Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10561Video: Nick Stoeberl has the world's longest tongueNick Stoeberl showcases all 10.1cm of his amazing tongue to snap up his tongue-tastic record. Prepare to be amazed by the longest tongue in the world!Twenty-four-year-old Nick Stoeberl from California, USA has well and truly got the world record longest tongue licked.The artist and comedian’s super-sized lingua has been verified as measuring 10.1cm (3.97in) long from its tip to the middle of the closed top lip and is featured as one of the latest records set in the new Guinness World Records 2015 book.Nick’s father was “a huge fan of KISS” and as a child Nick would imitate Gene Simmons’ infamous tongue pose, realising for the first time that his tongue was longer than others. The artist and comedian loves the attention his tongue receives, announcing that “I’m not only able to lick my nose, but also my elbow!” He says that the only downside is “that I have to spend longer brushing my tongue in the morning.” The achievement breaks the record of Brit Stephen Taylor (9.8 cm) who has held the title since 2002. videoGuinness World Records 2015 is the 60 th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book and ison sale now at all major retailers.It’s packed full of incredible feats, facts and achievements and also features new Augmented Reality technology that enables the reader to bring record-breakers to life in stunning 3D. You can find out more about the book by heading to for the latest on all things world record, including the 2015 book, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!Related stories Video: Watch the world’s longest usable golf club in action Video: Largest collection of James Bond memorabilia Video: Take a ride in the world's smallest caravan Video: Get blown away by the world's loudest bicycle horn
10562Video: Take a ride in the world's smallest caravanForty-three-year-old Yannick Read’s entry is arguably the most British of all the new records in the new Guinness World Records 2015 book. The website writer and part time inventor from London has built the world’s Smallest Caravan. The vehicle, which is fully roadworthy, measures 2.39m (7 ft 10.9 in) in length, 1.53 m (5 ft 0.24 in) high and 0.79 m (2 ft 7.9 in) wide.Named the ‘QTvan’, it’s fully equipped with a full size bed, interior lighting, TV, sink and a kettle. The caravan weighs 131.1 kg (289.03 lb's). In spite of its size, the caravan is surprisingly comfortable and Yannick has been on mini-breaks around the UK in it. He says that thing he enjoys most about his creation is “the smiles from people who see me towing it along the road.” Yannick, who also appears in this years book for creating the loudest bicycle horn - says is now making plans to make more tiny record-breaking creations – “watch this space!”videoGuinness World Records 2015 is the 60 th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book and ison sale now at all major retailers.It’s packed full of incredible feats, facts and achievements and also features new Augmented Reality technology that enables the reader to bring record-breakers to life in stunning 3D. You can find out more about the book by heading to for the latest on all things world record, including the 2015 book, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!Related stories Video: Nick Stoeberl has the world’s longest tongue Video: Watch the world’s longest usable golf club in action Video: Largest collection of James Bond memorabilia Video: Get blown away by the world's loudest bicycle horn
10563JAPAN’S JIROEMON KIMURA CONFIRMED AS OLDEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED AT 115 YEARS, 253 DAYSJiroemon pictured earlier this year with Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig GlendayGuinness World Records can today confirm that Japan's Jiroemon Kimura is, at the age of 115 years 253 days, now the Oldest Man Ever, as well as the Oldest Living Man and the Oldest Living Person.Mr Kimura surpasses the current Guinness World Records holder for the oldest authenticated age reached by a man - Thomas Peter Thorvald Kristian Ferdinand 'Christian' Mortensen, who lived to 115 years, 252 days.Kimura gained the Guinness World Record for Oldest Living Person on 17 December 2012 after Dina Manfredini (US) passed away aged 115 years, 257 days.Jiroemon Kimura, who lives in Kyotango City, Kyoto, was born on 19 April 1897 and is only the third man in history to reach 115 years old.He has lived across three centuries which have seen immense social and technological advances including the advent of motor vehicles, television, the internet and six UK Monarchs, five Emperors of Japan and 20 US Presidents.From 1914, Mr. Kimura worked at the Post Office until the age of 65, when he retired but continued to engage in agriculture until he was 90.He has an astonishing 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great, great grandchildren.His personal motto is 'eat light to live long' and believes the key to his longevity is to be a healthy, small eater.Japan is the country with the most centenarians in the world per capita Okinawa has the highest concentration of centenarians, where the ratio is 50 per 100,000 people.Additionally, the record for the oldest average age is also held by Japan, where the median age - that is, the age at which there are an equal number of people above and below - is a record high of 44.7.However, the oldest person ever to have lived is Jeanne Calment (France) who lived to 122 years and 164 days.Commenting on today's news, Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: "The record for oldest living man lies at the very heart of Guinness World Records, and to be able to present Mr Kimura his third Guinness World Records title is truly an honour. Kimura-san is an exceptional person we know of only four other male supercentenarians alive today, and incredibly, he is only the third man in history to reach the age of 115."
