Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10681First flapless aircraft with no conventional control surfacesBAE DEMONfirstUnited Kingdom, ,Walney Island17 September 2010The UK defence company, BAE, in cooperation with Cranfield University and nine other UK universities, has produced an unmanned aerial vehicle with no conventional control surfaces. The UAV, the DEMON, uses outputs from air jets to control airflow over the wing - based on a concept called fluidic flight control - manipulating lift and drag to control its flight path rather than employing traditional, mechanical elevators and ailerons. The maiden flight took place on 17 September 2010 from an airfield at Walney Island in Cumbria, UK. When fully developed, the technology will revolutionise the stealth qualities of military aircraft and reduce fuel and maintenance costs for commercial aircraft.
10682Most consecutive backcross juggling catches (5 objects)Ty TojoUnited States14 April 2011The most consecutive backcross juggling catches with 5 balls is 248 and was achieved by Ty Tojo (USA) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 14 April 2011.This record is for the most backcross juggling catches of five objects. The objects are juggled “behind the back”, without dropping them. This record is for backcrosses, i.e. the throws pass behind the back but are caught in front of the body. If the throws are caught behind the body the record is a different one (Juggling fully behind the back).
10683Greenest ammunition and most thoroughly tested - enhanced performance roundsEnhanced Performance RoundsUnited States23 June 2010On 23 June 2010, the US Army announced that it had started sending the new M855A1 5.6 mm cartridges, Enhanced Performance Rounds, to troops in Afghanistan. What is notable about this type of ammunition, lethal and the most thoroughly tested small calibre round though it is, is the fact that it has been manufactured with regard to environmental considerations. The bullet (slug) is made of copper, making the projectile non-hazardous to the environment and up to 2,000 tons of lead is thus removed from the manufacturing process each year.
10684Largest serving of barbecued beefFrigorífico General Pico , Municipalidad de General PicoArgentina, GENERAL PICO20 March 2011The largest serving of barbecued beef is 13,713 kilos (30,231.99 lbs) of raw beef that converted into 9,132 kilos (20,132.61 lbs) of cooked beef and was achieved by Frigorífico General Pico and Municipalidad de General Pico at Predio Sociedad Rural de General Pico, in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina, on 20 March 2011.The 13,713 kilos of beef was donated by the Frigorífico Pico to celebrate their 30th birthday. It was consumed by 20,000 guests invited to the event. All invitees paid a small entrance fee of which a proportion was donated to a local charity.
10685Largest albino plantsAlbino coastal redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens)United States01 January 2011The world´s largest albino plants are the albino coastal redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) presently numbering between 25 and 60 in total that exist in secret sites within four separate localities in California. These are: Henry Cowell State Park an unspecified locality near Aptos Big Sur State Park and Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Some are only the size of large bushes, but others are up to 21 m tall. Totally lacking chlorophyll (and hence known as everwhites rather than evergreens), they are a pallid white colour, with thin limp waxy needles, and are much more delicate than normal green specimens.
10686Largest nut mosaicThe Lo Fung Art Gallery Ltd, Lo Fung Art Centre, Lo Fung Musical Center44.16 square metre(s)Hong Kong, Kowloon08 July 2011The largest nut mosaic was measured 44.16 m² ( 475 ft² 48 in² ), was created by the students of the Lo Fung Art Gallery Ltd, Lo Fung Art Centre, Lo Fung Musical Center, with the theme of 'The expedition for Truth, Kindness & Beauty' in Lo Fung Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China, on 8 July 2011There are more than 2500 children and their parents involved. After 6 month preparation and they had collected more than 400,000 pistachio nut shells, and used more than 200,000 to finish the mosaic.
10687Most points scored as Kobe Bryant on NBA 2K10Chico CoraUnited States13 February 2010The most points scored playing 2K Sports NBA 2K10 (four minute game, one minute per quarter) and choosing Kobe Bryant as your player is 29 by Chico Kora (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in Dallas, Texas, USA on 13 February 2010. Kobe Bryant holds the NBA record for most points scored in a real game under modern game rules (81).
