Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10231Oldest twins living - malePierre Langerock, Paul LangerockBelgium, Ghent22 July 2015The oldest living male twins are Pierre and Paul Langerock (Belgium, b. 08 July 1913) who are 102 years 14 days as of 22 July 2015.The twins live in Belgium.Full story: Belgian centenarians confirmed as oldest living twins
10232Youngest person to trek to the South PoleLewis ClarkeAntarctica, -18 January 2014The youngest person to trek to the South Pole is Lewis Clarke (UK, b. 18 November 1997), who was 16 years 61 days when he reached the Geographic South Pole on 18 January 2014, having skied 1,123.61 km (698.18 miles 606.7 nm) from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf in a two-man unsupported and assisted expedition.The expedition team members, Lewis and his polar guide Carl Alvey of ANI (Adventure Network International) were dropped at Hercules Inlet on 1 December 2013 and started on the following day. The expedition was unsupported, in that only human power was used to move forward, with no wind, animal or motorized vehicle power. The team members received three food and medical re-supplies and were equipped with satellite telephones, providing updates on progress to the ANI base at Union Glacier. On their arrival at the South Pole at 14:30 Union Glacier/Chile time (UTC-3), Lewis and Carl were met by explorer Hannah McKeand – a Guinness World Records title holder – and flown back to Hercules Inlet.
10233Longest distance cycling backwards in 24 hoursAndrew Hellinga337.60 kilometre(s)Australia, Pimpama08 October 2013The longest distance cycling backwards in 24 hours is 337.60 km (209.77 miles) achieved by Andrew Hellinga (Australia) at the Holden Performance Driving Centre, Norwell, Queensland, Australia, on 7-8 October 2013.
10234Longest motorcycleBharat Sinh Parmar26.29 metre(s)India, jamnagar22 January 2014The longest motorcycle is 26.29 m (86 ft 3 in) long and was created by Bharat Sinh Parmar (India). It was presented and measured at Lakhota lake, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, on 22 January 2014.Bharat’s bike is more than 4 m (13 ft) longer than the previous record holder’s.To ensure that his super-stretched motorcycle would be able to perform like a conventional motorbike, Bharat rode it along a road for 100 m (328 ft) without putting his feet down.
10235Most inverted flat spins in an aircraftSpencer H. SudermanUnited States, El Centro13 March 2014The most inverted flat spins performed in an aircraft is 81, achieved by Spencer H. Suderman (USA) at the Naval Air Facility, El Centro, California, USA, on 13 March 2014.
10236Oldest dance troupeThe Hip Op-eration Crew79/197 year(s), day(s)New Zealand, The oldest dance troupe is The Hip Op-eration Crew (New Zealand), consisting of 23 active members aged 67 to 95 years old, with an average age of 79 years and 197 days as of 10 May 2014.
10237Longest distance pogo stick jumping in 24 hoursJack Sexty42.16 degree(s) KelvinUnited Kingdom, Manchester,Manchester Marathon07 April 2014The longest distance pogo stick jumping in 24 hours is 42.16 km (26.2 miles) and was achieved by Jack Sexty (UK) at the Manchester Marathon in Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK, from 6-7 April 2014.
10238Fastest time to descend fifty steps walking on handsKevin Delcò14.58 second(s)China, Yangshansi TempleThe fastest time to descend fifty steps walking on hands is 14.58 seconds and was achieved by Kevin Delcò (Switzerland) on the co-filming set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special and Lo Show Dei Record in Yichun, Jiangxi, China, on 14 May 2014.
10239Largest pepper grinder (pepper-mill)Algonquin CollegeCanada, Ottawa,,Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada14 August 2014The largest pepper grinder is 4.98 m (16 ft 4 in) tall and 43.1 cm (17 in) in diameter, achieved by Algonquin College as measured at their premises in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on 14 August 2014.