10564Elizabeth II sets new record for Longest reigning queen everA new record for Longest reigning queen has today been set by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
10565Heaviest nectarineTony Slattery360 gram(s)New Zealand, Whangamata01 January 1998A Red Gold nectarine weighing 360 g (12.69 oz) was grown by Tony Slattery of Valley Orchard, Whangamata, New Zealand in January 1998.
10566Most generations to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary (50th)James HeimUnited StatesThe record for most generations of the same family to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary (50th) is five. Generation #1:Philipp Jakob Kober (b.16 June 1776) married Maria Barbara Ullrich (b. 1 February 1775) in Wachenheim, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. Their marriage lasted 53 years and came to an end when Maria Barbara Kober, nee Ullrich died on 28 September 1849.Generation #2:Susan Kober (b. 21 August 1810), daughter of Philipp Jakob Kober and Maria Barbara Ullrich, married Johannes Machenheimer, Jr. (b. 8 September 1811) on 21 January 1836 in Wachenheim, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. Their marriage lasted 62 years and came to an end when Susan Machenheimer, nee Kober died on 27 August 1898.Generation #3:J. Elizabeth Machenheimer (b. 9 April 1846) daughter of Johannes Machenheimer, Jr. and Susan Kober, married George Christopher Nestle (b. 25 February 1837) on 7 November 1863, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA. Their marriage lasted 54 years and came to an end when George Christopher Nestle died on 30 March 1918.Generation #4:Ernestine Amalia Nestle (b. 22 June 1877), daughter of George Christopher Nestle and Johanna Elizabeth Machenheimer, married James C. Curran (b. 8 September 1871) on 1 June 1898, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA. Their marriage lasted 52 years and came to an end when James C. Curran died on 19 March 1951.Generation #5 (two couples):a) Elizabeth Ruth Curran (b. 18 June 1915) daughter of James C. Curran and Ernestine Amalia Nestle, married Edward Louis Heim, Sr. (b. 21 July 1914) on 1 June 1938, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA. Their marriage lasted 50 years and came to an end when Elizabeth Ruth Heim died on 13 April 1989.b) Doris Ann Curran (b. 8 August 1921) daughter of James C. Curran and Ernestine Amalia Nestle, married Russell Eugene Callahan (b. 27 March 1920) on 1 June 1943, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA. The couple is still married as of 02 April 2003, having been married 59 years, 10 mon
10567Heaviest turnipScott RobbUnited States, Palmer01 September 2004The heaviest turnip weighed 17.7 kg (39 lb 3 oz) and was grown by Scott and Mardie Robb (both USA) who presented it the Alaska State Fair, Palmer, USA on 1 September 2004.The variety is a Mammoth Purple Top Turnip (Brassica rupa).
10568International Day of Older Persons: Ten of the most extraordinary senior citizen recordsEstablished by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990, 1 October marks the International Day of Older Persons – a day that is both dedicated to the appreciation of older people and to raising awareness about issues that affect the elderly.