10688Karting - greatest distance in 48 hours outdoors (individual)Myk Prescott2009 kilometre(s)South Africa, Pretoria05 September 2010The greatest distance karting in 48 hours by an individual was 2,009 km (1,248 mi) by Myk Prescott (South Africa) at the Zwartkops International Kart Circuit in Pretoria, South Africa, from 3 to 5 September 2010. Prescott completed 2,009 laps of the 1 km track to add to his record collection - he had set the record for karting distance in 24 hours two years earlier.
10689Largest collection of Iron Maiden memorabiliaRasmus StavnsborgDenmark, Karlslunde,In his house, mostly in his Iron Maiden dedicated bar in his basement.09 February 2012The largest collection of Iron Maiden memorabilia is 4,168 items and belongs to Rasmus Stavnsborg (Denmark), in Karlslunde, Denmark on 9 February 2012.Mr Stavnsborg began listening to Iron Maiden in 1981 at the age of 8, and began collecting the band’s memorabilia a couple of years later. He now has 4,168 individual items and houses most of them in his Iron Maiden Bar in his basement. He has been to see the band in concert all over the world, including shows in Japan, India, Russia, Peru and Dubai.
10690Heaviest sumo deadlift in one hour (female)Thienna HoUnited States, San Francisco,,St. Emydius Gym14 August 2010The heaviest sumo deadlift by a female in one hour is 47,552.9 kg (104,836 lb 3 oz), and was achieved by Thienna Ho (USA) at the St. Emydius Gym in San Francisco, California, USA, on 14 August 2010Thienna lifted a 45.8 pound barbell for 2,289 repetitions. Amanda Mochan adjudicated.
10691Largest maple leafVikas TanwarCanada, Richmond14 December 2010The largest maple leaf measured 53 cm (20.86 in) wide and 52.2 cm (20.55 in) long and was discovered by Vikas Tanwar and family (all Canada) in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, on 14 December 2010.The stem measured 32.5 cm (12.79 in).
10692Fastest crossing of the Sahara desert by bicycleReza PakravanSudan, Western Sahara Desert17 March 2011The fastest crossing of the Sahara desert by bicycle was 13 days 5 hours 50 minutes and 14 seconds by Reza Pakravan (Iran) from 4 March to 17 March 2011. He set out on 4 March at 30° 00' 5" N and 2° 57' 2" E in Algeria and completed his journey at 17° 59' 2" N and 30° 59' 4" E, in Sudan on 17 March 2011.The total distance cycled was 1,734 km (1,083.85 mi). The journey was completed in two legs, due to unsafe travel conditions. The first leg started at 30° 00' 5" N and 2° 57' 2" E on 3 March 2011 and finished at 21° 52' 1" N and 5° 38' 6" E, near the Niger border on 12 March 2011. Raz flew from the city of Tamanrasset, Algeria to the city of Khartoum, Sudan and was transfered by car to the second leg of the trip which started at 21° 52' 2" N and 31° 25' 2" E, the same latitude where the first leg finished, on 14 March 2011. Raz finished the second leg at 17° 59' 2" N and 30° 59' 4" E on 17 March 2011. During the trip, Reza endured a strong sand storm, rain and abundant flies at the Nile River but was ultimately successful. Reza was supported by a team.
10693First raising of the Olympic flagAntwerp Olympic Games, 1920firstBelgium, Antwerp01 January 1920Designed in 1914 by the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin (France), the Olympic flag was raised for the first time at the 1920 Games, held in Antwerp, Belgium. The flag features five interlaced rings that represent the different continents from which the Olympic athletes come, and its colours – blue, yellow, black, green and red, combined with the white background – were selected because the national flag of every country in the world contains at least one of them. Unfortunately, the flag was lost following the Antwerp Games and a replacement had to be made in time for Paris 1924.
10694Farthest distance waterskied blindfolded in one hourSteven Thiele23.85 kilometre(s)United Kingdom, Anglesey09 April 2011The farthest distance waterskied blindfolded in one hour was 23.85 mi (38.38 km) by Steven Thiele (UK) in Anglesey, UK, on 9 April 2011. Thiele, who is also legally blind, waterskied a route beginning at the Menai Suspension Bridge and heading toward Puffin Island before returning back to the starting point.Thiele, blind since age 8, represented Great Britain multiple times as a youth at the World Disabled Water Ski Championships, winning six gold medals.
