Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9601Heaviest Single Chassis Parade FloatNatural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.United States, Pasadena02 January 2012The heaviest single chassis parade float weighed 59,851.51 kg (131,950 lb) and was achieved by Natural Balance Pet Foods (USA) at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, USA, on 2 January 2012.The float featured a wave pool where dogs took turns surfing waves during the parade. The California Highway Patrol assisted in the weighing process.
9602Fastest heel to toe walk (ten metres)Jock BusuttilUnited Kingdom, Emirates Stadium08 October 2010The fastest ten metre heel to toe walk is 11.66 seconds and was achieved by Jock Busuttil (UK) at the Experian QAS company event at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK, on 8 October 2010.GWR Live! event.
9603Largest ninepin bowling tournamentFunk Galanta Bowling Marathon 2010Slovakia, Galanta19 December 2010The largest ninepin bowling tournament consisted of 324 participants at the Funk Galanta Ninepin Bowling Marathon 2010 in Galanta, Slovakia, from 16-19 December 2010.The tournament drew players from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The format consisted of each player bowling four turns and tallying up the aggregate scores to determine the final standings.The winner was Lubomír Bugár with a score of 611 across his four throws.
9604Longest time survived trapped undergroundThe 33 of San JoseChile, Copiapó13 October 2010The longest time survived trapped underground is 69 days by "The 33 of San Jose", (32 Chilean and 1 Bolivian), who were trapped 688 m (2,257 ft) below the surface after the collapse of the San José copper-gold mine, near Copiapó, Chile, on 5 August 2010. All 33 men made it safely back to the surface via a rescue capsule. The last miner was lifted to safety at 21:55 CLDT on 13 October 2010.A drill was used to reach the miners and then a capsule was lovered down the shaft, winching each miner up individually, with each lift taking around 15 minutes each. The miners trapped were: Mario Sepúlveda, Juan Illanes, Jimmy Sánchez, Osmán Araya, José Ojeda, Claudio Yáñez, Mario Gómez, Alex Vega, Jorge Galleguillos, Edison Peña, Carlos Barrios, Víctor Zamora, Víctor Segovia, Daniel Herrera, Omar Reygadas, Esteban Rojas, Pablo Rojas, Darío Segovia, Yonni Barrios, Samuel Ávalos, Carlos Bugueño, José Henríquez, Renán Ávalos, Claudio Acuña, Franklin Lobos, Richard Villarroel, Juan Carlos Aguilar, Raúl Bustos, Pedro Cortez, Ariel Ticona Yáñes and Luis Urzúa are all from Chile and Carlos Mamani is from Bolivia.
9605Longest stone chainGiuseppe LusettiItaly, Mergozzo25 January 2011The longest stone chain measured 29.3 m (96 ft 1 in) in length, was carved by Giuseppe Lusetti (Italy) in Mergozzo, Italy, and measured on 4 January 2011.The chain was carved from a single piece of green granite and included 239 individual links.
9606Largest spring steel mosaic1066 MosaicNew Zealand01 January 1999The largest spring steel mosaic consists of two million pieces. It is a recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Each piece measures 7 mm² (0.01 in²), and are offcuts from a patterning disk used on an industrial knitting machine. The mosaic took 25 years to complete from 1979 to 2004.The pieces are all stuck onto masking tape which was then assembled to metal frames and painted to match the tapestry exactly. The mosaic measures 33.8 metres (110.8 ft) and weighs approximately 230 kilograms (507 lb).
9607Largest ball pyramidCal ShipmanUnited States, Hideaway31 January 2014The largest ball pyramid consists of 16,206 golf balls, and was achieved by Cal Shipman and The First Tee of Greater Tyler (both USA) at Mamie G Griffin Elementary School, Tyler, Texas, USA, on 31 January 2014.
9608Fastest streamlined motorcycle speed (female)Erin Hunter229.92 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Bonneville Salt Flats03 September 2010The fastest streamlined motorcycle speed for a female rider is 229.92 kmh (142.86 mph) and was achieved by Erin Hunter (USA) on Jack Costella’s “Nebulous Theorem IV” motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 3 September 2010.The speed represents the average of two passes on the track in opposing directions. This is an official FIM record.
9609Most pumpkins smashed in one minuteBen ShephardUnited Kingdom29 October 2010The most pumpkins smashed in one minute is 11 and was achieved by Ben Shephard (UK) on the set of This Morning, ITV, London, UK, on 29 October 2010.TV/PR adjudication-live TV. Amarilis Espinoza, Louise Toms and Louise Ireland adjudicated. Ben competed against Peter Andre and Chris Evans for the record.
9610Largest light bulb display (indoors)Sun Plaza shopping centreRomania, Bucharest25 November 2010The largest Christmas lights decoration in an indoor venue consisted of 449,658 individual lights sources and was achieved by the Sun Plaza shopping centre (Romania) in Bucharest, Romania, on 25 November 2010.The Sun Plaza is the largest shopping centre in Romania (as of today) with 209,000 m2 (0.08 square miles) of constructed area and 86 m2 (0.03 square miles) of retail area with a total of 109 shops. The lights installation was manufactured by the German company 'First Christmas'. It took two weeks of work to install the Christmas lights in the shopping centre.
