Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

8911Largest gathering of zombiesZombie Pub CrawlUnited States, Minneapolis11 October 2014The largest gathering of zombies numbered 15,458 participants, and was organized by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 11 October 2014.
8912Largest eye health screeningShah Satnam Ji Research & Development FoundationpeopleIndia, Sirsa12 December 2013The largest eye health screening consisted of 11,715 people and was organised by the Shah Satnam Ji Research & Development Foundation (India) at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa, Harayana, India, on 12 December 2013.
8913Largest donation of plush toysEnerMech -Dragons Glen Challenge Team EvansUnited Kingdom, Aberdeen25 January 2014The largest gathering of plush toys is 7,586 and was achieved by the EnerMech -Dragons Glen Challenge Team (UK) at Sport Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, UK, on 25 January 2014.
8914Most underwater rope jumps in one hourPeter NestlerUnited States, Tulsa13 October 2014The most underwater rope jumps in one hour is 1,871 and was achieved by Peter Nestler (USA) in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.Being a professional rope skipper, Peter Nestler has been trying to break as many rope skipping related records as possible. It took him close to a year to find a suitable rope for attempting this record underwater.
8915Most people patting their heads and rubbing their stomachsKirkwood school district1,132 peopleUnited States, Kirkwood27 September 2014The most people patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs is 1,132, achieved by Kirkwood school district (US) in Kirkwood, Missouri, USA, on 27 September 2014. All participants patted their heads and rubbed their stomachs for over a minute.
8916Largest gathering of Santa's elvesPimpanit YukkasemwongpeopleThailand, Bangkok01 January 1900The largest gathering of Santa's elves is 1,762 and was achieved by Siam Paragon Development Company Limited (Thailand) in Bangkok, Thailand on 25 November 201414 participants were disqualified for not wearing the correct costume
8917Most people chantingSri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji128,918 peopleIndia, Tenali31 January 2015The most people chanting involved 128,918 participants who were led by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh (India) on 31 Jan 2015 The attempt took place in a 15 acre field which was covered in a number of huge marquees. The Guinness World Records attempt involved 128,918 participants, however by the end of the day 220,000 people had attended the event.
8918Largest rugby scrumSport ImpactUnited Kingdom, London29 September 2015The largest rugby scrum consists of 1,198 participants, achieved by Sport Impact (UK) in Middlesex, UK, on 5 October 2015. This attempt took place in the while the UK was hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup.
8919Most people wearing costume masksAlliance In Motion Global Inc., Dr. Eduardo L. Cabantog/ AIM Global30,050 peoplePhilippines, Ciudad de VictoriaThe most people wearing costume masks is 30,050 and was achieved by Alliance In Motion Global Inc.(Philippines) at the Philippine Arena, Ciudad de Victoria, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines, on 31 May 2015. The record was organized in occasion of AIM Global 9th anniversary. The theme chosen for the 4 days conference was happiness.
8920Most people wearing sunglasses in the darkCoordinadora de Peñas de Valladolid6,774 participantsSpain, Valladolid06 September 2015The most people wearing sunglasses in the dark is 6,774 and was achieved by Coordinadora de Peñas de Valladolid (Spain) in Valladolid, Spain, on 6 September 2015. Coordinadora de Peñas de Valladolid celebrated it's 10th year of Guinness World Records record breaking in 2015, the same year as Guinness World Records 60th anniversary. The record took place at 10 pm outside and all participants had their sunglasses on for the required 5 minutes.
8921Most bodies paintedPLAY (Poland)497 participantsPoland, Kostrzyn nad Odra31 July 2015The most bodies painted is 497 and was achieved by PLAY (Poland) at Woodstock Festival Poland (aka Przystanek Woodstock) in Kostrzyn nad Odra, Poland, on 31 july 2015.This record attempt took place at the 21st annual Woodstock festival in Poland- the largest festival in Europe. It was to celebrate the essence of a festival - fun, creativity and spontaneity. Read more: Hundreds covered in body paint splatter world record at Poland's Woodstock festival
8922Largest gathering of people dressed as Mohandas GandhiVenkat, St Ann's & Venus group of institutions4605 peopleIndia, Bengaluru02 October 2015The largest gathering of people dressed as Mohandas Gandhi is 4,605 and was achieved by Venkat, St Ann's & Venus group of institutions (India), in Bangalore, India, on 2 October 2015.The event was held on the day to mark the 146th birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi.Full story and video: Thousands of Indian students break record for most people dressed as Gandhi
8923Largest curryIndian Chefs and Culinary Association15.34 tonne(s) (metric ton)Singapore, Singapore01 August 2015The largest curry weighs 15.34 tonnes (33,838.9 lb) and was achieved by the Indian Chefs and Culinary Association (Singapore), in Singapore, on 1 August 2015. The attempt took place in a marquee set up in a public park as part of the Suvai event which is a yearly, four day long culinary event with chefs from all across Asia.
