Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10741Fastest trans-Australia journey by bicycle (Darwin to Adelaide)
10742Farthest distance by stand up paddleboard (SUP) in 12 hours (open water)Chris Bertish130.1 kilometre(s)South Africa, Cape Town,,Western Cape, South Africa17 December 2013The farthest distance by stand up paddleboard (SUP) in 12 hours on open water is 130.1 km (80.84 miles), and was achieved by Chris Bertish (South Africa), between Kommetjie and Langebaan in South Africa, on 17 December 2013.Chris has completed several other expeditions with his SUP, navigating 325 kilometres up the South Africa's West Coast, crossing the English Channel, and paddling the navigable length of the Thames River.
10743Largest display of knitted Christmas decorations
10744Most powerful bipolar Tesla coil
10745Most consecutive pinky pull ups
10746Largest K'Nex sculpture
10747Most siblings with name beginning with same letterEliza and Michel LeBlancCanada, Neguac22 April 2003Of the 16 children (10 boys and 6 girls) born to Eliza and Michel LeBlanc (Canada), all were baptised with a Christian name beginning with the letter E: Edith Marie (b. 22 December 1941), Edouard Joseph (b. 2 February 1943), Edgar Joseph (b. 12 May 1944), Everard Joseph (b. 22 May 1945), Edna Marie (b. 19 January 1947), Emery Joseph (b. 5 August 1948), Eymard Joseph (b. 25 October 1949), Eva Marie (b. 14 July 1951), Edouina Marie (b. 17 February 1953), Emeline (22 June 1954), Emile Joseph (b. 10 August 1955), Eldon Etienne Joseph (b. 19 July 1957), Ezard Joseph (b. 21 October 1958), Elie Joseph (b. 16 May 1960), Eliane Estelle Marie (b. 18 July 1962), Etienne Joseph (b. 19 June 1965). At time of claim, Eliza was aged 77. Michel died 16 January 1992.
10748Tallest candyfloss (cotton candy)SV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eVGermany, Feldkirchen bei Straubing13 July 2013The tallest candyfloss (cotton candy) measures 5.45 m (17 ft 10.57 in) and was organised by SV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eV in association with Abenteuer Leben, Kabel Eins (both Germany), in Feldkirchen bei Straubing, Germany, on 13 July 2013.
10749Longest survivor of a heart valve replacementRobert Bakeryear(s)United States, St Vincent's Charity Hospital,Cleveland,Ohio21 June 2005Robert Baker (USA, b. 12 July 1949) received an artificial aortic valve replacement on 27 October 1960 at St Vincent's Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His fourth replacement aortic valve was still working as of 8 November 2005. His heart had been damaged several years before when he had suffered an undetected attack of rheumatic fever.Mr Baker's valve-replacement surgeries took place in the following order:October 1960: by Doctors Kay and Zimmerman, at St Vincent Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.February 1964: by Doctors Kay and Zimmerman, at St Vincent Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.January 1982: by Doctors Kay and Zimmerman, at St Vincent Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.June 2003: by Doctors Pettersson and Grimm, at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
10750Most Oscar nominated Best Picture films starred in - single yearThomas Mitchell, John C. Reilly3 timesUnited States, Hollywood01 January 1940In a single year, two actors have had roles in three films nominated for Best Picture. Of the ten films nominated for the title in 1940, Thomas Mitchell (USA) had starred in Gone with the Wind (USA 1939) as Gerald O'Hara, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (USA 1939) as Diz Moore and Stagecoach (1939) as Dr. Josiah Boone. Of the five films up for monination for the 2002 Academy Awards, John C. Reilly (USA) had appeared in Chicago (USA/Can 2002) as Amos Hart, Gangs of New York (USA/Ger/It/UK/Neth) as 'Happy' Jack Mulraney and The Hours (USA 2003) as Dan Brown. Both men were nominated for their respective supporting roles in Stagecoach (for which Mitchell won) and Chicago.
10751Arm curls, most weight in one hour (individual)Eamonn KeaneIreland, LouisburghThe greatest weight lifted by arm curls in one hour is 50,320 kg (110,936 lb 9 oz) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane at the Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland on 31 May 2012.
10752Longest marathon playing fistball (indoors)TG 1855 Neustadt bei Coburg e.V.Germany, Neustadt17 April 2005The longest game of indoor fistball was 24 hours by TG 1855 Neustadt bei Coburg e.V. (Germany) in the Frankehalle, Neustadt, Germany from 16 to 17 April 2005.
