Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9511Longest straw chainpogonaru petruRomania, buzau10 July 2008The longest straw chain measured 11,298 m (37,066 ft 10 in) using 58,469 drinking straws. The chain was made by Petru Pogonaru, Marcu Cristi and 27 Students (all Romania) at Dacia Square, Buzau, Romania, on 10 July 2008.
9512Largest bathrobeForum Camlik, DenizliTurkey, Denizli,Forum Camlik, Denizli24 April 2010The largest bathrobe was created by Forum Camlik, Denizli (Turkey) & NESA Tekstil A.S. (Days in Colours) at the GWR Live! Roadshow at Forum Camlik, in Denizli, Turkey, on 24 April 2010. It measures 15.17 m (49 ft 9 in) in length. It has 7.36 m (24 ft 2 in) chest circumference, 7.30 m (23 ft 11 in) sleeve length, 22.1 m (72 ft 6 in) belt length and 17.78 m (58 ft 4 in) bottom circumference.It took 5 days to be sewed and more than 20 persons helped in completing it
9513Most TV channels broadcasting the same programme simultaneously.Mustafa SalamahUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai07 April 2010The record for most TV channels broadcasting the same programme simultaneously is 61 and was achieved by Mustafa Salamah (UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on 7 April 2010.61 TV channels broadcasted simultaneously the launching of ?A Distinguished Woman? programme, presented by Rihab Zain Al-din. The 'Distinguished Woman' is a social programme, aiming to discuss women issues most suffered from in the Middle East.
9514Most consecutive opponents, real tennis singlesWill Stephens26 peopleUnited Kingdom, Prested Hall, Feering, Essex21 March 2010The most consecutive opponents, real tennis singles is 26 achieved by Will Stephens (UK) at Prested Hall, Essex, UK, on 20-21 March 2010.Mr. Stephens won 9 games out of 26.
9515Fastest time to put 10 individual centipedes in the mouthBunthawee Siangwong5/20 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Rome11 March 2010The fastest time to put 10 live individual centipedes in the mouth is 5 minutes 20 seconds and was achieved by Bunthawee Siangwong (Thailand) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 11 March 2010. The record was part of the Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record"
9516Largest magnet sculptureNano Magnetics73.66/40.64 centimetre(s)United States, Los Angeles14 January 2011The largest magnet sculpture is 73.66 cm (29 in) tall and 40.64 cm (16 in) wide and was created by Nano Magnetics (Canada) at the Golden Globe Luxury Gift Lounge in the London Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 14 January 2011. The statue replicates the famous Golden Globe Award.
9517Largest collection of flamingo-related itemsSherry Knight619 itemsUnited States, lecanto02 June 2011Sherry Knight (USA) has 619 flamingo-related items as of 19 February 2011, displayed at the Path Shelter Store in Lecanto, Florida, USA. Store manager Sherry brought her flamingo collection to the store five years ago, hoping it will get more people in. Customers started bringing back flamingos for her when they came back from travelling.
9518Largest vuvuzelaHyundai Automotive South AfricaSouth Africa, Cape TownThe largest vuvuzela is 35 metres (114 ft 9 in) long and 5.5 metres (18 ft) in diameter at the front. It was created by Hyundai Automotive South Africa and was presented and measured in Cape Town, South Africa, on 26 May 2010.The vuvuzela is sounded before each match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
9519First use of PlayStations as military training equipmentBritish Royal NavyfirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 2010The British Royal Navy is the first service organization to use Sony PlayStations for military use. Marine engineering technicians have been provided with the PlayStations to enable them to use study packages produced by the Maritime Warfare School at HMS Collingwood, Fareham, UK. So far, the school has bought 230 consoles, in recognition of the arrival of a generation that no longer naturally studies from books.
9520First car to break the sound barrierAndy GreenfirstUSA, Black Rock Desert,Nevada01 January 1997When Andy Green (UK) set the land speed record in 1997 in the Black Rock Desert, it was the first time that anyone on land had gone faster than the speed of sound (usually around 1,236 km/h, or 768 mph) in dry air at 20°C (68°F). The resultant sonic boom shook a school and caused sprinkler covers to fall off in the nearby town of Gerlach.Pilot Green achieved the record 50 years and a day after the sound barrier was broken in the air by pilot Chuck Yeager (USA).
