Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9631Longest-running children's magazineMurzilkaRussia, MoscowThe longest running children's magazine is "Murzilka", a monthly literary and art publication for children aged 6 to 12 published by UAB “Editors Murzilka” (Russia). Murzilka launched on 16 May 1924 and has appeared monthly and without interruption for its 87 years of existence since, except for 25 double issues in the years 1931 to 1933 and 1939 to 1946. Overall, 1,015 issues were produced as of 28 December 2010.Prominent past contributors include Agniya Barto, Kornej Chukovsky, S. Marshak, M. Prishvin, K. Paustovsky, S. Mihalkov, V. Berestov, Y. Korinets, I. Tokmakova, E. Uspenskii, A. Mityaev, A. Usachev, M. Moskvina, V. Lunin, L. Yahnin, M. Yasnov and artists: E. Charushin, Y. Vasnecov, A. Kanevskii, T. Mavrina, M. Miturich, V. Chizhikov, N. Ustinov, G. Makaveeva, G. Ydin, A. Sokolov, M. Mitrofanov.
9632Largest foot rotationMoses LanhamItaly, Milan,on the set of Lo Show Dei Record10 March 2011The largest external foot rotation is 120 degrees and was achieved by Moses Lanham (USA) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 10 March 2011. On the same day, Moses achieved the record for the fastest time to walk 20 m with the feet facing backwards.
9633Largest product display unitGillette Italy, Procter and Gamble S.r.l.1385.88 cubic metre(s)Italy, Rome09 July 2011The largest display unit measured 1,385.88 m³ (48,941.8 ft³) and was achieved by Gillette Italy and Procter and Gamble S.r.l. (both Italy), in Rome, Italy, on 9 July 2011.The largest display unit measured 12.15 m (39 ft 10 in) in length, 8.15 m (26 ft 9 in) in width and 18.97 m (62 ft 3 in) in height and it was an exact replica of a Gillette ProGlide display unit measuring 1.215 m in length, 0.82 m in width and 1.795 in height. The actual volume had been calculated and adjusted to reflect the irregular shape of the display.
9634Largest collection of pizza-related itemsBrian DwyerUnited States, Philadelphia31 July 2011The largest collection of pizza-related items belongs to Brian Dwyer (USA) with 561 different items from all over the world, as of 31 July 2011, which he has been collecting since 2010.Brian set up his entire collection in a temporary art space in a neighborhood called Fishtown, in Philadelphia, PA, USA, that was open to the public. His favourite item is the first item he purchased to start his collection, an LP record, titled, Fat Boys, that features the legendary hip-hop group photographed with a pizza on the cover. His collection includes items such as games, puzzles, matchboxes, stickers, comic books, household items, clothing and includes a Ninja Turtles Plinko arcade game called ‘PIZZA DROP’.
9635Largest Carolina shag danceSociety of Stranders, Association of Carolina Shag ClubsUnited States, North Myrtle Beach24 September 2011The largest Carolina shag dance was achieved by 744 participants at an event organised by Society of Stranders and the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (both USA) at the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic and Fitness Center in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, on 24 September 2011.The dance was performed to "Something Smooth" by Rick Strickland.
9636Largest paint swatchMaster Paints Industries (PVT) Ltd7.66 square metre(s)Pakistan, 13 March 2013The largest paint swatch measured 7.66 m² (82.4 ft²) and was created by Master Paints Industries (PVT) Ltd (Pakistan) and unveiled in an event organized by Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, on 13 March 2013.The sides of the paint swatch were 6.27 m X 1.21 m (20.6 ft X 4 ft). It was completed on 26 October 2012 by Sheraz Sarfaraz, Salman Zahoor, M. Waqas and Zuhaib. The colours displayed were: Badami, Rose Petal, Barley White, Cockleshell, Mushroom, Copper and Dark Brown
9637Most prolific amateur sleuthJessica FletcherUnited States01 January 1984Jessica Fletcher (played by British actress Angela Lansbury) the hero of Murder, She Wrote (CBS 1984-96) investigated crimes for 265 episodes and four-feature length movies. Agatha Christie´s Miss Marple has had fewer small-screen cases but in various incarnations has been on the air on-and-off since 1956, when played by Gracie Fields for the US one-off A Murder is Announced (NBC).
