Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8611Largest egg and spoon race on stiltsAlbert & Friends Instant Circus55 peopleUnited Kingdom, Furnival Gardens,Hammersmith,London06 July 2006The record for the largest egg and spoon race on stilts was set by 55 people in an event organized by Albert & Friends Instant Circus in Furnival Gardens, Hammersmith, London, UK, on 6 July 2006.
8612Oldest manufacturer of uniformsJohn Brooke & SonsUnited Kingdom, Huddersfield01 January 1987John Brooke & Sons (UK) was founded in 1541. Based in Huddersfield, UK, the company provided uniforms for a diverse range of clients, including British troops in the Battle of Trafalgar, British and French troops in the two World Wars and the Russian military. Manufacturing ceased in 1987.
8613Largest gathering of pregnant womenExposure Marketing & Communication1164 participantsSouth Africa, Johannesburg, NorthridingThe largest gathering of pregnant women was achieved by 1,164 participants at the "Your Baby" show at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 17 May 2007.
8614Most expensive kidney stoneWilliam Shatner25000 US dollar(s)United States, 18 January 2006On 18 January 2006, it was announced that Star Trek actor William Shatner (USA) had sold a kidney stone that he had passed the previous year for $25,000 (then £12,700) to online casino Shatner donated the money from the sale to the Habitat for Humanity housing charity.The casino originally offered just $15,000 (£7,600) for the stone, but Shatner insisted it was worth more, adding that his Star Trek tunics have sold for over $100,000 (£50,800). The stone will join the online casino's growing collection of curiousities, which includes a potato in the shape of The Who guitarist Pete Townsend (UK), and a toasted sandwich bearing an uncanny likeness of the Virgin Mary.
8615First crossword puzzleArthur Wynne, New York WorldfirstUnited States, New York21 December 1913The first crossword puzzle appeared in the Sunday “Fun” section of US newspaper New York World on 21 December 1913. Created by journalist Arthur Wynne (UK), it was based on a diamond shaped grid, had no blacked-out squares and featured simple, non-cryptic clues.
8616First row across any ocean by a teamLois Rawlins-Duquemin, Sarah Day, Paula Evemy, Kathy TraceyfirstAntigua and Barbuda, San Sebastian de La Gomera05 February 2006The first women's four to row an ocean are Kathy Tracey, Paula Evemy, Sarah Day and Lois Rawlins-Duquemin (all Guernsey, UK) who rowed the Atlantic East to West from San Sebastian de La Gomera, Spain to Antigua in Mission Atlantic between 30 November 2005 and 5 February 2006.
8617First row across any ocean by a team of four (female)Lois Rawlins-Duquemin, Sarah Day, Paula Evemy, Kathy TraceyfirstAntigua and Barbuda, San Sebastian de La Gomera05 February 2006The first women's four to row an ocean are Kathy Tracey, Paula Evemy, Sarah Day and Lois Rawlins-Duquemin (all Guernsey, UK) who rowed the Atlantic East to West from San Sebastian de La Gomera, Spain to Antigua in Mission Atlantic between 30 November 2005 and 5 February 2006.
8618Most matches consecutively played scoring at least one goal by an NHL ice hockey teamCalgary FlamesCanada01 January 1985The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most consecutive games without being shut out is 264 games in a row, by the Calgary Flames (Canada), who scored at least one goal in every game played from November 1981 to January 1985.
8619Most wins consecutively in an NHL ice hockey season startBuffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple LeafsUnited States26 October 2006Equaling the best start the National Hockey League (NHL) has ever seen, the Buffalo Sabres (USA) matched the league record for most consecutive victories to start a season with 10 wins from 4-26 October 2006. The only other team to jump out 10-0 was the Toronto Maple Leafs (Canada) in 1993.
8620Most expensive dress of antique design sold at a private sale1888 Charles Frederick Worth court dress101500 US dollar(s)United States, New YorkThe most valuable antique dress sold at auction is an 1888 court dress designed by Charles Frederick Worth (UK) which was sold by Monica Alexandra Seggos (USA) and Robert Frederick von Kampen (USA) on 3 May 2001 at Doyle New York, New York, USA to an anonymous buyer for $101,500 (£70,894).Charles Frederick Worth is considered the world's first couturier. The court gown has a 23-inch waist and a 10-and-a-half-foot detachable train. It belonged to Esther Maria Lewis Chapin (1871-1959), the great-great-grand daughter of George Washington's sister, Elizabeth Washington Lewis (1733-1797). Ms. Chapin's father, Col. Edward Parke Custis Lewis (1837-1892), was the American Ambassador to Portugal under Pres. Grover Cleveland from 1885-1889. It was during this period that Miss Chapin, age 17 or 18, wearing this gown, was presented to Queen Victoria in London. One of Miss Chapin's great grandfathers, Col. John Stevens, established the first ferry service from Hoboken to New York in 1774.Doyle New York curator said something is legally considered an 'antique' when it is at least 100 years old.
