Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

901Most participants in a zorbing relayGP22 Company LImited237 participantsHong Kong, Hong Kong25 April 2015The most participants in a zorbing relay is 237 participants and was achieved by GP22 (Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, China on 25 April 2015. The attempt ended after a participant failed to completed the required 50 m distance. The attempt took approximately 6 hours to complete.
902Smallest real-world car in a videogamePeel P50 microcarNot Applicable30 September 2015Courtesy of a mod created by "popos1" on 30 September 2015, Grand Theft Auto V players were able to squeeze themselves into a loosely scaled Peel P50 – a 1960s three-wheeled microcar that measured 134 cm (53 in) long, 99 cm (39 in) wide and 134 cm (53 in) high in the real world. That's smaller than a fairground dodgem. The mod was available to download from The Peel P50 was originally manufactured from 1962 to 1965 by UK company Peel Engineering Company.
903Most free-kicks goals scored by a goalkeeperRogério Ceni59 timesBrazil, São Paulo11 April 2015The most free-kick goals scored by a goalkeeper is 59 scored by Rogério Ceni (Brazil) playing for São Paulo Futebol Clube from 15 February 1997 to 11 April 2015. This total does not include friendly matches. Rogério Ceni (Brazil) is also the goalkeeper with the most goals overall in the history of football.
904Most people to contribute to a painted wooden block mosaicBosch529 peopleGermany, Stuttgart19 September 2015The most people to contribute to a painted wooden block mosaic is 529 people and was achieved by Bosch (Switzerland), at Neckarpark Stadion in Stuttgart, Germany, on 19 September 2015. The wooden block mosaic made the image of a big football in Neckarpark Stadion at the Handwerker Cup 2015.Adjudicated by Sofia Greenacre
905Most contributions to a painting by numbersVictoria Educational Organisation2,603 participantsHong Kong, Hong Kong22 December 2015The most contributions to a painting by numbers is 2,603 participants and was achieved by Victoria Educational Organisation (Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, China on 22 December 2015. The attempt was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Victoria Educational Organisation. The participants included teachers, students, students' parents and alumni. The final size of the painting is 12.8 metres (42 ft) long and 1.82 metres (5.97 ft) wide.
906Most expensive sculpture sold at auctionAlberto Giacometti141,000,000 US dollar(s)United States, New YorkAt Christie’s auction house in New York, USA, on 11 May 2015, Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s 1947 work L’homme au doigt (Pointing Man) was sold for $141 m (£98.9 m), the most ever paid for a sculpture at auction. The 180-cm bronze statue shows a man – tall and spindly (Giacometti’s trademark style) – with one arm extended in a pointing gesture. It is believed that the left arm was originally curled around a second figure, which Giacometti subsequently removed. Created at short notice for an exhibition in New York in 1947, L’homme au doigt was reportedly made in a single night between midnight and 9 a.m. Giacometti produced a total of six casts of the piece, most of which are in museums around the world.
907Fastest marathon dressed as a sumo wrestlerEamonn O'Neill3:44:15 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Canada, Calgary01 June 2014The fastest marathon dressed as a sumo wrestler is 3 hr 44 min 15 sec and was achieved by Eamonn O'Neill (Ireland) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 1 June 2014. Eamonn O'Neill set the record at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon.
908Longest duration balancing on a 6 m ladderUzeyer Novruzov7 min 15 sec minute(s), second(s)China, 07 January 2016The longest duration balancing on a 6 m ladder is 7 minutes and 15 seconds and was achieved by Uzeyer Novruzov (Russia) on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 7 January 2016. The ladder used can only have two feet and must not be supported in any way.
909Loudest scream by a crowd (outdoors)Matias Viitasalo127.2 decibel(s) (A-weighted)Finland, Siilinjärvi16 April 2005A scream by a group of Scouts (all Finland) was measured to reach a level of 127.2 dBA, in the grounds of Toivala's Metsäkoulu, Siilinjärvi, Finland on 16 April 2005.
910Loudest crowd roar at a sports stadiumKansas City Chiefsdecibel(s) (A-weighted)United States, Kansas City29 September 2014The loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium is 142.2 dbA and was achieved by fans of the Kansas City Chiefs (USA), at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, on 29 September 2014.The roar was recorded with 8 seconds remaining in the first quarter. The Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots 41-14.Read more: Kansas City Chiefs fans reclaim record for loudest crowd roar at sports stadium
911Classics: Most motorcycles driven over the body whilst laying on a bed of nails
912Smallest visible objectVeronica SeiderGermany, Stuttgart01 October 1972The resolving power of the human eye is 0.0003 of a radian or an arc of one minute (1/60th of a degree), which corresponds to 100 microns at 25 cm (10 in). A micron is a thousandth of a millimetre, hence 100 microns is 0.003937, or less than four thousandths of an inch or 2.5 cm.The human eye can, however, detect a bright light source shining through an aperture only 3 to 4 microns across. In October 1972 the University of Stuttgart, then West Germany, reported that their student Veronica Seider (b. 1951) possessed a visual acuity 20 times better than average. She could identify people at a distance of more than a mile (1.6 km).
