Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10651Most money raised by a marathon runnerSteve Chalke2330159.38 UK pound(s)United Kingdom, London17 April 2011The most money raised for charity by an individual marathon runner is £2,330,159.38 ($3,795,581.14) and was set by Steve Chalke (UK) who raised the money for Oasis UK by completing the Virgin London Marathon, London, UK, on 17 April 2011.Oasis is a UK based charity that works with vulnerable young people, families and communities in the UK and across the world.
10652Fastest cycle across the USA (N-S and E-W)Glen Burmeister39/23/45/0 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, New York,,New York City Hall04 August 2012The fastest cycle across the United States from North to South and West to East was achieved by Glen Burmeister (UK) in 39 days, 23 hours, 45 minutes and 0 seconds from 25 June to 4 August 2012.
10653Cycling, no hands - distance in one hourErik SkramstadUnited States, Las Vegas23 June 2009The longest distance cycled in one hour without hands is 37 km 417 metres (23.25 miles) and was achieved by Erik Skramstad (USA) at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, USA, on 23 June 2009.The race track is 0.375 mile long. Erik completed 62 laps in 59 minutes, 14 seconds and went over the time limit during the 63 round, which was subsequently disregarded.
10654Longest knotted rope chain in five minutesNetwork Service and Technologies3936.94 metre(s)Japan, Yokohama,Kanagawa,Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium11 December 2010The longest knotted rope chain made in five minutes measured 3,936.94 m (12,916 ft 5.33 in) and was achieved by Network Service And Technologies Co., Ltd. (Japan) at Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, on 11 December 2010.
10655Largest king cake / rosca de reyesHaydel's Bakery1847.68 kilogram(s)United States, New Orleans,,Louisiana Superdome22 September 2010The largest king cake weighed 1,847.68 kg (4,073 lb 7.12 oz) and was baked by Haydel's Bakery (USA) at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on 22 September 2010. The cake measured 805.58 m (2,643 ft 0.01 in) and completely circled the Superdome. The cake required 28 full-time employees for preparation, and 40 people to set everything up on-site. The cake, icing and sprinkles took 3.5 days to prepare, and 9 hours to set up.A second cake also broke the previous record of 1,363.95 kg (3,007 lbs). The second cake, which also completely encircled the Superdome, weighed 1,845.46 kg (4,068 lb 8.99 oz) and measured 807.72 m (2,650 ft 0.03 in). Amanda Mochan adjudicated.
10656Trans-USA by wheelchairMatthew EddyUnited States, Long Beach,,The Aquarium of the Pacific09 October 2010Matthew Eddy (USA) travelled across mainland USA in his power wheelchair in 126 days 4 hr 2 min, starting on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at Red Rock Park on Lynn Beach, Lynn, Massachusetts, on 5 June 2010 and finishing at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, USA on 9 October 2010. He crossed 12 states and covered a total of 5,289.92 km (3,287 miles).Matt, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, uses a ventilator to breathe and operates his wheelchair with the only two fingers he can still move. He only took five days rest during the journey, giving an average speed of 43.36 km/h (26.94 mi/h) per day and 8.67 km/h (5.39 mi/h). Average daily travel time was five hours per day, with three hours set-up before riding and two hours breakdown at the end of the ride.Matt endured desert temperatures over 45°C/114°F, resulting in occasional equipment malfunction. He was accompanied and assisted by his respiratory therapist Ron Steenbruggen and photographer and videographer Danielle Shirtcliffe, with David Lowd as the support-vehicle driver.This was Matt’s second cross-country trip – he first traversed the USA back in 2008 and repeated the journey a second time under GWR rules to secure the world record.
10657Largest LCD television screenBOEChina, Beijing16 November 2012The Largest LCD television screen is BOE’s ADSDS ultra-high-definition LCD TV, measuring 110 inches (279.4cm) diagonally. Introduced at the 2012 China Hi-tech Fair, the UHDTV measures 99.56 × 57.56 × 6.23 in (252.9×146.3×16.0 cm) without its stand.
10658Longest hammockThe Hessenstam HattemNetherlands, Hattem22 June 2001On 22 June 2002, The Hessenstam Hattem of the Voerman Scouting Group unveiled a giant hand-knotted hammock measuring 2.5 m (8.2ft) wide and 129.29 m (424.17ft) long, in Hattem, Netherlands. The hammock was so huge it had to be hung between two cranes. Boy Scout Eduard Poot (Netherlands), age 11, was the first person to try the hammock.