10569Japan's Misao Okawa Confirmed as Oldest Living Woman, Aged 114 Years, 359 DaysGuinness World Records today announces that Japan's Misao Okawa is the world's oldest living woman at 114 years, and, as of today, 359 days old. With her 115 th birthday approaching next Tuesday, Misao-san took the title after Koto Okubo - also from Japan - passed away on 12 th January 2013 aged 115 years 19 days. The oldest person ever to have lived is also female, Jeanne Calment of France, who lived to 122 years and 164 days. Born on 5 th March 1898 in Tenma, Osaka, Misao-san married in 1919 her husband, Yukio, ran his own business in Kobe and together they had three children - two daughters and a son. After the passing of her husband, she moved back to Osaka where she still resides, and remains in good health surrounded by her children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren (one of whom, Hibiki, is pictured with Misao-san and her 90-year old son Hiroshi, above).Misao Okawa with Guinness World Records Country Manager for Japan, Erika OgawaAs well holding the Guinness World Records title for oldest woman, Misao Okawa also belongs to an elite group - The supercentenarians. To qualify for membership to this exclusive club, there is just one criterion: being at least 110 years old. Reaching this age is an exceptional achievement, especially given the average life span for women in Japan is just under 85.9 years outliving the national average by nearly 30 years is an remarkable feat.Although America is the country with the most centenarians (people aged 100 or over) in the world, there are an estimated 51,376 of them in Japan, with a staggering 44,842 of those being women. Additionally, Japan is home to Jiroemon Kimura, who holds three Guinness World Records titles - Oldest Living Male, Oldest Male, Oldest Living Person - and is 115 years, 314 days old as of today. Both Misao and Jiroemon have lived across three centuries, which have seen immense social and technological advances including the advent of motor vehicles, flight, mobile telephones, social networking sites and 6 UK Monarchs, 4 Emperors of Japan and 20 US Presidents.Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records said: " It is an honour to welcome Misao-san into the Guinness World Records family. Her impressive longevity - nearly 42,000 days - is an inspiration and a testament to the Japanese lifestyle. It's incredible to think that she was born before the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Vladimir Nabokov, and Walt Disney… Queen Victoria was still on the throne and the Wright Brothers were still a few years from making the first heavier-than-air flight at the time of her birth."
10570Guinness World Records signs strategic partnership with China’s foreign languages teaching and research publishingAs part of the UK Prime Minister’s VVIP Trade Delegation to China, Guinness World Records has signed a comprehensive strategic partnership with China’s Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Publishing Limited (FLTRP), witnessed by ministers and leaders of UK and Chinese business.The GWR-FLTRP partnership will encompass a series of publishing, e-publishing and live event initiatives. Together the two brands will engage hundreds of thousands of young people in educational world record challenges and provide millions more with inspiring educational content accessible in print and across digital devices. Additionally, the partnership will include national record breaking challenges and interactive live events, alongside new English language teaching materials for FLTRP’s 20 – 30 million English language students and free downloadable materials for Chinese schools.The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will harness the unique power of record-breaking to engage, educate and entertain, and offer millions of Chinese children the opportunity to become OFFICIALLY AMAZING.Prime Minister David Cameron, said of the business delegation: "I am delighted that Guinness World Records are joining me in the largest British business delegation to go to China this century. This Government's priority is to secure the economic recovery and we are determined to all we can to help British companies to succeed in the global race. I am firmly committed to playing my part which is why I have taken more than 130 business delegates to China, including Guinness World Records. My aim is to open the door for them in this fast-growing market, creating opportunities for them to expand their business."Alistair Richards, Global President, Guinness World Records and President Cai Jianfeng of FLTRP signed this wide-reaching agreement on Monday 2 nd December at an official event - entitled Generation UK - which celebrated UK-China educational partnerships and was hosted by British Ambassador to China Sebastian Wood. This high profile trip is the Prime Minister’s first business delegation to China since taking office and the aim of the VVIP Trade Delegation is to reinvigorate the partnership between both countries, uniting British business leaders with their Chinese counterparts. Monday’s event marked the start of the delegation event which will move on to visit Shanghai and Chengdu.On joining the delegation and signing the official partnership with FLTRP, Alistair Richards commented: “I am honoured to be a part of this historic trip which has demonstrated the UK’s commitment to further enriching the business bonds between our two countries, just as our own partnership with FLTRP will do for millions of Chinese young people and language students. Guinness World Records is exceptionally proud to be joining with FLTRP on the CSP and inspired by the shared educational objectives of our two brands. Our partnership brings together two market leaders which are both confident to learn as well as to teach. Our partnership is an example of the enormous potential for educational and cultural exchange between the UK and China.”Generation UK is a three-year British Council campaign that aims to grow the number of UK students participating in study or internship programmes in China and to increase the funding and number of scholarships and internship places available for UK students to gain experience in China.
