Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9751Largest hand paddle / oar
9752Largest walking robot
9753Longest dog collar
9754Longest Curly Wurly stretchingTracy Jane Sullivan311.5 centimetre(s)United Kingdom, Frome18 November 2012The longest curly wurly that was stretched in three minutes is 311.5 cm (10 ft 2.64 in) and was achieved by Tracy Jane Sullivan (UK), in Frome, Somerset, UK, on 18 November 2012.
9755Fastest time to wallpaper 16 m²Manfred Warmuth6/38 minute(s), second(s)Germany, Cologne23 February 2008The fastest time to wallpaper 16 m² (172.2 ft²) is 6 min 38 sec achieved by Manfred Warmuth (Germany) in Cologne, Germany, on 23 February 2008.
9756Largest handbagJean Dah Enterprises Co. Ltd.Chinese Taipei, Taipai15 September 2012The largest handbag measures 5.2 m (17 ft) high, 6.88 m (22 ft 6 in) long and 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) deep and was created by Jean Dah Enterprises Co. Ltd. (Tawian) in Taipei, Taiwan, on 15 September 2012.The bag was made from polyester and is an outsized to scale replica of a regular sized hand bag Jean Dah Enterprises manufacture.
9757Tallest dandelionJo Riding and Joey Fusco177.8 centimetre(s)Canada, Ottawa12 September 2011The tallest dandelion measured 177.8 cm (70 in) and was found by Jo Riding and Joey Fusco (both Canada) in Ontario, Canada. The dandelion was measured on 12 September 2011.The dandelion was found on 4 August 2011 and was unofficially measured at 76 in. The dandelion was then officially measured by NutriLawn and The Weed Man on 12 September 2011 when it had dried out and was measured as 70 in.
9758Oldest dance instructorGisela WeserGermany, Lutherstadt Eisleben08 September 2003Gisel Weser (Germany) (b. 1 February 1921) is the oldest dancing teacher, having worked at Triebel-Hölzer (founded 1883), Lutherstadt Eisleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, since 1949. She became head of the school in 1968 and continues to teach.
9759Longest paddleboard journeyWyatt Werneth555.2 kilometre(s)United States, Cocoa BeachThe longest paddleboard journey was 555.2 km (345 miles) and was completed by Wyatt Werneth (USA) paddling North up the coast of Florida from 19 - 27 May 2007.
9760Largest spacecraft to orbit and land unmannedUnknownUSSR15 November 1988Buran (Snowstorm in Russian) was the Soviet's answer to the US space shuttle. It was only launched into Earth orbit once on 15 November 1988 before its budget was cut. This two-orbit flight and landing happened completely under computer control, as there were no cosmonauts on board. Of the further two Buran orbiters under construction, neither was completed. The Buran orbiter measured 36.37m long (119.3 ft) and had a mass of 105,000 kg (231,000 lb).
9761Largest solid rocket boosterUnknownUnited States19 February 2003The two boosters that assist the launch of the US space shuttle use solid rather than liquid fuel. They are the largest solid rocket boosters ever flown. Each booster measures 45.4m (149 ft) long and 3.6 m (12 ft) wide. Each contains over 450,000 kg (1,000,000 lb) of propellant and provides a thrust of 1.49 million kg (3.3 million lb). Unlike the shuttle's external fuel tank, the solid rocket boosters (SRBs) are reusable.Note by Mark Aston Nov 2010: This is still valid, unless USA actually go ahead with the DM-2 booster development. Looks unlikely with the Obama administration, but let's review the record next June?
9762Largest comic / cartoon stripAdidas Japan K.K. and Sky Comic project team3785.35 square metre(s)Japan, TokyoThe Largest Comic Strip measured 3785.35 m² (40, 745 ft² 1 in²) and was achieved by Adidas Japan K.K. and Sky Comic project team at Jonanjima Seaside Park, located next to Haneda Airport in Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan, on 25 May 2010.Adidas prepared this record attempt to cheer on the Official Japan football team for the World Cup. There were 13 frames which depicted each player that was chosen to go to the World Cup.The project team had spent almost half a year to prepare for this the record attempt which was was planned and created by Adidas Japan and Sky Comic project team and the children from elementary schools. The elementary schools were chosen in relation to which school each player had attended.
9763Largest collection of cat-related itemsCarmen De AldanaGuatemala, Puerto Barrios14 March 2011Carmen de Aldana (Guatemala) has 21,321 different cat-related items, as of 14 March 2011, which she has been collecting since 1954.Carmen started her collection after the purchase of three little ceramic kittens in 1954 when she was 13 years old. Only one of them still exists. She now has a private museum of cat items at her family house in Puerto Barrios, Izabal. Among 23,007 of her collection, 21,321 are counted as no duplicates. Her website is
9764Fastest time to make 100 origami cranesYoneyama Yuichi40/35 minute(s), second(s)Japan, Nagoya30 November 2010The fastest time to make 100 origami cranes is 40 minutes 35 seconds and was achieved by Yoneyama Yuichi (Japan) at Nishi Yogo special public school in Nagoya, Japan, on 30 November 2010.That's an average of 24.35 seconds for each crane.
9765Largest garden gnomeRon HaleCanada, Nanoose, BC19 August 2009The largest garden gnome measures 7.91 m (25 ft 11 in) tall and was created by Ron Hale (Canada). It was built in 1998, but was measured for the record on 19 August 2009.The gnome was part of an amusement park that no longer exists. It is currently standing on the grounds of a petrol station. The gnome’s maintenance is a condition of sale for the land deeds for the property, giving it legal protection and assuring that it will remain as a permanent fixture.