10695Largest pool tournamentAmerican Poolplayers AssociationUnited States, Las Vegas28 August 2010The largest pool tournament consisted of 5,361 participants in the 8-Ball division of the 2010 APA National Team Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from 19 to 28 August 2010. The APA is the American Poolplayers Association and claims membership in its association of more than 265,000 people. The overall championships saw a total of 12,329 participants compete in eight different divisions.
10696First use of hand guns in warHussite WarsfirstNot Applicable, 01 January 1419The English were said to have used guns, called “crakys”, in King Edward III’s campaign in Scotland in 1327, but these early weapons are thought to have been experimental and unreliable. It wasn’t until the Hussite Wars of 1419–1434 that the hand gun became an effective tool of war. In this conflict between the followers and opponents of Jan Hus of Bohemia, a prototype of the pistol was used by Hussite battle units as part of an established defence and counterattack strategy. Hand guns also proved decisive at the Battles of Formigny (1450) and Castillon (1453) during the French Hundred Years War (1337–1453).
10697Heaviest combined weight of aircraft pulled simultaneouslyHong Kong Community474.72 tonne(s) (metric ton)China, Hong Kong,,Hong Kong International Airport17 March 2011The heaviest combined weight of aircraft pulled simultaneously is 474.72 tonnes (1,046,578 lb) and was achieved by the Hong Kong Community at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, China, on 17 March 2011. The aircraft pulled were a Boeing 747-400, an Airbus 330-343, an Airbus 300-200 and a Zlin Z-242 L. Over 200 participants joined forces to pull the aircraft over the required distance of 50 m (164 ft 0.5 in) in 2 min and 53 sec.
10698Most vehicle figure-of-eights on ice in two minutesJens Scherer, Rolf AllerdissenGermany, Hamburg15 November 2012The most vehicle figure-of-eights on ice in two minutes is five, set by Rolf Allerdissen (Germany) at Volksbank Arena in Hamburg, Germany, on 15 November 2012 to celebrate Guinness World Records Day. In the same event Jens Scherer (Germany) matched the achievement, so that we have two new record holders in this category.
10699Largest wolf packWolf pack in VerkhoyanskRussia, Verkhoyansk01 January 2011In the winter of 2010-11, a "super pack" of wolves numbering up to 400 reportedly terrorized the Russian town of Verkhoyansk (population 1,300) in northern region of Yakutia, one of the remotest inhabited areas in the northern hemisphere. More than 30 horses were killed in just four days, according to local officials, and teams of hunters were established to patrol neighbourhoods and shoot the wolves on sight. Animal experts suspicious of the claims say that wolves usually form packs of no more than 10 to 15 animals, although the particularly harsh winter may have killed off the wolves' usual prey, forcing them to attack larger animals.
10700Highest concentration of Eocene whalesWadi Al-Hitan20015 hectare(s)Egypt, 01 January 2010Wadi Al-Hitan (Valley of the Whales), is a protected area of some 20,015 ha in the Western Desert of Egypt. Fossil whales were first discovered here in 1905 and, since then, some 379 have been discovered, dating from the Eocene period, 56 to 34 million years ago. These whales cover an evolutionary period of 4 million years, from when the valley was beneath the Tethys Sea. Many of these fossils reveal that, during this period, ancient whales were in the process of losing their hind limbs, and making the final transition from land-based to purely sea-based creatures.
10701Most hair dyed in 24 hours - individualDamien BennettIreland, Dublin17 February 2012The Most Heads of Hair Dyed in 24 Hours by an Individual is 62 and was achieved by Damien Bennett (Ireland) for the Shave or Dye 2012 campaign for the Ray D'Arcy Show on Today FM at The Style Club, Dublin, Ireland on 16-17 February 2012. Today FM's Shave or Dye charitable campaign supports the Irish Cancer Society. Katie Forde adjudicated.
10702Most drinking cans crushed with one breast in one minute (female)Susan SykesItaly, Milan,,On the set of Lo Show Dei Record01 April 2011The most drinking cans crushed with one breast in one minute is 34 and was achieved by Susan Sykes aka Busty Heart (USA), on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, Milan, Italy, on 1 April 2011.