10571Merry Christmas from Guinness World Records!From all of us at Guinness World Records, we'd like to wish all fans, record breakers, visitors to our site, and readers of our book the merriest of Christmases!We've got some great things coming your way over the next week, including a monthly look back at the Year in World Records. Plus, who knows what exciting stuff is on the way for 2014.In the meantime, here are a handful of our favorite recent Christmas-related records. Now you have something fun to talk to Aunt June about while you make awkward small talk over the egg nog.The largest human Christmas tree consisted of 889 participants and was achieved by the City of Lacombe (Canada) in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, on 29 November 2013. The height of the "tree" was 58.7 m (192 ft 7 in) and the width was 19.9 m (65 ft 3.5 in).How about an actual Christmas tree? Or, well, how about an actual fake Christmas tree? The tallest artifical Christmas tree measured 52 m (170 ft 7 in) and was covered in green PVC artificial foliage. The "Peace Tree" was designed by Grupo Sonae Distribuição Brasil and displayed in Moinhos de Vento Park, Porto Alegre, Brazil from 1 December 2001 until 6 January 2002. The tree featured 3,000 Christmas ball ornaments and 200 stobo lamps.What would Christmas be without a delicious and architecturally sound gingerbread house? It would be nothing at Guinness World Records unless it was truly special, and that's just what the Traditions Club of Bryan, Texas, gave us last month. They built t he largest ever gingerbread house, with an internal volume of 1,110.1 m³ (39,201.8 ft³). The house was 18.28 m (60 ft) long, 12.8 m (42 ft) wide and 3.07 m (10.1 ft) tall at its highest point. And you can check out time-lapse video of its construction.videoWe of course have to shout out the big fella on Christmas: Santa Claus.He's always on watch, of course, but Saint Nick had quite the task last year, when he received the longest wish list to Santa. It consisted of 75,954 wishes, was collated by MINI and presented to Santa Claus himself at his official post office in Rovaniemi, Finland, on 5 December 2012. The wish list contained requests from people of 30 countries and itself weighed 160 kg (352.7 lb)!But the Santa Claus can't do it all alone on this special night. That's why he naturally has an army of helpers assisting him around the world. We here at GWR remember the one time 13,000 of them came together in Derry City, Northern Ireland, UK. That was on Dec. 9, 2007 and marks to this day the largest-ever gathering of Santa Claus.Enjoy the holiday everyone. May you find what you hope for under the tree, but more importantly, find yourself around that tree with the loved ones who mean the most to you. Merry Christmas!You're not still looking for that perfect last-minute stocking stuffer, are you?! Lucky for you, the Guinness World Records 2014 edition is on sale now. See a full list of where to find it here.
