Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10111Fastest time to peel and eat three kiwi fruitsAshrita Furman21.1 second(s)United States, New York,,Sri Chinmoy Centre19 June 2011The fastest time to peel and eat three kiwi fruits is 21.1 seconds and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, New York, USA, on 19 June 2011.
10112First aircraft flight over the North PoleRoald Amundsenfirst, North PoleThe first verified flight over the North Pole was achieved on 12 May 1926 by Roald Amundsen, leader of an expedition to the polar ice cap between Europe and North America, and Umberto Nobile, the airship’s designer and pilot. The American explorer, Lincoln Ellsworth, accompanied them and helped to finance the flight together with the Aero Club of Norway. Oscar Wisting, a polar explorer was the helmsman and, in total, there were sixteen crewmembers.The airship was 106 metres long and 26 metres tall. The ship's volume totalled 19,000 cubic metres and was filled with hydrogen. It was equipped with 3 Maybach engines, with a total output of 780 hp. It could reach a maximum speed of 115 km/h. The trip took three days in total.
10113Largest truffle cakeCAJA CIRCULOSpain, Burgos19 March 2009The largest truffle cake is 1,041 kg (2,295 lb) and was made by the Asociacion de pasteleros de Burgos to celebrate the centenary of CAJA CIRCULO in Plaza España, Burgos, Spain, on 19 March 2009.The cake was made by bakers from 6 bakeries in Burgos. It consisted of truffles, choclate, eggs and flour. The cake was then distributed to the thousands of people in Burgos who waited patiently for up to two hours for their piece of birthday cake.
10114First visible light direct image of an extrasolar planetUnknownfirst, 01 November 2008In November 2008 two discoveries announced at the same time revealed the first images taken in visible light of planets orbiting other stars. The Hubble Space Telescope team snapped a world around the size of Jupiter orbiting just within the dust disk surrounding the bright star Fomalhaut, 25 light years from Earth. Another team using the Keck and Gemini telescopes, directly imaged three planets around the star HR 8799, 129 light years from Earth.
10115Most garters removed with the teeth in one minuteIvo GroscheGermany18 December 2008Ivo Grosche (Germany) removed 26 garter belts using his teeth ina period of one minute on the set of Guinness World Records: DieGroBten Weltrekorde in Germany, on 18 December 2008.
10116Deadliest mountain to climbAnnapurna I4.07 percentageNot Applicable, 20 April 2012According to the Himalayan Database, between 1950 and 2009 the death toll at Annapurna I was 62 from 1,524 attempts (in 169 expeditions), giving the peak a 4.07% mortality rate. (The mean death rate in the Himalayas is 1.55%.) The latest fatalities came in October 2011, when Young-Seok Park, Dong-Min Shin and Gi-Seok Gin (all South Korea) perished during their descent.
10117Deadliest place to travel by roadDominican RepublicDominican Republic01 January 2010According to the World Health Organisation’s Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013, the most dangerous place to travel by road is the Dominican Republic. Of those nations with a population in excess of 1 million, the Caribbean state had the highest rate of road traffic deaths – 41.7 deaths per 100,000 population – during the year 2010. The WHO report found that, globally, 1.24 million people lost their lives on the world’s roads in 2010.
10118Oldest church bellsSt Lawrence ChurchUnited Kingdom, Ipswich, Suffolk01 January 2009Located in St Lawrence Church in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, the oldest church bells were cast in the 1440's. The bells stoped being used in 1985 when it was declared the tower they were housed in was no longer stable. In 2009, they were moved further down the tower on to a new cast iron frame where they were once again brought into use. The re-houseing and restoration of the bells was part of a £100,000 ($165,402) by the Ipswich Historic Churches Trust
10119Most skateboard heelflips in 30 secondsIvan Sebastian CordovaUnited States, Los Angeles01 August 2009The most skateboard heelflips in 30 seconds is 9 by Ivan Sebastian Cordova (USA) at X Games 15 in Los Angeles, California, USA on 1 August 2009.
