Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1051Fastest field to loaf - ovenNeil Unger16/30.83 minute(s), second(s)Australia, Parkes11 January 2013The fastest time to produce 13 loaves of bread (a baker's dozen) from field to loaf is 16 min 30.83 sec and was achieved by Neil Unger (Australia) at Cawdor, Parkes, New South Wales, Australia on 11 January 2013. The attempt was part of an event raising money for the charity Currajong Disabilities and just over AUD $10,000 (GBP £5,872.29 USD $9,390.92) was raised.
1052Narrowest J–TurnTerry Grant18 centimetre(s)United Kingdom, Birmingham10 January 2008The narrowest J-Turn was performed in a Renault Twingo, with a difference of 18 cm (7 in) between the car length 360 cm (11 ft 9 in) and the space between two barriers 378 cm (12 ft 4 in) by Terry Grant (UK) at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK, on 10 January 2008.
1053Fastest bicycle wheelie - rear wheelBobby Root138.56 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Palmdale31 January 2001Bobby Root (USA) achieved a speed of 138.56 km/h (86.1 mph) whilst riding his bicycle on the rear wheel at Palmdale, California, USA, on 31 January 2001 for Guinness World Records: Primetime.Root used the slipstream of a vehicle to reach the necessary speed before performing his wheelie. He travelled at 1.5 m (5 ft) behind it over a distance of 100 m (328 ft) before reaching the first of measured time distance of 9.75 m (32 ft). The wheelie was maintained for 9.75m (32 ft) for the top speed to be measured.
1054Fastest lumberjack triathlonDaniel Vicente Landa, Ernesto Herrero1/57 minute(s), second(s)Spain, Madrid23 January 2009The fastest time to complete the three disciplines of single buck, underhand chop and tree fall, is 1 minute 57 seconds, equaled by Ernesto Herrero and Daniel Vicente (both Spain) on the set of 'Guinness World Records', in Madrid, Spain, on 23 January 2009.
1055Highest jump on a motorcycleTommy ClowersUnited States, Van Huys21 January 2001Tommy Clowers of Ramona, California, USA, achieved a motorcycle jump height of 7.62 m (25 ft) from the top of a 3.04 m (10 ft) ramp after a run up of 12.19 m (40 ft) at Van Nuys Airport, California for Guinness World Records: Primetime on 21 January 2001.
1056Largest species of cameldromedary or one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius)AustraliaThe largest member of the family Camelidae is the dromedary or one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius), with a head and body length of 2.3-3.5 m (7 ft 6 in–11 ft 5 in), a tail length of 55 cm (21 in),a shoulder height of 1.8-2.1 m (6 ft–6 ft 10 in) (maximum 2.4 m 7 ft 10 in) and a weight of 450–690 kg (992–1,521 lb). It is native to the Middle East, but survives today as a feral animal only in Australia and Spain, and as a domestic animal elsewhere.FYI: Incredibly, the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow (USA), was taller, measuring 2.72 m (8 ft)!This species of camel is not the largest artiodactyl (even-toed ungulate mammal), as the giraffe is taller and the hippo is heavier.Pic: Alamy
1057Longest career as a theatre producer for the same productionVado SouzaBrazil, São PauloThe longest career as a theatre producer of the same production is 40 years 7 months and was achieved by Vado Souza (Brazil) in his one-man show "O Navio Negreiro" from 23 October 1971 to May 2012. A certificate was presented to Vado after a special performance at Churrascaria Vento Haragano, São Paulo, Brasil, on 17 May 2012.Vado Souza (b.15 Jan 1948) began his adult life as a footballer for FC Guarani Campinas before embarking on his acting career. The play "O Navio Negreiro" (The Slave Ship) is an adaptation of Castro Alves' poem of the same name that was crucial in the eventual abolishiment of the slave trade in Brazil. Vado plays 16 characters and the performance lasts between 90-100 minutes which he also directs. He has performed the show in Spanish and even English when touring. In recent years he has principally toured universities and schools with the poem and now the play an important part of Brazilian culture.