10659Largest ceramic mosaicThuy Nguyen ThuVietnam, Hanoi,,The Red River Dyke05 October 2010The largest ceramic mosaic is 1,570.2 m² (16901 ft² 70.86 in²) and was constructed by Nguyen Thu Thuy (Vietnam), on the walls of the Red River Dyke in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 5 October 2010.The record attempt was named 'The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Project', which coincided with the 1,000 year celebrations of the establishment of Hanoi. The concept was first developed by Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Thu Thuy.The aim of the mural was to transform the urban stretches of the Red River Dyke, an essential flood defence that had been subjected to illegal graffiti and advertising.The mural had been in construction since 2007 and involved 35 professional artists from Vietnam and 10 other countries including Denmark, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Britain, America, Argentine, New Zealand and Australia.
10660Smallest mobile nightclubDeborah Borrett, Lisa WilliamsUnited Kingdom, Liverpool26 September 2011The world's smallest nightclub is "Rumours", which is a box measuring only 2.10 m (6 ft 8 in) high, 1.17 m (3 ft 10 in) wide and 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) deep. It was created by Deborah Borrett and Lisa Williams (both UK) and was presented at the Liverpool Bold Street Festival in Liverpool, UK, on 26 September 2010.The night club features 2 PROEL Xenia X80T speakers, two Pioneer CDJ turntables, a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer, and Preva Arc Motorized LED disco lights. The entrance fee was 50 pence per person. The club was staffed with a DJ and a doorman.
10661Longest distance water sliding in 24 hours in multiple venues (team)Great Wolf ResortsUnited States, Madison, WI26 March 2010The longest distance water sliding in 24 hours by a team was 5,782 km (3,593 miles) in an event organised by Great Wolf Resorts (USA) in multiple locations across the USA, on 26 March 2010. The record attempt took place in 11 locations across USA, a total on 45,148 participants took part and the event was in aid of supporting the Big brothers Big Sisters charity.
10662Largest bottle of grappaDistilleria Bottega S.R.L.Italy, Treviso06 June 2010The largest bottle of Grappa held a total volume of 138.40 litres (30.44 UK gal 36.56 US gal), measured 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) in height, and was unveiled by Distilleria Bottega S.R.L. in Treviso, Italy, on 6 June 2010.Sandro Bottega produces fine grappa for the region and enthusiastically took up the challenge of producing a scaled up glass bottle that needed to contain over 100 litres of grappa.
10663Longest journey in an excavator / diggerNeil Smith5127.22 kilometre(s)United States, All the way across America20 April 2010The longest journey in an excavator is 5127.22 km (3,185.9 miles) and was achieved by Neil Smith (USA) on his journey from Tybee Island, Georgia to Ontario, California between 26 March and 20 April 2010.The excavator used in the attempt was a JCB 3CX Backhoe. The record was attempted to raise funds for Haiti.
10664Fastest crossing of Ireland on foot (female)Marina Anderson3/15/36/23 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Ireland, Malin Head/Mizen Head, Ireland25 September 2012The fastest crossing of Ireland on foot (female) was 3 days 15 hr 36 min and 23 sec by Marina Anderson (UK) running from Malin Head to Mizen Head, Ireland, between 22-25 September 2012.
10665Longest chain of apronsMartina FichteGermany, List / Insel Sylt01 August 2010The longest chain of aprons consisted of 808 aprons and was made by Martina Fichte (Germany) at the port of List on the island of Sylt, Germany, on 1 August 2010.The chain measured 1,756.68 m (5,763 ft 4 in) long.
10666Fastest time to peel and eat three orangesAshrita Furman1/9.72 minute(s), second(s)United States, New York30 April 2011The fastest time to peel and eat three oranges is 1 minute 9.72 seconds and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in New York, New York, USA, on 30 April 2011.Two oranges weighed 10 oz exactly and the third weighed 10.2 oz.
10667Longest chain of braceletsGirl Guides New Brunswick - PEICanada, Sussex16 August 2013The longest chain of bracelets consists of 19,953 items and was achieved by Girl Guides New Brunswick - PEI (Canada) at Snider Mountain Ranch in Snider Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada, on 16 August 2013.The length of the bracelets line measured 1,829.29 m (6,001 ft 7.15 in).