10753Longest marathon battle of the bands'Beraztegui Rocks'Argentina, Berazategui, Provincia de Buenos Aires07 June 2009The longest marathon battle of the bands is 160 hours 35 minutes and was achieved with 439 bands playing non-stop during the event 'Beraztegui Rocks' at Roberto De Vicenzo Venue, Berazategui Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 1-7 June 2009.The original plan was to play for 'only' 120 hours.
10754First robot babysitterPaPeRosJapanNEC’s (Japan) range of “Partner-type Personal Robots”, or “PaPeRos”, are designed for maximum interaction with humans. The Papero Childcare robot has been specially adapted with two (stereoscopic) camera “eyes” to recognize surroundings and faces, eight microphone “ears” to detectand recognize speech – even from multiple sources – and mobile-phone connectivity that allows PaPeRo to stay in touch with the absent parents. It can also speak with a 3,000-word vocabulary and react to touch via nine sensors. Children in the care of PaPeRo wear an ultrasonic transmitter and wireless microphone, allowing the robot to track their positions at all times.
10755Most valuable stamp swapBill Gross, Donald Sundman2970000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 October 2005In October 2005, Bill Gross (USA) traded his block of four 'Inverted Jenny' airmail stamps - which he had just bought for $2.97 million (£1.67 million) - for a one-cent Z-grill belonging to Donald Sundman (USA). The 1868 Z-grill, depicting Benjamin Franklin and named after the security grill used to prevent the postmark being washed off, is amongst the most expensive stamps in the world, having been bought by Mr Sundman in 1988 for $930,000 (then £520,800), but valued in 2005 at $3 million (£1.7 million). It is the only privately-owned Z-grill - the only other copy is owned by the New York Public Library. The 'Inverted Jenny' is amongst 100-known stamps misprinted in 1918 with the Curtiss JN4H biplane flying upside-down.
10756Largest collection of Converse shoesJoshua MuellerUnited States, Lakewood,,Stored in boxes on movable shelves in the holder's basement, with others scattered around his closets in canvas holders and wooden cubbies.08 March 2012The largest collection of Converse shoes belongs to Joshua Mueller (USA) consisting of 1,546 different pairs of Converse shoes in Lakewood, Washington, USA, as of 8 March 2012.Mr Mueller does wear his Converse shoes and has enough to wear a different pair every day for over four years. He goes to great lengths to keep them looking their best, wearing plastic bags on his feet in order to keep them clean when visiting dirty places.
10757First public reference to robotsKarel ÈapekfirstCzechoslovakia, Prague01 January 1921The word "robot" was introduced into the language by novelist and playwright Karel Čapek (Austria-Hungary, now Czech Republic, 1890-1938) in his play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), which premiered in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) in 1921. The play features "artificial people" built in a factory and designed to enjoy laborious work, and explores the issue of whether or not these robots have rights. By the end of the play, the robots have developed human characteristics and revolt to become the dominant life on the planet. The word, suggested to Èapek by his brother Josef, derives from the Czech word "robota", meaning slave labour.
10758Largest game of pick up sticksIain FouldsZimbabwe, Harare21 July 2007The largest game of pick up sticks is 9.10 m (29 ft 10.3 in) long and 14.5 cm (5.7 in) in diameter and was played by the pupils of St. Johns Preparatory School in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 21 July 2007.The game consisted of 30 plastic sticks (7 yellow, 7 red, 7 blue, 8 green and 1 black). A full game was played by four teams of 112 children each.
10759Largest book publishedEdiouro PublicaçõesBrazil, Rio de Janeiro, Biannual Book Fair of Rio de Janeiro13 September 2007The record for the largest published book is one edition of 'The Little Prince' measuring 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) high and 3.08 m (10 ft 1 in) wide when open, and containing 128 pages. It is edited by Eidouro Gráfica e Editora Ltda.(Brazil) and it was presented at the XIII Biannual Book Fair of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 13 September 2007.Ediouro also presented the largest searchword puzzle at the same Fair.
10760Most living generations (ever)7 generationsUnited States01 January 1989The most generations alive in a single family has been seven. The youngest great-great-great-great-grandparent being Augusta Bunge (USA) aged 109 years 97 days, followed by her daughter aged 89, her grand-daughter aged 70, her great-grand-daughter aged 52, her great-great grand-daughter aged 33 and her great-great-great grand-daughter aged 15 on the birth of her great-great-great-great grandson on 21 January 1989.
10761Longest fresh-flower lei/garlandN.R DHANAPALANIndia, Chennai02 January 2012The longest fresh-flower lei measured 5.01 km (3.11 miles) long and was made by 120 volunteers in an event organized by Chev. Dr. N. R. Dhanapalan (India) in Chennai, India, on 2 January 2012.The lei consisted of 80,000 carnations of various colours.
