Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10501First individual circumnavigation of the globe using human powerJason LewisUnited Kingdom, Greenwich12 July 1994On 6 October 2007, Jason Lewis (UK) completed the first ever circumnavigation of the Earth without wind or motor assistance. Starting from the Greenwich Meridian Line in East London, UK, on 12 July 1994, Lewis' 13-year journey – Expedition 360 – saw him walking, cycling, and inline skating across five continents, and kayaking, swimming, rowing, and pedalling a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. He covered a total of 74,842 km (46,505 miles), passing through antipodal points, as per the guidelines, and covering more than the circumference of the Earth (24,900 miles or 40,075 km). He was accompanied for parts of the trip by various friends and supporters – including Steve Smith (UK), who left the expedition after pedal-boating with Lewis from California to Hawaii, USA.Lewis completed the ocean crossings in a wooden pedal-powered boat named Moksha.
10502Most weight lifted by barbell rows in one minute (individual)Eamonn Keane4700 kilogram(s)Ireland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym08 December 2012The most weight lifted by barbell rows in one minute is 4,700 kg (10,361.73 lb) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 8 December 2012.Eamonn completed 47 lifts of a 100 kg barbell inside the one minute timeframe.
10503Most basketball figure eight moves in one minuteThomas ConnorsTurkey, Antalya,,Sensortori Resort12 August 2013The most basketball figure eight moves in one minute is 55 and was achieved by Thomas Connors (UK) at the Sensortori Resort in Antalya, Turkey, on 12 August 2013.Thomas Connors is a basketball freestyler who performs basketball tricks and attempts record all over the world.
10504Most knuckle push ups in 24 hours (female)Eva Clarke9,241 repetitionsUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi01 February 2014The most knuckle push ups in 24 hours by a female is 9,241 and was achieved by Eva Clarke (Australia) at Wahda Mall, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 1 February 2014.
10505Most knuckle push ups in one hour (female)Eva Clarke1206 repetitionsUnited Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi31 January 2014The most knuckle push ups in one hour by a female is 1,206 and was achieved by Eva Clarke (Australia) at Wahda Mall, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 31 January 2014.
10506Best selling single
10507Largest graphic novel published
10508Largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia
10509Most weight squat lifted in 24 hours - individualShaun JonesUnited Kingdom, Norwich23 March 2010The most weight squat lifted in 24 hours by an individual was 459,648 kg (1,013,350 lbs 6 oz) and was achieved by Shaun Jones (UK) at the Esporta Heath Club in Norwich, UK, on 23 March 2010.This attempt also made Shaun Jones the first man ever to lift a million lbs in 24 hours, a target he set himself which will be hard to beat!
10510Most expensive poster depicting magic sold at auctionDavid Copperfield, Norm Nielsen55000 US dollar(s)USA, Las Vegas,NevadaA lithograph depicting Houdini´s famous Water Torture Cell escape, printed by Strobridge (USA) in 1914, was sold to David Copperfield (USA) for US$55,000 (£29,930), excluding buyers premium of 15%, by CRG Auctions in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA during the sale of the Sidney H. Radner Collection on 30 October 2004. The poster measures 1 x 2.79 m (3 ft 4.5 in x 9 ft 2 in).During an auction sale at Christies, London, UK, on on 25 May 2000, a lithograph printed by Dangerfield (UK) c.1912 of Houdini's Water Torture Cellwas purchased by Norm Nielsen (USA) for £30,000 (US$44,669), excluding buyers premium of 17.5%. The poster measures 2.22 x 1m (7 ft 3.5 in x 3 ft 3.48 in) and is now housed in the Nielsen collection in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
10511Most push ups with claps in one minuteStephen ButtlerUnited Kingdom, Morda,,Hope House17 November 2011The most push ups with claps performed in one minute is 90, achieved by Stephen Buttler (UK) in Morda, Shropshire, UK, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 17 November 2011.Stephen Buttler is a regular record breaker and held the previous record, which was also achieved on Guinness World Records day.
10512Largest Time Warp dance20th Century FoxUnited States, West Hollywood31 October 2010The largest Time Warp dance involved 8,239 participants at the West Hollywood Annual Halloween Carnaval in an event organized by Twentieth Century Fox and the City of West Hollywood in West Hollywood, California, USA, on 31 October 2010. The dance was organised in celebration of the 35th anniversary of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the release of the film on Blu-ray disc. The dance was the final event of the day-long Carnaval, which attracted an estimated 150,000 visitors over the course of the evening.Mike Janela adjudicated. The attempt followed a screening of "Rocky Horror" and was led by official fan club president Sal Piro.
10513Reverse driving - articulated truck - longest distance (individual)Marco HellgreweGermany, Frankfurt/Main22 September 2008Marco Hellgrewe (Germany) reversed an articulated truck for 64 km (39.7 miles) non-stop in 5 hr 21 min on a circuit on the German forces training area in Bergen, Germany, on 22 September 2008.
