Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9061Newest hydrogen powered spy plane prototype - phantom eyePhantom Eye2010/7/12 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, 12 July 2010On 12 July 2010, in St Louis, Missouri, the Boeing Company unveiled the newest hydrogen powered spy-plane prototype, the Phantom Eye. Designed for advanced intelligence and reconnaissance missions, it is a high altitude, long endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicle that will stay airborne for up to four days at altitudes of around 65,000 feet (19,800 metres). Its first flight is planned for the spring of 2011 at NASA’s Dryden Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California. The Phantom Eye ha a wingspan of 45.7 metres (150 feet), carries up to 205 kg (450 pounds) and is powered by two 2.3 litre four cylinder engines each producing 150 horsepower (111kW). The hydrogen propulsion system is efficient and the only by-product is water, so its production version will be a very green addition to the UAV reconnaissance fleet.
9062Longest bowling run-up (male)Jason Rawson2.7 kilometre(s)United Kingdom, Salesbury,Blackburn20 March 2010The longest bowling approach in a cricket match is 2.7 km (1.6 mi) by Jason Rawson (UK) in a 20/20 match played at Salesbury Cricket Club in Salesbury, Blackburn, UK on 20 March 2010. The delivery was the first of the match to batsman Ian Riley, who went on to smash successive boundaries.The match was abandoned by the umpire after six balls due to inclement weather (persistent rains). Rawson completed the 2.7-km approach immediately after running a full marathon unrelated to the attempt. A bowling approach is the run-up taken by a bowler in cricket before delivering (or bowling) the ball to the batsman, thus initiating gameplay.
9063Longest journey by an unmanned autonomous surface vehicleBenjamin Franklin (Liquid Robotics)Australia, ,Lady Musgrave Island14 February 2013On 14 February 2013, "Benjamin Franklin", the Wave Glider® - an unmanned autonomous surface vehicle developed by US company Liquid Robotics, successfully completed a 7,939-nautical mile (14,703-km) journey across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco, CA, USA, to Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland Australia. "Benjamin Franklin", named in honour of a founding father of the USA who charted and named the Gulf Stream, is one of four Wave Gliders sent in pairs to Australia and Japan. The Wave Gliders convert wave energy into thrust and use solar energy to generate electricity for sensors, communications and navigation.The "Benjamin Franklin" covered an actual distance of 9,380.490 nautical miles (17,372.667 km), with 1,441.439 nautical miles (2,669.545 km) being the distance accumulated during the orbit of scientific moorings and loitering.
9064Most weight lifted by lateral raises in one minuteEamonn Keane1575 kilogram(s)Ireland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym16 October 2013The most weight lifted by lateral raises in one minute is 1,575 kg (3,472 lb 4.48 oz) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 16 October 2013.Eamonn used two 22.5 kg dumbbells and managed at total of 35 lifts within the one minute timeframe.
9065Most weight lifted by dumbbell front raises in one minuteEamonn Keane1215 kilogram(s)Ireland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym16 October 2013The most weight lifted by dumbbell front raises in one minute is 1,215 kg (2,678.62 lb) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 16 October 2013.Eamonn managed 54 lifts in total, 27 with each arm, of 22.5 kg dumbbells.
9066Largest hi-definition LED screenPanasonic/Texas Motor Speedway1915.14 square metre(s)United States, Fort Worth11 February 2014The largest hi-definition television LED screen measures 1,915.14 m² (20,614.31 ft²), and was built by Panasonic at the Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas, USA as measured on 11 Feb 2014.The display's dimensions are at 28.8 m by 66.57 m (94.5 ft x 218.4 ft).
9067Heaviest weight sustained on the body whilst in the crab positionArtavazd HakobyanArmenia, Yerevan26 October 2013The heaviest weight sustained on the body whilst in the crab position is 113.15 kg (249.45 lb) and was achieved by Artavazd Hakobyan (Armenia) in Yerevan, Armenia, on 26 October 2013.Artavazd balanced the weight for longer than the required five seconds during his attempt.
9068Smallest sharkSpined pygmy shark (Squaliolus laticaudus), Dwarf lantern shark (Etmopterus perryi), Pygmy ribbontail catshark (Eridacnis radcliffei)16 - 17.5 centimetre(s)Due to the difficulties in determining precisely when a small species is sexually mature (i.e. an adult and fully grown), there are two, possibly three, contenders for the smallest spieces of shark. The most likely record holder is the dwarf lantern shark (Etmopterus perryi), males of which measure a total length of 16-17.5 cm (6.3-6.8 in) (with one confirmed male adult specimen collected measuring 19 cm or 7.4 in long), and mature females of which are typcially 19-20 cm (7.4-7.8 in). Prior to the discovery of the dwarf lantern shark, the record holder was the spined pygmy shark Squaliolus laticaudus, males of which measure 15 cm (6 in), females 17-20 cm (6.7-7.8 in). A third rival species, the pygmy ribbontail catshark Eridacnis radcliffei, has males measuring 18-19 cm (7-7.4 in) and females possibly mature at 15-16 cm (6-6.3 in).