10762Largest card game tournamentEl Correo1146 pairsSpain, Bilbao14 November 2010The largest card game tournament consisted of 1,146 pairs playing Mus and was achieved by El Correo, in Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain, on 14 November 2010.Mus is a popular card game played throughout Spain, originating from the Basque regions and is played in pairs and the art of bluffing is a crucial strategy. The tournament was a straight knock-out format with half the number of pairs eliminated each round. The tournament started at 9.30am when the 2292 people of all ages poured through the doors to participate and spend the day competing for the 6,000 euro first prize for the winning pair.
10763Largest bar chimesTom Shelley, Universal Percussion Inc, TreeWorks Chimes, Mitch McMichenUnited States, Columbiania28 August 2011The largest playable bar chimes consist of 1,221 chimes and measures 19.58 metres (64 ft 2 in) in length. They were built by Universal Percussion Inc, TreeWorks Chimes, Tom Shelley and Mitch McMichen (all USA) and presented and played at the Drum Fest in Columbiana, Ohio, USA, on 28 August 2011.The chimes were played during a song in a sweeping motion from one end to the other.
10764Largest playing card structureBryan BergChina, Macau10 March 2010The largest playing card structure was a replica of TheVenetian® Macao, The Plaza® Macao and Sands Macao. It measured10.39 m (34 ft 1.05 in) long, 2.88 m (9 ft 5.39 in) tall and 3.54 m(11 ft 7.37 in) wide, and was created by Bryan Berg (USA) in Macau,China, on 10 March 2010.It took Bryan Berg 44 days to complete the structure which wasmade of 218,792 cards.
10765Most dogs walked simultaneously by an individualJoseph OrsinoUnited States, Pittsburgh01 October 2011The most dogs walked simultaneously by an individual is 35 and was achieved by Joseph Orsino (USA). The walk took place as part of the Lupus Loop Walk, raising money for The Lupus Foundation and held on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on 1st October 2011. Mr Orsino walked the dogs for a distance of more than 1 km during the rainy weather conditions that took place on the day. He walked with 20 dogs in front of him and 15 smaller dogs walking behind him in a straight line.
10766First sighting of an adult giant squid in its natural habitatArchiteuthis duxJapan, Ogasawara Islands30 September 2004The Architeuthis dux is commonly known as the giant squid. Specimens have measured up to 18 m (59 ft) in length and 900 kg (1,980 lb) in weight.At 9:15am local time on 30 September 2004, Japanese researchers managed to photograph an 8-m (26-ft) giant squid that had become entangled on a bait that they had laid for it, in waters nearly 1 km (0.6 mile) deep, off the Ogasawara Islands, Japan. Prior to this occasion, an adult giant squid had never been observed in its natural habitat.
10767First animal to be genetically sequencednematode wormfirstUnknownCaenorhabditis elegans, a 1-mm (0.03-in) long soil-dwelling, non-parasitic nematode worm, is the first species of multicellular animal whose entire genome (genetic code) has been sequenced. Although its entire adult body consists of only 959 cells (humans have trillions), it has 100 million genetic bases comprising at least 18,000 genes, and more than 50 % of known human genes correspond with versions possessed by C. elegans. The monumental task of mapping the worm's entire genome was the brainchild of Dr Sydney Brenner (South Africa), who initiated the project back in the 1960s at the Medical Research Council's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridgeshire, UK and began the actual sequencing in 1990.
10768Oldest person to sail around the world (solo and non-stop)Minoru SaitoJapan, Misaki06 June 2005Minoru Saito (Japan) was 71 when he completed a non-stop solo circumnavigation of the world in his 15 m (50 ft) yacht Shuten-doji II on 6 June 2005, becoming the oldest person to sail around the world. His 233-day journey, which started and finished near the Japanese port of Misaki,covered around 50,000 km (27,000 nautical miles).
10769Largest pizza base spun in two minutesTony GemignaniUnited States, Minneapolis,Minnesota20 April 2006Tony Gemignani (USA, left) spun 500 g (17.6 oz) of dough for twominutes to form a pizza base measuring 84.33 cm (33.2 in) wide atthe Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 20 April2006 during the filming of Guinness World Records Week for the FoodNetwork channel.
10770Most consecutive yo-yo inside loops in one minuteArron Sparks151 timesUnited Kingdom, London,,Camden Town Hall.06 July 2010The most consecutive yo-yo inside loops in one minute was is 151 set by Arron Sparks (UK) during the Christmas in July event at Camden Town Hall, in London, UK, on 6 July 2010. “Christmas in July” was an event to give journalists a sneak peak at 2010 hottest new toys and games for Christmas.

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