10514Greatest distance by pedal powered boat in 24 hours - Flat water (individual)Greg KolodziejzykCanada, Calgary09 September 2008The greatest distance achieved by pedal-powered boat in 24 hours is 245.16 km (152.33 m) by Greg Kolodziejzyk (Canada) on Whitefish Lake, Montana, USA, on 8-9 September 2008.
10515Most weight squat lifted in one hour - individualWalter Urban57717.36 kilogram(s)United States, New York City15 September 2011The most weight squat lifted in one hour by an individual was 57,717.36 kg (127,245 lb) by Walter Urban (Canada) on Live! with Regis and Kelly in New York, New York, USA, on 16 September 2011. Walter began the attempt squatting repetitions of 145 lb for the first 30 minutes then switched to 135 lb for the second 30 minutes.
10516Longest match, Professional WrestlingShockwave Impact WrestlingUnited States, Sidney06 November 2010The longest professional wrestling match lasted 12 hours and was promoted by Shockwave Impact Wrestling (USA) as the Ultimate Iron Man Match at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Sidney, Ohio, USA, on 6 November 2010. The match was contested by American Kickboxer II aka Brandon Overholser, Dark Angel aka Mike White, DJ Tom Sharp aka Tom Crone, Logan Cross aka Logan Jones, Sid Fabulous aka Mark Easterday, and "Lightning" Tim Lutz.The match was won by Lutz to earn the SWI's Ironman Championship. This Iron Man match consisted of the same six participants rotating for the duration of the 12 hours. The wrestler with the most accumulated pin falls and submissions after 12 hours was deemed the victor. Shockwave Impact Wrestling is associated with the National Wrestling Alliance.
10517Largest collection of Pokémon memorabiliaLisa CourtneyUnited Kingdom, Welwyn Garden City13 June 2009The largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia belongs to LisaCourtney (UK), with 14,410 different items as of 14 October 2010,which she has been collecting for over 14 years. Her collectionincludes items from the UK, USA, France and of course Japan. Shehas made several trips to Japan for the specific purpose ofcollecting Pokemon merchandise, each time sending between 8-12boxes full back to the UK. Part of the collection (including herGWR certificate) has been displayed at the Museum of Hertford aspart of an exhibition on popular culture.
10518Tallest gold plated mastWen Wan Development Co. Ltd.Chinese Taipei, ??? ???The tallest gold plated mast measures 55.97 metres (183 ft 7 in) and was created by Wen Wan Development Co. Ltd. (Taiwan). It was presented and measured at the Wen Wan Okura Resort Sun Moon Lake, on the Lalun Peninsula, in Taiwan, on 12 May 2009.The mast is in bent in one direction. The height was measured in a vertical line from its highest point to the ground.
10519Most body revolutions with head and feet on the ground in one minuteMihir Sanjay SoniItaly, Rome17 April 2012The most body revolutions with the head and feet on the ground is 57 and was achieved by Mihir Sanjay Soni (India) on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Rome, Italy, on 17 April 2012.
10520Farthest distance static cycling in 12 hours - maleMiguel Angel CastroSpain, Güímar21 August 2010The farthest distance static cycling in 12 hours (male) was 832.35 km (517.2 mi) by Miguel Angel Castro (Spain) at the Tasagaya Sports Pavillion in Güímar, Spain, on 21 August 2010.At the time of this record, Castro also held the record for greatest static cycling distance in one minute, three minutes and one hour.
10521Most full body explosive push ups in one minuteStephen ButtlerUnited Kingdom, Morda,,Hope House17 November 2011The most full body explosive push ups performed in one minute is 82, achieved by Stephen Buttler (UK) in Morda, Shropshire, UK, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day on 17 November 2011.
10522Highest cold water geyserGeysir AndernachGermany, Andernach01 January 2001The highest 'cold water' geyser is the Geysir Andernach, which typically blows water to heights of 30-60 m (98-196 ft), and is located in Andernach, Germany. Unlike naturally-occurring hot water geysers, so-called 'cold-water' geysers are formed by cold ground water dissolving large amounts of carbon dioxide (released through cracks from the Earth's upper mantle) and effectively 'charging' the water (similar to a soda bottle) this charged underground water then erupts from a drilled well. The Andernach well is 350 m (1,148 ft) deep and was re-drilled in 2001, following its closure in 1957 due to war-torn damage. The highest recorded height of the Geysir Andernach is 61.5 m (201 ft 9 in) on 19 September 2002. The average volume of water ejected per eruption is 7,800 litres (2,060.5 US gal 1,715 UK gal), the average interval between eruptions is 90-110 minutes one eruption lasted 7-8 minutes.
