Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

10771Largest falafelLandmark Amman Hotel & Conference CenterJordan, Amman28 July 2012The largest falafel was 74.75kg (164.80 lb) and was prepared by the Landmark Amman hotel (Jordan), in Amman, Jordan, on 28 July 2012.This was prepared by 10 chefs all working at the Landmark hotel in Amman, Jordan. They followed the traditional recipe of chickpeas, parsley and coriander with mixed spices. The diameter of the falafel was 130 cm
10772Arm curls, most weight in one minute (individual)Eamonn KeaneIreland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym18 November 2012The most weight lifted by arm curls in one minute is 3,600 kg (7,937 lb) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at the Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 18 November 2012.Eamonn completed 30 reps of a 120 kg weight.
10773Highest ranked US officer charged with espionageGeorge TrofimoffUnited States28 September 2001Retired Army Reserve Col. George Trofimoff (USA) became the US Army's highest ranking American in uniform to be charged with espionage. On 14 June 2001 he was found guilty of spying for the USSR and Russia, (including the sale of classified material to the Russians) whilst serving as the civilian chief of the US Army Element of the Nuremburg Joint Interrogation Center - an intelligence unit in Germany - between 1969 to 1994. Ironically, Trofimoff was born in Germany to Russian parents and became a naturalized US citizen in 1951 precisely 50 years before he was sentenced to life imprisonment on 28 September 2001.During his spying career, Trofimoff was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, a Soviet award presented for "bravery and self-sacrifice in the defense of the socialist homeland." He was recruited into the KGB by his childhood friend, by Igor Susemihl, the former Russian Orthodox Archbishop of Vienna, Austria.
10774Tallest stack of doughnutsCapital Radio, 20th Century Fox110.5 centimetre(s)United Kingdom, Leicester Square25 July 2007The tallest stack of doughnuts measured 110.5 cm (43.5 in) and was built by members of 20th Century Fox and Capital Radio to celebrate the premier of The Simpsons Movie (USA, 2007), at the offices of Capital Radio in Leicester Square, London, UK on 25 July 2007.A team of eight built the stack in a pyramidal structure using 1,764 ring doughnuts.The team members were Charlie Clapham, Dan Frost, Katie Feder, Krissie Ford, Nichola Laslett, Steve Golding, Shivali Ramanandi and David Sims.
10775Largest collection of coffee potsRobert DahlGermany, Rövershagen,,The coffee pots are stored at Robert Dahl's house, farmyard shop and restaurant.02 November 2012The largest collection of coffee pots belongs to Robert Dahl (Germany) and consists of 27,390 coffee pots as of 2 November 2012, in Rövershagen, Germany.
10776Largest chess setWilliam Taylor5.89 metre(s)Canada, Medicine Hat, AlbertaThe largest chess set board measures 5.89 m (19 ft 4 in) on each side. The king is 119 cm (47 in) tall and is 37.4 cm (1 ft 2 in) wide at the base. The set was made by the Medicine Hat Chess Club (Canada) and was presented and measured in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, on 27 May 2009.The Guidelines have been updated and are now requiring the chess pieces to be bigger as well as the chess board.
10777Oldest first-time grandmotherMarianne Wallenberg95/81 year(s), day(s)United States, Binghamton, New York29 April 2008The oldest first time grandmother is Marianne Wallenberg (b. 07 Feb 1913, Germany) who was 95 years old when her first grandson Joshua Fritz Wallenberg (Canada) was born at Sinai Hospital, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 29 April 2008. Marianne became the first time grandmother when her son James and his wife Jacqueline gave birth to twins Joshua Fritz Wallenberg and Karina Diana Wallenberg.
10778First bioluminescent mammalsChristopher ContagfirstUnited States, 01 January 1995The first bioluminescent mammals were a series of glowing mice created in 1995 by Stanford University researcher Christopher Contag and co-workers, extracting genes responsible for bioluminescence from various glowing bacteria and inserting them into Salmonella bacteria, which causes severe food poisoning. These now-glowing Salmonella bacteria, having adopted the bioluminescence genes as their own and reproducing with these genes retained from generation to generation, were then fed to some mice, and Contag and his team were able to watch directly how the Salmonella infection took hold inside these mice simply by observing the passage of the glow. Moreover, they could diminish the glow by feeding the mice with antibiotics, which reduced the infection.
