Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8641Most people belly dancing simultaneouslyDanone Canarias842 peopleSpain, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,,The beach 'Las Canteras', Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, SpainThe most people belly dancing simultaneously is 842 at an event organised by Danone Canarias, at the 'Las Canteras' beach, in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain on 29 May 2011. The event kicked off at 12h30 and lasted for 5 mins. The event took place on the beach, which had been marked out in a grid, with each grid being supervised by a steward.
8642Largest Halloween gatheringNBC Sports , New Orleans SaintsUnited States, New Orleans31 October 2010The largest Halloween gathering was achieved by 17,777 participants at an event organised by the New Orleans Saints and NBC Sports (both USA) at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on 31 October 2010.The attempt was filmed as part of the nationwide broadcast of "Sunday Night Football" on NBC during which the New Orleans Saints defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.
8643Youngest driver to win NASCAR raceJoey LoganoUnited States, Loudon28 June 2009The youngest driver to win a NASCAR race was Joey Logano (USA) at the age of 19 years, 1 month, 4 days when he won the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, USA, on 28 June 2009. He broke the previous record by nearly 15 months.Logano's nickname is "Sliced Bread," as in he is the greatest thing since.
8644First driver to win three NASCAR series races at the same trackBobby LabontefirstUnited States, Virginia11 April 2005Bobby Labonte (USA), driving a Chevrolet truck, won his first career NASCAR Craftsman Series race, at Martinsville Speedway, in Martinsville, Virginia, USA, on 11 April 2005. With that victory, Labonte became the first driver to win in all three major NASCAR series (truck, Busch and Nextel Cup series races) at the same speedway.
8645Oldest American football playerPaul L. MortonUnited States, Spokane, Washington01 January 2008The oldest American football player is Paul L. Morton (USA, b. 12 January 1941), who was 67 years old when he played a regular season for semi-professional team, Stateline Miners, in 2008.Morton position of play is Defensive Back
8646Most basketball free throws in one minute (female)Ashley Graham40 timesItaly, Rome31 March 2012The most basketball free throws in one minute (female) is 40 and was achieved by Ashley Graham (USA) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 31 March 2012.
8647Most postseason games played by an NHL defensemanChris Chelios266 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 2010Chris Chelios (USA) played in 266 career playoff games, most in NHL history by a defenseman. Chelios played with the Montreal Canadiens (Canada) from 1983-90, the Chicago Blackhawks (USA) from 1990-99, the Detroit Red Wings (USA) from 1998-09, and the Atlanta Thrashers (USA) from 2009-10.
8648First sheep counting championshipsPeter DesaillyAustralia, NSW14 September 2002The very first National Sheep Counting Championships were held in Hay, New South Wales, Australia on 14-15 September 2002, in which hundreds of sheep run past competitors who try to guess a precise figure. Peter Desailly (Australia) beat 100 other entrants and took the inaugural title by correctly counting 277 sheep.
8649Largest underwater dance classJason Feddersen74 peopleAustralia, Sydney27 October 2006The largest underwater dance class consisted of 74 students and instructors who danced for 13 minutes and 30 seconds at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre in Sydney, NSW, Australia, on 27 October 2006.Chris Sheedy adjudicated.
8650Largest gathering of people dressed as mobile phones (cell phones)Open Mobile275 peoplePuerto Rico, Guaynabo14 November 2007The world's largest gathering of people dressed as mobile phones involved 275 participants for an event organised by Open Mobile and Motorola (both Puerto Rico) in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 14 November 2007.Kaoru Ishikawa adjudicated.
8651Fastest road-legal tyresContinental AG360 kilometre(s) per hourItaly, Nardo30 November 2006The ContiSportContact 2 Vmax is the fastest road-legal tyre which was approved for speeds up to 360km/h in Munich, Germany, on 30 November 2006.
8652Most yachts in an inland raceLake Deneys Yacht ClubSouth Africa, Deneysville04 February 2007The most yachts to finish an inland yacht race was 389 at the Sanlam Round the Island Race at Lake Deneys Yacht Club, Deneysville, Free State, South Africa on 4 February 2007.