1058Fastest 100 m on a space hopper - femaleDee McDougallUnited Kingdom, University of St Andrews26 September 2004The women's record for the fastest 100 m space hopper race is39.88 sec and was set by Dee McDougall (UK) at the University of StAndrews, Fife, UK on 26 September 2004.
1059Smallest unicyclePeter Rosendahl13.80 centimetre(s)China, Beijing03 December 2011The smallest unicycle ridden measures 30 cm (11.81 in) in height with a wheel diameter of 13.80 mm (0.54 in), achieved by Peter Rosendahl (Sweden) on the set of 'Guinness World Records- CCTV' in Beijing, China, on 3 December 2011.Peter Rosendahl rode the unicycle a distance of 5 m.
1060Fastest half marathon pushing a pram (female)Nancy Schubring1/30/51 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Vassar15 September 2000The fastest time to run a half marathon whilst pushing a pram is1 hr 30 min 51 sec by Nancy Schubring (USA) at the Mike May RacesHalf Marathon, Vassar, Michigan, USA on 15 September 2001.
1061Fastest 10 km pushing a pramDougal Thorburn32/26 minute(s), second(s)New Zealand, Dunedin,,New Balance Hill Free Half Marathon14 October 2012The fastest time to complete a 10 km (6.2 miles) pram pushing race is 32 min 26 sec and was achieved by Dougal Thorburn (New Zealand) pushing his daughter Audrey, at the New Balance Hill Free Half Marathon, Dunedin, New-Zealand, on 14 October 2012.
1062Highest jump on a trials motorcycleGraham JarvisFrance, Port Medoc18 July 2005The highest ramp jump performed on a trials motorcycle is 5.11 m (16 ft 9.18 in) by Graham Jarvis (UK) on the set of L'Ete de Tous les Records, Port Medoc, France, on 18 July 2005.
1063Most grandes pirouettes a la seconde in 30 seconds - female balletAlicia CliftonChina, Beijing19 December 2010The most grandes pirouettes a la seconde in 30 seconds (female) was 50 and was achieved by Alicia Clifton (USA) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 19 December 2010.
1064Largest sousta danceMunicipality of Archangelos352 peopleGreece, Municipal section of Archangelos29 September 2013The largest sousta dance was achieved by 352 dancers at an event organised by Municipality of Archangelos (Greece) in Archangelos, Rhodes, Greece, on 29 September 2013.
1065Most published feature newspaper article in one day - same authorChris GeigerNot Applicable04 February 2011Chris Geiger (UK) had his feature article on cancer awareness published in 19 different newspapers worldwide on 4 February 2011. The article was printed in its entirety, unabridged, in all of the printed daily publications, on the same day.Chris Geiger (b. 1966) is a writer and columnist for a number of newspapers and magazines. After being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1992 he underwent two years of treatment, which included radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. He is now fully recovered. The article contained 1,018 words. The article appeared simultaneously and in its entirety in the following: Bornemouth Echo, Bristol Evening Post, Derby Telegraph, Dundee Courier & Advertiser, Exeter Express & Echo, Hull Daily Mail, Nottingham Post, Shropshire Star, South Wales Evening Post, The Independent, Western Daily Press, Worcester News, Yorkshire Evening Post (all UK), Irish Examiner (Ireland), Calgary Herald (Canada), Cyprus Mail (Cyprus), Gibraltar Chronicle (Gibraltar), New Haven Register (USA). Chris managed to have its article published in other newspapers, but they had to be discounted from the total because they either edited the feature or published it on a different day.