10779Largest collection of Dragon Ball memorabiliaMichael NilsenUnited States, Duluth01 October 2012The largest collection of Dragon Ball memorabilia belongs to Michael Nilsen (USA) and consists of 6,148 items as of 1 October 2012, in Duluth, Minnesota, USA.
10780Oldest row across any ocean by a team of fourJason Howard-Ady, Graham Witham , Aldo Diana , Ken MaynardBarbados, Port St Charles17 February 2012The oldest Ocean Four to row any ocean is the crew of HM & S Twiggy Graham Witham (UK, b. 31 Oct 1967), Jason Howard-Ady (UK, b. 24 Aug 1964), Aldo Diana (UK, b. 23 Jan 1963) and Ken Maynard (UK, b. 3 Aug 1964), who, at the collective age of 68,549 days (or 187 years and 247.25 days) at the start, rowed the Atlantic East to West non-stop from Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria, to Port St Charles, Barbados, between 14 December 2011 and 17 February 2012.
10781Tallest sugar sculptureRegis CourivaudUnited States, Mall of America,Minneapolis,Minnesota21 April 2006The tallest sugar sculpture ever created in 11 hours measures 4.97 m (16 ft 4.3 in) and was made by Regis Courivaud (France) at Mall of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 21 April 2006 during the filming of Guinness World Records week for the Food Network channel.The sculpture was a replica of the Empire State Building in New York.
10782Longest chain of pipe cleanersOklahoma Children's Cancer Association3188 metre(s)United States, Oklahoma City14 February 2007The record for the longest chain of pipe cleaners measured 3,188 m (10,459 ft) and was achieved by Oklahoma Children's Cancer Association (USA) at the Children's Hospital OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA on 14 February 2007.
10783Longest tree trunk fossil-silicifiedZheng Xioting38/1.2 metre(s)China, Pingyi01 August 2007The longest fossil silicified tree trunk measures 38 m (124 ft 8 in) and 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) in basal diameter and consists of 33 sections, with roots, trunk and cross-section growth rings clearly preserved. The trunk, which was unearthed in Qitai County, Xinjiang, China, is displayed in the Shandong Tianyu Natural Museum, China.
10784Fastest time to climb the highest peaks in all African countriesGinge FullenLibya, Tibesti Massif,Bikku Bitti Peak25 December 2005The record for the fastest time to climb the highest peaks in all African countries is 5 years, and was achieved by Eamon 'Ginge' Fullen (UK) when he reached the Bikku Bitti Peak, Libya, on 25 December 2005.He climbed the highest peaks of each of the 53 African countries as listed in the beggining of the attempt. HRH Prince Charles endorsed the attempt. He reached the first peak, Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, the highest peak in Africa, on 25 December 2000.
10785Most eskimo rolls tandem in one minuteEmmanuel Baclet, Yann Hascoet, Bernard Bregeon and Richard Vezzoli, Frederic Lascourreges and Marc GirardinFranceThe record for the most eskimo rolls performed in a tandem canoe with paddles in one minute is 26 and is held jointly by three teams. It was initially set by Bernard Bregeon and Richard Vezzoli (bothe France) in Biscarrosse, France on 30 June 2004. Frederic Lascourreges and Marc Girardin (both France) equalled the record at Argeles Gazost, France on 15 July 2004 and then it was equalled again by Yann Hascoet and Emmanuel Baclet (both France) in Benodet on 2 August 2004. All records were achieved on the set of L´Été De Tous Les Records.The record was then equalled by Bernard Bregeon and Richard Vezzoli (both France) on L´Été De Tous Les Records in Biscarrosse, France on 14 July 2005.
10786Heaviest blueberryPolana SP. Zo.o11.28 gram(s)Poland, Ochoza01 August 2008The heaviest blueberry weighed 11.28 g (0.4 oz) and was grown by Polana SP. Zo.o in Ochoza, Parczew in Poland, and was grown on behalf of Winterwood Farms Ltd. in Maidstone, Kent, UK. The fruit was weighed in August 2008.The variety is called 'Chandler'.