8924Most people making s'mores simultaneouslyMiddleton Outreach407 participantsUnited States, Middleton05 September 2015The most people making s'mores simultaneously is 407, achieved by Middleton Outreach (USA) in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA, on 9 May 2015. Middleton Outreach is a nonprofit that works in the community to prevent homelessness and end hunger.
8925Highest death toll from a volcanic eruptionTambora71000 peopleIndonesia, 10 April 1815When the Tambora volcano in Sumbawa, Indonesia (then Dutch East Indies), erupted from 5 to 10 April 1815, at least 71,000 people were killed. Estimates of the total number of casualties are necessarily vague, and some sources put the total at nearer 121,000.
8926Highest annual earnings for a footballerCristiano Ronaldo80000000 US dollar(s)Not Applicable, 30 June 2014Star player for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) earned an estimated $80 million (£53.6 million) from June 2013 to June 2014, according to Forbes. As well as his wages from Real Madrid, Ronaldo also boasts several lucrative endorsements with international brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Samsung.
8927Highest incidence of piracy (year)Not ApplicableAccording to the International Maritime Bureau, which has monitored worldwide statistics on piracy since 1991, there were 469 pirate attacks globally in 2000 – a rise of almost 36% over 1999 and the largest total since records began. Most of those attacks, 242 in total, occurred in Southeast Asia and the Malacca Strait between Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.The figure refers to the locations where acts of piracy occurred and includes both attempted and actual attacks. Piracy in the South China Sea and Malacca Straits has declined since the peak year, owing to concerted policing and military assistance, but this has been replaced since the mid-2000s with an escalation of piracy around the Horn of Africa and East Africa: between January and December 2010, the IMB's Piracy Reporting Centre received a total of 219 incidents attributed to Somali pirates. The Malacca Strait was classified as a piracy "war zone" by Lloyd’s marine insurers between 2005 and 2006. The Gulf of Aden has been classified as a piracy "war zone" by Lloyd’s marine insurers since 2008.The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) is a specialised division of the International Chamber Of Commerce (ICC), established in 1981 to act as a focal point in the fight against all types of maritime crime and malpractice. In 1992, the IMB created the Piracy Reporting Centre, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which maintains a round-the-clock watch on the world’s shipping lanes, reporting pirate attacks to local law enforcement and issuing warnings about piracy hotspots to shipping.
8928Longest champagne cork popping relayCamelot UK Lotteries LimitedUnited Kingdom07 October 2015The longest champagne cork popping relay is 285 and was achieved by The National Lottery (UK), in London, UK, on 7 October 2015.This Guinness World Records attempt took place to celebrate The National Lottery creating 4000 millionaires.Full story: National Lottery winners set largest gathering of millionaires record in London
8929Most people shaving - single venueGillette Procter & Gamble Planta Milenio2,374 peopleMexico, Irapuato07 March 2015The most people shaving simultaneously is 2,374 in an event organized by Gillette Procter & Gamble Planta Milenio (Mexico) in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, on 7 March 2015. Participants were Planta Milenio's employees at the Gillette factories in Irapuato and their families. They attempted the record during their annual families' day.
8930Most people making sand angels simultaneouslyKeep Wales Tidy352 peopleUnited Kingdom, Pembrokeshire06 June 2015The most people making sand angels simultaneously is 352, and was achieved by Keep Wales Tidy (UK), in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, on 6 June 2015.The attempt took place on Freshwater West beach in Wales, UK
8931Most viewed fan film based on Fable“Angry” Joe Vargas, Unknown31 January 2015Fable III (Lionhead Studios, 2010) certainly divided critics. While its GameRankings score was a very respectable 80.23% as of 31 January 2015, the most viewed fan film on the series on YouTube is the rather less complimentary "Top 32 Reasons Fable III Sucks!" by “Angry” Joe Vargas.Joe has his own AngryJoeShow Youtube Channel, which he launched after a positive response from the EA sports team to a video he made expressing his annoyance that favourite functions had been removed from the their flagship Madden franchise.Joe usually limits himself to lists of 10 items or reasons, but felt so strongly about Fable III that he lifted this self-imposed limit so he could mention all 32 things about the game that annoyed him.Despite expressing his views loudly (and with expletives), Joe loves videogames and rated Fable II very highly.
