShunChina, Jiexiu01 March 2005Wang Lingxian (China) has 5,680 monkey items that she has collected since 1970.
8574Largest flute ensembleTsugaru Yokobue Guinness Executive Committee3742 participantsJapan, Aomori31 July 2011The largest flute ensemble was achieved by 3,742 participants during an event organized by the Tsugaru Yokobue Guinness Executive Committee (Japan) in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan, on 31 July 2011.The event commemorates the 400th anniversary of Hirosaki Castle.
8575Largest beer barrel logoWolfgang Degott838 square metre(s)Germany, Gershiem07 June 2003With a total surface area of 838 sq m (9,020 sq ft), the largest beer barrel logo used 5,237 empty 50-litre (13.2 US gallon) beer barrels from the Karlsberg Brewery to compose the logo of German cycling race Deutschlandtour in Gersheim, Germany on 7 June 2003.
8576Largest simultaneous sleepover - multiple locationsBT Giant SleepoverUnited Kingdom18 June 2006The largest simultaneous sleepover was arranged by the BT Giant Sleepover in aid of ChildLine, involved 33,093 participants at over 1000 locations in the UK and around the world, on 18 June 2006Largest simultaneous teeth brushing also set at this event.Other locations around the world included India, Nepal, Germany, USA, Netherlands and Cyprus. BT Sleepover broke their own record of the previous year
8577Most casinos visitedEdwin WheelerUnited States, Palmyra26 September 2002The record for the most casinos visited belongs to Edwin Wheeler (USA) who, between September 1955 and September 2002, visited a total of 358 different casinos.He has made 372 visits but to some casinos more than once.
8578Lowest fuel consumption during circumnavigation by drivingJohn TaylorUnited Kingdom04 April 2006Using Shell's new Fuel Economy Formula and driving an unmodified car, John and Helen Taylor (both Australia) circumnavigated the globe from 17 January to 4 April 2006 - covering a minimum of 28,970 km (18,001 miles) - in just 24 refuels, setting the world record for the lowest ever fuel consumption.
8579Longest harmonica marathonBonny B.0/24/0 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Switzerland, Fribourg01 March 2009The longest harmonica marathon is 24 hours and was achieved by Bonny B. (Switzerland) at the Blues Club, Fribourg, Switzerland, on 1 March 2009.Bonny was able to go for the whole duration without a single break.
8580Oldest heart surgery patientKathy SkubitzUnited States10 June 1993Herbert Carrington (USA, b. 17 October 1898), received a Medtronic Hancock II tissue valve on 10 June 1993 aged 94 years 129 days, which was still working on 15 June 2005 when he was 106 years 134 days.As of March 2006 we are aware that Herbert Carrington is in good health.

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