10787Most tandem parachute jumps by an individual in 24 hoursLuther Kurtz, Angela Bishop105 timesUnited States, Harbor Springs30 June 2011The most tandem parachute jumps by an individual in 24 hours is 105 and was achieved by both Luther Kurtz (USA) and Angela Bishop (USA) at Harbor Springs Airport in Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA, from 29-30 June 2010. Kurtz and Bishop are brother and sister, with Kurtz serving as the instructor on all jumps and Bishop as his tandem traveler.The attempt lasted just over 22.5 hours and involved the use of 3 airplanes, 4 parachutes and 4 pilots. This record may be attempted by one instructor with various students, one student with various instructors, or the same pair for the duration, as was the case with Kurtz and Bishop.
10788Largest cup of hot chocolate/cocoaThe Festival of Chocolate and The Museum of Science and Industry3331.16 litre(s)United States, Tampa21 January 2013The largest cup of hot chocolate contained 3,331.16 l (732.753 gal, 880 US gal) and was achieved by The Festival of Chocolate and the Museum of Science and Industry (USA) in Tampa, Florida, USA, on 21 January 2013. The record was part of the Festival of Chocolate. In total they used 39,462.5 grams of powdered milk, 3,331.16 litres of water and 502,584.88 grams of cocoa. It took around 3 hours and 16 minutes to get the hot chocolate to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
10789Most consecutive multi-coin rolls, two handsRichard Burr33/8 minute(s), second(s)United States, HollywoodRichards Burr (USA) simultaneously rolled eight silver dollars around the fingers of both his hands (four per hand) using the classic coin roll technique, each completing 102 consecutive coin rolls in a time of 33 min 8 sec at the Monster House in Simi Valley, California, USA, on 25 May 2007.Total coin rolls 204.
10790Most vertical feet skied in one calendar year (male)Arnie Wilson1263972 metre(s)UK, 01 January 1994In the calendar year 1994, Arnie Wilson (UK) skied everyday in a round-the-world expedition, with partner Lucy Dicker (UK). In total they skied 1,263,972 vertical metres (4,146,890 vertical feet) at 237 resorts in 13 countries in five continents their total distance skied was 5,919 km (3,678 miles).
10791Oldest active fighter pilotPhillip FrawleyAustralia, Merewether23 July 2012Squadron Leader Phillip Frawley (Australia b. 8 March 1952) is a fully operational fighter pilot and flying instructor on the staff of 76 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force. At the time of the record verification on 23 July 2012, he was aged 60 years 137 days.Squadron Leader Phillip Frawley joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an apprentice in 1969, qualified as a pilot in 1975 and became a flying instructor in 1984. At the time of the record verification, he had accumulated 8,200 flying hours and 2,100 instructional hours. SQNLDR Frawley has flown the Winjeel prop-trainer, the Macchi 326H jet trainer, the C-130 Hercules transport, the Mirage IIIO fighter, the F/A-18 Hornet fighter and the Hawk 127 lead in fighter trainer. He has also flown a number of Warbird aircraft including the Fokker Triplane [replica] World War 1 fighter, the Kittyhawk WWII fighter, the Hawker Seafury WWII fighter, the Fiat G-89 WWII fighter, the F-86 Sabre fighter, the MiG-15 Korean War fighter, the MiG-21 Vietnam War fighter, the TBM Avenger WWII torpedo bomber and most recently the L-39 Albatros lead in fighter trainer. SQNLDR Frawley also holds a civilian instructor rating and is able to conduct training on many of the Warbirds listed.
10792Largest bead mosaicStephan Wanger35.67 square metre(s)United States, New Orleans, LA04 December 2013The largest bead mosaic measured 35.67 m² (384 ft²), and was achieved by Stephan Wanger (Germany) with the help of the Cane River National Heritage Area at the Hanchey Gallery at Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA on 4 December 2013.The mosaic measured 14.63 m (48 ft) long and 2.43 m (8 ft) tall and depicted a street scene in downtown Natchitoches. Over 2 million beads were used to make the mosaic.