10240Most golf balls hit over 300 yards in one hourAndrew FrakesUnited States, McKinney,Texas07 August 2013The most golf balls hit over 300 yards in one hour is 448 and was achieved by Andrew Frakes (USA) at TPC Craig Ranch golf club in McKinney, Texas, USA, on 7 August 2013.The record attempt raised $20,000 for the charities Spay It Forward Texas and FEAT-NT.
10241Most people performing synchronized backflips on pogo sticksPogopalooza Pittsburgh AthletespeopleUnited States, Pittsburgh02 July 2014The most people performing synchronized backflips on pogo sticks is 15 and was achieved by Pogopalooza Pittsburgh Athletes (USA) at Pogopalooza Pittsburgh in Point State Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on 2 July 2014.
10242Longest marathon playing ice stock sport (target shooting)TG Königsmooshour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, Königsmoos08 June 2014The longest marathon playing ice stock sport is 34 hr 10 min 47 sec and was achieved by TG Königsmoos (Germany) in Königsmoos, Bayern, Germany, between 7-8 June 2014.
10243Largest collection of cow-related itemsRuth KlossnerUnited States, Lafayette09 June 2015The largest collection of cow related items consists of 15,144 items and is owned by Ruth Klossner (USA) in Lafayette, Minnesota, USA, as verified on 9 June 2015. Ms. Klossner has been collecting for over 30 years.
10244Largest glass bottle mosaicHOMEX Co., Ltd.Japan, Toyota31 August 2014The largest glass bottle mosaic consists of 7,420 bottles and was achieved by HOMEX Co., Ltd (Japan) at Toyota Ecoful Town, in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, on 31 August 2014. To celebrate HOMEX’s 40th anniversary of foundation and strengthen the bond among company members, they attempted the largest glass bottle mosaic record using 4 different kinds of recycled glass bottles. The challenge took two days and 191 people were involved to make the mosaic in total. The area of the mosaic measured 20.56 m² (221 ft²).
10245Most fire torches lit and extinguished in one minuteHeidi BradshawUnited Kingdom, London29 August 2015The most fire torches lit and extinguished in one minute is 126, achieved by Heidi Bradshaw (UK), in London, UK on 29 September 2015. Heidi performs under the stage name Snake Fervor.
10246Fastest time to sort 500 g of Peanut M&Ms®Stephen Kish2:12 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London21 January 2016The fastest time to sort 500 g of Peanut M&Ms® is 2 min 12 sec and was achieved by Stephen Kish (UK) in London, UK, on 21 January 2016.Stephen is one of the stars of CBBC show "Officially Amazing".
10247Longest woodblock print龍輝 君島220.32 metre(s)Japan, Hiroshima16 November 2014The longest woodblock print measures 220.32 m (722 ft 9.95 in) in length and was completed by Tatsuteru Kimijima (Japan) after four years of work in Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan, on 16 November 2014. Tatsuteru Kimijima worked on the woodblock print from June 2010 to November 2014. The artist has moved to Hiroshima to spread the message of world peace through his works.The largest woodblock print is titled Banga-Cosmo 242.The same woodblock print also is the Largest woodblock print based on its area.
10248Largest free floating soap bubble (outdoors)Gary Pearlman96.27 cubic metre(s)United States, cleveland20 July 2015The largest outdoor free floating soap bubble has a volume of 96.27 m³ (3,399.7 ft³) and was achieved by Gary Pearlman (USA) at Wade Oval Park, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on 20 June 2015. Gary used two fishing poles with string tied between as the apparatus with which to make the bubble. An independent scientist calculated the volume through photography from orthogonal angles.
10249Largest pencil mosaicCivil Defense General Command570 square metre(s)United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi09 December 2014The largest pencil mosaic measures 750 m² (8,072.9 ft²) and was achieved by Civil Defense General Command (UAE), at Emirates Palace, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 9 December 2014. The mosaic measured 50 m in length and 15 m in width
10250Most barefoot marathons run in one yearEddie Vilbar Vega101 total numberUnited States, Ocala31 December 2014The most barefoot marathons run in one year is 101 and was achieved by Eddie Vilbar Vega (Guam) with marathons completed across the world from 1 January to 31 December 2014. Eddie Vilbar Vega completed a barefoot marathon in all 50 US states and also ran marathons in Japan and the Philippines.
