Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

9991Largest push pin mosaicJunior Chamber International JB Entrepeneur9.35/6.7/3700000 square metre(s)Malaysia, Johor BahruThe largest pushpin mosaic measures 9.35 m (30 ft 8 in) by 6.7 m (21 ft 11 in) and consisted of 3.7 million pins. It was created by the Junior Chamber International JB Entrepreneur (Malaysia) between 15 August 2008 and 10 May 2009.The artwork was divided into 144 different boards which were then attached together to create the mosaic. It took 210 participants to complete it.
9992First iPod gameBrickThe original iPod model contained a version of the bat-n ball game Breakout entitled Brick. It was included as an Easter egg and the only way to access the game was to visit the About menu and hold down Select for five seconds. In subsequent models, Brick was added to the Extras menu. It was fitting that Brick should be the first iPod game as Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were involved with the design of the original Breakout arcade game in 1976.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
9993Most flaming hoops jumped through in one minuteKenya Warriors90 timesUnited Kingdom, London03 October 2008The most hoops jumped though in one minute is 90 and was achieved by the Kenya Warriors on the set of Guinness World Records - Smashed, in London, UK, on 3 October 2008.
9994Largest steel plateNational Consultative CouncilUnited Arab Emirates, Liwa31 July 2008The largest steel plate measures 10.06 m x 2.03 m (33 ft x 6ft 7 in) and was measured in Liwa, UAE, on 31 July 2008.Rob Molloy adjudicated.The plate was created by the organizers of the 4th Liwa Festival and was filled with 2,000 Kgs of dates.
9995Most theatre performances - same role (female)Catherine RussellUnited States, New York01 December 2008The most performances of a theatre actor in the same role is 8,820 and was achieved by Catherine Russell (United States) who plays Magaret Thorne Brent in Perfect Crime in New York City, United States, from 18 April 1987 to 1 December 2008.Since the show's inception Catherine has only missed four nights in the Off-Broadway murder mystery.
9996Longest smoked sausageRems-Murr GuildGermany, FellbachThe record for the longest smoked sausage measured 482.04 m (1,581 ft 5 in) and was made by Steffen Erb, Peter Häfele, Chris Obenland and Sebastian Winterhalter (all Germany) in Ilsfeld-Auenstein, Germany, on 6 May 2011.The suasage was a "Wiener/Saiten Sausage"
9997Largest particle acceleratorLarge Hadron ColliderSwitzerland, Geneva01 January 2008The Large Hadron Collider is the largest and most complex machine ever built. It consists of a 27 km (approx. 17 miles) long circular tunnel under the ground on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. Its aim is to smash together two opposing beams of protons at extremely high energies in order to witness the results of their collisions. The most famous goal of this experiment is to find the theorised Higgs boson, which so far has eluded discovery.
9998Heaviest particle accelerator detectorCompact Muon Solenoid (CMS)Switzerland, Geneva01 January 2008The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is one of the general purpose detectors in the Large Hadron Collider. Built around a huge solenoid magnet, the whole detector is 21 m long (68 ft), 15 m (49 ft) wide and 15 m (49 ft) high, and weighs 12,500 tonnes. Its job is to discover the Higgs Boson as well as observe other aspects of high energy physics including the possibility of extra dimensions. It contains more iron than the Eiffel Tower.
9999Largest superconducting magnetBarrel ToroidSwitzerland, Geneva01 January 2008The Barrel Toroid consists of eight magnet coils in an array 25 m long (82 ft) and 5 m wide (16 ft). It weighs 100 tonnes. Part of the Atlas Detector, it was first tested in 2006 at an operating temperature of -269 C and is designed to use a 4 Tesla magnetic field to bend the paths of particles produced in the collisions in the Large Hadron Collider.
10000Most complete changeovers juggling three objects in one minute (leaping)Matt Baker, Joe RicciJapan, tokyo01 January 2012The most complete changeovers juggling three objects in one minute (leaping) is 13 and was achieved by Matt Baker and Joe Ricci (both USA) on the set of 'Torihada Shoop 100 – New Year SP' in Tokyo, Japan, on 1 January 2012. The attempt took place on the TV show “Torihada Shoop 100 –New Year SP” in the TV Asahi studios in Japan. Matt and Joe beat their own previous record.
