Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

11371Most grapes caught by mouth in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, New York19 August 2012The most grapes caught by the mouth in one minute is 86 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), in New York City, New York, on 19 August 2012.
11372Largest photo exhibitionLP 184Hong Kong, Hong Kong28 July 2010The largest photo exhibition displayed 141,822 photographs taken by members of the public, which was organised by LP 184 (Hong Kong). The exhibition, entitled 'HAHA DAY' took place at Nina Tower, Hong Kong, China, on 28 July 2010.From 8 to 27 July photos were collected via Facebook and emails. On 17-18 over 120 volunteers collected smiling photos on the streets of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong area. 1,694 photographs were disqualified.
11373Longest journey by powered paragliderMiroslav Oros9132 kilometre(s)Czech Republic, Usti nad Labem30 June 2011The longest journey by powered paraglider is 9,132 km (5,674.35 mi) and was achieved by Miroslav Oros (Czech Republic), flying throughout the Czech Republic, starting in Sazená and ending in Lipovå-lázn, between 1 April 2011 and 30 June 2011.
11374Most dominoes toppled by an individualLiu YangChina, Beijing,,Citic Guoan Grand Epoch City31 December 2011The most dominoes toppled by an individual is 321,197 and was achieved by Liu Yang (China) at Citic Guoan Grand Epoch City in Beijing, China, on 31 December 2011.Liu Yang set up the 321,200 dominoes from 23 November to 31 December 2011. The attempt was part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations aired by Beijing TV station on 31 December 2011.
11375Largest model aircraft by wingspanMarkus FreySwitzerland, Rottenschwil, Kanton AargauThe largest model aircraft by wingspan is 15 metres (49 ft 2 in) and was constructed by Markus Frey (Switzerland). It made its first flight at 5632 Buttwill (AG) airfield, Switzerland, on 8 May 2009.The model aircraft type KU4 Austria 1932, also known as "elephant" has a wing span of 15m, and is 4.5m long, 1m high and a weight of 70-75kg. The model plane flew up to a height of approximately 300 to 500 feet.
11376Largest paper aircraftBraunschweig Institute of Technology18.21 metre(s)Germany, Braunschweig28 September 2013The largest paper aircraft, with a wing span of 18.21 m (59.74 ft), was constructed by the students and employees of the Braunschweig Institute of Technology (Germany), in Braunschweig, Germany on 28 September 2013.The aircraft was launched from a horizontal platform which was 2.47 m high (8.10 ft) and flew a distance of 18 m (59.05 ft). It was constructed from paper with a weight of 147 gsm.14 people spend 1,200 hours to construct it.Dimensions, length of the hull 5.16 m (16.92 ft), width of the wings (widest point) 1.02 m (3.34 ft), width of the wings (highest point) 31cm (101 ft), height of the tail 92 cm (3.01 ft), total weight 24 kg (52.91 lb). The attempt was carried out in an aircraft hangar at Braunschweig Airport.
11377Farthest flight by a paper aircraftJohn Collins, Joe Ayoob69.14 metre(s)United States, Sunnyvale26 February 2012The farthest flight by a paper aircraft is 69.14 meters (226 feet 10 inches), achieved by Joe Ayoob and aircraft designer John M. Collins (both USA), at McClellan Air Force Base, in North Highlands, California, USA on 26 February 2012.The plane was constructed from a single sheet of uncut A4 paper. Joe Ayoob flew the aircraft designed by John M. Collins.
11378Longest journey by skateboardRobert Thomson12159 kilometre(s)China, Global,,From Switzerland to China28 September 2008The longest journey by skateboard was 12,159 km (7,555miles) and was completed by Rob Thomson (New Zealand) starting in Leysin, Switzerland on 24 June 2007 and finishing in Shanghai, China, on 28 September 2008.The attempt was part of a longer trip iof 20,000 Kms ncluding legs by bicycle, sailing, rafts, train around the world, but only the skateboarding part, which was the last part of the journey was counted for the record.Began in Leysin, Switzerland on the 24th June 2007. Travelled 1,541km through Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and England to end at Trafalgar Square, London, on the 4th Aug 2007. In my mind, this leg was to be the decider as to whether or not I would continue travelling by skateboard. If travelling by skateboard proved to be practical, I would continue on to North America. The result was, of course, that I felt it was sufficiently efficient enough to travel by skateboard, and therefore continued the journey.Atlantic Crossing (in black)Crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailboat from the 14th Aug 2007 until the 7th Dec 2007, including time searching for crewing positions and time spent in Caribbean.North American Leg (in yellow)Began in Key West, Florida, United States on the 7th of December 2007. Travelled 5,529km across the continent, ending in Los Angeles, California on the 3rd of April 2008. The route began heading north through Florida, before turning westward at the Florida panhandle. Skateboarded across the US southern states of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and California.Asian Leg. Began in Khorgos, Xinjiang Province, China on the 27th April 2008. Travelled 5,462km west to east across China to Shanghai following China National Highway 312 for the most part, with some minor exceptions. Notable exceptions include a 500km detour through Qinghai Province on minor roads, and the final 200km approach to Shanghai, where a southern approach into the city was taken (China National Highway 315).Arrived at People’s Square, Shanghai, on the 28th of September 2008, thus bringing the journey to a close.