9638Most straws stuffed in the mouth (with hands)Guinness RishiIndia, Mumbai17 March 2011The most straws stuffed in a mouth and holding them with the hands is 496, achieved by Guinness Rishi (India), who held them there for 10 seconds on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India, on 17 March 2011. Guinness Rishi had all his teeth removed so that he can stuff more straws in his mouth.
9639Fastest rail linkGuangzhou, Wuhan350 kilometre(s) per hourChina, Guangzhou/Wuhan01 January 2011The line between the cities of Guangzhou and Wuhan in China is the world’s fastest rail link with trains achieving an average speed of 350 km/h (217.48 mph), covering the 1,069-kilometre (664.24 mile) distance in just three hours. This compares favourably with France, where the average speed for high-speed trains is 277 km/h (172.12 mph), while in Japan high-speed trains manage a relatively sedate 243 km/h (150.99 mph).
9640Largest smartphone ensembleSohu , Vivo Xplay223 participantsChina, Beijing,Tongzhou District,The event took place at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy15 June 2013The largest smartphone ensemble is 223 people, in an event organized by Sohu IT and Vivo Xplay (both China) as part of the Vivo Xplay Mobile Music Festival at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy in Beijing, China, on 15 June 2013.The ensemble consisted of 223 students from the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, playing a tune on smartphones provided by Vivo Xplay.
9641Largest dessert party (multiple venues)Tanger OutletsUnited States, New YorkThe largest dessert party in multiple venues involved 6,997 participants and was organized by Tanger Outlets (USA) and took place simultaneously at 34 venues in 22 states across the USA on 12 May 2011.Tanger Outlets threw the world’s largest dessert party in order to celebrate their 30th birthday. Cookies, cupcakes, cream cakes, brownies and red velvet cake were among the desserts served at the 34 venues.
9642Longest running mechanical spinning topTOSY Robotics JSC24/35/15 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Vietnam, HanoiThe longest running mechanical spinning top duration is 24 hr 35 min 15 sec and was achieved by TOSY Robotics JSC (Vietnam) at their office in Ha Noi, Vietnam, on 23 May 2011.TOSY Robotics JSC is a high-tech toys and robotics manufacturer. Each spinning top uses a motor and is powered by four AAA batteries.
9643Fastest-selling consumer electronics deviceApple's iPad3000000 unit(s) sold, 25 March 2011The concept of tablets ­ portable, lightweight and thinner than conventional laptop computers ­ has existed for decades. The arrival of Apple¹s iPad, however ­ with its characteristic multi-touch screen ­ proved a landmark release. Following its launch in April 2010, three million units were sold in the first 80 days, and thanks to the release of the iPad 2 on 25 March 2011, 4.69 million units were sold in the second quarter of the year ­ or 311,666 per day.
9644Most Billboard US Hot 100 entries (collective)GleeUnited States02 April 2011Collectively, the cast members of the TV series Glee (USA) amassed a record 131 different Hot 100 entries in the US between 6 June 2009 and 2 April 2011. As an example of their success, they had 54 chart entries in their first 54 weeks. It should be noted, though, that the vast majority of these tracks spent only one week in the chart. In their first 16 months, in total to October 2010, they had 11.5 million single tracks downloaded in the US alone and 2.8 million albums.
9645Largest collection of miniature landmarksChandra MohanUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai23 June 2011Chandra Mohan (India) has 527 different miniatures of landmarks from 70 countries, as of May 2011, which he has been collecting since 2002.Mr Mohan who currently lives in Dubai bought his first miniature landmark, Washington Monument, in Washington DC, USA in 2002. His collection includes some of the world famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China.