10120Tallest toilet roll pyramidRafael Migani Monteiro , Ivan Zarif Neto , Fernando Gama4.1 metre(s)Brazil, SAO PAULO20 November 2012The tallest toilet roll pyramid is 4.1 m (13 ft 5 in) and was achieved by Ivan Zarif Neto, Rafael Migani Monteiro and Fernando Gama (all Brazil), in São Paulo, Brazil, on 20 November 2012.The each side of the square base of the pyramid measured 4.3 m (14 ft 1 in). The pyramid was comprised of 23,821 separate rolls.
10121Largest New World civilizationThe Incas10000000 people, South AmericaBecause of their "recent" discovery by western civilizations, the Americas and Australasia are collectively known as the New World. The most successful and largest empire in these regions before discovery by the West was the Incas, who started as a tribe who founded the city of Cuzco around the year 1200. At their height, around 1460, the Incas rules over 10 million people throughout and area of western South America similar in size to the Roman Empire.
10122Largest packaged food mosaicSharp MEA FZE953.42 square metre(s)United Arab Emirates, Dubai03 October 2013The largest packaged food mosaic measures 24.7 m (81 ft 0.44 in) in length, 38.6 m (126 ft 7.68 in) in width, and was achieved by Sharp MEA FZE, in Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE, on 3 October 2013.149 employees created the mosaic out of 79,300 packs of food that were donated the food to UAE red crescent society.
10123Farthest champagne cork spittingAshrita FurmanThailand, Patong Beach30 January 2014The farthest distance for champagne cork spitting is 8.55 m (28 ft 0.61 in) and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, on 30 January 2014.
10124Fastest time to shell one unpricked boiled eggSilvio SabbaMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of, Strumica21 August 2012The fastest time to shell one unpricked boiled egg is 2.66 seconds and was achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy) in Strumica, Macedonia, on 21 August 2012.
10125Fastest time to halve 10 matches with an axeAlastair GalpinAustralia, Perth07 November 2013The fastest time to halve 10 matches with an axe is 2.86 seconds and was achieved by Alastair Galpin of (New Zealand) in Spearwood, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, on 7 November 2013.
10126Largest crater lakeLake TobaIndonesiaLake Toba, in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, is the site of a supervolcanic eruption around 75,000 years ago that was probably the largest anywhere on Earth during the last 25 million years. There is evidence that this catastrophic eruption drove humanity to the edge of extinction. The crater formed by the eruption is now filled with water to form Lake Toba, which is around 100 km (60 miles) by 30 km (18 miles) in extent, and 505 m (1,656 ft) deep at its deepest point.
10127Fastest 300 km by speed boatSheikh Hassan bin Jabor al-Thani and Abdullah al-Sulaiti1/55/14 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Qatar, Doha10 February 2010The fastest 300 km by speed boat is 1 hour 55 minutes and 14 seconds and was achieved by Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor al-Thani and Abdullah al-Sulaiti (both Qatar) at an event organised by Qatar Marine Sports Federation in Doha, Qatar, on 10 February 2010.The route, pre-approved by Guinness World Records, was from Abu Dhabi to Doha, Qatar. The boat used was a twin gas turbine engine Nor-Tech speed boat named Qatar Challenger. The engines on the boat are also used on Cobra helicopters.
10128First animal trailsUnknownCanadaThe earliest animal trails on record are a series of over 70 newly-discovered fossil trails visible on rocks from Newfoundland, Canada, and dating back 565 million years. As publicly announced on 3 February 2010, the fossils have been examined and verified by an international team led by Oxford University scientists. The trails are thought to have been made by ancient marine creatures, possibly resembling modern-day sea anemones, moving across the seafloors of the Ediacaran Period.