10572Oldest living man welcomes Guinness World Records editor to his homeGuinness World Records, today celebrates the first ever meeting between Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday and the world's oldest living man, Jiroemon Kimura of Kyotango, Japan.Jiroemon, who is an incredible 115-years-old, welcomed Craig to his home to receive a hand-delivered copy of the Guinness World Records 2013 book directly from the company's London headquarters.Born on 19 April 1897, Jiroemon is the oldest ever Japanese man, the oldest ever Asian man, and the last known man to live across three centuries.When the supercentenarian was born, Marconi had yet to send the first radio communication over open sea, Bram Stoker's novel Dracula had yet to be published, and the composer George Gershwin had not even been born.Queen Victoria was still on the throne, preparing to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Other extant figures at the time of Jiroemon's birth include the composers Johannes Brahms and Guiseppi Verdi, the US novelist Mark Twain and the French artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.Jiroemon attained the status of the world's oldest living man on 14 April 2011, following the passing of America's Walter Breuning at the age of 114 years 205 days.Jiroemon appears in the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records book, where his record is acknowledged as one of the fundamental absolutes of human achievement.Following his visit to Jiroemon's home, Craig said: "It's been a long journey from the centre of London to the remote and picturesque countryside of Kyoto Prefecture. But it has been worth every minute. The record for oldest living man lies at the very heart of Guinness World Records, along with his female counterpart, Ms Besse Cooper of the USA, who is Mr Kimura's senior by 236 days. To be able to present Mr Kimura his own copy of the book in person is truly an honour and, for me, a lifetime ambition. He is an exceptional person - we know of only four other male supercentenarians alive today, and incredibly, he is only the third man in history to reach the age of 115."On receiving his copy of the book, and his official Guinness World Records certificate, Jiroemon said, in loud, clear English: "Thank you very much!" Continuing in Japanese, he thanked Craig for travelling all the way to Kyotango and said how appreciative he was of being acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the oldest living man.During the historic meeting, Jiroemon learned that he will become the oldest living man ever documented in history on 27 December 2012, succeeding Danish-American Christian Mortensen, who lived to 115 years 252 days. "I look forward to returning to Kyotango again to congratulate Mr Kimura," said Mr Glenday.Craig travelled to Kyotango as part of a trip to Japan to mark the publication of the 2013 Guinness World Records international edition.Before visiting Jiroemon, Craig stopped off at Nagoya to meet medallists from Japan's 2012 Olympic team, including volleyball player Kaori Inoue, swimmer Ryosuke Irie and wrestler Saori Yoshida.Glenday also took the opportunity to present Saori with her official Guinness World Records certificate for an unprecedented 13 World Championship wrestling victories, including three Olympic wins.
10573Vintage Leica becomes most expensive camera after fetching $2.8million at auctionThe most expensive camera sold at auction was sold to an anonymous buyer this month for €2.16 million (£1,73 million, $2,8 million), at the WestLicht Photographica auction in Vienna, Austria.Known as the 0-series, the prototype Leica 35mm film camera was one of just 25 produced in 1923 for testing.Only 12 of them are known to have survived to this day.The starting price was €300.000, but reached the final bid of €1.8 million in just four minutes. The remainder of the sale price included taxes and fees.Previously, the world's most expensive camera was also a 0-series Leica, selling for $1.7
10574Guinness World Records announces Salustiano Sanchez as new Oldest living manGUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™, the global authority on record breaking achievements, announces 112-year-old Salustiano Sanchez Blazquez from Grand Island, New York, as the new world’s Oldest living man.The record is announced on the heels of the recent passing of Japanese 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura, who was recognized as the Oldest man ever and died on June 12 th, 2013.Currently,115-year-old female, Misao Okawa of Japan, is considered by Guinness World Records to be the world's Oldest living person overall.Robert Young, Senior Gerontology Consultant with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS confirmed that 90% of all supercentenarians are female and Salustiano is currently the only male born in 1901 with proof of birth. Census reports, immigration papers, marriage records and news reports were all processed as evidence to confirm the new record.Salustiano was born June 8, 1901 in the village of El Tejado de Bejar within the province of Salamanca, Spain. He was revered growing up for his “dulzania” musical prowess (a dulzania is a Spanish double reed instrument in the family of the oboe). He earned pocket money by playing at village celebrations and weddings. Salustiano attended school up until the age of ten and considers himself self-taught. At the age of seventeen, Salustiano along with his older brother Pedro and a small group of friends ventured to Cuba to pursue work, eventually getting jobs working the sugar cane fields. From Cuba, Salustiano traveled on to the United States through Ellis Island in August of 1920, ultimately working in the booming coal mines of Lynch, Kentucky.Eventually Salustiano moved to the Niagara Falls area of New York where he currently resides. In 1934, he married the love of his life, Pearl. His children include a 76-year-old son, John, and 69-year-old daughter Irene. His extended family includes seven grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.With the onslaught of attention he’s bound to receive, he remains humble about his newly appointed world record status commentating that he “does not feel he has accomplished anything special because he happens to be living longer than other men.” Yet, his family and friends think otherwise.His hobbies over the years included gardening, cross word puzzles and nightly gin rummy games with friends. Salustiano credits his longevity to consuming one banana per day and his daily Anacin. The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France.Make sure to continue visiting for more coverage of Salustiano's new record this week, and to visit GWR at and Twitter @GWR for the latest record-breaking updates.
