Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10321Tallest SnapdragonDavid Bahr , Pamela Bahr172.72 centimetre(s)United States, Kamuela21 February 2016The tallest snapdragon is 172.72 cm (68 inches) and was achieved by Pamela and David Bahr (both USA), in Kamuela, Hawaii, USA, as verified on 21 February 2016. This Apple Blossom snapdragon was grown from seed in the Bahr's garden.
10322Most football touches with the shin in one minuteLeon WalravenNetherlands, Heeten18 August 2015The most football touches with the shin in one minute are 224, and was achieved by Leon Walraven (Netherlands), in Heeten, Netherlands, on 18 August 2015. The attempt was held at the Sporthal Heeten.
10323Most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hoursSacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau170,923, 12 pound(s), ounce(s)United States, Sacramento09 September 2015The most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hours is 77,529.73 kg (170,923 lb 12 oz) and was achieved by the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau (USA) in Sacramento, California, USA on 9 September 2015. Donations were delivered and distributed by the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services
10324Largest iced teaLipton8,343 litre(s)United States, Baltimore21 October 2015The largest iced tea measures 8,343 l (1,835 gal, 2,204 US gal) and was achieved by Lipton (USA) in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on 21 October 2015. The iced tea was brewed using 96.6 kg (213 lb) of loose black tea, and was chilled to .6 c (33 f).
10325Largest parade of paddle boardersSUP ArmadaUnited Kingdom, Queen Mother Reservoir, Horton22 August 2015The largest parade of paddle boarders consists of 264 participants and was achieved by SUP Armada (UK) at the Queen Mother Reservoir, Horton, Berkshire, UK, on 22 August 2015.
10326Largest postcard mosaicMyprint Co., Ltd. and Nishiatago Primary School715.89 square metre(s)Japan, Tama29 November 2015The largest postcard mosaic measures 715.89 m² (7,705.77 ft²) and was achieved by Myprint Co., Ltd. and Nishiatago Primary School (both Japan) at Keisen University in Tama, Tokyo, Japan, on 29 November 2015. The mosaic was created a day before by students from Nishiatago primary school and employees from Myprint Co., Ltd. in the presence of two independent witnesses. Each side of the mosaic measured 22.014 m (72.22 ft), 32.527 m (106.71 ft), 22.002 m (72.18 ft), and 32.532 m (106.73 ft) and it was created with a total of 48,400 separate postcards in 179 different designs.
10327Longest dance marathon- relayMTV24:09:08 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, New York10 March 2015The longest dance marathon relay last 24 hr 9 min 8 sec and was achieved at an event organized by MTV (USA) in Times Square, New York, USA from 9-10 March 2015.Guest dancers during the Beyonce dance party included Nick Lachey, and the attempt was hosted by Todrick Hall.Read more: MTV's 'Break The Record Week' see Beyoncethon dance marathon and time capsule world record achievements
10328Largest QR codeXu He36,100 square metre(s)China, Cangzhou15 April 2015The largest QR code is 36,100 m² (388,577 ft²) and was achieved by Xu He (China) in Cangzhou, Hebei, China on 15 April 2015.The QR code was created in a wheat field. The length of each side is 190 metres.
10329Longest duration balancing on two balance boardsSilvio Sabba6 min 48 sec hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Italy, Milan08 July 2015The longest duration balancing on two balance boards is 6 minutes and 48 seconds and was achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy) in Milan, Italy, on 8 July 2015. This record is for the longest time an individual can continuously stand on two balance boards, one on top of the other. For the purposes of this record, two boards and two rocks must be used. The order must be: rock, board, rock, board.
10330Tallest ice cream coneHennig-Olsen Is AL, Trond L WøienNorway, Kristiansand26 July 2015The tallest ice cream cone measures 3.08 m (10 ft 1.26 in) in height and was achieved by Hennig-Olsen Is AL and Trond L Wøien (both Norway) at Kristiansand, Norway, on 26 July 2015.The complete Ice Cream Cone consisted of a wafer cone (95.85Kg), Chocolate lining (60Kg), Ice Cream (1080Lt) and Jam (40Kg) and, after being measured in the factory freezer, was carried below a helicopter to be distributed to attendees at the Tall Ships Race event in Kristiansand Harbour.
10331Fastest lacrosse shotPatrick Luehrsen192.96 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Libertyville29 September 2015The fastest recorded lacrosse shot is 192.96 km/h (119.9 mph) by Patrick Luehrsen (USA) at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, Illinois, USA, on 29 September, 2015. In addition to his accomplishment of breaking the lacrosse shot speed record, Luehrsen has also invented a flexible and durable lacrosse stick called "The Ghost."