10668Longest hand woven sheet of silkAbhijit BaruahIndia, jorhat08 April 2013The longest hand woven sheet of silk is 1,455.3 m (4,774.6 ft) and was made by Dr Abhijit Baruah (India), with the help of Jorhat Great Run Club, and presented at India Gate in New Delhi, India, on 8 April 2012.The mammoth length of silk took 11 people six months to complete and featured traditional Assamese designs.
10669Most authors reading consecutively from their booksIrish Writers' CentreIreland, Dublin,,Irish Writers' Centre16 June 2012The most authors reading consecutively is 111, at the Irish Writers' Centre, Dublin, Ireland, on 15-16 June 2012. The 111 writers, including Nobel Prize Laureate Seamus Heaney and Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle, read from their work in slots of 15 minutes each over 28 continuous hours before an aggregate audience of 1,280. The event was also streamed live over the internet without interruption.The event was organised in celebration of the Irish Writers' Centre's 25th anniversary. It promoted Dublin as a UNESCO City of Literature, showcased the best of Irish writing for a world audience through the internet and also celebrated Bloomsday, a festival dedicated to James Joyce.
10670Most bungee jumps in one hour outdoors (5 - 10 metre bungee cord)Mike Heard80 timesNew Zealand, Auckland,,AJ Hackett Jump Pod, Auckland Harbour Bridge16 September 2011The most bungee jumps in one hour using a 9.5 metre bungee cord is 80 and was achieved by Mike Heard (New Zealand) under Auckland Harbour Bridge on 16 September 2011.Mike was supported by the team from Auckland Bridge Climb, using the facilities at the AJ Hackett Jump Pod.
10671Largest game of head, shoulders, knees and toes (multiple venues)I CAN4727 participantsUnited Kingdom, 01 March 2011The largest game of head, shoulders, knees and toes at multiple venues was achieved by 4,727 participants organised by I CAN (UK) at 45 locations across the UK on 1 March 2011.The event took place at 11 am at all locations.
10672Longest non-stop double-track cable carTatev Aerial Tramway , National Competitiveness FoundationArmenia, Tatev16 October 2010The longest non-stop double track cable car is 5,752 m (18,871 ft) and was achieved by the Tatev Aerial Tramway in collaboration with National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, in Tatev, Armenia, on 16 October 2010.The tramway, designed by Garaventa (Switzerland), connects the village of Halizor with the secluded medieval Tatev Monastery, offering a spectacular journey across the Vorotan River Gorge. The design process and foundation work began in 2009, with the opening ceremony of the aerial tramway and the official launch of the Tatev Revival Project on 16 October 2010. The 5.7-kilometer aerial tramway is supported by three towers between its two terminals. One terminal is on a hill overlooking the village of Halidzor and the other is near Tatev Monastery, on the road to Tatev village. At top speed, the tramway will travel at 37 kilometers per hour and the ride will take approximately 11 minutes, with its deepest drop at 360 meters aboveground. Two cabins (each with the capacity to hold 25 people) will operate at once, travelling in opposite directions. There are six cables altogether (three per cabin, with two cables suspending and one cable pulling each cabin), each uniquely built for the specifications of this project.
10673Largest rugby ballKen FungHong Kong SAR China, Hong Kong15 March 2011The largest rugby ball is 4.709 m (15 ft 5.39 in) long and 2.95 m (9 ft 8.14 in) tall and was achieved by Cathay Pacific Airways Limited for the Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens 2011 in Hong Kong, China, on 15 March 2011.The rugby ball is 12.066 m (39 ft 7.03 in) in circumference from east to west and 9.34 m (30 ft 7.71 in) from north to south. It is about 20 times of the regular sized rugby ball.
10674Largest streetball tournamentSpokane HoopfestUnited States, Spokane28 June 2009The largest streetball tournament consisted of 7,296 participants in the Adult Male division of Spokane Hoopfest 2009 in Spokane, Washington, USA from 27-28 June 2009. Hoopfest is an annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament comprised of 26,656 total players on 6,725 teams across 23 different tournament divisions.Spokane Hoopfest celebrated its 20th anniversay in 2009, organised by the Spokane Hoopfest Association. Regulation-sized basketball half-courts are assembled annually on the streets of downtown Spokane, which closes for the duration of the tournament, to accomodate teams playing 3-on-3 basketball championships. The competition is divided into 449 brackets across 23 competitive categories. According to the organisers' registration documents, 21,364 (80%) of the players were from Washington state, 2,753 from neighboring Idaho, 1,326 from Montana, 630 from Oregon and 583 from other states and Canada.