913Guinness World Records Classics: Tightest truck parallel parkingEvery Monday here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking.
914Games Development Students Lose Sleep But Win Game Jam RecordLast Sunday saw an enormous undertaking from games design students at the University of Bedfordshire, in Luton, UK, as almost 300 daring developers attempted the Guinness World Records title for 'Most participants in a game jam'.A 'game jam' is a type of marathon event that is popular with games designers, where they are challenged to create a playable prototype of a videogame from scratch in under 48 hours.The previous record was held by Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, Denmark, and stood at 290 participants.A total of 299 developers worked in teams with each delivering a working prototype to achieve the record, narrowly beating their Nordic competitors.The attempt was supported by Train2Game and Microsoft Corporation supplied prizes for the winning teams, including brand new Windows phones.
915Video: Big gun! Watch world’s largest revolver being firedYou'd have a have fairly good excuse not to be quick on the draw with this gun.Built by Poland's Ryszard Tobys, this super-sized replica of a Remington 1859 holds the world record for being the world's largest revolver.Weighing 45 kg (99.2 lb), it has a length of 1.26 m (4 ft 1.5 in) and a height of 40 cm (15.75 in).Fully working, the gun holds six bullets, each weighing 136 g (4.7 oz), with a calibre of 28 mm (1.1 in).First test-fired in July 2002, Ryszard shows just what the record-breaking weapon is capable of in the recently filmed clip below.videoSimilar records: Highest rate of fire for a machine gun in service Largest gun mounted on a ship Longest confirmed sniper kill
916Video: Seattle stages world’s largest snowball fightA crowd of thousands turned Seattle into a blizzard of snow balls on Saturday as the US city's downtown area played host to area a record-breaking icy battle.In the shadow of the iconic Space Needle landmark, 5,834 people helped set a new world record for the largest snowball fight.More than 30 truckloads of snow were brought in from the nearby neighbourhood of Cascades for the event, which included a snow fort building competition and pub crawl.The epic battle helped mark Snow Day, a fundraiser for local children's charity The Boys and Girls Clubs of King County.Each participant threw at least one snowball during the attempt, which beat the previous world record of 5,387 at a 2010 snowball fight in South
917​Fastest time to build a two-block piston door (tablet)This record is for the fastest time to build a two-block piston door in the game of Minecraft.This record is only to be attempted on a tablet device.The record is to be attempted on creative mode.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured in minute(s) and second(s) at the time the structure is completed.For the purposes of this record, a two-block piston door is defined as a two block high, two block wide structure that, when activated via a redstone circuit and switch, moves the blocks that make up the door horizontally by one block creating the result where each of the two 'columns' separate to make a space.
918Most simultaneous pinata games (single venue)This record is for the greatest number of simultaneous piñata games taking place at a single venue.The record is to be attempted by a team of unlimited size.This record is measured in the number of Pinatas successfully smashed.For the purpose of this record, a piñata game is defined as when a papier-mâché or other type of container which is decorated, filled is then broken by being hit by a bat in order to spill its contents (traditionally candy or money) as part of a game between one or more individuals. In order to play the game participants must be spun around a minimum of three times and then directed in the direction of the piñata and they should aim to break the piñata with their bat.
919Fastest 100 m by a battery powered Mini 4WD model carThis record is for the fastest time for a battery powered Mini 4WD model car to complete a 100 metre-long course.This record is to be attempted by an individual or team of unlimited size with one Mini 4WD model car.Measurement value: time – in seconds to the nearest 100th of a second.For the purposes of the record, a battery powered Mini 4WD car is a four-wheel drive model car that uses batteries to provide the electrical energy used for propulsion. The car must be a plastic model race car without remote control.
920Fastest time to mentally divide a 10-digit number by a five-digit numberAmit GargUnited States15 March 2012Many of us switch on our calculators when faced with the simplest of arithmetic tasks. But not Dr Amit Garg, an analyst at Baybridge Technology, Annapolis, USA. On 15 March 2012, he set a new world record for mental arithmetic division. He divided a 10-digit number by a five-digit number (each randomly chosen within the constraint that the former must be divisible by the latter exactly) – performing this task 10 times over in 5 minutes 45 seconds, averaging 34.5 seconds per division.