8621Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabiliaJean-Guy LaquerreCanada09 February 2010Jean-Guy Laquerre (Canada) has 25,104 different items of Santa Claus memorabilia, as of 30 November 2010, that he has been collecting since 1988.His collection includes 2,360 figurines, 2,846 cards and postcards from 33 counties, 1,312 serviettes and 241 pins and brooches.
8622Largest collection of bellsMyrtle EldridgeUnited States, Siasconset30 March 2005Myrtle B. Eldridge (USA) has 9,638 bells that she has collected since the 1980s.The majority of Myrtle’s bells were given to her as gifts from friends and family together with purchases she has made at yard sales and flea markets.
8623Most RC model aircraft airborne simultaneouslyRichard VaughnUnited States, Americus, GeorgiaThe record for most model aircraft airborne simultaneously is 99 and was organized by Richard Vaughn at Hodges Hobbies airfield in Sumter County, Georgia, USA, on 3 May 2008.
8624Oldest full-time secretaryVerna Theus Davis Willmon1909/10/05 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Victoria30 July 2003The oldest full-time secretary in the world is Verna Theus Davis Willmon (USA) who works at the First Assembly of God church in Victoria, Texas, USA and was born on 5 October 1909. Verna became a full-time employee of the church on 1 January 1970.Her full time employment officially ended 25 March 2007.
8625Oldest cultivated plant for productsCannabis sativaChina17 June 2003Amongst the world's oldest cultivated plants that are used primarily for products such as clothing and medicine is the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). It was first cultivated in China 5,000 years ago indeed the earliest documented example is a 6,000 year-old piece of cloth, made from hemp fibre and discovered amongst ancient human habitat sites in Asia.Hemp fabrics dated to the 8th century BC have also been unearthed in Ankara, Turkey.The hemp culture of, mainly eastern Asia, saw the cannabis fibre being used for clothing, ropes, marine cordage, fishing nets, sails and even paper. In addition, its medicinal properties have been respected for hundreds of years as a painkiller and sedative. Between 110 and 207 AD, a Chinese surgeon, Hua T'o, boiled hemp mixed with wine to anesthetise patients prior to operations.Hemp oil is also commonly used in the manufacture of soaps and paints.Due to its other by-product, the drug marijuana, it is currently illegal to grow and sell cannabis in many countries.
8626Most widely supported football clubSport Lisboa Benfica160398 peoplePortugal, Oeiras09 November 2006The most widely supported football club is Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal, which has 160,398 paid-up members. The record was acknowledged on 9 November 2006 during the celebrations for Guinness World Records Day.
8627Most ballet dancers on pointeDr. Phillips High School Dance Magnet , Orlando Ballet245 peopleUnited States, OrlandoThe most ballet dancers on pointe was 245, and was achieved by Dr. Phillips High School Dance Magnet, the Orlando Ballet, and area dance schools (all USA) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 22 May 2011.250 dancers participated but five dancers did not stay on pointe for the full minute.
8628Largest kazoo ensembleBig Red Nose Show5190 participantsUnited Kingdom, London14 March 2011The largest kazoo ensemble is 5,190 participants and was achieved as part of "Big Red Nose Show" (UK) at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, on 14 March 2011.
8629Most people shaking handsNaresh PatelIndia, Village Kagvad, Rajkot21 January 2012The most people shaking hands simultaneously is 48,870 and was achieved by the Shree Khodhaldham Trust (India) in Rajkot, India, on 21 January 2012. Participants were the members of the Leuva Patel community and gathered at the attempt venue from all over India and even from abroad. This attempt took place on occasion of commencement of the construction of the temple for Leuva Patel community.
8630Longest marathon windsurfingSergiy Naidych71/30 hour(s), minute(s)Ukraine, Simerferopol09 June 2003The record for the longest windsurfing marathon is 71 hr 30 min and was set by Sergiy Naidych (Ukraine) at Radyschev Lake, Simerferopol, Crimea, Ukraine from 6 to 9 June 2003.