9611Farthest drive by an online controlled vehicle in 24 hoursMitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.United States, Long Beach09 November 2010The farthest drive by an online controlled vehicle in 24 hours was 146.45 km (91 miles), and was achieved by Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (USA) in Long Beach, California, USA, on 8-9 November 2010. The car used for the attempt was a 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, and individuals in the United States were able to log onto the vehicle's website and participate in the virtual test drive. Amanda Mochan adjudicated.
9612Largest bronze bowlThe Aging Committee of Rugao CityChina, Rugao,,Rugao Shouxing Garden28 October 2011The largest bronze bowl measures 1.7 m (5 ft 6.93 in) high, with an upper diameter of 3.16 m (10 ft 4.41 in). It was created by the People’s Government of Rugao City (China) and was unveiled in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, China, on 28 October 2011.The bronze bowl weighed 1,294 kg (2,852.78 lb), with a volume of 8.5 cubic meters (1,869.74 gal).
9613Most individual juggling rotations in one minute (5 clubs)Moulin Rouge, Mario BerousekFrance, Paris16 November 2010The most rotations whilst juggling in one minute is 735 and was achieved by Moulin Rouge performer Mario Berousek (Czech Republic) at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France, on 16 November 2010 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.
9614Smallest tailored men's suitHaruyama Trading Co., Ltd.Japan01 December 2012The smallest tailored men's suit measures 19.7 cm (7.76 in) for the jacket and 35.5 cm (13.98 in) for the trousers, and was made by Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd. (Japan) in Okayama, Okayama, Japan. The suit was measured on 1 December 2012.
9615First Olympic VillageParis Olympic Village, 1924France, Paris01 January 1924Prior to the 1924 Games, the competing athletes were put up in hotels and other forms of accommodation across the host city. However, this was expensive and logistically very challenging, so the organizers of Paris 1924 instead constructed a series of cabins close to the Olympic Stadium to house the visiting athletes. Although the complex was given the name ‘Olympic Village’, it was quite primitive in design, and the first true, fully developed Olympic Village, complete with kitchens and other modern amenities, was still eight years away, built for the Los Angeles Games in 1932.
9616Most user-generated videogame levels played in 24 hoursLauren Guiliano, Sean Crowley, David DinoUnited States, New York19 January 2011The most user-generated video game levels played in 24 hours is 272 and was achieved by David Dino, Lauren Guiliano and Sean Crowley, who played LittleBigPlanet 2 (MediaMolecule, 2011) in New York City, New York, USA, from 17-19 January 2011. Stuart Claxton adjudicated
9617Most expensive glove sold at auctionPonte 16 Resort420000 US dollar(s)China, Macau21 November 2009The most expensive glove sold at auction was sold for $420,000 (£267,879) and was bought by Ponte 16 Resort (China) in New York, New York, USA, on 21 November 2009.The glove belonged to Michael Jackson and is now on display at the MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 in Macau, China. The auction was conducted by Julien's Auctions (USA) at the Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square in Manhattan.
9618Largest collection of horse-related itemsEdgar RugelesColombia, Bogotá,,Edgar Rugeles' home26 August 2013The largest collection of horse-related items belongs to Edgar Rugeles (Colombia), with 2,762 items as of 26 August 2013, in Bogotá, Colombia.
9619Longest time spent in direct, full body contact with snowOleksiy Gutsulyak60/8 minute(s), second(s)Ukraine, Kolomyia,Kyrylo Tryliovski City Park25 January 2013The longest time spent in direct, full body contact with snow is 60 min 8 sec and was achieved by Oleksiy Gutsulyak (Ukraine) in the Kyrylo Tryliovski City Park in Kolomyia, Ukraine, on 25 January 2013.
9620First fatalities in spaceGeorgy Timofeyevich Dobrovolsky , Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov , Viktor Ivanovich PatsayevfirstNot Applicable, 30 June 1971The first deaths in space ‘proper’ – that is, at an altitude above 100 km – occurred at the end of the Soyuz 11 mission on 30 June 1971. Georgy Timofeyevich Dobrovolsky (Ukraine), Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev (Russia) and Vladislav Nikolayevich Volkov (Russia) had spent three weeks on the Soviet Salyut 1 space station and, after undocking, a valve malfunctioned and exposed the crew, who were not wearing spacesuits, to the vacuum of space at an altitude of 168 km. The three men were asphyxiated within seconds.
9621Most family members to complete an ultramarathonPieroni family7 peopleUnited States, Nashville,,Nashville Ultra Marathon02 November 2013The most family members to complete an ultra marathon is 7 and was achieved by the Pieroni family (USA) at the Nashville Ultra Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 2 November 2013.Patriarch Dan Pieroni headed up the attempt by his four children, Christina, Julie, Amy and Andrew, and two of his grandchildren, Ashley and Courtney. The family members completed the course in the following times: Andrew - 7:02:40, Christina - 7:33:58, Julie - 7:33:58, Ashley - 7:57:37, Amy - 7:58:24, Courtney - 9:31:58, Dan - 9:33:58.