921Most napkins snatched from a table with a yo-yo in one minuteYang YuanqingChina06 January 2014The most napkins snatched from a table with a yo-yo in one minute is 12 and was achieved by Yang Yuanqing (Chinese Taipei) on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special at Heilan International Equestrian Club, in Jiangsu, China, on 6 January 2014.
922Largest aircraft, cargo by volumeBoeing 747 Dreamlifter1840 cubic metre(s)United States, 31 December 2007The aircraft with the largest cargo deck volume is the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, with a cargo deck volume of 1,840 cubic metres (65,000 cubic feet). The aircraft, which entered service in 2007, has a wingspan of almost 65 metres, a fuselage over 8 metres wide, a height of nearly 22 metres, and a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.82 (82 percent of the speed of sound). The craft is loaded via a "swing-tail", whereby the rear section is hinged enabling it to swing round and open up. A total of four Dreamlifters have been built so far.
923Most expensive magazineNomenus Quarterly6500 US dollar(s)United States, New York01 January 2009In June 2009, Nomenus Quarterly, a limited-edition folio of original or previously unpublished images, reduced its print run to 10 copies from 50 and raised the price for a copy from $2,500 (then £1,500) to $6,500 (then £4,000).Nomenus Quarterly began publication 2007 under Erik Madigan Heck, its founder and editor in chief. All works are specifically created for each edition or previously unpublished. Nomenus Quarterly appears online four times per year, and additionally in print as a series of limited-edition folios and books.
924Fly fishing - farthest cast into a fish bowlMaria Dolores Montesinos Fernández7 metre(s)Spain, Madrid11 December 2001Maria Dolores Montesinos Fernández (Spain) cast a weighted fly into a fish bowl with a neck diameter of 17.5 cm (6.8 in) without touching the sides from a distance of 7 m (22.96 ft) at the studios of El Show de los Récords, Madrid, Spain on 11 December 2001.
925Fastest 100 m by a pantomime horse (team - male)Shane CrawfordAustralia, Melbourne,,outside the set of The Footy Show30 July 2009Shane Crawford and Adrian Mott (both AUS) completed a distance of 100 m remaining inside a pantomime horse costume for the entire race in 12.045 sec outside the set of The Footy Show in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 30 July 2009.Shane Crawford is an ex professional AFL player and Adrian Mott is a professional sprinter and 2006 winner of the coveted and iconic Stawell Gift.
926Largest collection of bar towelsRobert BegleyUnited States, Chambersburg01 March 2005The largest collection of bar towels belongs to Robert Begley of Chambersburg, United States, with 2,372 towels representing 27 different countries which he has been collecting since 1990.Robert has been collecting bar towels since the age of 7 when his grandmother got him interested in collecting wheat pennies. Since then, Robert has been collecting everything from coins, Boy Scout patches, nutcrackers, bar tap handles, beer bottles, pub signs and of course bar towels which range from Abbot Ale to Zyweic.
927Greatest distance zorbingSteve Camp570 kilometre(s)New Zealand, Paengaroa07 November 2006The greatest distance travelled by a zorb ball in a single roll is 570 m (1,870 ft 0.9 in) by Steve Camp (South Africa) in Paengaroa, New Zealand, on 7 November 2006 as part of Guinness World Records Day.
928Fastest speed on a quad bike (ATV)Terry Wilmeth315.74 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Madras, Oregon15 June 2008The highest speed on a quad bike (ATV) is 315.74 km/h (196.19 mph) achieved by Terry Wilmeth (USA) onboard his ALSR Rocket Raptor version 6.0, a modified Yamaha 700 Raptor at the Madras Airport, Madras, Oregon, USA, on 15 June 2008.The ATV was augumented with a hybrid rocket thruster. The speed is the average of 2 runs in opposite directions.
929Highest capacity for a passenger aircraft (present day)Airbus A380Europe, Toulouse01 January 2007The highest capacity jet airliner is the double deck Airbus 380 (manufactured by EADS (Airbus S.A.S.)), which first flew in Toulouse, France on 27 April 2005 and is due to enter its first airline service in October 2007 with Singapore Airlines. Whilst it has a nominal seating capacity of 555 seats, it has a potential maximum seating capacity of 853 depending on the interior fuselage fit. It has a wing span of 79.8 m (261 ft 8 in), a range of 15,000 km (9,320 miles 8,000 nautical miles) and a cruising speed of Mach 0.85 (1049 km/h 652 mph). The A380 has 49% more floor area but only 35% more seats (in 555 seat configuration) than the previous holder, Boeing 747-400, thus allowing room for passenger amenities such as bars, gymnasiums and duty free shops.
930Most vaults in one hourBlue Falcons Gymnastic Display Team6250 timesUnited Kingdom, Chelmsford05 September 2009

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