10129Largest LederhosenGerhard RitschAustria, Mittersill,,Meittersill, Salzburg, Austria07 March 2014The largest Lederhosen are 9.02 m (29 ft 7 in) long and 4.51 m (14 feet 9.5 in) wide at the waist, which were made by Gerhard Ritsch (Austria), and measured at Gerberei Ritsch, Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria, on 7 March 2014.
10130Shortest bird migrationBlue Grouse (Dendragapus obscurus)In stark contrast to the thousands of kilometres flown by certain migrating birds, such as the Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea), the world's shortest migration is that of North America's blue grouse (Dendragapus obscurus). During the winter, it inhabits mountainous pine forests, then when nesting time begins in springtime it descends a mere 300 m to deciduous woodlands in order to feed upon the early crop of seeds and fresh leaves.
10131Largest online gaming centerInferno OnlineSweden, Stockholm23 April 2010The largest online gaming centre is Inferno Online, Stockholm, Sweden, which features 342 high-tech PCs equipped with gaming peripherals and accessories as of 23 April 2010.The monitors used are supplied by Philips. The mice, headsets and keyboards are supplied by Steelseries.
10132Longest line of skiersEikerapen Alpinsenter300 participantsNorway, Eikerapen01 March 2014The longest line of skiers consists of 300 people and was achieved by Eikerapen Alpinsenter (Norway) in Eikerapen, Aserol, Norway, on 1 March 2014.
10133Most countries visited by train within 24 hoursAlison Bailey, Ian Bailey, John Englsih and David KellieHungaryThe record number of countries travelled through entirely by train in 24 hours is eleven, by Alison Bailey, Ian Bailey, John English and David Kellie on May 1-2 1993.
10134Underwater swimming (scuba) - distance in 24 hoursUnknown78.92 kilometre(s), 22 February 1985Paul Cryne (GB) and Samir Sawan al Awami (Qatar) swam 78.92 km (49.04 miles) in a 24 hour period from Doha, Qatar to Umm Said and back on 21-22 February 1985 using SCUBA equipment.
10135Largest swimming pool by areaOrthlieb PoolMoroccoThe largest swimming pool in the world is the seawater Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco. It is 480m (1,574 ft) long and 75 m (246 ft) wide, and has an area of 3.6ha (8.9acres).
10136Fastest journey from Land's End to John-O'-Groats on Roller / inline skates (male)Unknown9/5/23 day(s), hour(s), minute(s), second(s), 28 June 1992Damian Magee roller skated the distance in 9 days 5hr 23min from 19-28 Jun 1992. 
10137Heaviest weight lifted with teethWalter ArfeuilleFrance, Paris31 March 1990Walter Arfeuille (Belgium) llifted weights totalling 281.5 kg (620 lb 10 oz) a distance of 17 cm (6.75 in) off the ground with his teeth in Paris, France on 31 March�.
10138Youngest person to win 400 career matches in NHL ice hockey as a goaltenderMartin BrodeurUnited States, Miami23 March 2004At 31 years 322 days, Martin Brodeur (b. 6 May 1972, Canada) playing for the New Jersey Devils (USA) became the youngest goaltender in National Hockey League (NHL) history to win 400 career regular-season games. Brodeur's 400th victory was an overtime win over the Florida Panthers (USA) at the Office Depot Center in Miami, Florida, USA on 23 March 2004.
10139Most clothes pegs clipped on one hand in one minuteZachery GeorgeUnited States, Elkins20 March 2011The most clothes pegs clipped on one hand in a minute is 51 and was achieved by Zachery George (USA) in Elkins, West Virginia, USA, on 20 March 2011.Zachery achieved 4 other world records at the event.
10140Most needles inserted into the headWei ShengchuTurkey, Istanbul11 June 2013The most needles inserted into the head is 2,188 and was achieved by Wei Shengchu (China), on the set of 'Guinness World Records - Rekorlar Dunyasi' in Istanbul, Turkey, on 11 June 2013.

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