8631Most spring barley planted in 24 hoursAGCO LTDUkraine, Dniepropetrovsk24 April 2003The most spring barley seed planted in 24 hours is 74,347 kg (163,907 lb) covering an area of 571.9 ha (1,431 acres) by an unmodified AGCO Challenger MT865 tractor pulling an 18.35 m (60 ft) wide Horsch seeder at a Agro-Soyuz farm in the Sinelnikovo region, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine from 23-24 April 2003.At 500 horse power, the Challenger MT865 tractor is considered the world's largest production tractor. The record was set on just two fields, one having runs up to 4.5 km (2.8 miles) long and the other up to 2.5 km (1.55 miles) long. The average work rate was 57.8 acres/hr (23.4 ha/hr).The team behind the record hope that the crop of Prerea spring barley will yield 3.5-4 t/ha, compared with the average yield of 2.3 t/ha. 211 tonnes of fertiliser was used.
8632Most coronary stent implantsEMIL LOHENUnited States, floral park new york30 March 2006Emil Lohen (USA) has had from 8 August 2000 - 30 March 2006 a total of 34 coronary stents implanted. The most at any one time was seven in an operation on 13 September 1995 at the Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, USA.
8633First animated filmThe Humpty Dumpty CircusUnited States01 January 1898The earliest film to use the stop-motion technique, to give the illusion of movement to inanimate objects, was Vitagraph's The Humpty Dumpty Circus (USA, 1897). Albert E. Smith (USA), who conceived the idea, borrowed his daughter's toy circus and succeeded in animating the acrobats and animals by shooting them in barely changed positions one frame at a time.
8634Most people controlling volleyballsBody-Marketing299 peopleChinese Taipei, YungShin,YungShin Sports Park02 October 2008The record for the most people controlling volleyballs is 299 and was achieved by the people of Taiwan, at YungShin Sports Park, in Taichung County, Taiwan, on 2 October 2008.The participants controlled the ball for at least 10 seconds.
8635Largest collection of radiosM.PrakashIndia11 July 2005M. Prakash (India) has 625 different types of radio that he has collected since the 1970’s.The smallest radio in his collection is in the shape of a bottle cap and measures just 4 cm (1.57 in) wide.
8636Largest aircraft, biplaneNavy Curtiss NC-4United States01 January 1918The largest ever biplanes were four aircraft built for the US Navy in 1918 by the Curtiss company (designated NC 1-4). They had a wingspan of 38.4 m (126 ft), were 20.8 m (68 ft 3 in) long and had an operational weight of around 12,000 kg (26,400 lb).The aircraft were powered by four 300 kW (400 hp) Liberty engines and had a top speed of 137 km/h (85 mph). They were designed as long-range anti-submarine aircraft, intended to sink German submarines in WWI, but the war ended before they could enter service. Two aircraft were destroyed while trying to become the first planes to fly across the Atlantic, and a third was cannibalised for parts, leaving just one operational aircraft (NC-4) by the end of May 1919.
8637Largest military air showRoyal international Air TattooUnited Kingdom, RAF Fairford20 July 2003The annual Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK, is the world's largest military air show in terms of participating aircraft. An average of 350 static and flying aircraft attend each year, with a record total of 535 aircraft at the 2003 show.Attendance is around 150,000 anually.
8638Oldest man to fly in zero gravityUgo SansonettiUnited States, Fort Lauderdale10 April 2005The record for the oldest man to fly in zero gravity was achieved by Ugo Sansonetti (Italy, b 10 January 1919) on the “SpaceLand” zero gravity experimental flight on board a Boeing 727 especially modified for the flight. The event took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on the 10 of April 2005.
8639Most handcuff escapes in 24 hoursZdenek Bradac10625 timesCzech Republic, Liberec13 February 2010The most handcuff escapes in 24 hours is 10,625 and was achieved by Zdenek Bradac (Czech Republic) at the Liberec Film Club in Liberec, Czech Republic, on 12-13 February 2010.Mr. Bradac averaged 442 escapes every hour.
8640First discovered spiral galaxyUnknownfirstIreland, Rosse23 June 2005The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) was the first celestial object ever to be identified as being a spiral. The discovery was made by William Parsons, Third Earl of Rosse (Ireland) in 1845. Parsons used his own telescope, The Leviathan, then the world's largest, at Birr Castle, County Offaly, Ireland.This discovery paved the way for the realisation that these 'spiral nebulae' were actually distinct from our own galaxy and were whole seperate galaxies.

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