9069Most people performing flag signalsScout Association of Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong21 November 2010The most people performing flag signals is 23,321 and was achieved by the Scout Association of Hong Kong at Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong, China, on 21 November 2010.The flag signals performed spelled out "HKS100."
9070Largest bone tumorBKS Sanjay16.5 kilogram(s)India, Swami Ram Nagar10 March 2002A malignant bone tumor weighing 16.5 kg (36 lb 6 oz) was removed from the right femur of 35-year-old Naresh Kumar (india) by Dr. B.K.S.Sanjay (India) on 10 March 2002 at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Ram Nagar, Dehradun, Uttaracghal, India. The tumour had a maximum length of 45 cm (17.7 in) and was 30 cm (11.8 in) wide.
9071Most pubs visited in 24 hours by a teamChris Solarz, Ivan Wanat, Matt Bockelman, Eric Bockelman, Brent Bockelman, Dalmau Reig, Wesley Erdelack, Michael Rasiej, Francis Laros, Steve McLaughlin, Rickey Gawley, Roger Wu, Bea ReigUnited States, New York04 September 2011The most pubs visited in 24 hours is 250 and was achieved by a team of 13 organised by Chris Solarz and Ivan Wanat (both USA) in New York, New York, USA, from 3-4 September 2011. The team members who took part were: Chris Solarz, Ivan Wanat, Matt Bockelman, Eric Bockelman, Brent Bockelman, Dalmau Reig, Wesley Erdelack, Michael Rasiej, Francis Laros, Steve McLaughlin, Rickey Gawley, Roger Wu and Bea Reig.The attempt began at 8:44 am on Saturday and ended at 12:44 am on Sunday.
9072Most star jumps in one minuteRaymond Butler77 timesUnited States, Las Vegas18 September 2013The most star jumps in one minute is 77 and was achieved by Ray Butler (USA) on the set of 'Officially Amazing' in North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on 18 September 2013.
9073Fastest unsupported row around the British mainland (team)Josh Taylor, Alan Morgan, Gavin Sheehan, James PlumleyUnited Kingdom, London27 June 2013The fastest circumnavigation of mainland Britain took 26 days 9 hr 9 min and 58 sec at an average speed of 2.74 knots (5.08 km/h or 3.16 mph) and was accomplished by skipper Josh Taylor, Alan Morgan and James Plumley (all UK) and Gavin Sheehan (Ireland) in The Black Oyster, a 24-foot-long double-cabin ocean racing boat. The 2,000-mile (3,218-km) journey started at Tower Bridge, London, UK, on 1 June 2013 and finished there on 27 June 2013.
9074Fastest morse code, sent and receivedRay Carter and Les Edwards1/8 minute(s), second(s)Australia, Seven Network Studios,Sydney,New South Wales27 August 2005Les Edwards using morse code sent the prescribed 160 character message to Ray Carter. Ray received the message by a morse code receiver and then typed it onto a piece of paper using an old fashioned typewriter in 1 minute and 8 seconds on the set of Guinness World Records at Seven Network Studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 27 August 2005.
9075Most step ups in one hour with a 40 lb packTerry HeidtCanada, EdmontonThe most step ups completed in one hour with an 18 kg (40 lb) pack is 1,886 achieved by Terry Heidt (Canada) in the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 2 May 2009.Both feet must be on the bench at the same time.
9076Most consecutive breakdance 6-step routinesJonas GothbergSweden, Stockholm04 November 2006The record for most consecutive breakdance 6-steps routines is held by Jonas Gothberg (Sweden), who completed 501 routines in 28 minutes 17 seconds at the Gallerian Shopping Centre, Stockholm, Sweden, on 4 November 2006.
9077Largest art installation made from coat hangersDavid MachFrance, Paris01 October 2007The largest art installation made entirely from coat hangers is Silver Back by David Mach (UK), who created a 2.1-m (7-ft) tall, 2.7-m (9-ft) long, 1.5-m (5-ft) wide sculpture of a male gorilla out of 7,500 metal coat hangers. Silver Back took 2,705.6 man-hours to create and first went on display at the FIAC art fair in Paris, France in late October 2007. Silver Back is one of an edition of three (two further ones planned) and the first was bought by a private collector. Mach has built many coat hanger sculptures, see website:
9078Most competitive squash games (male)Sam BalsdonUnited Kingdom, Totnes04 November 2009The most competitive games of squash played in a lifetime is 2,982 by Sam Balsdon (UK) of Totnes, UK, as of 4 November 2009. He played his first match on 25 November 1974 and has played games on 245 different courts.Balsdon has played in local box leagues, amateur clubs, knock out competitions and box league championships, both in singles and team play.