1066Most consecutive yoga positions on a motorcycle
1067Longest word in OdblgsheziSHIBBOLdNorfolk Island01 January 2010Oðblgshezi (pronounced oth-bleg-SHEH-zi) is a "language" based on English words that can be typed with the digits of a calculator. "Letters" are keyed in and the words read by turning the calculator upside down. The longest words using the nine available letters from traditional English alphabet (I, Z, E, h, S, G, L, B and O) are ILLEGIBLE and EGGShELLS however, the language's creators have introduced a 10th letter – the Anglo Saxon eth or ð, using the numeral 9) - to present a TH sound, which means that the longest possible word in SHIBBOLð ("shibboleth", a custom, practice or dialect particular to a regional or social group).The word Oðblgshezi is derived from the numerals 1234567890, and was coined by "conlanger" (constructed-language creator) Jeffrey Henning, creator of
1068Latest technology for search dogsCanine Detection Research InstitutefirstUnited States, 01 January 2010Researchers from the Canine Detection Research Institute, Auburn University, USA, have invented a harness that uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to remotely guide search dogs in dangerous situations with an 80 percent success rate in trials. Earlier attempts at controlling search dogs involved electrodes implanted into the animal, but the advantage of the new harness is fitted externally and carries a GPS, a processor, spatial sensors and a radio modem. The dog feels vibrations on its left or right hand side and it can be “steered” through extremely tight gaps in buildings or other locations. Using this new technology, a single handler could steer a number of dogs at the same time, to cover large areas in disaster scenarios or airport security situations. It is believed to have high potential for use in drug and bomb detection missions.
1069Longest distance rowed on a Concept II indoor rower in 24 hours by a pair (male)Simon Johns, Sam de KookerUnited Kingdom, Guernsey,Channel Islands01 November 2008The greatest distance rowed on a Concept II indoor rower in 24 hours by a pair (male) is 335.3 km (208.35 miles) by Simon Johns and Sam De Kooker (both UK) in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK, in November 2008.This predictably betters the record for an individual, set by David Harris at 307.68 km in 2001.
1070Most times to catch a flying disc (frisbee) over 10 m by a dog in three minutesLiu HaiwangChina, Beijing07 September 2013The most flying discs caught by a dog in 3 minutes is 18 and was achieved by Liu Haiwang (China) and his dog 'Beibei' on the set of a CCTV Guinness World Records special in Beijing, China, on 7 September 2013.
1071Longest scream by a crowdDrayton Manor Theme Park8/45 second(s)United Kingdom, near Tamworth,,Drayton Manor Theme Park, UK12 April 2014The longest scream by a crowd is 8 min 45 sec and was achieved by Drayton Manor Theme Park (UK) in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK, on 12 April 2014.
1072Fastest journey from Land's End to John-O'-Groats on a conference bikeTeam CoBi28/8/27 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)United Kingdom, John O'Groats to Land's End29 August 2010The fastest journey from Land's End to John O'Groats on a conference bike was 28 days 8 hr and 27 min and was achieved by Team CoBi (UK), a group of 194 individuals from across the UK. The 1855.52 km (1159.7 miles) journey was completed on 29 August 2010.Team CoBi used a seven-seater conference bike for the journey and visited six Cancer Research UK centres and institutes across the country. The journey raised over £30,000 for Cancer Research UK. Edward Guinness, member of the brewing family and one of the original signatories which agreed to support the creation of Guinness World Records, helped pedal the final half mile.
1073Fastest half marathon dressed as a vegetableRonnie Haynes1/25/59 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Plymouth,,Plymouth Half Marathon28 April 2013The fastest half marathon dressed as a vegetable is 1 hr 25 min 59 sec and was achieved by Ronnie Haynes (UK), dressed as a carrot, at the Plymouth Half Marathon in Plymouth, Devon, UK, on 28 April 2013.Ronnie ran the half marathon to raise money for the Motor Neurons Disease Association, a cause close to his heart.
