Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9661First extant Chinese mapZhaoYu Tu (Map of the area of the mausoleum)China, Hebei31 December 0399In the 1990s, scholars examined artifacts excavated two decades previously in Hebei, China, and discovered a large brass plate with an engraving for ZhaoYu Tu (translated as “map of the area of the mausoleum.”). The map was created during the 4th Century BC and it designated locations of several buildings in the five mausoleums of Emperor Wang Cuo—along with his empress, and even his concubines. It utilized symbols of numerals to indicate distances—quite an advanced method of mapmaking from such an early period—so it is also considered “the oldest numerals-bearing map in the world,” according to Du Naisong, a scholar at the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City of Beijing.
9662Largest jute bagTimothy KoockUnited States, Fredericksburg, Texas08 July 2013The largest jute bag measured 9.14 m (30 ft) high and 5.02 m (16.5 ft) wide and was created by Timothy Koock (USA) of Woolsacks Inc. in Fredericksburg, Texas, USA, on 8 July 2013.
9663Longest thread of hand-spun wool in one hourRuth Gough99/45 metre(s)United Kingdom, Huddersfield23 September 2011The longest thread of hand-spun wool in one hour was 99 metres and 45 centimetres (326 ft 27 in) and was achieved by Ruth Gough (UK) at the University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK on 23 September 2011.The wool was measured laid flat with no tension. Six women competed during the hour to see who would spin the longest wool: Linda Scurr, Samantha Davies, Debbie Fisher, Briony Ramsden, Linda Lewis and Ruth Gough. They are weaving the hand-spun wool into a tapestry depicting the Marie Curie logo, to commemorate the the Guinness World Records achievement and help raise awareness of the great that work Marie Curie do.
9664Most consecutive football touches with the head whilst treading waterJhoen LefontCuba, Havana,,Hotel Nacional de Cuba10 August 2013The most consecutive football touches with the head whilst treading water is 1,503 and was achieved by Jhoen Lefont Rodriguez (Cuba) in the swimming pool of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in Havana, Cuba, on 10 August 2013.
9665Longest line of M&M's pretzel candies lined up in 30 secondsSilvio SabbaItaly, Pioltello22 March 2013The longest line of M&M's pretzel candies lined up in 30 seconds is 42 M&M's, achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy), in Pioltello, Milan, Italy, on 22 March 2013.
9666Largest secret Santa game (multiple venues)Globe Telecom, Inc. – International Business GroupPhilippines, Multiple locations18 December 2011The largest secret Santa game involved 4,557 participants and was achieved by Globe Telecom, Inc. – International Business Group (Philippines) across 15 locations in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, on 18 December 2011.The locations were as follows: Rizal Memorial Stadium 2,514 Savory Restaurant 26 Bacolot chicken grill 30 Congo Grille 32 Davao 42 Rub Ribs 38 Dencio's 38 Max's 34 Legend Villas 32 Pampanga 134 Aristocrat's 30 Cebu 49 (all Philippines) Hong Kong 1,114 Taiwan 298 Singapore 146.
9667Heaviest load moved by self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs)Lamprell13191.98 tonne(s) (metric ton)United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali, Dubai17 April 2014The heaviest load moved by self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs) is an offshore platform weighing 13,191.98 metric tons (29,083,337.53 lb), which was achieved by Lamprell PLC (UAE) at their facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, during April 2014.
9668Tallest lanternDan ShenChina, Wuhan,,East Lake30 March 2012The tallest lantern measured 21.15 m (69 ft 4.67 in) and was created by the Organizing Committee for the 1st Wuhan-Chengdu Int'l Giant Panda Lantern Show (China) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, on 30 March 2012.The lantern measured 30 m (98 ft 5.1 in) in length and 12 m (39 ft 4.44 in) in depth. It described the famous building Huanghelou in Wuhan City.
9669Most boiled eggs peeled and eaten in one minuteAshrita Furman6 itemsUnited States, New York23 March 2012The most boiled eggs to be peeled and eaten in a minute is 6, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), at the offices of the Songs of the Soul, in New York, New York, USA, on 23 March 2012.Each egg was weighed and was more than 58g. All eggs were peeled and consumed within one minute.
9670Most weight lifted by barbell press standing in one minute by an individualEamonn KeaneIreland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym08 December 2012The most weight lifted by barbell press standing in one minute is 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at the Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 8 December 2012.Eamonn completed 40 reps of a 100 kg weight.
9671Most water rockets launched in 24 hours (multiple venues)University of Central LancashireUnited Kingdom, Locations across the world05 July 2012The most water rockets launched in 24 hours at multiple venues is 2,531 and was achieved by University of Central Lancashire (UK) at venues throughout the world, on 5 July 2012.This record attempt took place to raise awareness into physics research, specifically the launch of the UCLAN -NASA HI-C Solar observing mission. The attempt took place in venues across the world from primary schools to science museums.