11379Most balloons inflated by the nose in three minutesAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica07 December 2013The most balloons inflated by the nose in 3 minutes is 28, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Sri Chinmoy Centre, New York, New York, USA, on 7 December 2013.
11380Most water moved by the hands in 30 secondsSybrand Dijkstra2241 millilitre(s)Netherlands, Zwolle23 August 2013The most water moved by the hands in 30 seconds is 2,241 ml (78.87 UK fl oz 75.77 US fl oz), and was achieved by Sybrand Dijkstra (Netherlands), in Zwolle, Netherlands, on 23 August 2013.
11381Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by motorized wheelchair or mobility scooterDavid Mensch274.60 kilometre(s)United States, Bakersfield21 March 2013The greatest distance covered in 24 hours by motorized wheelchair is 274.60 km (170.63 miles) and was achieved by David Mensch, between Bakersfield and Madera, California, USA, on 20-21 March 2013.
11382Most full contact punch strikes in one minute (female)Ayaka MiyaoJapan, TokyoThe most full contact punch strikes in one minute was 556 and was achieved by Ayaka Miyao (Japan) on the set of '100 Beautiful Women Who Have Guinness World Records', at the Shiodome Nihon TV Studios in Tokyo, Japan, on 5 May 2011. Four international contestants attempted the record in a face-off. The punch strikes were counted using slow motion playback. Punch strikes which did not make full contact with the pad were discounted.
11383Longest journey by electric motorcycleNicola Colombo, Valerio FumagalliItaly, Milan23 July 2013The longest journey by electric motorcycle is 12,379 km (7,691.94 mi) and was achieved by Nicola Colombo (Italy) who rode through 11 countries, starting in Shanghai, China, and ending in Milan, Italy, from 10 June to 23 July 2013.
11384Largest plastic bottle structureComune di BavenoItaly, Baveno22 June 2014The largest sculpture made from plastic bottles contained 43,296 bottles and was made by Comune di Baveno (Italy), in Baveno, Italy on 22 June 2014.The structure was a floating bridge positioned in Lake Maggiore and exactly in the waters opposite Baveno town. The bridge was 151.3 metres (496.39 ft) long, 2.10 metres (6.88 ft) wide and 0.35 metres (1.148 ft) high, it was dismantled after the event and all plastic bottles used were regularly recycled.
11385Heaviest deadlift in 24 hoursIan AtkinsonUnited Kingdom, Warrington16 November 2002The 24 hour deadlift record by an individual is 475,065 kg (1,047,337 lb 12 oz) by Ian Atkinson at Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institution, Warrington, UK on 15-16 November 2002. Ian is a prison officer at this YOI.The previous record was:The deadlift record by an individual is 455,677.5 kg (1,004,595 lb) by Steph Smit at Warren's Health Club, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on 13-14 September 1997.
11386Longest journey by kite buggyPete Ash, Kieron Bradley and Brian CunninghamMongolia21 September 2004The longest journey by kite buggy was 1,015 km (630.7 miles) across the Gobi desert and was completed by Pete Ash, Kieron Bradley and Brian Cunningham (all UK) between 5 - 21 September 2004.
11387Longest distance Morris danced in seven daysBenjamin DaunceyUnited Kingdom, Tunbridge Wells21 April 2006The longest distance Morris danced in seven days by an individual is 235.37 km (146.25 miles) and was achieved by Ben Dauncey (UK) from Tunbridge Wells to Snowshill, UK, from 15 to 21 April 2006.
11388Fastest person with a pricing gun - 1 minuteMari Mohede BergSweden, Gothenburg,Nordstan Shopping Mall24 November 2007The record for the most books priced in one minute is 29, and was achieved by Mari Mohede Berg (Sweden) at the Nordstan Shopping Mall, Gothenburg, Sweden on 24 November 2007.Craig adjudicated.
11389Longest cartoon strip (individual)Suhas Palimkar191.31 metre(s)India, Beed18 October 2013The longest cartoon strip by an individual measured 191.31 m (627 ft 7.87 in) and was achieved by Suhas Palimkar (India) at the District Sports Complex in Beed, India, on 18 October 2013.It took Suhas approximately 22 hours to complete his cartoon strip.