9521Tallest swing carouselSix Flags Over TexasUnited States, Arlington17 June 2013The tallest swing carousel, called "Texas SkyScreamer", is 122.78 m (402 ft 10 in) and is operated by Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, USA. It was measured on 17 June 2013.
9522Largest incense stick mosaicAwajishi Shokokai4.83 square metre(s)Japan, 18 July 2010The largest incense stick mosaic measured 4.83 m² (52 ft²) and was achieved by Awajishi Shokokai (Japan) at Akashikaikyo National Government Park, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan, on 18 July 2010.The image created was of a character that represents Awaji Island. The hat on top of the picture represents the bridge that links the island to the mainland.
9523Longest professional tennis matchJohn Isner, Nicolas MahutUnited Kingdom, Wimbledon, London24 June 2010John Isner (USA) and Nicolas Mahut (France) began playing their first-round match at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships at 6pm on Tuesday 22 June 2010. But after two hours and 52 minutes, the matched was stopped due to fading light to resume on Wednesday 23 June. The two continued on to a fifth set when play was suspended again due to fading light. The match ended 24 June 2010 after 11 hours and five minutes.
9524Fastest vehicle crossing the Gilf Al-Kebir plateauHesham NessimEgypt, New Valley09 July 2012Hesham Nessim (Egypt) crossed the Gilf Al-Kebir plateau in 5 hr 7 min, achieving the record from south to north of the plateau between Kamal El-din Hussein Memorial and Wadi Abdul Malek, Egypt, on 9 July 2012The journey started on 9 July 2012 at 7:05 a.m. and ended at 12:12 p.m., covering a 380 km (236 miles). The vehicle used in the record attempt is Volkswagen Amarok.
9525Most people sanitising their hands simultaneouslySaint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force WingIndia, Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, Haryana,,SMG Sports Complex23 September 2012The most people sanitising their hands simultaneously is 7,675 at an event organised by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing (both India) at SMG Sports Complex in Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, Haryana, India, on 23 September 2012.This record was organised to promote a hygiene and sanitation drive across several Indian cities.
9526Most yoghurt eaten in one minutePatrick Bertoletti2/12.875 gram(s)USA, Sierra Studios,East Dundee,Illinois14 January 2012The most yoghurt eaten in one minute is 1.272 kg (2 lb 12.875 oz) and was achieved by Patrick Bertoletti (USA) at Sierra Studios, in East Dundee, Illinois, USA, on 14 January 2012.
9527Longest flower structureDuan Wenxue166.15 metre(s)China, Kaifeng,,Longting Park18 October 2010The longest flower structure is 166.15 m (545 ft 1.3 in) and was achieved by the Organizing Committee of the 10th China Chrysanthemum Exhibition (China) at an event held in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, China, on 18 October 2010.The flower structure was in the shape of a dragon and was covered with 112,800 pots of chrysanthemum flowers, covering an area of 1,450.68 m²(15,614 ft² 142 in²) with a volume of 761.607 m³(26,895.9 ft³).
9528Largest plastic bottle sculptureJolanta SmidtieneLithuania, kaunas04 December 2011The largest sculpture made from plastic bottles contains 42,000 bottles and was made by Jolanta Smidtiene (Lithuania), on the Town Hall Square, in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 4 December 2011. The sculpture was 16 m (52 ft) high and depicted a Christmas tree.
9529Tallest paper cup tower in 30 secondsKatie Brennan40 centimetre(s)Ireland, Tullow,,Tullow Youth House.04 July 2013The tallest tower of paper cups built in 30 seconds was 40 cm (15.75 in) and was achieved by Katie Brennan (Ireland) at Tullow Youth Project, Co.Carlow, Ireland on 4 July 2013.
9530Largest cream filled biscuitHoppe Food Group & Midden Brabant CollegeNetherlands, Tilburg01 November 2011The largest cream-filled biscuit weighed 28.24 kg (62 lb 4 oz), measured 101 cm (39 in) in length and 69.5 cm (27 in) in width, and was achieved by Hoppe Food Group & Midden Brabant College (Netherlands), at the Midden Brabant College, in Tilburg, Netherlands, on 1 November 2011.
9531Largest voodoo dollFusion-io , Catherina WilliamsUnited States, New Orleans17 November 2010The largest voodoo doll was 6.6 m (21 ft 8 in), and was created by Catherina Williams of Intuitions and Fusion-io (both USA) at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on 17 November 2010. The doll had an arm span of 0.5 m (1 ft 8 in), and was blessed in the traditional manner of the voodoo religion by a bona fide voodoo priestess. Amanda Mochan adjudicated.
