Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8881Fastest archery underwaterYohann Belpre54.74 minute(s), second(s)France, 24 June 2014The fastest archery underwater is 54.74 seconds and was achieved by Yohann Belpre (France) on the set of 'Officially Amazing' (CBBC) in Lyon, France, on 24 June 2014.
8882Most people washing their feetAdministration Committee of Mingyue Mountain Hot Spring Scenic SpotChina, Wentang Town13 September 2014The most people washing their feet involved 10,289 people and was achieved by the Administration Committee of Mingyue Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Spot (China) on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special in Yichun, Jiangxi, China, on 13 September 2014.The event was an outdoor attempt for CCTV-Guinness World Records Special 2014.
8883Fastest motorised chariotJack Wallace and Mark DawsonUnited States, Rosamond CA,,Willow Springs Raceway, California, USA10 August 2013The fastest motorised chariot travels at a speed of 98.79 km/h (61.39 mph), and was created by Jack Wallace Jr and Mark Dawson (both USA) and achieved at the Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, California, USA, on 10 August 2013.
8884Heaviest figMehtap Omer290 gram(s)United Kingdom, London24 August 2014The heaviest fig weighs 290 g (10.23 oz) and was grown by Mehtap Omer (UK) in London, England, UK, as of 24 August 2014.The fig was picked from a tree that produces two crops a year, an early-spring crop and a summer crop. The fig that claimed the record was chosen from the early-spring crop and was grown without pesticides or growth chemicals added to the tree.
8885Longest chain of bottle capsGitokBelgium, Kalmthout04 April 2014The longest chain of bottle caps consists of 87,575 bottle caps and was created by Gitok (Belgium) in Kalmthout, Belgium, on 4 April 2014.The chain measured 442 m (1,450 ft 1.54 in) in length.
8886Largest group of carol singersGodswill Akpabio Unity Choir25,272 participantsNigeria, Uyo13 December 2014The largest group of carol singers was 25,272 by Godswill Akpabio unity choir (Nigeria) at the Uyo Township Stadium, Akwa Ibom,Nigeria, on 13 December 2014.The choir sang a medley of The First Noel, Joy To The World, O Christmas Tree, Hark The Herald Sing, Once In Royal Davids City and O Come All Ye Faithful.
8887Most tractors of the same brand working simultaneouslyThe White Cross Vintage AssociationIreland, Burt20 September 2014A total of 726 Ferguson tractors tilled the soil together at the Grianan Estate, Burt, Donegal, Ireland, on 20 September, 2014. The event was organised by The White Cross Vintage Association (Ireland). Tractors from Ireland, England, Scotland and the Netherlands came together to work the soil of the Grianan Estate.
8888Largest treasure hunt gameNewcastle University1001 participantsUnited Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne09 July 2014The largest treasure hunt game involved 1001 participants in an event organised by Newcastle University (UK) in Gateshead, Newcastle, UK on 9 July 2014. The treasure hunt took participants to different locations all around the Gateshead Quayside.
8889Largest gathering of people dressed as Albert EinsteinBlack Pine Circle School304 participantsUnited States, Berkeley05 March 2015The largest gathering of people dressed as Albert Einstein is 304, achieved by Black Pine Circle School (USA), in Berkeley, California, USA, on 5 March 2015. All participants wore a completing costume including wig, moustache and blazer.
8890Longest line of bicycles (static)Zweirad EinkaufsgenossenschaftGermany, BerlinThe longest line of bicycles (static) consisted of 1,448 bicycles and was organised by Zweirad Einkaufsgenossenschaft (Germany) at Tempelhofer field in Berlin, Germany, on 9 May 2015.The line measured 1,774.40 m (5821.51ft) in length.
8891Most heads shaved simultaneouslyCanadian Cancer Society’s Pedal for Hope267 participantsCanada, PeterboroughThe most heads shaved simultaneously is 267 and was achieved by the Canadian Cancer Society’s Pedal for Hope (Canada) at the Peterborough Airport in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada on 16 May 2015.Over 30 women shaved their heads.
8892Longest individual drum rollJayson Brinkler12 hr 5 min 7 sec hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, DartfordThe longest drum roll by an individual is 12 hr 5 min 7 sec, and was achieved by Jayson Brinkler (UK), in Dartford, Kent, UK, on 16 May 2015. Jaysons witnesses throughout his attempt included the local mayor and TV actress Cheryl Fergison.
8893Most people on trampolinesonesixeight:fitness, Becky White324 participantsUnited Kingdom, Loughborough09 September 2015The most people on trampolines simultaneously is 324 and was achieved by Becky White and onesixeight:fitness (both UK), at Loughborough University, in Loughborough, UK, on 9 September 2015. Becky White and onesixeight:fitness previously held this record in 2012.
8894Longest marathon church organ playingNina Irslinger60 hr, 1 min and 25 sec, day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Norway, Arendal28 March 2015The longest church organ marathon is 60 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds, achieved by Nina Irslinger (Norway) in Arendal, Norway, on 28-30 March 2015. Nina completed her attempt in Trinity Church (Trefoldghetskirke) in Arendal, Norway by completed just over 60 hours on her 60th birthday.
8895Most people eating breakfast in bedSheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel418 peopleChina, Langfang16 August 2015The most people eating breakfast in bed is 418 and was achieved by Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel (China), in Langfang, Hebei, China on 16 August 2015.In addition to the 418 people taking part in the attempt, many children also sat on the beds with their parents but were not counted towards the final total.