1074Song sung in the most languages (Billboard Charts)Liquid BlueUnited States, San Diego10 October 2010The song sung in the most languages that charted on the US Billboard Hot Dance Singles Chart is "Earth Passport" by Liquid Blue (USA). The song is sung in nine different languages and is positioned at number three in the US Billboard Hot Dance Singles Charts, as of 10 October 2010.The single was released on 1st June 2010 and is part of their album, also called "Earth Passport"."Earth Passport" is the title track of Liquid Blue’s new release. Produced by Robin DiMaggio (David Bowie, Paul Simon) and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Chris Isaak) and Joe Chiccarelli (six-time Grammy winner), the song was written with a "one-world" perspective from a band that has travelled to over 100 countries. The United Nations has invited Liquid Blue to perform their new single at the UN Headquarters General Assembly in New York City, this October, 2010. The song is sung in nine languages including all six official UN languages (languages are English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, French, Tagalog, German, Spanish and Russian) and has been dedicated to the US Department of Peace. It will also be featured on the upcoming “Earthsong Anthology”. Earth Passport was a Finalist in the Peacedriven Songwriting Awards in 2009 and was nominated in the World Category at the 2009 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. With a driving dance beat and heavy bass line, Earth Passport is harder-hitting than previous releases and suits itself to the genres of World and Dance. The CD includes 12 different remixes of the song created by some of the biggest names today, Luigi Gonzalez, Bit Error, and WAWA.
1075Most knots undone by a dog in three minutesBenAustria, Vienna26 September 2010The most knots undone by a dog in three minutes is 14, and was achieved by 'Ben', who is owned by Claudia Neumann (Germany), at the Vienna Recordia event, in Vienna, Austria, on 26 September 2010.Ben is a cross between a Shih Tzu and Japanese Chin aka Japanese Spaniel.In accordance with the guidelines, square knots were used for the attempt. Once Ben had undone them, he handed the elasticated ropes to his owner. Vienna Recordia event 2010.
1076Longest time holding a horizontal person overheadRebecca Peache and Donovan JonesChina, Beijing12 November 2008The longest time to hold a person with one hand above the head in a lying position is 1 minute 5 seconds and was achieved by Donovan Jones (USA) and Rebecca Peache (UK) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi in Beijing, China, on 12 November 2008.
1077Fastest time to carve a turkeyPaul KellyUnited Kingdom (England only), Danbury03 June 2009The fastest time to carve a turkey is 3 min 19.47 sec and was achieved by Paul Kelly (UK) at Little Claydon Farm, Essex, UK, on 3 June 2009.Paul went head-to-head against local butcher David Harrison at an event to celebrate the 25th birthday of KellyBronze turkeys. This is Paul's second world record along with the fastest time to pluck three turkeys.
1078Most participants in a racing eventRun for the Pasig RiverPhilippines, Manila10 October 2010The most participants in a racing event was 116,086 at the Run for the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines, on 10 October 2010. The event consisted of three races: 3 km (1.86 mi), 5 km (3.11 mi), and 10 km (6.21 mi) runs all occuring simultaneously on different routes through the city before converging at the end of each circuit.
1079Most people throwing a ceremonial first pitch simultaneouslyEhime Mandarin Pirates111 peopleJapan, Matsuyama-shi,Ehime-ken26 August 2011The most people throwing a ceremonial first pitch simultaneously was achieved by 111 pitchers and was organized by the Ehime Mandarin Pirates (all Japan) at the Botchan Stadium, Ehime-ken, Japan, on 26 August 2011.118 pitchers pitched but 7 were discounted. To check the timing of each pitcher 5 video cameras were used, placed all around the stadium.
1080Most powerful electromagnetic rail gunElectromagnetic railgun33000000 joule(s)United States, 10 December 2010Electromagnetic (EM) railguns represent a revolutionary, war fighting capability with the potential to deliver lethal firepower at ranges in excess of 200 nautical miles. An EM gun uses an extremely high current flow to create an electromagnetic force that will propel projectiles at speeds greater than Mach 7.0. On 10 December 2010, at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Viriginia, USA, an electromagnetic railgun set a new world record with a 33 megajoule (33 million joules) shot. A single megajoule is approximately the equivalent of a one-ton vehicle travelling at 100 mph. Hence a 33 megajoule shot represents enormous force that is sufficient to destroy targets at extreme ranges without the use of explosive. The same principle has been used in the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System designed for the launch catapaults of the new US Gerald R Ford class of aircraft carrier.

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