10523Most powerful electromagnetic railgunUnknown200 nautical mile(s), 16 January 2007The development of electromagnetic (EM) railguns could revolutionise warfighting capability, with the potential to deliver lethal firepower to ranges in excess of 200 nautical miles (370 km 230 miles). An EM gun uses an extremely high current flow to create an electromagnetic force that will propel projectiles at speeds greater than Mach 7.0. and destroy targets through the sheer force of impact (i.e. without explosives being used). On 16 January 2007, a test shot was fired at the US Naval Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, with a muzzle energy of 7,4 megajoules and an achieved velocity of 2,146 m/s (7,040 ft per second).Ultimately, such guns will be provided for ships, as the absence of gunpowder in the weapon means that the risk of explosions on board is eliminated and there would also be increased magazine capacity, improved safety and reduced cost and logistic requirements. They are expected to replace the standard 12.5-cm (5-in) naval gun in due course. One megajoule is the equivalent to 737,582.5 foot pounds or the energy needed to produce one watt of electricity for one second. However, on 31 January 2008, the same test centre demonstrated an EM gun at a record power level of 10 megajoules of muzzle energy. The EM gun tested has a reported capacity of 32 megajoules, but increases of energy are being made slowly within a defined test programme.
10524Most powerful particle acceleratorLarge Hadron ColliderfirstSwitzerland, Geneva01 November 2007The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is an international project to study matter by emulating conditions just a few billionths of a second after the Big Bang. It is located in the 27 km-long (16.7 km) circular tunnel at the CERN laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland, that previously housed the Large Electron Positron Collider. The 38,000-tonne (83,775,560-lb) collider will accelerate two beams of matter in opposite directions around the tunnel. Once travelling at nearly the speed of light the two streams of particles will be allowed to collide, producing showers of exotic subatomic particles, which will be detected by instruments in the tunnel. The LHC is due for completion in November 2007 and will require 120 MW of power and 91 tonnes (200,620 lb) of liquid helium to operate.One principle aim of the LHC is to find the theorized but as yet unseen Higgs Boson particle – often nicknamed the God Particle.
10525Fastest time to lay 12m² of carpetStephen Dineley6/20.18 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Birmingham07 August 2008The fastest time to lay 12 m² (129.2 ft²) of carpet is 6 min 20.18 sec set by Stephen Dineley (UK) on the set of 60 Minute Makeover, ITV in Billesley, Birmingham, UK, on 7 August 2008.Laura Farmer and Michael Whitty adjudicated.
10526Fastest time to ignite five targets by squirting milk from the eyeBrandon Kee34.9 minute(s), second(s)United States, Los Angeles19 June 2013The fastest time to ignite five targets by shooting milk from the eye is 34.9 seconds and was achieved by Brandon "Youngblood" Kee (USA) on the set of 'Guinness World Records Unleashed' in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 13 June 2013.
10527Largest bottle of cooking oilFeng LingChina, Pingyuan County,,Cayman Pretoria Villa28 September 2009The largest bottle of cooking oil measures 5.12 m (16 ft 8 in) tall and contains 3,212 litres (706.54 gal) of camellia oil. It was verified at an event organised by the Pingyuan County Committee of the Communist Party of China and People's Government of Pingyuan County in Pingyuan County, Guangdong Province, China, on 28 September 2009.The base of the bottle is 1.1 m² (11.84 ft²), the weight of the empty bottle is 2,178 kg (4,801.6 lb) and the weight with the oil, 2,937 kg (6,474.9 lb)
10528Heaviest crustacean on landRobber CrabNot ApplicableThe heaviest (and largest) land-living crustacean is the robber or coconut crab (Birgus latro), which lives on tropical islands and atolls in the Indo-Pacific. Weights of up to 4.1 kg (9 lb) – the average weight is around 2.5 kg (5 lb 8 oz) – and a leg span of up to 1 m (39 in) – the average leg-span is 91 cm (36 in) – have been recorded. The robber crab is almost entirely terrestrial (although females have to return to the sea to release their eggs) and drowns when submerged in water for any length of time. It feeds mainly on rotting coconuts on the ground, but will eat a variety of other food if coconuts are not available. It has been hunted almost to extinction on many islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, because of its sheer size and the fact that it is apparently good to eat.
10529Most Aztec push ups in one minuteJason ShenUnited States, Palo Alto18 January 2014The most Aztec push ups in one minute is 50 and was achieved by Jason Shen (USA) at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, USA, on 18 January 2014.
10530Most consecutive bench presses underwaterGérald RioualrepetitionsMartinique, Les Trois Ilets05 July 2014Most consecutive bench presses underwater is 36 and was achieved by Gérald Rioual (France) in Les Trois Ilets, Martinique, on 5 July 2014.

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