8653Oldest person everJeanne Louise CalmentFrance, Arles04 August 1997The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment (France). Born on 21 February 1875 to Nicolas (1837 - 1931) and Marguerite (neé Gilles 1838 - 1924), Jeanne died at a nursing home in Arles, southern France on 4 August 1997.Jeanne Calment lived through many major events which shaped the world we live in today. These events occured in all areas of life social, political, scientific and technological and a number within her home nation of France.She lived through two World Wars, the development of television, the modern motor car, aeroplanes and numerous other items which are taken for granted today.Asked on her 120th birthday what she expected of the future, she replied, "a very short one".During Jeanne's lifetime...Louis BlérotSuccessfully crossed the English Channel on 25 July 1909, the first ever over-the-ocean crossing by a heavier-than-air craft. The cover of Le Petit Journal (8 August 1909) shows him completing his crossing over the white cliffs of Dover.Eiffel Tower Opened on 31 March 1889 when she was 14, as part of the Centennial Exposition to commemorate the French Revolution. It was originally viewed as a temporary structure and was to be dismantled in 1910. However, due to its usefulness in many scientific fields such as astronomy and meterology, it was saved from destruction and remianed the world's tallest building until 1930.Louis Pasteur Made a wide and varied contribution to science most notably in the fields of chemistry and microbiology. Best known for the development of the pasteurization process, he also did important work with vaccines especially rabies and anthrax.Tour de France The world's premier cycling event was first held in July 1903. The winner was Maurice Garin, known as "le ramoneur" (the chimney sweep, his original occupation), who won with ease. he also won the following year, but was disqualified four months later for having taken a lift in a car. Now millions watch the race every summer.World War I Victorious French troops marced through Strasbourg on 22 November 1918. The town was annexed by the Germans during the Franco-Prussian war (1870-71)but returned to France after the treaty of Versailles. Germany occupied the city again in the Second World War.Vincent Van Gogh Jeanne Calment recalls meeting the great Dutch artist in her father's shop in Arles and selling him coloured penicls although the memory is clouded by the fact that he was scruffy and smelt of alcohol. His painting Sunflowers (Les Tournesols), one of a series of seven on the subject which were painted during his stay in Arles in 1888, sold at auction on 30 March 1987 for a then world record price of £22,500,000 (exlcluding buyer's premium).President Jacques Chirac once said she was a grandmother to everyone in France. She led an extremely active life, taking up fencing at 85-years-old and still riding a bicycle at 100. Jean played herself at the age of 114 in the film Vincent and Me (Can 1990) - becoming the oldest actress to appear in a film. Her keys to long life were olive oil, port, chocolate and although she enjoyed smoking, she gave up in 1995. Her doctor put this down to her pride rather than concern for her health, as she was too blind to light up and did not want to be dependent on others. Her humour was sharp right up until her death. Her customary reply to visitors who said: “Goodbye and until next year perhaps?” would be “I don’t see why not! You don’t look so bad to me.”Sun flowers were her favourite blooms.Her grandfather was Antoine Calment (b. 1803)
8654Most expensive cufflinks sold at a private saleArfaq39750 US dollar(s)Romania, Bucharest01 November 1996The most expensive pair of cufflinks are 'V2', designed by Arfaq (UK) and made from diamonds and sapphires set in platinum and 18-carat gold. The pair were privately sold to the US singer, Michael Jackson and MJJ Productions for $39,750 (£23,850) in Bucharest, Romania, in November 1996.
8655First use of morphingWillowfirstUnited States, 01 January 1988The Ron Howard/George Lucas (both USA) movie Willow (USA, 1988) was the first to make credible use of "morphing", in which one image is metamorphosed seamlessly into another. The software used for the effect – in which a sorceress morphs into animals – was written for Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) by Doug Smyth (USA).
8656Largest gathering of people dressed as Robin HoodCamping and Caravanning ClubUnited Kingdom, Newark27 August 2011The largest gathering of people dressed as Robin Hood is 1,215 and was achieved by the Camping and Caravanning Club (UK) at the Newark Showground in Newark, Nottingham, UK, on 27 August 2011.The attempt was part of the National Feast of Lanterns.
8657Most comics published by one authorShotaro IshinomoriJapan, Tokyo19 July 2007The record for most comics published by one author is 770 titles (included in 500 volumes) and belongs to Shotaro Ishinomori (Japan) known as "The King of Manga". Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.(Japan) is currently republishing the complete comics works of Shotaro Ishinomori covering a total of 128,000 pages.
8658Largest onigiriNakanoshima Noukyou FestivalJapan, Niigata01 January 1988The largest onigiri was 600 kg (1,322 lb 12 oz) and was made by the Nakanoshima Noukyou Festival (Japan) in Niigata, Japan.