9672Largest architectural projection-mapped gameThe Gadget Show2218.65 square metre(s)United Kingdom, London18 November 2013The largest architectural projection-mapped game is 2,218.65 m² (23,881 ft²) and was achieved by The Gadget Show (UK) at Excel London, UK on 18 November 2013.The game itself was Namco's Pacman and was projected onto the Millennium Mills building, opposite the Excel, using six projectors.
9673Most cookies baked in one hourHassett's Bakery , Irish Redhead ConventionIreland, Crosshaven, Co. Cork,,Hassett's Bakery30 July 2013The most cookies baked in one hour is 4,695 and was achieved by Hassett's Bakery in association with the Irish Redhead Convention (both Ireland), in Cork, Ireland, on 30 July 2013. The attempt was part of the Annual Irish Redhead convention, celebrating redheads and raising money for the Irish Cancer Society.
9674Most online vouchers sold in 24 hoursLivingSocialUnited States06 September 2012The most online vouchers sold in 24 hours is 1,325,411, achieved by LivingSocial (USA), from 1.30 AM on 5 September 2012 to 1.30 AM on 6 September 2012.
9675Largest collection of fire helmetsGert SouerNetherlands, Haren,,In the attic of his house.09 February 2012The largest collection of fire helmets consists of 838 fire helmets and belongs to Gert Souer (Netherlands), in Haren, Netherlands, as of 9 February 2012.As the son and grandson of firemen, Mr Souer has firefighting in his DNA. His collection started in 1976 with a London Fire Brigade helmet and he has been collecting helmets from around the world ever since. He picks up new helmets as he travels the globe, either during his time in the navy, on business trips or on family holidays. The first thing he packs for a holiday is a fire helmet and the whole family knows that a trip to a fire station is on the agenda. He says he continues to meet firefighters who are enthusiastic and proud of their jobs and he regularly displays his collection at fire station open days.
9676Longest tunnel kilnCarbonyx IncIndia, Bharuch,Near Dahej11 February 2012The longest tunnel kiln is 720 feet (219.45m) and was achieved by Carbonyx Inc (India), in Bharuch, India on 11 February 2012.Record attempt was organised by First Carbon Technologies (India) at their factory to demonstrate the longest tunnel kiln that converts coal coke substitute known as Cokonyx.The owner of the kiln is Carbonyx.Inc's (USA)
9677Most Lego® Ninjago spinner competitions in 24 hours (multiple venues)Patrick ONeilUnited States, 44 LEGO® stores across North America17 February 2012The record for the most LEGO® Ninjago spinner competitions in 24 hours (multiple venues) is 18,559 and was achieved by LEGO® (USA) at 44 distinct LEGO® stores across North America on 17 February 2012.Two competitors constructed their LEGO® Ninjago characters and took part in a best-of-three contest to complete one battle that was submitted for the Guinness World Record.
9678Most pillowcases stuffed in one minute (multiple venues)Intercontinental Hotels GroupUnited Kingdom, Multiple venues across the United Kingdom and Ireland31 January 2013The most pillowcases stuffed in one minute at multiple venues is 12,580 stuffed by 2,367 participants at an event organised by Intercontinental Hotels Group (UK) across 67 venues in the UK & Ireland, on 31 January 2013.
9679Longest handshake chainHong Kong Blind Sports Federation3434 participantsHong Kong, ,,The attempt was held in an outdoor local sports stadium02 November 2013The longest handshake chain involved 3,434 participants and was achieved by the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation (Hong Kong), in Hong Kong, China on 2 November 2013.The participants included visually impaired participants, students from primary and secondary schools, members of local organisations/corporations such as Rotary Clubs and Standard Chartered Bank. Over 400 volunteers stood by to fill in the gaps to complete each section of the stadium, 200 of which were used and counted towards the final total. Due to the threat of a category 3 typhoon hitting Hong Kong the day of the event, the record attempt was brought forward by two hours.
9680Largest practical science lesson (multiple venues) TeamCanada12 October 2012The largest practical science lesson at multiple venues involved 13,701 participants and was achieved by (Canada) at 88 locations across Canada, on 12 October 2012.All lessons began at 1 pm EST and included 2 experiments which demonstrated Bernoulli's Principle on air pressure.
9681Largest steel sculptureOhin KwonKorea (South), Incheon, seo-gu, gyueng-seo-dongThe largest steel sculpture measures 23.57 m (77 ft 3.95 in) high and was achieved by Ohin Kwon (South Korea), in Incheon, South Korea, on 23 May 2014.The sculpture depicts the fortune bear, symbol of the Dan-Gun mythology.
9682Most underwater rope jumps in one hour (SCUBA)Ashrita FurmanBrazil, Sao Paulo15 March 2012The most underwater rope jumps in one hour (SCUBA) is 1608, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), in the Aquario de Sao Paulo, in San Paulo, Brazil, on 15 March 2012.Each counted skip was a full 360-degree revolution.