11390Most duets sung in two minutesDuncan JamesUnited Kingdom, London03 October 2008The most duets sung in two minutes is 17 and was achieved by Duncan James (UK), accompanied by Rock School students on the set of Guinness World Records - Smashed, in London, UK, on 3 October 2008.
11391Most translated author, same bookL. Ron HubbardUnited Kingdom, London06 April 2010The most languages into which the same book has been translated is The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard (USA), which can be read in 70 languages as of 2010, including Hindi, Samoa and Uzbek.
11392Most wins of an American Football national championships by an individualPeter KrambergerAustria, Vienna18 July 2009The most wins of an American Football national championships by an individual is 10 by Peter Kramberger (Austria) with the Raiffeisen Vienna Vikings Football Club of the Austrian Football League (Austria) from 4 July 1994 to 18 July 2009.Peter is a placekicker and has played for the Vikings since 1993. The Vikings compete in the Austrian Football League -- the highest competitive level in the American Football Bund Österreich. Peter was a member of the winning teams for Austrian Bowl X (4 July 1994), Austrian Bowl XII (13 July 1996), Austrian Bowl XV (20 July 1999), Austrian Bowl XVI (22 July 2000), Austrian Bowl XVII (21 July 2001), Austrian Bowl XVIII (20 July 2002), Austrian Bowl XIX (12 July 2003), Austrian Bowl XXI (16 July 2005), Austrian Bowl XXIII (14 July 2007), and Austrian Bowl XXV (18 July 2009).
11393Largest metal nail mosaicFederico Delgado Heredia11.91 square metre(s)Uruguay, San CarlosThe largest metal nail mosaic was 11.91 m² (39.07 sq. feet) by Federico Delgado Heredia (Uruguay) in San Carlos, Uruguay on 13 October 2015. The mosaic was created in honour of the 250th anniversary of the town of San Carlos. It depicts various buildings and representative images from the town such the San Carlos Borromeo church.
11394Longest open ocean journey by aquabike (jetski) - unsupportedRisto Piispa3074 kilometre(s)Finland, Helsinki24 August 2014The longest unsupported open ocean journey by aquabike (jetski) is 3,074 km (1,659.8 nautical miles 1,910 miles) and was achieved by Risto Piispa (Finland) who travelled from Helsinki, Finland to Ceuta, Spain, from 13 July to 24 August 2014. Risto covered 4820 km (2,602.5 nautical miles 2,995 miles) in total, of which 1,746 km (1,084 miles 942.6 nautical miles) were on inland waters through mainland Europe.
11395Most balloons blown up in one hour - individualHunter EwenUnited States, Allenspark04 September 2015The most balloons blown up in one hour by an individual is 910, and was achieved by Hunter Ewen (USA), at the Wild Basin Lodge and Event Center in Allenspark, Colorado, USA on 4 September 2015. Hunter previously held this record in 2010.
11396Most full contact punch strikes in one minute (one hand)Ahmad Hussain330 repetitionsPakistan, Peshawar11 April 2015The most punches with one hand in 60 seconds is 330 achieved by Ahmad Hussain (Pakistan) at Peshawar Press Club in Peshawar, Pakistan, on 11 April 2015.
11397Highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in one hour by an individualAdam Barta2,708 total numberUnited States, Wickliffe15 February 2015The highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in one hour by an individual is 2,708 and was achieved by Adam Barta (USA) in Wickliffe, Ohio, USA, on 15 February 2015. Of the 291 balls thrown during the attempt, 163 were strikes.
11398Largest football mosaicStandard Chartered BankUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai27 November 2014The largest football mosaic is 247.5 m² (2,664.06 ft²) and was created by Standard Chartered Bank (UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on 27 November 2014. The mosaic depicted the flag of UAE and was created to mark UAE’s National Day.
11399fastest journey across Ireland by elliptical cycleGlen Burmeister2 days, 4 hours, 25 minutes day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Ireland, Malin Head19 August 2015The fastest journey across Ireland by elliptical cycle is 2 days 4 hr 25 min, and was achieved by Glen Burmeister (UK) who cycled from Mizen Head, Cork to Malin Head, Donegal, from 17 to 19 August 2015. Glen covered 595 km (369.8 miles) during this record-breaking journey, averaging 22 km (13.9 miles) per hour.
11400Longest journey by canoe (kayak) soloMarcin Gienieczko5,573 kilometre(s)Brazil, Belém01 September 2015The longest solo journey by canoe (kayak) is 5,573 kilometres (3,462.89 miles) and was achieved by Marcin Gienieczko (Poland) who travelled from Atalya, Ucayali, Peru to Belém, Para, Brazil between 4 June and 1 September 2015. Marcin is an experienced kayaker, having spent seven years travelling rivers in the Northern hemisphere before his Amazonian adventure. During this record-breaking journey he survived extreme heat, snakes and even, one on occasion, gunfire.

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