10575Record Holder Profile Video: Kat Gunn - the highest earning female gamerHaving earned an incredible $122,000 (£77,095) since 2007 from video-gaming, Katherine “Mystik” Gunn (USA) has higher career earnings than any other female competitive videogame player.
10576Guinness World Records Classics: Largest horse dressageEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
10577Guinness World Records Classics: Most jumps between containers on trial motorcyclesEach week here on, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
10578Video: The Top 5 unusual sports titles in the new Guinness World Records 2015 bookAlong with recognising some of the more celebrated sporting milestones, as ever the new Guinness World Records 2015 Book also highlights some of the more unique achievements that have occurred in the world of sport.Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic’s longest goal scored title heads up the list of unique new sporting achievements that appear in this year's edition.Normally praised for his shot stopping, the Bosnia and Herzegovina international turned goalscorer briefly by hitting the net from a distance of 91.9m (301 ft 6 inches) in a Premier League match against Southampton in the 2013/14 season.Speaking to about his long range scoring record, Asmir said: “I feel amazing to be honoured in this way and as a goalkeeper I didn’t expect this to happen, not for this type of record anyway - I will take it though and enjoy it. I really do appreciate this award, and the certificate will certainly take pride of place on the wall at home. So thank you to everyone at Guinness World Records for presenting me with this wonderful award.”You can watch Asmir's record-breaking goal in the player below.videoHere below, we, bring you four other unusual sporting achievements that also have the distinction of making an appearance in this year's edition of the book.* Most red cards in a football match – 36! All players and substitutes of Atlético Claypole and Victoriano were given their marchibng orders during their Argentine Primera D game refereed by Damián Rubino at the Estadio Rodolfo Capocasa, Claypole back in February 2011video* Highest-altitude game of cricket - The 'Everest Test Match’ was played at 5,164 m (16,942 ft) above sea level at the Gorak Shep plateau, Nepal, on 21 April* Shortest boxing world title fight – Daniel Jimenez (Puerto Rico) knocked out Harold Geier (Austria)in just 17 seconds to defend his WBO super bantamweight title at Domplatz, Wiener Neustadt, Austria on 3 September* Longest basketball shot– The longest successful basketball shot measured 33.45 m (109 ft 9 in) by Thunder Law of the Harlem Globetrotters, at US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 11 November 2013.videoGuinness World Records 2015 is the 60 th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book and is available worldwide in September. It’s packed full of incredible feats, facts and achievements and also features new Augmented Reality technology that enables the reader to bring record-breakers to life in stunning 3D. You can find out more about the book, and sign up to be notified when it becomes available in your region, by heading to for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!Related stories One Direction find place in Guinness World Records 2015 book with historic first three albums Metallica rock their way into Guinness World Records 2015 Edition Jennifer Lawrence, Game of Thrones, Frozen among new entertainment record holders in Guinness World Records 2015 book Cristiano Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy and Roger Federer among sports stars to make the cut in Guinness World Records 2015 book Video: Introducing Jiff - the fastest dog on two paws!