10703Most push ups on swiss balls in one minuteNeil WhyteChina, Beijing17 August 2011The most push-ups performed on 4 swiss balls in one minute is 31 and was achieved by Neil Whyte (Australia) on the set of CCTV Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 17 August 2011.
10704Longest bicycle stoppie (feet on handlebars)Abdul RahamanIndia, Lalitpur, Bhopal03 March 2011The longest bicycle stoppie (feet on handlebars) was 17.50 m (57 ft 4.97 in) and was achieved by Abdul Rahaman (India) on the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Lalitpur, Bhopal, India, on 3 March 2011.Abdul carried out a front wheel bicycle stoppie. The distance was measured by marking the point at which the back wheel left the ground and measuring the distance between this point and the point at which the back wheel then touched back down onto the ground.
10705Largest supplier of fighter aircraftUSAUSA, Query01 January 2009According to the Stockholm International Research Institute, combat aircraft accounted for one-third of all the major weapons transfers over the five years from 2005-2009. Russia and the USA are the largest suppliers, accounting for two-thirds of all combat aircraft delivered in the same period. The USA exported the most - 341 aircraft - while Russia was second with 219. India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates accounted for nearly a third of the 995 fighter purchases - both new and second hand - in the same period. Modern aircraft cost US $30 million and, often, substantially more. Hence combat aircraft sales represent the largest arms transfers by value too.
10706Most teleportation illusions performed in one minuteLee Hang ChaiItaly, Rome30 March 2012The most teleportation illusions performed in one minute is 7 and was achieved by Lee Hang Chai (China) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 30 March 2012.
10707Largest arms transfersCombat aircraft salesUSA01 January 2009According to the Stockholm International Research Institute, combat aircraft accounted for one-third of all the major weapons transfers over the five years from 2005-2009. Russia and the USA are the largest suppliers, accounting for two-thirds of all combat aircraft delivered in the same period. The USA exported the most - 341 aircraft - while Russia was second with 219. India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates accounted for nearly a third of the 995 fighter purchases - both new and second hand - in the same period. Modern aircraft cost US $30 million and, often, substantially more. Hence combat aircraft sales represent the largest arms transfers by value too.
10708Largest tent mosaicQingdao Golden Beach Camping Festival (China)China, Qingdao,Golden Beach, Phoenix Island13 October 2012The largest tent mosaic consisted of 900 tents and was created by Qingdao Golden Beach Camping Festival (China) at Golden Beach, Phoenix Island, Qingdao, Shandong, China, on 13 October 2012. The mosaic had a total area of 3,421.19 m² ( 36,825 ft² 34.56 in²).
10709Most people husking cornUniversity of Illinois3463 participantsUnited States, Urbana–Champaign,,Memorial Stadium, University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign, Illinois, United States24 August 2012The most people husking corn is 3,463 and was achieved at an event organised by the University of Illinois (USA) in Memorial Stadium, Urbana–Champaign, Illinois, USA, on 24 August 2012. The annual record attempt during the University of Illinois freshman class convocation is becoming part of the school tradition following the successful attempt to create the largest smoothie in 2011.
10710Highest-dwelling arboreal tribeKorowaiIndonesia, ,West Papua01 January 2011Homo sapiens may not be well adapted to living in trees – we lack tails and opposable toes - and there is no fossil evidence to suggest that we ever did. However, tree-dwelling is common in certain remote tribal jungles, and in basin of the Brazza River in west Papua, Indonesia, the Korowai people build the tallest tree-houses of all. Using only the natural resources to hand, the Korowai can erect sturdy habitations high off the ground on stilts or, higher still, in the tips of trees, sometimes at a height of 30 m (100 ft). There have even been accounts of tree-building as high as 50 m (165 ft) during times of conflict, despite the tribe's use of stone-age tools such as bone- or stone axes.A story from The New York Times dated 7 September 1903 recounts a despatch in the (now-defunct) Daily Chronicle newspaper about the recent discovery of an "extraordinary tribe of marshland dwellers... gradually losing the use of their lower limbs and are unable to walk on hard ground without their feet bleeding. Their bodies developed enormously, while their legs and thighs have become atrophied. In figure and carriage the natives are apelike." However, recent ventures into the Korowai's territory have dispelled this idea that the arboreal life leads to a withering of the lower limbs! The Korowai current number around 3,000.

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