9532Most birthday greetings videos receivedKinder NiespodziankaPoland, Warsaw11 November 2012The most birthday greetings videos received is 10,754 and was achieved by Kinder Niespodzianka (Poland). The videos were collected from all over Poland between 7 September and 11 November 2012.Most people in the videos sang "Sto Lat" a traditional polish birthday song to Kinder Niespodzianka and some sang the song "Happy Birthday" in English. 408 submitted videos had to be disqualified because they weren’t audible.
9533Highest altitude bicycle raceI Ruta Internacional de la AlpacaPeru, Arequipa25 November 2010The highest altitude bicycle race is I Ruta Internacional de la Alpaca (Peru) which starts at 4,873 m (15,987 ft) above sea level at Oquepuño's Locality, Puno's City, Peru. The inaugural race was held from 25 to 28 November 2010.The race is a four-stage event and is more than 500 km (310 miles) long.
9534Largest hand drill (non powered)Miljenko MustapicCroatia, Imotski12 March 2011The largest non-powered hand drill measures 15.15 m (49 ft 8 in) long and the handle is 10.3 m(33 ft 9 in) wide. It was created by Miljenko Mustapic (Croatia), and was presented and measured in Imotski, Croatia, on 12 March 2011.The drill is an outsized replica of an existing traditional hand drill.
9535Most consecutive loops flown in close formation (fixed wing aircraft)The Blades Aerobatic Display TeamUnited Kingdom, Sywell20 October 2011The most consecutive loops flown in close formation by fixed wing aircraft is 26 achieved by The Blades Aerobatic Display Team (UK) at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire, UK, on 20 October 2011. The team flew four Extra 300 aircraft. The pilots that flew were Myles Garland, Dave Slow, Andy Evans and Mark Cutmore. The attempt has been officially verified by FAI.
9536Lightest Wi-Fi phonemodu Mobile62.7 gram(s)Israel, Kfar Saba21 September 2010The lightest Wi-Fi phone is the modu W, which weighs 62.7 g (2.2 oz). It is manufactured by modu Ltd. (Israel) and was measured at The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 21 September 2010.An example of the phone was submitted as evidence. It's the same chassis as the modu-T (Lightest touch screen mobile (cell) phone, ATT ID 118869) but trades in access to 3G and GPRS in exchange for Wi-Fi. This means that it's only capable of making phone calls via wireless internet using VOIP (for example Skype or Nimbuzz).Also of note is that it's the smallest phone to run Google's Android OS.
9537Most landmarks illuminated in 24 hoursThe Estée Lauder CompaniesUnited States, International01 October 2010The most landmarks illuminated in 24 hours is 38 and was achieved by The Estée Lauder Companies as recognised in New York, New York, USA, on 1 October 2010. According to event sources, the global record attempt began in Australia on Thursday, September 30th, with the illumination of Federation Square in Melbourne and the National Library of Australia in Canberra. Illumination events then continued around the world including iconic structures such as Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel in India and Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Tokyo Tower in Japan, Las Condes' City Hall in Chile and the Hotel Majestic in France, then culminating with the Empire State Building.
9538Largest serving of dried bean curdJeff ZhangChina, Nanxi County,,Xicheng New District28 October 2010The largest serving of dried bean curd is 1,029 kg (2,268.56 lb) and was achieved by the Nanxi Food Industry Association (China) at an event held in Nanxi County, Sichuan Province, China, on 28 October 2010.The food container was 1.8 m (5 ft 10.8 in) long, 1.2 m (3 ft 11.2 in) wide and 0.7 m (2 ft 3.5 in) tall. The pieces of dried bean curd were served to more than 10,000 people at the event
9539Most multiples in the same academic year at one schoolHenry James Memorial SchoolUnited States, Simsbury, CTThe most multiple birth sets in the same academic year at one school is 20, and consists of 18 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets, achieved by Henry James Memorial School in Simsbury, Connecticut, USA, and verified on 31 May 2012.
9540Longest distance swung between two bars (parkour)James Stokes3.2 metre(s)United Kingdom, 08 September 2010The longest distance swung between two bars is 3.2 m (10 ft 5 in) and was achieved by James Stokes (UK) at Parkour Park, Chineham, Hampshire, UK, on 8 September 2010. James is a member of the parkour team, 3Run. James used two standard scaffold poles.

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