10579All PSY Wants For Christmas is YouTube views! Korean star set to beat Justin Bieber to 1 billion hitsBy Dan Barrett, Guinness World Records Community ManagerIt's safe to say at this point that you've probably heard of Korean pop superstar PSY, and seen his infectious music video for "Gangnam Style".The song has taken the world's music charts by storm over the past few months, with its video having been shared and liked by millions, in the process earning PSY a Guinness World Records title for "most liked video online".The K-Pop star has been featured on seemingly every news website and television channel on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that he's racked up hundreds of millions of views on the video so far.What might surprise you, though, is just how fast these views are still adding up. Just four months after the video was first uploaded, it's now on course to topple Justin Bieber at the top of the YouTube most watched list. And that looks unlikely to be the only milestone to fall to PSY before Christmas.Bieber's "Baby" is our current record-holder for "most watched video online", and at time of writing, has 802,076,128 views, compared with 772,876,757 for "Gangnam Style".However, what's more important to compare (in terms of world records, at least) is the current rate of increase in views for these two videos.While Justin's loyal Beliebers are watching "Baby" an average of 403,228 times per day, "Gangnam Style" is still seeing over 7 MILLION views per day - 7,060,231, to be precise.Should these rates continue, the "most viewed video online" title will fall to PSY this Sunday, (November 25).But the records won't stop there - looking further ahead, "Gangnam Style" is set to become the first online video in history to have been watched 1 billion times, with the clip set to reach the landmark on December 23rd this year. Could there be a more perfect Christmas present for PSY?Of course, this is assuming current view rates hold steady (our averages were taken over the last 7 days).What is more likely though, is that PSY's rate of views will actually *increase* slightly as he grows closer to that 1,000,000,000 views threshold, and interest in the video grows even stronger.After all, who wouldn't want to say they were the one to tip him over this world record landmark?I'm no Nate Silver when it comes to statistical analysis and predictions, but my best guess is that "Gangnam Style" will reach the 1 billion landmark sometime between the 18th and 20th of December, (for comparison, at the current view rate, Justin Bieber's "Baby" will reach 1,000,000,000 views in March 2014), marking a third Guinness World Records title for PSY's video.We have a category open, and the certificate printer is waiting for you, PSY!**UPDATE 26/11/12** - Well, it's one record down, one to go now for PSY! We this morning updated our record for "most viewed video online", as "Gangnam Style" overtook Justin Bieber's "Baby" this weekend as predicted. PSY is now on track to cross the 1 billion view threshold around December 16 th, even sooner than we'd first thought!
10580Video: TV show Dance India Dance smashes largest Bollywood dance recordReality television show Dance India Dance has set a new Guinness World Records achievement for the largest Bollywood dance with 4,428 people dancing simultaneously.Local school and college children joined 13 contestants on the show to shake their stuff to the famous Bollywood song 'Dhinkachika Dhinkachika' for the attempt, which took place at KJ Somaiya College Grounds in Mumbai earlier this month.videoAll the participants were trained for several hours by top choreographers Mr. Terence Lewis and Mr.Remo D'souza.Guinness World Records adjudicator Nikhil Shukla was present to award the official GWR certificate.The record attempt featured as part of the third consecutive season of Dance India Dance on Zee Television. Read more about the show at
10581Largest Changgu dance and largest Xiangmao dance records set in ChinaChina is now home to two more world records, as the largest Changgu dance and largest Xiangmao dance records were set this month.In Tumen City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, China, 694 people took part in the Changgu dance, setting a new world record for the largest Changgu dance.The next day, in Wangqing county, 1,050 participants set the record for the largest Xiangmao dance.Both of these events were to celebrate the 6oth Anniversary of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China.The largest Changgu dance was organized by the People's Government of Tumen City, while the largest Xiangmao dance was organized by the People's Government of Wangqing County.
10582Subway sandwich artists whip up a new world recordThe record for the most people making sandwiches simultaneously was achieved this week by Subway (USA) at TimesCenter in New York, New York, USA.254 people came together to make the sandwiches and set the record.The sandwich artists were led by New York Giants American football player Justin Tuck.Each sandwich consisted of four slices of turkey and roast beef, with two slices of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and avocado spread.So many people showed up to take part in the attempt that many were relegated to simply cheering on the sandwich artists who got to try it.After the attempt, all sandwiches were subsequently donated to New York's hunger charity "City Harvest."