8896Largest gathering of people dressed as cowsCow MusterparticipantsAustralia, Cowaramup12 July 2014The largest gathering of people dressed as cows is 1,352 participants at the Cow Muster (Australia) during the Deja Moo Country Fair in Cowaramup, Australia, on 12 July 2014.
8897Longest line of tacosNext:Gen MinistriesitemsUnited States, Eagle11 September 2013The longest line of tacos consists of 2,013 tacos and was assembled by Next:Gen Ministries (USA) in Eagle, Idaho, USA, on 11 September 2013.
8898Largest financial literacy lesson - single venueBanc of CaliforniaUnited States, Galen Center at University of Southern Californa09 November 2014The largest financial literacy lesson at a single venue consists of 5,964 and was achieved by Banc of California (USA) at the University of Southern California's Galen Center in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 9 November 2014.
8899Heaviest carrotpeter glazebrookUnited Kingdom, newark12 September 2014The heaviest carrot weighs 9.1 kg (20 lb) and was grown by Peter Glazebrook (UK) as verified at the Harrogate Flower Shows Autumn Show on 12 September 2014. Peter was awarded his prize for 'Heaviest carrot' at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2014.
8900Heaviest watermelonChristopher KentUnited States, Hamilton04 October 2013The heaviest watermelon weighs 159 kg (350.5 lb) and was grown by Chris Kent (USA) of Sevierville, Tennessee, USA, as verified by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth on 4 October 2013.Chris was awarded his prize at the Operation Pumpkin festival, held in Hamilton, Ohio between 3 - 5 October 2013."I always liked growing - even as a kid i had a 'green thumb'. I love watermelons and they grow good in the South. It's a great honor. Not many people can say they have held a record!"
8901Most viewed fan film based on a platform videogameMario: Game OvertimesNot Applicable, 29 July 2014There are numerous fan films based on Mario games so it comes as no surprise that the most viewed platform videogame is one of them. "Mario: Game Over" by POYKPAC Comedy has been viewed 55,628,646 times as of 29 July 2014.
8902Largest gathering of people dressed in Tracht dressSchussenrieder BrauereiGermany, Bad Schussenried04 October 2014The largest gathering of people dressed in Tracht dress is 2,865, achieved by Schussenrieder Brauerei (Germany) in Bad Schussenried, Germany, on 4 October 2014.This attempt took place as part of an annual Oktoberfest celebration.
8903Longest marathon playing ice hockeyThe Oilympics247 hr, 59 min, 30 sec hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Canada, ChestermereThe longest marathon playing ice hockey is 247 hr 59 min 30 sec and was achieved by The Oilympics (Canada) in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada, from 4 to 15 May 2014.A total of 9,639 Goals were scored. Team Hope defeated Team Cure by a score of 4,933-4,706. Steve Zmudczynski finished with the most points (1,362) and goals (1,000) while Brett Butterwick finished with the most assists (1,066).
8904Largest laser cutting machineOlivia Clemence, Zoe Laughlin, Daniel BlackUnited Kingdom, London02 October 2014The largest laser cutting machine has a total area of 37.05 m² (398.80 ft²), achieved by Daniel Black in collaboration with Zoe Laughlin and Olivia Clemence (all UK), as measured at the Institute of Making, University College London, London, UK, on 2 October 2014. The laser outputs light at a wavelength of 445 nm which allows it to etch and cut many materials, and features a custom-made heatsink system to allow it to operate for long periods of time without overheating.
8905Largest buskMajor Brisbane Festivals Pty. Ltd.387 peopleAustralia, Brisbane14 February 2015The largest busk consisted of 387 artists and was organised by Major Brisbane Festivals Pty. Ltd. (Australia) as part of Valentine's Busk in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 14 February 2015.
8906Largest gathering of Santa ClausThrissur Citizenry & Thrissur Archdiocesepeople participantsIndia, Trichur27 December 2014The largest gathering of Santa Claus was achieved by 18,112 people during an event organised by Thrissur Citizenry & Thrissur Archdiocese (India) for Buon Natale Programme 2014 at Nagar Saktan Thampuran Ground, Thrissur, Kerala, India, on 27 December 2014.The event was organised to raise charitable funds in aid of the poor.
8907Largest torchlit image formed by peopleArcheological Museum of Istria, Tourism Office Pula, Sonitus Association4,013 peopleCroatia, PulaThe largest torchlit image was formed by 4,013 participants, achieved by Sonitus Association, Tourism Office Pula and Archeological Museum of Istria (all Croatia) in Pula, Croatia, on 9 May 2015 The attempt took place inside the roman amphitheater in Pula, Croatia.
8908Largest exercise ball demonstration / classMichelle Bridges353 participantsUnited States, New York10 April 2014The largest exercise ball class consists of 353 participants and was achieved by Michelle Bridges (Australia) on the set of NBC’s "Today" in New York, New York, USA on 10 April 2014.
8909Fastest completion of Uncharted 3Greg “The Thrillness” InnesUnited Kingdom, Edinburgh04 November 2013On 4 November 2013, British gamer Greg "The Thrillness" Innes completed Uncharted 3 in just 2 hours 35 minutes 37 seconds, the fastest completion time recorded for this game. His segmented run was carried out on "Very Easy" mode, since his approach required many fights to be avoided – a tactic that is impossible on higher difficulty settings.
8910Most shuttlecock kicks while skipping rope in one minuteErhu LiChina, Tianjin20 July 2014The most shuttlecock kicks while skipping rope in 1 minute is 92 and was achieved by Li Erhu (China) in the gymnasium of Nankai University in Tianjin, China, on 20 July 2014.

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