10793Longest marathon playing darts, doublesKevin Bryan, Ben Roper, Matthew Cook, Adam Roberts48 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Shepshed,,Pied Bull Public House06 September 2013The longest marathon playing darts (doubles) is 48 hours and was achieved by Kevin Bryan, Ben Roper, Matthew Cook and Adam Roberts (all UK) at the Pied Bull Public House in Shepshed, Leicestershire, UK, from 4 to 6 September 2013.
10794Oldest child on televisionJimmy Krankie (Janette Tough)United Kingdom01 January 2007Although now in semi-retirement, Janette Tough (UK, b. 16 May 1947)regularly played the role of pre-teen schoolboy Jimmy Krankie alongside her husband Ian (UK), who plays Jimmy’s father. Although she celebrated her 60th birthday in 2007, Tough, at a diminutive 1.3 m (4 ft 5 in) tall, still occasionally dons her schoolboy cap and short trousers – most recently on the 2007 Comic Relief/Proclaimers (UK) single “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles”. In 2003, Jimmy Krankie was voted by readers of the Glasgow Herald as the Most Scottish Person in the World.
10795Largest peacekeeping unit made up of femalesUnited NationsfirstLiberiaFor the first time, the United Nations (UN) has deployed an all female police peacekeeping unit. The force, consisting of 103 women, is provided by the Indian Government for service in Liberia to help rebuild the police force, which had acquired a bad reputation for corruption and involvement in the fighting during the 15 years when Liberia was at the centre of interrelated civil wars in West Africa that resulted in over 250,000 deaths and the displacement of millions across the region. Experienced in working in some of India’s most turbulent areas in northern India, it is hoped that the female force will encourage Liberian women to trust the police and motivate some of them to join.
10796Heaviest train carriage hauled by model locomotivesUlrich Grünewald47 tonne(s) (metric ton)Germany, Munich20 February 2007The heaviest train carriage hauled by model locomotives weighed 47 tonnes (103,617 lb). The motive power for the carriage was provided by 200 electric model locomotives Märklin BR 143, which, moving along 50 parallel rail tracks, hauled the carriage for 10 m (32 ft 9 in), at the DB-Gelände in Munich, Germany, on 21 February 2007.
10797Largest water lilyVictoria amazonicaNative to shallow freshwater lakes and bayous in the Amazon basin, the world''s largest water lily is Victoria amazonica, whose gigantic floating leaves measure up to 3 m (10 ft) across, and are held in place upon an underwater stalk 7-8 m (23-26 ft) long. The undersurface of its leaves are supported by a sturdy series of rib-like crossridges to keep the leaves flat and also prevent them from collapsing. Indeed, it is the pattern of these ribs that is said to have inspired the network of metal girders around which the Crystal Palace was built for the Great Exhibition in London, UK, of 1851.
10798Largest region of Earth’s interiorEarth's mantleNot ApplicableEarth’s mantle is the region which begins just below the thin crust on which we live, and extends some 2,900 km (1,800 miles) down all the way to the outer liquid core. Making up around 70% of the Earth’s volume, the mantle, while made of solid rock, can gradually flow in a plastic fashion. Slow convection in the mantle is what drives plate tectonics in the Earth’s crust. Temperatures in the mantle range from 500ºC (932ºF) at the crustal boundary to over 4,000ºC (7,232ºF) at the boundary with the outer liquid core.
10799Largest game of dodgeballUC Irvine6084 peopleUnited States, Irvine25 September 2012The largest game of dodgeball involved 6,084 participants and was achieved by the University of California, Irvine at a game organised by NLA Sports (both USA) in Irvine, California, USA, on 25 September 2012. The record marks UC Irvine's third successful attempt at largest dodgeball game. The blue team beat the yellow team.
10800Fastest electric motorcycleChip Yates316.899 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Bonneville Salt Flats30 August 2011The fastest electric motorcycle is the SWIGZ Electric Superbike Prototype (USA), which achieved a speed of 316.899 kmh (196.912 mph) in the flying kilometre, ridden by Chip Yates (USA), at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 30 August 2011.The record was achieved at the International Speed Trials for Motorcycles, Yates has also raced the machine at the Pikes Peaks hill climb setting a course record for an electric motorcycle of 12 min 50.094 sec

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