9646Most spacecraft to visit an outer planetJupiterNot Applicable, ,,Jupiter01 January 2007Jupiter has been visited by seven unmanned spacecraft. Pioneers 10 and 11 performed flybys in 1973 and 1974, and Voyagers 1 and 2 also performed flybys in 1979. Ulysses achieved two long-distance flybys in 1992 and 2004 and the Galileo spacecraft orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003. Cassini-Huygens and New Horizons used Jupiter as a slingshot during flybys in 2000 and 2007 on their ways to Saturn and Pluto respectively.
9647Oldest Olympic swimming medallistDara TorresChina, Beijing09 August 2008On 9 August 2008, 41-year-old Dara Torres defied the years to earn a silver medal for the Americans in the pool at the Beijing Olympics, swimming the anchor leg in the 4 x 100 m freestyle relay. The ageing Torres was already the oldest female swimmer to win an Olympic medal, having taken gold in the medley relay at Sydney 2000, but with her Beijing performance she became the oldest Olympic swimming medallist outright, beating the century-old record set by William Robinson (UK), aged 38, at the Games in 1908.
9648Fastest golf driveRyan Winther349.38 yard(s)United States, Orlando23 January 2013The fastest golf drive is 349.38 km/h (217.1 mph) and was achieved by Ryan Winther (USA) at the Orange County National Driving Range in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 23 January 2013.
9649Largest cake for dogsFreeview (UK)68.45 kilogram(s)United Kingdom, London,,London Bridge15 April 2011The largest cake for dogs weighed 68.45 kg (150.91 lb) and was achieved by Freeview (UK) in London, UK, on 15 April 2011.The event was organised in celebration of 'The Royal Wedding' and was corgi themed.The cake itself took 3 weeks to complete and was made entirely by Michelle Wibowo (UK), a professional cake maker.The "edible" cake itself contained: 30 kg wholemeal flour, 20 kg of liver dog food, 25 cloved of garlic, 120 eggs, dried liver, beef steak, fish oil and chicken.The cake also depicted a giant corgi on the top, made entirely of icing. This did not contribute to the weight of the cake itself, since icing is not edible for dogs.
9650Last battleships to see combatUSS Missouri and WisconsinIraq01 January 2003The growing dominance of airpower and guided missiles in naval combat rendered battleships effectively obsolete. Massive guns, and therefore a massive armoured platform was no longer necessary for naval superiority. The US Navy’s 4 Iowa-class battleships, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Jersey, were first commissioned in 1943. Having spent much of their lives in mothballs, some were intermittently recommissioned for the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf wars. The Missouri and Wisconsin both fired their 16-inch guns and tomahawk cruise missiles at Iraqi targets.
9651Fastest time to eat three Bhut Jolokia ChilisJason McNabb16.15 minute(s), second(s)Italy, Milan19 June 2014The fastest time to eat 3 bhut jolokia chilli peppers is 16.15 seconds and was achieved by Jason Mcnabb (USA) at the Mediaset studios in Milan, Italy, on 19 June 2014.
9652Longest marzipan sweetThe children of the Schuberts Minde Treatment CentreDenmark, Ringkoebing10 December 2011The longest marzipan bar was 22 m 54 cm (73 ft 11 in) and was achieved by the children of Schuberts Minde Treatment Centre (Denmark), at Schuberts Minde Treatment Centre, in Ringkobing, Denmark, on 10 December 2011. In total 33 participants including children and adults helped to makes the marzipan bar. The complete dimensions of the bar were between 11.2 cm and 12.1 cm in width, 4.8 cm and 6.2 cm. This was measured by a chartered surveyor who used a Leica Totalstation to asses the measurements.
9653First inclusion of amputee athletes at the Paralympic GamesParalympic Games 1976firstCanada, Toronto01 January 1976Amputee athletes competed in the Paralympics for the first time at the 1976 Games hosted by Toronto, Canada. Wheelchair racing over distances of 200 m, 400 m, 800 m and 1,500 m was added to the line-up along with goalball, a sport aimed at visually impaired athletes. The stand-out athlete was Arnie Boldt (Canada), an 18-year-old leg amputee, who won gold in the long jump and the high jump.