10332Largest mathematical jigsaw puzzleThe British School of Beijing3348 piecesChina, Beijing30 October 2015The largest mathematical jigsaw puzzle consists of 3,348 pieces and was achieved by the British School of Beijing (UK) in Beijing, China on 31 October 2015. The puzzle required the participation of students of all ages within the school to complete. The attempt was carried out over a 24 hour period.
10333Most consecutive wins of Duo of the Year at the Academy of Country Music AwardsBrooks & DunnUnited States, Arlington2000-2007The most consecutive wins of Duo of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards is 8 achieved by Brooks & Dunn (USA) from 2000-2007. The record was announced at the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards which took place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA on 19 April 2015.
10334Most wins of Duo of the Year at the Academy of Country Music AwardsBrooks & DunnUnited States, Arlington1991-1997, 2000-2007, 2009The most wins of Duo of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards is 16 achieved by Brooks & Dunn (USA) in the years 1991-1997, 2000-2007 and 2009. The record was announced at the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards which took place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA on 19 April 2015.
10335Highest annual earnings for a modelGisele Bundchen47m US dollar(s)Brazil, 01 August 2014According to figures from Forbes, Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is the world’s most highly paid model, making $47 m in the year 2014 up to August alone. That puts the face of Oral-B and Pantene products in Brazil way ahead of her nearest rival, the Dutch actress and model Doutzen Kroes, who earned $8 m in the same period, as well as Bundchen’s fellow Brazilian Adriana Lima.
10336Largest cheese platter/boardBel Leerdammer1531.27 kilogram(s)Netherlands, Leerdam11 September 2015The largest cheese platter weighs 1,531.27 kg (3,375 lb 13.95 oz) and was prepared by Bel Leerdammer (Netherlands) in Leerdam, Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 11 September 2015. The cheese platter was organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of two cheese factories in the region. It took place at an event honouring 250 years of glass in Leerdam. The board measured 18.09 m², and featured ten different varieties of cheese.
10337Longest line of carved pumpkinsEniwa Happy Halloween Executive Committee2,015 itemsJapan, Eniwa31 October 2015The longest line of carved pumpkins consists of 2,015 pumpkins and was achieved by Eniwa Happy Halloween Executive Committee (Japan) at Roadside Station Hana-Road Eniwa, in Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan, on 31 October 2015. All of the pumpkins in the line had small LED lights placed inside of them. The record attempt was part of the big Halloween celebration event organised by the Eniwa Happy Halloween Executive Committee. The pumpkins were carved by the local elementary, middle and high school students, as well as university students.
10338Most balloons burst by sitting in 30 secondsYuta Watanabe44 itemsJapan, Toyota02 October 2015The most balloons burst by sitting in 30 seconds is 44 and was achieved by Yuta Watanabe (Japan) at a company event organised by Toyota Motor Corporation in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, on 2 October 2015. The record attempt took place at Tokota Motor Corporation's Honsha plant during a corporate event.
10339Most prolific Bollywood lyricistShitla Pandey 'Sameer'India, MumbaiAugust 2015The most prolific Bollywood lyricist is Shitla 'Sameer' Pandey, who wrote the lyrics to 3,524 songs that appeared in 650 Bollywood movies as verified on 15 December 2015. Sameers first song appeared in the move "Be-Khabar" that was released in 1983.
10340Largest digital inclusion eventTeléfonos de México S.A.B. de C.V.400,524 peopleMexico, Mexico City31 July 2015The largest digital inclusion event was attended by 400,524 people and achieved by Telmex (Mexico) at Aldea Digital, in Mexico City, Mexico, from 10 to 31 July 2015. The 22-day event was hosted between 10 July 2015 and 31 July 2015. The participants enjoyed more than thirty workshops, conferences of international leaders in technological issues, digital experiences and many other activities that took place in 20,000 square meters of the Plaza de la Constitucion (Constitution Square) in Mexico City, Mexico.