9622Smallest migrantCopepods (subphylum Crustacea)1 - 2 millimetre(s)Not Applicable, 01 January 2010Copepods (subphylum Crustacea) are planktonic organisms measuring on average 1-2 mm (0.04-0.08 in) long, although some polar species might reach 1 cm (0.4 in) in length. Despite their tiny size, they are the principle diet of much of the oceans´ inhabitants - including whales. Copepods live predominantly at the bottom of the ocean to avoid predators, although make a nightly ascent to the surface to feed. This vertical migration is also considered the most massive migration.
9623Largest migrantBlue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)Not Applicable01 January 2010At up to 27 m (88 ft) long and weighing 160 tonnes (352,000 lb), the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is not only the largest animal in the world but also the largest to migrate, travelling thousands of kilometres from their Arctic or Antarctic feeding grounds to the warmer winter breeding grounds in the tropics. Blue whales feed on the rich supply of krill available in the polar regions, but must make an annual migration to the equator to breed, as their calves – born with just a thin layer of blubber - need warm waters to survive.
9624Oldest reptile fossilsHylonomusCanada01 January 2010The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are a 15 km-long stretch of cliffs on the Bay of Fundy, Canada, that represent the richest and most comprehensive record of life in the Carboniferous geological period, from around 354-290 million years ago. It contains fossil remains of 148 species across three distinct ecosystems (estuarine bay, floodplain rainforest and fire prone forested alluvial plain with freshwater pools). Species discovered here include Hylonomus which, at around 315 million years old, remains the oldest confirmed reptile on Earth.
9625Tallest house of cards made of plexiglas panelsWalter HerbertItaly, Milan16 March 2011The tallest house of cards made of plexiglas panels measures 3.97 m (13 ft) and was constructed by Walter Moshammer (Austria) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 16 March 2011.
9626Most vertical feet skied downhill in 24 hours (female)Anna OberparleiterItaly, Olang,,Kronplatz15 January 2011The most vertical feet skied downhill in 24 hours by a female is 103,773.05 m (340,462ft 1 in) and was achieved by Anna Oberparleiter (Italy) in Olang – Kronplatz, Südtirol, Italy, on 14-15 January 2011.During the same event four teams of four competed against each other and together accumulated 1,670,999.21 m (5,482,269 ft10 in). All 16 participants are local ski teachers and have started training 6 months prior the attempt with a specialist team consisting of dieticians, physicians, sports psychologists and physiotherapists. During the attempt two more records got broken for the most vertical feet skied downhill in 24 hours (team of four) and most vertical fee skied downhill in 24 hours (male). All 16 participants skied throughout the 24 hours with no breaks in between and no injuries.
9627Fastest ice hockey shotDenis Kulyash110.3 mile(s) per hourRussia, St. Petersburg05 February 2011The hardest recorded ice hockey shot in any competition was a 110.3 mph (177.5 km/h) slapshot by Denis Kulyash (Russia) of Avangard Omsk in the Continental Hockey League's (Russia) All-Star skills competition in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 5 February 2011.Kulyash surpassed the previous mark of 105.4 miles per hour (169.7 km/h) by Zdeno Chara (Czech Republic) of the Boston Bruins (USA) set during the National Hockey League's All-Star skills competition in Montreal (Canada) on 25 January 2009.
9628Largest dangoKorezo! KoshimizuJapan, Koshimizu, Hokkaido26 February 2011The largest dango weighed 115.5 kg (254 lb 10 oz) and was made by Korezo! Koshimizu (Japan) at Koshimizu Food Stands Festival, Koshimizu, Hokkaido, Japan, on 26 February 2011.It took them 180 min to cook the denpun dango. Ingredients include potato starch 33 kg (72 lb 12 oz), sweet boiled beans 33 kg (72 lb 12 oz), salt 330 g (11 oz) and water 42.9 kg (94 lb 9 oz).
9629Most arm wrestling matches in 24 hoursIon OncescuRomania, Bucharest12 February 2012The most arm wrestling matches in 24 hours is 1,024, achieved by Ion Oncescu (Romania) at the Sun Plaza Shopping Center, Bucharest, Romania, on 12 February 2012.A €1,000 prize was offered to anyone that could beat Oncescu and the attempt attracted some serious competitive wrestlers but he won every match.
9630Only British female artist to top both the us and UK album charts with two releasesSusan BoylefirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 2010Susan Boyle (UK) is the only British female artist to top both the US and UK album charts with two releases, I Dreamed A Dream in 2009 and The Gift in 2010. The former was the biggest-selling new album in the US and UK in 2009 and the latter was named the Top US Album of 2010 by Billboard magazine.

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