10583Record holder profile: Rev. Darrell Best and the world’s fastest wedding chapelTwo years ago Rev. Darrell Best, of Shelbyville, Illinois, USA, converted his 1940s fire truck into a wedding chapel on wheels.The wedding chapel entitled 'The Best Man', allows lovers to tie the knot while they're on the road and is capable of reaching speeds of 99 km/h (62 mi/h).Rev. Best who has married over 40 couples in the vehicle says that people love it because "it allows them to get married in any environment they want.Sometimes they don't want to get off the vehicle so it's the bride and the groom, the two witnesses, and the minister all in the sanctuary on the back of the truck. It can get pretty intimate!"video
10584Video: Guinness World Records Japan Show #2 - The most nuts crushed by sitting!It's Video of the Week, but not as you know it!Every Wednesday we'll be showcasing the often wacky world of record breaking that features on Japanese TV shows.Our clip this week comes from the programme Bikkuri Chojin Special #4 (Fuji TV).Click below to watch Tomoharu Shoji (Japan) bravely set a new record for the most nuts crushed by sitting in one minute - smashing an incredible 43 with his posterior.Unfortunately for Tomoharu, since filming the record has been beaten by Michael Levillain (France), who crushed 58 nuts in Paris,
10585Video of the Week: Tightest parallel parking record broken on Chinese TV showIn this special instalment of Video of the Week, we take a look back at some past attempts, as well as the new current record for one of our most popular and hotly contested titles. The record for the tightest parallel parking now stands at 24 cm (9.45 in) and was achieved by Zhang Hua (China) of the Chery Car Stunts Performance Team during filming for Zheng Da Zong Yi-Guinness World Records Special at Zhengzhi Driving School, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China in July. This clip is part of our video of the week series - each Wednesday we bring you one of the most interesting and exciting record-breaking videos from our archives! See the full series here: ‪
10586Most muscle ups in one hourThis record is for the most consecutive muscle-ups completed within one hour.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured by the amount of muscle-ups performed before the finishing signal. The body must remain straight throughout, i.e. no bending at the waist (we will accept slight bending at the knees) The body must be raised from a hanging position to the point that the entire torso has risen above the level of the bar with arms straightened. The body is then lowered back below the bar until the arms hang straight. The above comprises one muscle-up. This basic principle applies to all Guinness World Records muscle-up categories with minor qualifications.
10587Most push ups whilst sword swallowingThis record is for the most times to perform push ups while sword swallowing.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured by the number of successful push ups completed whilst sword swallowing.The outline below comprises one press-up. This basic principle applies to all Guinness World Records push up categories with minor qualifications: 1) The body must remain straight throughout, i.e. no bending at the knees or waist. 2) The body must be lowered until at least a 90-degree angle is attained at the elbow. 3) The body is then raised until the arms are straight although they do not need to be locked at the elbow.
10588Most effective cement acceleratorThis record is for the most effective cement setting accelerator chemical, based on comparative tests with similar chemicals.This record is to be attempted by an individual chemical or substance.For the purposes of the record, a cement accelerator is an admixture added to cement, mortar or concrete to increase the rate of the setting process. Types of substances are defined under the standard BS EN 934 Part 2: Concrete admixtures.This record is measured in accordance with the standard: ASTM C403 (Standard Test Method for Time of Setting of Concrete Mixtures by Penetration Resistance)This record is not open to chloride setting accelerator chemicals, due to its ban for use in reinforced concrete in many countries.
10589Tallest teenager living (female)This record is for the tallest living teenager (female).This record will be attempted by an individual.This record will be measured in meters and centimetres to the nearest 0.01 cm.For the purpose of this record, a teenager is someone between the ages of 10 and 18.Due to changes in the verification procedures for this category, as of 1 January 2008 the record for the tallest girl can only be authenticated in person by an officially appointed Guinness World Records representative.
10590Largest traditional toys and games companyThis record is for the largest traditional toys and games company in terms of revenue generated by the sale of toys and games within the latest available annual data.This record is based on the revenue generated by the sale of traditional toys and games within the latest available annual data.Definition and framework of traditional toys and games: this is the aggregation of baby (0-18 months), infant (19-36 months), pre-school (3-4 years), construction, arts & crafts, scientific/educational, dressing up & role play, dolls & accessories, action figures & accessories, plush, model vehicles, radio/remote control toys, games & puzzles, outdoor & sports toys, ride-on vehicles and other traditional toys and games. Traditional toys and games are objects of play which do not involve a video game component.

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