10251Longest marathon, punch-bagKaveh Fatemian52/00/00 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London05 July 2014The longest punch-bag marathon is 52 hr and was achieved by Kaveh Fatemian (UK) in London, Greater London, United Kingdom, from 3 to 5 July 2014.Fatemian attempted the Guinness World Records title in honor of his girlfriend, who passed away from cancer.
10252Fastest handcuff escape blindfoldedChad NetherlandUnited States, Nashville18 July 2014The fastest handcuff escape blindfolded is 2.42 seconds, achieved by Chad Netherland (USA) at the Paramore Digital Agency in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 18 July 2014. Chad just edged the previous record by 0.14 seconds.
10253Largest horseshoeKentucky Derby Museum2.060 m wide, 2.133 m high metre(s)United States, Louisville09 September 2015The largest horseshoe is 2.06 m (6 ft 9.1 in) wide and 2.13 m (6 ft 11.8 in) high, and was achieved by the Kentucky Derby Museum, as measured at Eagle Sign and Design in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on 9 September 2015. The horseshoe was created in honour of the Kentucky Derby Museum's 30th anniversary, and is now a permanent exhibit at the museum.
10254Longest table clothPro Loco PiancognoItaly, Piancogno13 September 2014The longest table cloth measures 2,013.42 m (6,605 ft 8.3 in) in length and was created by Pro Loco Piancogno (Italy) in Piancogno, Italy on 13 September 2014. After the table cloth was laid out on a long line of tables, dinner was prepared for 4,000 people.
10255Largest knitted hatIndustrias Textiles de Sudamerica20.2 metre(s)Peru, Lima26 April 2015The largest knitted hat is 20.2 m (66 ft 3.2 in) in circumference and was achieved by Industrias Textiles de Sudamerica (Peru) as measured in Lima, Peru, on 26 April The hat is also 17.34 m (56 ft 10.6 in) tall.
10256Most skydiving wind tunnel verticals in one minuteIain Macdonald, Mohammed ShaikhUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai21 July 2014The most skydiving wind tunnel verticals in one minute is 26 and was achieved by Iain Macdonald (UK) and Mohammed Shaikh (India) at InFlight Dubai in Dubai, UAE, on 21 July 2014. .
10257Longest marathon playing football (soccer)The Craig Gowans Memorial Fund105 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Edinburgh04 July 2015The longest marathon playing football (soccer) is 105 hours and was achieved by The Craig Gowans Memorial Fund (UK) in Edinburgh, UK, on 4-8 July 2015.The attempt raised funds for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.Read more: Four-day football marathon match played in memory of Scottish youngster scores world record
10258Largest serving of chips (fries)Charles Le Bretonkilogram(s)United States, Eagle01 January 1900The largest serving of chips (fries) weighs 454.95 kg (1,003 lb) and was made by Twin Oaks Farms, Inc. (USA) in Eagle, Idaho, USA, on 20 September 2014. The weight of the raw potatoes used is 569.71 kg (1,256 lbs) and 500.07 l (110 US gal) of cooking oil was used to fry the chips.
10259Most perfect games of Wii Sports BowlingJohn S. BatesUnited States, OnalaskaApril 2015The most perfect games of Wii Sports Bowling ever played is 20,000 exactly achieved by John Bates (USA) at his home in Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA, from April 2008 to April 2015. John had videotaped himself playing every perfectly bowled game on hundreds of videos.
10260Most musicians to play the same piano simultaneouslyAngela MontemurropeopleItaly, Bari20 October 2014The most musicians to play the same piano simultaneously is 18, achieved by Angela Montemurro (Italy) and 17 of her students, who performed the piece Galop Marche composed by Albert Lavignac (France) in Bari, Italy, on 20 October 2014.

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