10675Most expensive mapA New and Correct Map of the United States of North America Layd Down from the Latest ...1800000 US dollar(s)United States, New York,Christie’s03 December 2010On 3 December 2010, the earliest known map of the United States to be printed in America sold at auction at Christie’s, New York, USA, for $1.8 million (£1.1 million), via a phone bid. Taking commissions into account, the full price totalled $2,098,500 (£1,345,138). Created in 1784, the map came from the collection of the New Jersey Historical Society and is one of only seven such prints known to exist. It is also the first map printed in America to show the flag of the United States and the first map to be copyrighted in that country.The full title of the map is ‘A New and Correct Map of the United States of North America Layd Down from the Latest Observations and Best Authorities Agreeable to the Peace of 1783. Humbly Inscribed to his Excellency the Governor and Company of the State of Connecticut By their Most Obedient and Very Humble Servant Abel Buell’. The title includes a reference to the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the American War of Independence. It was created by a map-maker from New Haven named Abel Buell (1742–1822) and measures 45¼ x 50¾ in (114.9 x 128.9 cm).
10676Largest ball of magnetic tapeEMCUnited Kingdom, London,,Kings Place Gallery, York Way, London, UK.19 January 2011The largest ball of magnetic tape weighs 570 kg (1,256 lb) which measures 2.125 m (6 ft 11 in) in width by 2.030 m (6 ft 7 in) in height and was achieved by EMC at the Kings Place Gallery, York Way, London, in UK, on 19 January 2011.The record was achieved with the help of some students from around the country who had gathered together to produce the ball which was made entirely of magnetic tape. The ball took three weeks to produce, with the team starting on 30th December 2010 and finishing on 18th January 2011. There was a total of 6,500 tapes used to create the largest ball and if completely stretched out, the tape could reach from London to New York.
10677First fully documented war and first use of written propagandaBattle of KadeshSyria01 January 1275The Battle of Kadesh was fought in Syria in approximately 1275 BC and pitted the Egyptians, under the great pharaoh Ramses II, against the Hittites. The sources that depict the battle are Egyptian: an epic inscription called the “Poem”, written by an anonymous scribe, and numerous reliefs in the temple known as the “Ramessium”. Led by Muwatallish, the Hittite army boasted as many as 19,000 men, with around 10,500 of them fighting in three-man chariots. Although the forces of Ramses II outnumbered the Hittites, with an estimated 20,000 men, the Egyptians lost the battle. Despite this, however, the Egyptian sources claimed a victory, marking the first known instance of written propaganda.
10678Shortest reign of a monarchKing Louis XIX (Louis-Antoine of France)France01 January 1830In July 1830, Louis-Antoine of France – the last “Dauphin”, or heir apparent – ascended the French throne as King Louis XIX, succeeding his father, Charles X, who had abdicated. Within 20 minutes, however, Louis-Antoine had also abdicated, making him the joint shortest reigning monarch in history. He shares the record with the unfortunate Crown Prince Luís Filipe of Portugal, who technically became King of Portugal for the same brief period following the assassination of his father, Dom Carlos I, on 1 February 1908. Luís Filipe was himself fatally wounded in the attack, but he survived his father by 20 minutes.
10679Most consecutive bottle bumps on the forearm (cocktail flairing)Maciej Szymański (Poland)Poland, Warsaw04 March 2011The most consecutive bottle bumps on the forearm (cocktail flairing) is 39 and was achieved by Maciej Szymanski (Poland) at the Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011, in Warsaw, Poland, on 4 March 2011.The record was organised by Flair Factory (Poland).Jack Brockbank adjudicated.
10680Worst uncontrolled spinGemini 8firstNot Applicable, 16 March 1968The US Gemini 8 mission was flown by Neil Armstrong and David Scott (both USA) on 16–17 March 1968. It achieved the first docking in space, between Gemini 8 and an unmanned Agena booster. While docked, the combined spacecraft began an uncontrolled roll. After an emergency undocking, Gemini 8 began to roll faster, approaching one revolution per second, and the crew were dangerously close to g-forces that would have impaired their vision or caused them to black out. Armstrong was able to stop the roll using the re-entry thrusters on Gemini 8 and initiated a mission abort and safe emergency splashdown.

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