8659Largest gathering of people dressed as nursesDubai Health AuthorityUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai24 January 2014The largest gathering of people dressed as nurses is 691 and was achieved by Dubai Health Authority (UAE) in Dubai, UAE, on 24 January 2014.
8660First shooting videogameSpacewar!firstNot Applicable, 01 January 1961The very first shooting game reaches back to the earliest days of the gaming medium: Spacewar! was created in 1961, by MIT students Martin Graetz, Steve Russell and Wayne Wiitanen on a DEC PDP-1, and consists of two spaceships firing missiles at each other, viewed from an overhead perspective.GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: first shooting game.
8661Fastest rugby league hat-trickChris Thorman6/54 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, DoncasterThe fastest hat-trick of tries scored from the start of a match is 6 min 54 sec by Chris Thorman (UK) playing for Huddersfield Giants against Doncaster Dragons in the semi-final of the Buddies National League Cup at Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK on 19 May 2002.
8662Longest fossil recordUnknown08 January 2005Stromatolites have the longest fossil record of any form of life on Earth. These cauliflower-shaped, rock-like structures are formed by the activity of cyanobacteria and appeared on Earth as early as 3.5 billion years ago. In 1954 a colony of living stromatolites was discovered in Shark Bay, Australia, with forms similar to those from the Precambrian era.
8663Largest simultaneous sing-along - one venueAlexandra Lüthje105000 peopleGermany, Berlin03 July 2010The largest simultaneous sing along was achieved by more than 105,000 fans who sang along to Queen's "We Will Rock You" during Germany's match against Argentina at FIFA Fan Fest Berlin at Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany on 3 July 2010.An estimated 350,000 attended the event.
8664Largest collection of giraffe-related itemsSusa ForsterGermany, Breitenfelde05 August 2005Susa Forster from Breitenfelde, Germany has 2,443 giraffe items that she has collected since 1974.Susa first began collecting giraffes at the age of 6. Her collection comes from a variety of different materials, forms and sizes, including a 4.6 m (15.09 ft) tall giraffe that stands in her living room.
8665Most explosives (squibs) on an individualMichael DaughertyUnited States, Wilmington11 April 2005Will Purcell, David Hill, David Beavis, Phil Fravel and Mike Hudson (all USA) safety rigged 160 film squibs on to a wet suit worn by stunt enthusiast Mike Daugherty (USA), of which 157 successfully detonated at EUE Screen Gems Studios, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, on 11 April 2005.The squibs, with a total weight of 20.4 kg (45 lb) took just 11.68 seconds to set off. Normally squibs contain fake blood, but for this attempt, they used powder paint in red, white and blue.
8666First remote computer connectionUnknownfirstUnited States, University of California,Los Angeles29 October 1969At around 10:30 am (PST) on 29 October 1969, the first ever attempt to connect two computers remotely occurred. Computer scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, attempted to log into a computer at the Stamford Research Institute. The first log in failed but the second attempt was successful shortly after.
8667First circumnavigation by aircraft without refuelling soloSteve FossettUnited States, Salina03 March 2005Steve Fossett (USA) flew around the world non-stop and without refuelling in 67 hr 1 min from 1 to 3 March 2005 in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, starting and finishing at Salina, Kansas, USA. The aircraft, built by Scaled Composites, was powered by a single turbofan jet engine and carried nearly 5 tonnes (11,000 lb of fuel).
8668Largest bagpipe ensembleArt of Living Foundation333 participantsBulgaria, Sofia,,The National Palace of CultureThe largest bagpipe ensemble was achieved by 333 participants at an event organised by the Art of Living Foundation in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16 May 2012.The attempt used traditional Bulgarian "kaba gaida" bagpipes which are from the Rhodope region of Bulgaria.
8669Largest mandolin ensembleMichael Marakomichelakis414 peopleGreece, Heraklion,Crete05 September 2012The largest mandolin ensemble consisted of 414 participants at an event organised by Michael Marakomichelakis (Greece) in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, on 5 September 2012.
8670Most people hula hooping (multiple venue)South Kesteven District CouncilUnited Kingdom, Multiple29 June 2010The most people hula hooping was 4,700 participants and was organised by the South Kesteven District Council (UK) from 93 locations across the UK, on 29 June 2010.

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