10001Fastest time to pluck three turkeysPaul Kelly11/30.16 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Chelmsford13 November 2008The fastest time to pluck three turkeys is 11 min 30.16 sec and was achieved by Paul Kelly (United Kingdom) of Kelly Turkey Farms, at Little Claydon Farm, Essex, United Kingdom, on 13 November 2008.This was attempted as part of Gordon Ramsay's Cookalong and Paul went head to head against Gordon Ramsay who plucked three turkeys in 11 min 31.78 sec. Paul had previously attempted the record for plucking one turkey in 1981 but only managed 2 mins.
10002Longest tandem ATV side-wheelieYannick Dupont26.07 kilometre(s)France, Strasbourg or Mulhouse21 April 2014The longest tandem ATV side-wheelie measures 26.07 km (16.2 miles) and was completed by Yannick Dupont and Dalila Ouadah (both France) at the Cité de l’Automobile track in Mulhouse, France, on 21 April 2014.An Arctic Cat 300 DVX ATV was used for the attempt.
10003Fastest ATV side-wheelieTravis Pastrana75.6 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Tooele,Utah18 November 2008The fastest ATV side-wheelie is 75.6 km/h (47 mph) by Travis Pastrana (USA) at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, USA, on 18 November 2008 for the MTV show 'Nitro Circus'.The GWR episode will air January 2009.
10004Lowest motorcycle backflipTravis Pastrana91 centimetre(s)United States, Godfrey Trucking/Rocky Mountain Raceway,Salt Lake City,Utah17 November 2008The lowest motorcycle backflip ever completed was 91 cm (3 ft) off the ground and was achieved by Travis Pastrana (USA) at Godfrey Trucking/Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, on 17 November 2008 for the MTV show ‘Nitro Circus’.The distance measured in this case was the lowest part of the rider's body while in rotation, i.e. the head.The GWR episode will air January 2009.
10005Most golf holes played by fourball teams in 24 hoursPGA Design Consulting Ltd , AHA Golf Inc, MBC ESPN6974 total numberKorea (South), Gunsan28 June 2009The most golf holes played by fourball teams in 24 hours is 6,974 and was achieved at an event organised by MBC ESPN, PGA Design Consulting Ltd and AHA Golf Inc, at Gunsan Country Club, Gunsan, South Korea, on 28 June 2009.93 teams took part all but one achieving the pre-set target of 75 holes. Despite being a 24 hour record the event lasted roughly 12 hours (the hours of daylight). The youngest to take part was 12 years old and he played with the oldest competitor of 70. Also present were celebrated Korean comedians, actors and sports stars.
10006Most consecutive one-handed clapsPabba SoujanyaIndia, Nizamabad23 December 2013The most consecutive one-handed claps by an individual is 1,233 and was achieved by Pabba Soujanya (India), in Andhra Pradesh, India, on 23 December 2013. Pabba Soujanya achieved ths featin 3 minutes, 59 seconds. She previously held the record for the most one-handed claps in one minute, with a final total of 349.
10007Fastest time to do 10 donuts (spins) in an ATVTravis PastranaUnited States, Tooele,Utah18 November 2008The fastest time to do 10 donuts in an ATV is 15.59 sec by Travis Pastrana (USA) at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, USA, on 18 November 2008 for the MTV show 'Nitro Circus'.The GWR episode will air January 2009.
10008Most vertical water squirts in one minuteChen ChunChina, Beijing18 June 2009The most vertical water squirts in a minute is 104 and were achieved by Chen Chun (China) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 18 June 2009.Only squirts that hit a target more than 3 metres above the bowl were counted.
10009Longest slice of meatFrancisco AlonsoSpain, Puerto de la Cruz,,Plaza del Charco15 November 2012The longest slice of meat was 30.11 m (98 ft 9.4 in) and was achieved by Francisco Alonso (Spain) on Guinness World Records Day, in Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, on 15 November 2012.
10010Largest game of If You're Happy and You Know ItWest Yorkshire Police1128 participantsUnited Kingdom, Bradford07 July 2011The largest game of If You're Happy and You Know It consisted of 1,128 participants and was achieved at Lister Park, Manningham, Bradford, UK on 7 July 2011.The record was undertaken by children from schools from the Manningham and Toller Council Ward areas of Bradford and organised by West Yorkshire Police and the Positive Bradford Initiative.