10341Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds (team)Roberto Costantini, Silvio SabbaItaly, Pioltello10 June 2015The tallest toilet paper tower built in 30 seconds (team of 2) is 28, and was achieved by Silvio Sabba and Roberto Costantini (both Italy), in Pioltello, Italy, on 10 June 2015. This record was broken on the Guinness World Record Challengers site (Challengers' tag: silvio.sabba):
10342Longest marathon watching filmsContestants Apply121 hours 18 minutes hour(s), minute(s)South Africa, Johannesburg14 December 2015The longest marathon watching films is 121 hours and 18 minutes and was achieved by Suresh Joachim (Sri Lanka) at Sheds @ 1Fox in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 13 December 2015. Suresh Joachim holds multiple records, predominantly endurance based.The record was held as part of a competition with 10 contestants in a pop-up cinema taking part in the challenge to help promote the broadband service of Telkom, the films were streamed and the cinema was open to the public so other people were in attendance for parts of the attempt outside of the the 10 contestants
10343Longest tableAfia International company1,508 metre(s)Saudi Arabia, Jeddah05 July 2015The longest table meausres 1,508 m (4.947 ft 5.96 in) and was achieved by Afia International company (Saudi Arabia), in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 5 July 2015.General public, charity houses and people with special needs attended the Iftar dinner served.
10344Oldest ice hockey playerHarold H. Dean86:07:15 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, St Petersburg, Florida27 November 2015The oldest ice hockey player is Harold H. Dean (USA, b. 12 April 1929), who played as a member of the Puckaneers Ice Hockey Team in Oldsmar, Florida, USA, on 27 November 2015, aged 86 years 7 months 15 days.In addition to competing in the 2015 Goals for a Cause Charity Senior Hockey Tournament, Harold H. Dean also competed in the 2015 USA Hockey National Championships in the over-70 division. He has been passionate about playing hockey throughout his life, serving as captain of his high school ice hockey team at Hackley School and playing at the college level for St. Lawrence University.
10345Longest table football/foosball tableMarco Berry OnlusItaly, Turin24 September 2015The longest table football/foosball table is 121.40 m (398 ft 3.52 in) and was achieved by Marco Berry Onlus (Italy), in Turin, Italy, on 25 September 2015.424 players are able to play simultaneously, the record attempt raised money to be donated to the MAS CTH which is a children's hospital in Hargeisa, Somalia.
10346Largest pyrotechnics imageFireworks by GrucciUnited Arab Emirates, Meydan28 March 2015The largest pyrotechnic image measures 65,526 m² (705,316 ft²) and was achieved by Fireworks by Grucci (USA) in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Dubai World Cup at the Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, UAE on 28 March 2015.The image was comprised of 648 separate "pixels", and depicted the national flag of the United Arab Emirates.
10347Largest permanent 35mm cinema screenGuangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation34.6 m * 26.8 m metre(s)China, Suzhou15 December 2015The largest permanent 35mm cinema screen measures 34.6 m (113.5 ft) in length and 26.8 m (87.9 ft) in height, was achieved by Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation (China) in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China on 15 December 2015. The screen is displayed in a cinema in Suzhou, it took one month to produce the screen in South Korea, and the total overall area is 963.18 square metres.
10348Longest pearl necklaceGuangdong Ronghui Pearls Culture Co., Ltd.2278.5 metre(s)China, Zhanjiang25 April 2015The longest pearl necklace measures 2,278.5 m (7475 ft 3 in) and was created by Guangdong Ronghui Pearls Culture Co., Ltd. (China) in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China on 17 April 2015. The necklace contains 316,474 individual pearls.
10349Largest coin mosaicWestern Union252.78 square metre(s)Philippines, Manila30 September 2015The largest coin mosaic measures 252.78 m² (2,720.89 ft²) and was achieved by Western Union (Philippines), in Manila, Philippines, on 30 September 2015. The attempt was made to comemmorate the 25th anniversary of Western Union in The Philippines and to raise money for multimedia libraries for 25 schools.
10350Longest-running comic strip still syndicatedThe Katzenjammer Kids, Unknown12 December 2014Rudolph Dirks' newspaper strip The Katzenjammer Kids celebrated its 117th anniversary on 12 December 2014. The strip, which features the adventures of a pair of rebellious twins of German-American origins named Hans and Fritz, was first published in the New York Journal on 12 December 1897. The strip is now drawn by cartoonist Hy Eisman and is syndicated to 50 newspapers by King Features Syndicate.Dirks drew the strip for the first 15 years of its existence. He left the strip in a disagreement with its publisher over his plans to take a break from the relentless work of daily strip production. He was replaced by Harold H Knerr, who would produce Katzenjammer strips through to 1949, but in a series of legal actions won the right to produce his own strip featuring Hans and Fritz for a rival publisher. Dirks' strip, eventually titled The Captain and the Kids, ran until 1979.

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