9654First hourglassA 14th century hourglassfirstThe first hourglass, or sand clock, is said to have been invented by a French monk called Liutprand in the 8th century AD. However, concrete evidence of this revolutionary new form of clock, which measures time by the descent of sand from one glass bulb to another, first appeared in European ship inventories from the 14th century. Arriving just in time for the “Age of Discovery”, the hourglass was ideal for ocean travel because the bobbing waves didn’t affect its accuracy.
9655First electric clockA clock by Alexander BainfirstUnited Kingdom, 01 January 1841The first electric clock was designed by the Scottish inventor Alexander Bain (1811–77) and patented in 1841. Although Bain employed a pendulum to measure time, as in conventional clocks of the day, he took the revolutionary step of powering it with an electric current rather than the traditional method of springs or weights. Bain is also credited with developing the basics of the fax machine in the late 1840s.
9656First Automobile Map1895 Chicago Sun Herald mapfirstUnited States, 01 January 1895For an automobile race on Thanksgiving Day in the United States in 1895, the Chicago Sun Herald published a simple map of the 86-km course from Jackson Park,Illinois to Waukegan, Illinois and back to Lincoln Park, Illinois.Frank Duryea tore the map out of the newspaper and referred to it frequently as he drove to victory. It is now considered the first American automobile road map.
9657Largest water walkerBasilisk lizard (Basiliscus basiliscus)1.5 metre(s) per secondSouth AmericaThe South American basilisk lizard (Basiliscus basiliscus) can run bipedally at a velocity of 1.5 m/s (5 ft/s) for approximately 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in) before sinking. It can also 'walk on water' on all fours, which extends the distance that it can travel on the surface by about 1.3 m (4 ft 3 in).Various small insects are also able to move across the surface of water in ponds and lakes without sinking.
9658Most people controlling paddle ballsSteve Langley aka The Paddle Ball King, O.P. Earle Elementary School, Landrum Middle School443 peopleUnited States, Landrum,,O.P. Earle Elementary School30 November 2012The most people controlling paddle balls is 443 and was achieved by Steve Langley aka The Paddle Ball King, O.P. Earle Elementary School and Landrum Middle School (all USA) in Landrum, South Carolina, USA, on 30 November 2012.
9659First synthetic genome to contain secret coded messagesGenome produced by the J Craig Venter InstitutefirstUnited States, 01 January 2008The world’s first man-made bacterial genome, produced by the J Craig Venter Institute (USA) in 2008, contains five coded amino acid messages hidden in ‘watermarks’ in the genetic sequence. The following, which are references to the Venter Institute and a number of people who are closely associated with the synthetic genome - including Craig Venter, Hamilton Smith, John Glass and Clyde Hutchison - can be found within the genetic sequence:VENTERINSTITVTE [V used because there is no corresponding amino acid for the U]CRAIGVENTERHAMSMITHCINDIANDCLYDEGLASSANDCLYDE
9660Most jigsaw-puzzle pieces tattooed on the bodyEnigmaUnited States13 April 2011Artist The Enigma (USA) has 2,123 jigsaw puzzle pieces tattooed on his body as measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 13 April 2011.The Enigma, born Paul Lawrence, is a sideshow performer, actor, and musician who has undergone extensive body modification, including horn implants, ear reshaping, multiple body piercings, and a full-body jigsaw-puzzle tattoo. His tattooing process began on December 20, 1992, under the needle of "Katzen the Tiger Lady, whom he later married, and has since divorced. The Enigma was raised in Seattle and began studying music when he was six years old. In 1991, he was a founding member of the Jim Rose Circus, with which he toured until 1998. The Enigma then toured with Katzen, playing music and doing sideshow performances under the moniker "Human Marvels". He performed at Universal Studios Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights event in fall 2007, performing various tricks with fire, power tools, and

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