9079First official UFO landing padTown of St. PaulfirstCanada, St Paul03 June 1967The world's first official UFO landing pad was built in the small Canadian prairie town of St Paul, in Alberta, Canada, and was formally opened on 3 June 1967 by the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Canada's then Minister of National Defence. The main column consists of six 75-cm-tall concrete pylons, and there is a map of Canada embossed on the back stop of the landing pad. A sign next to the pad reads as follows: “The area under the World's First UFO Landing Pad was designated international by the Town of St. Paul as a symbol of our faith that mankind will maintain the outer universe free from national wars and strife. That future travel in space will be safe for all intergalactic beings, all visitors from earth or otherwise are welcome to this territory and to the Town of St. Paul."
9080Fastest journey from Land's End to John-O'-Groats on tandem bicycle (mixed)Andy Wilkinson, Lynne Taylor51/19/23 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Land's End to John-O'-Groats01 January 2000The fastest journey from Land's End to John-O'-Groats on tandem bicycle by a mixed team (male and female) is 51 hr 19 min 23 sec and was achieved by Lynne Taylor and Andy Wilkinson (both UK) in 2000. Andy Wilkson and Lynne Taylor have both held the individual End to End record, male and female respectively, at one point in time.
9081Most stripper trousers worn and removed in one minute (team of two)Daniel Ventura Martin, Coleen NolanUnited Kingdom, London12 November 2009The most stripper trousers worn and removed in one minute by a team of two is 3 and was achieved by Coleen Nolan and Daniel Ventura Martin (both UK), on the set of Loose Women, ITV Studios, London, UK, on 12 November 2009. The record was attempted as part of Guinness World Records Day 2009, Daniel put on the pants while Coleen ripped them off.
9082Largest disco dance
9083Most pull-ups in one minute with a 40-lb packRon Cooper25 repetitionsUnited States, Marblehead09 July 2014The most pull-ups in one minute with a 40 lb pack is 25 and was achieved by Ron Cooper (USA) in Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA, on 9 July 2014.
9084Most push-ups (using back of hands, carrying 40 lb pack) in one minuteNgoc Duc TranGermany, Gerstetten15 April 2015The most push ups on the back of the hands in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack is 55 and was achieved by Ngoc Duc Tran (Germany) at the Turn und Festhalle in Gerstetten, Baden-Württemberg, on 15 April 2015. Ngoc Duc Tran is also a member of the SVM athletics club.
9085Most pull ups in one minute with a 100-lb packSteven Proto14 repetitionsUnited States, Edmond15 October 2014The most pull ups in one minute with a 100-lb pack is 14 and was achieved by Steven Proto (USA) in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA, on 15 October 2014. Proto attempted the record in four sets. He did 11 repititions in his first set, followed by three sets of one repetition.
9086Longest red carpetGera Arcaden, Michael BilingerGermany, Gera,,Gera, Germany03 November 2014The longest red carpet is 5.35 km (3.32 miles) long and was achieved by Gera Arcaden and Michael Bilinger (both Germany), and measured on 3 November 2014.
9087Largest martenitsaVidin MunicipalityBulgaria, Vidin01 March 2015The largest martenitsa is 16,704 m (54,803 ft 0.48 in) long and was achieved by Vidin Municipality (Bulgaria) as measured in Vidin, Bulgaria, on 1 March 2015. Martenitsas are a traditional part of Bulgarian folklore, signifying the arrival of spring.
9088Smallest inkjet-printed colour imageDavid Kim, David Norris, Stephan Kress, Patrizia Richner, Dimos Poulikakos, Martin Schmid, Julian Schneider, Patrick GallikerSwitzerland, Zurich04 October 2015The smallest inkjet-printed colour image is 0.0092 mm² and was achieved by Patrick Galliker, Julian Schneider, Martin Schmid, Dimos Poulikakos, Patrizia Richner (all Switzerland), Stephan Kress (Germany), David Norris and David Kim (both USA) as measured in Zurich, Switzerland, on 4 October 2015. The team reproduced a picture of a few Clownfish. To qualify, the resultant image was required to contain at least 256 colours.
9089Largest shaved ice dessertGlaxoSmithKline Ltd.1266 kilogram(s)Chinese Taipei, Taipei18 July 2015The largest shaved ice dessert is 1,226 kg and was achieved by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (Overseas) Ltd. Taiwan Branch (Chinese Taipei) in Taipei, Chinese Taipei on 18 July 2015. The attempt took place outside in 35 degree Celsius weather. To make sure the shaved ice dessert did not melt, a tent was placed over the dessert and ice blocks were placed around the container to keep it cool. For the toppings, 60 kg of mango jam and 20 kg of gummy candies were used. The event promoted GSK's Sensodyne toothpaste.
9090First monumental domeTemple of Mercuryfirst firstItaly, BaiaeFirst century BC BCThe world’s first ever monumental stone dome is the 21.55-m diameter Temple of Mercury at Baiae in Ancient Rome, near Naples, Italy. Probably constructed in the first century BC from packed tufa rubble, it was not, in fact, a temple, but instead a city baths, along with two similarly sized concrete domes. The dome is unusual for being pierced by both an upper oculus and four windows, and helped to inspire later Roman domes such as the Pantheon. It is not quite circular in plan, and probably used eight timber trusses during construction. n/a

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