8932Most matches won by an NHL ice hockey goaltender, careerMartin Brodeur691 times, North America02 January 2015The National Hockey League (NHL) record for most regular-season career wins by a goaltender is 691 by Martin Brodeur (Canada) playing for the New Jersey Devils and St. Louis Blues (both USA) from 26 March 1992 to 2 January 2015.Martin Brodeur has won 3 Stanley Cups and 5 Conference titles in his 21-year career with the New Jersey Devils, in 2014-15 he signed for the St.Louis Blues where he has racked up 3 more wins in 5 starts.
8933Most prolific independent game developerStephen "Increpare" LavelleNot Applicable31 December 2014The most prolific independent game developer is Stephen "Increpare" Lavelle (UK), who has released 178 games in total between 2008 and 2014. He is best known for his puzzle and abstract/conceptual games. For Lavelle, 2014 was a relatively quiet year as far as game production goes, releasing just one title:Universal History of Light (Increpare, 2014).
8934Best-selling videogame heroineLara Croft/Tomb Raider36880000 unit(s) soldNot Applicable, 16 April 2015With lifetime sales of 36.88 million as of 16 April 2015, Tomb Raider remains the best-selling game franchise with a female lead. As well as two blockbuster movies, Lara Croft has appeared in TV ads, on magazine covers, and even “on stage” with rock band U2.Sales of Lara Croft’s adventures eclipse those of second-placed Samus Aran, star of the Metroid series (Nintendo, 1986-present), which has sold over 17 million units. The ever-popular Ms Croft has also established Tomb Raider as the biggest-selling action-adventure series in publisher Square Enix’s rich gaming portfolio.
8935Largest morris danceStone the Crows, Border Morris144 participantsUnited Kingdom, Preston05 September 2015The largest morris dance involves 144 participants and was achieved at an event organised by Stone the Crows, Border Morris (UK), in Preston, UK, on 5 September 2015.This record attempt was organised to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Stone the Crows, Border Morris. The morris dance was "Tinner's Rabbit" which is a dance traditionally performed by groups of three. The organisers insisted the dance was performed correctly by only allowing complete groups of three to participate.
8936Most disappearing cane illusions in one minuteKhor Choon Kiat22 timesSingapore, Singapore01 April 2015The most disappearing cane illusions in one minute is 22, and was achieved by Khor Choon Kiat (Singapore) in Singapore, on 1 April 2015.
8937Largest champagne tasting eventNW Event & Marketing AB, Taste by Steinwall696 participantsSweden, Varberg13 November 2015The largest champagne tasting event is 696 participants and was achieved by NW Event & Marketing AB and Taste by Steinwall (both Sweden), in Varberg, Sweden, on 13 November 2015. The attempt took place at the Societéts restaurant and the tasting consisted of three different Champagnes: Grönstedts Champagne Brut, Canard Duchêne Cuvée Léonie Green and Nicolas Feuillatte Millésimé Blanc de Blanc 2006.
8938Most people stargazingCanberra Astronomical Society, The Australian National University, Mt. Stromlo Observatory1869 participantsAustralia, Canberra21 August 2015The most people stargazing is 1,869 and was achieved by Mt. Stromlo Observatory, The Australian National University, and the Canberra Astronomical Society (all Australia), in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, on 21 August 2015.The attempt took place as part of national science week.
8939Longest line of postcardsTata Chemicals Limited, Tata Chemicals LimitedIndia, Mumbai14 August 2015The longest line of postcards consists of 6,400 postcards and was achieved by Tata Salt and Tata Chemicals Limited (both India) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 14 August 2015. These postcards were made to thank the Indian soldiers.
8940Largest electronic keyboard ensembleSri Veenavani Music School400 peopleIndia, Bangalore06 September 2015The largest electronic keyboard ensemble consists of 400 participants, achieved by Sri Veenavani Music School (India) in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, on 6 September 2015. All participants played their own keyboard and performed a variety of songs including the Indian national anthem.

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