9766Largest sockProject Undercover, Inc.United States, Providence02 December 2011The largest sock measures 9.93 m (32 ft 7 in) x 6.86 m (22 ft 6 in) x 2.49 m (8 ft 2 in) and was created by Project Undercover, Inc. (USA). It was unveiled at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, on 2 December 2011.The cream and brown color sock was designed to resemble a 'sock monkey' puppet, and consisted of nearly 183 metres of cotton material as well as required nearly 12,802 metres of cotton thread to create. The Rhode Island Sewing Network (USA) helped to realise the achievement by volunteering time, resources and sewing skills.
9767Longest whistling marathonJennifer Anavi DaviesGermany, Dachau03 October 2010The longest marathon whistling lasted 25 hr 30 min 5 sec by Jennifer Anavi Davies (Canada) at the Impossibility Challenger in Dachau, Germany, on 2-3 October 2010. She rotated among a selection of 125 different tunes, each at least 2 minutes in length.Davies had previously attempted unsuccessfully to set this record. This was her second career attempt.
9768Largest car mosaicVolkswagen do BrasilBrazil, Sao Paulo10 April 2010The largest car mosaic was created with 460 Volkswagen cars in an event organized by Volkswagen do Brasil Indústria de Veículos Automotores Ltda at the Anhembi Parque in São Paulo, Brazil, on 10 April 2010.The mosaic was created to celebreate the 30th anniversary of the Volkswagen Gol and this is why most of the cars used for the mosaic were Gols. The mosaic displayed the logo of the Volkswagen Gol.
9769Longest marathon playing dodgeballRight to Play at Castleton41/3/17 hour(s)United States, Castleton29 April 2012The longest marathon playing dodgeball is 41 hr 3 min 17 sec, organised by Right to Play at Castleton (USA) at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont USA, from 27 to 29 April 2012.
9770Inline skates - highest hand plant (invert)Taïg KhrisFrance, St.Cyprien07 July 2004The record for the highest hand plant (invert) performed on inline skates is 2 m set by Taig Khris (France) on the set of of L’Été De Tous Les Records in St. Cyprien, France on 7 July 2004.The height is the distance between the top lip of the ramp (halfpipe) to the top edge of the platform upon which the invert is performed.
9771Highest energy particle detected in natureUniversity of UtahUnited States, Dugway Proving Grounds15 November 1991On 15 November 1991 the 'Fly's Eye' cosmic ray experiment in Utah, USA, detected an interstellar subatomic particle with an energy of 3.2x10**20 eV (roughly 50 joules or 12 calories). This is roughly the same energy as a fast-pitched baseball. The Fly's Eye experiment was built and operated by the University of Utah, USA.
9772Most apples cut in the air by sword in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica26 November 2012The most apples cut in the air by sword in one minute is 29 and were cut by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 26 November 2012.
9773Longest marathon playing futsalAid In Action Futsal40 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Norway, Trondheim,,KVT Hallen16 September 2012The longest game of futsal lasted 40 hours and was achieved by Aid In Action Futsal (Norway) at KVT Hallen, in Trondheim, Norway on 14-16 October 2012.
9774Smallest RC model aircraft, radio controlledJohn Wakefield69 millimetre(s)United Kingdom, Lancaster27 October 2010The smallest radio controlled model aircraft had a wingspan of 69 mm (2.72 in) and was created by John Wakefield (UK) in Lancaster, UK, on 27 October 2010.The aircraft, model BF5, flew for 6 min 56 sec and weighed just 1.98 g (0.07 oz).
9775Swingball, ball control, individual (duration)William Henderson, Alexander Hogstrom7/35 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Federation Square,MelbourneThe longest swingball marathon is 7 hr 35 min set simultaneously by William Henderson (Australia) andAlexander Hogstrom (Sweden). The attempt was organised by Tennis Australia and held at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia, on 29 January 2008.
9776Highest artesian boreholeUnknownIndia, Leh04 October 2004A borehole drilled by Dr Ritesh Arya (India) at an altitude of 3,350 m (11,000 ft) above sea level, in Leh, India, in 2001, is the highest in the world from which natural groundwater emerges as an artesian spring.
9777Largest serving of musselsHavfruen FiskerestaurantNorway, Trondheim03 August 2012The largest serving of mussels is 4,898 kg (10,798 lb 3 oz) and was created by Havfruen Fiskerestaurant (Norway), in Trondheim, Norway, on 3 August 2012.
9778Largest coastal mangrove forestUnknown15540 square kilometre(s)India, SundarbansThe world’s largest coastal mangrove forest is the Sundarbans, which stretches for almost 15,540 km² (6,000 miles²) across India and Bangladesh, and acts as a natural barrier against tsunamis and cyclones that often blow in from the Bay of Bengal. With saltwater-tolerant roots, this forest’s mangrove trees sometimes exceed 21 m (70 ft) in height above islands of layered sand and grey clay, which have been deposited by rivers that flow for over 1,000 miles from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal.
9779Largest storage facility for aircraftAMARC1052 hectare(s)United States, TucsonThe Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) occupies 1,052 ha (2,600 acres) at Davis Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona, USA, and has storage for 4,200 aircraft, 40 aerospace vehicles and 350,000 line items of production tooling it has a workforce of 662 members. Some aircraft are stripped for spare parts, while others are stored before being sold to other airforces. Obsolete aircraft from the facility are also made airworthy before being shot down for target practice.
9780Largest brickACME BrickUnited States, Denton,Texas04 July 2007The largest brick measured 2.94 m (9 ft 8 in) long and 0.99 m (3 ft 3 in) tall and wide. The clay brick was made by ACME Brick in Denton, Texas, USA, and was measured on 4 July 2007.Nearly 3,000 times the size of standard brick.

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