10011Most balloons burst simultaneously by arrowsRandy OitkerUnited States, Los Angeles04 November 2010The most balloons burst simultaneously by arrows was 7 by Randy Oitker (USA) on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 4 November 2010. Oitker blasted seven balloons with seven arrows on his third and final attempt in front of a studio audience after managing six on his first two tries.Mike Janela adjudicated
10012Fastest time to burst three hot water bottlesShaun JonesUnited Kingdom, Oswestry,Hope House Children's Hospice17 November 2011The fastest time to burst three hot water bottles is 28.82 seconds by Shaun Jones (UK) at Hope House Children's Hospice, Oswestry, Shropshire, UK, on 17 November 2011 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.
10013Target archery - most light bulbs hit in 3 minutes (pair)Marco Vitale, Oscar De PellegrinItaly, Milan21 April 2009The most light bulbs hit in 3 minutes shooting arrows with recurve bows is 11 and was set by Marco Vitale and Oscar De Pellegrin (both Italy) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 19 April 2009.
10014Longest usable yo-yoJames BuffingtonUnited States, Chicago, ILThe longest usable yo-yo was 12.12 m (39 ft 9 in) and was constructed and successfully demonstrated by James Buffington (USA) in Chicago, USA, on 21 May 2011.The yo yo's diametre was 7.47 cm (2 in)
10015Largest chocolate mousseAventura MallUnited States, Aventura06 October 2013The largest chocolate mousse weighed 225.34 kg (496.8 lb) and was prepared by the Aventura Mall (USA) in Aventura, Florida, USA, on 6 October 2013.The mousse's ingredients included 108 lb of chocolate, 66 lb of butter, 24 lb of egg yolk, 20 lb of sugar, 50 quarts of heavy cream and 5 gal milk.Aventura Mall's wanted to raise awareness and funds for the Children's Craniofacial Associationt. Children's Craniofacial Association is a national non-profit organisation that addresses the medical, financial, emotional and educational concerns of children with craniofacial conditions.
10016Heaviest taroChengyi Bao3.19 kilogram(s)China, Fuding,,Taimu Moutain Scenic Spot13 October 2009The heaviest taro weighs 3.19 kg (7,03 lb) and was grown in Mingyang village, Fuding City, Fujian province, China. The weight was verified at the taro competition organized by the people's Government of Fuding City at Taimu Mountain Scenic Spot, on 13 October 2009.The taro is 38.6 cm(1 ft 3.2 inch) long and 46.7 cm(1 ft 6.39 inch) in diameter at the widest point.
10017Longest wooden walkway传义 赵, Jun LiChina, ??28 August 2009The longest wooden walkway is in Dalian, China and is 20.99 km (13.04 miles) in length. It was built by Dalian Landscape & Garden Administration and was completed on August 28 2009.The wooden walkway has 27 viewing platforms, the widest part is 17.18 metres and the narrowest is 0.85 metres. The walkway took 16 months to build and was made from two types of wood- Pinus Sylvestris and Eucalyptus gradis. The walkway starts from Xinghai Bridge to Haizhiyn Park.
10018Largest collection of millstonesHengde HeChina, Dahe village, Dancheng County,,Zhongyuan Folk Customs Park in Dahe village, Dancheng county10 July 2009The largest collection of millstones belongs to He Hengde (China), who has amassed 39,052 since 2004. The record was verified in Zhongyuan Folk Customs Park in Dancheng county, Henan province, China, on 10 July 2009.The millstones are now on display in Zhongyuan Folk Customs Park in Dahe village, Dancheng county, Henan province, China. The park is now open to the public.
10019Largest spa resortMission Hills Haikou176284.14 square metre(s)China, Haikou17 October 2012The spa resort Mission Hills Haikou has a total area of 176,284.14 m² (1,897,499.1 ft²) and is located in Haikou, Hainan, China. The facility was measured on 17 October 2012. The total area of the buildings is 88,606.33 m² (953,750.56 ft²). The spa includes 90 treatment facilities and several beauty and wellness facilities, in addition to shops, cafes and restaurants. It is surrounded 168 hot and cold springs water features and an aquatic theme park. The outdoor water park features two man-made volcanoes, a swimming pool and a man-made beach. The spa can accommodate and cater for over 10,000 visitors and guests at any given time.
10020Longest rice noodleCouncil for Hakka Affairs Executive Yuan548.7 metre(s)Chinese Taipei, Taipei28 December 2008The longest rice noodle measured 548.7 m (1,800 ft 2 in) and was made by Council for Hakka Affairs Executive Yuan (Taiwan) at Taipei County Hakka Museum, Sansia, Taiwan, on 28 December 2008.20 people participated and it took them 7 hours to make the noodle. 420 kg of rice was used to make the dough.

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