9683Most eyebrow waxes in 24 hours (multiple venues)Benefit CosmeticsUnited States21 April 2012The most eyebrow waxes in 24 hours at multiple venues is 2,216 and was achieved by Benefit Cosmetics (USA) at 15 locations around the world from 21-22 April 2012.The attempt began at 2:30 a.m. GMT in Sydney, Australia on 21 April and culminated at 2:30 a.m. GMT on 22 April in San Francisco, California, USA.
9684Largest collection of stamps featuring pandasIva Rajh, Edo RajhCroatia, Zagreb02 April 2012The largest collection of stamps featuring pandas belongs to Edo Rajh & Iva Rajh (both Croatia), consisting of 1,966 different WWF stamps, in Zagreb, Croatia, as of 2 April 2012.All the stamps in the collection feature the WWF panda logo. The collection belongs to Edo Rajh and his daughter Iva Rajh. They started the collection in 2008. Their favourite set of stamps is the first set of WWF Conservation Stamp Collection from the Sierra Leone issued in 1983.
9685Most consumer electronics recycled in 24 hours (multiple venues)Sims Recycling SolutionsUnited States20 April 2013The most consumer electronics recycled in 24 hours at multiple venues weighed 57,308.67 kg (126,344 lb) and was achieved by Sims Recycling Solutions (USA) at seven locations in the USA and Canada on 20 April 2013.
9686Most people performing 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' in 24 hours (multiple venues)World Hepatitis AllianceUnited Kingdom28 July 2013The most people performing 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' in 24 hours (multiple venues) is 26,204 participants and was achieved by the World Hepatitis Alliance (UK), at 41 venues across the globe, on 28 July 2013.
9687Longest 720 ramp jump on skisJoey SpencerCanada, Whistler,,Blackcomb MountainThe longest 720 ramp jump on skis measures 26.95 m (88 ft 5.02 in) and was achieved by Joey Spencer (Canada) at Blackcomb Mountain in British Columbia, Canada, on 13 May 2012.Not content with completing the required 720 degree rotation whilst in the air, Spencer perfomed a "Screamin' semen" variation involving him interlocking than deinterlocking his skis whilst in mid rotation.
9688Longest journey by solar-powered boatMS Tûranor32410 nautical mile(s)Monaco, The longest journey by boat on solar power only is 32,410 nautical miles (60,023 km 37,296 miles), by MS TÛRANOR PlanetSolar (Switzerland), which circumnavigated the world in a westward direction leaving Monaco on 27 September 2010, passing through the Panama Canal and returning to Monaco after 1 year 7 months and 7 days of navigation, on 4 May 2012.MS TÛRANOR PlanetSolar crew included founder and expedition leader Raphaël Domjan (Switzerland), engineers Christian Ochsenbein (Switzerland), bosun Jens Langwasser (Germany), captains Patrick Marchesseau and Erwan Le Rouzic (both France). Raphaël Domjan, engineer Christian Ochsenbein and bosun Jens Langwasser followed the circumnavigation from start to finish with breaks in between. Other crew members joined the voyage on selected legs of the journey only. The boat left Kiel, Germany, where it had been built, on 31 March 2010 with fully loaded batteries, then headed for Hamburg and on to Monaco for the official start of the world tour on 27 September 27 2010 at 14:41 (departure line in front of the Fermont Hotel). It was a sunny day and the batteries were fully loaded. The PlanetSolar project, initiated by PlanetSolar founder and expedition leader Raphaël Domjan and ship-owner Immo Ströher, aims to be the first vessel to circumnavigate the globe in a "solar" boat, i.e. one driven by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine powered exclusively by solar energy. The name "TÛRANOR" is derived from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga and translates as "The Power of the Sun". The MS TÛRANOR PlanetSolar, a 31-metre-long and 15-metre-wide catamaran, is powered by a 537 m² (5,780 ft²) photovoltaic solar generator. Batteries are charging during the day and discharging during the night through the propulsion that is composed of 2 semi-submerged propellers driven by 4 engines. Only solar energy is used during the world tour. The MS TÛRANOR PlanetSolar has a diesel backup, but it is sealed. The batteries began to charge as soon as the system was launched on the water in Monaco and can last for approximately 72 hours. The boat is capable of travelling non-stop around the world, but stopovers are made to maintain food supply and undertake public-relations engagements. On the boat showers, lights, fridges etc. are of course powered by solar energy. Only the kitchen operates with gas.
9689Longest (duration) wingsuit flightJhonathan Florez9/6 minute(s), second(s)Colombia, Vichada20 April 2012The longest duration wingsuit flight is 9 min 6 sec, and was achieved by Jhonathan Florez (Colombia), above La Guajira, Colombia, on 20 April 2012.Florez managed to break three Guinness World Records over two days for the greatest absolute and horizontal distance covered in a wingsuit flight and also for the longest duration flight.
9690Most hagoita hits between two people in one minuteBipin Larkin, Ashrita Furman89 timesUnited States, New York,,Jamaica13 September 2013The most hagoita hits between two people in one minute is 89 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman and Bipin Larkin (both USA), in New York, New York, USA, on 13 September 2013.

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