Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

11521Base jumps - most in 24 hoursDan SchillingUnited States, Twin Falls, Idaho08 July 2006The most base jumps in 24 hours is 201 set by Dan Schilling (USA) at the Perrine Memorial Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, on 7-8 July 2006.
11522Most haircuts in an hour - maleIvan ZootUnited States, Austin, TX22 August 2008The most haircuts given in one hour is 34 and was achieved by Ivan Zoot (USA) at Men's Grooming Center, Austin, Texas, USA, on 22 August 2008.
11523Most pine boards broken in freefallErnie TorresUnited States, Eloy,Skydive Arizona, Eloy AirportThe most pine boards broken in freefall is 12 and was achieved by Ernie Torres (USA) at Skydive Arizona, in Eloy, Arizona, USA, on 23 May 2013.Ernie Torries, a first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, achieved this record as part of the fundraising programme, Wounded Warriors Project.
11524Most pine boards broken (one minute)Glenn CoxonAustralia, Sydney16 August 2005The most pine boards broken by hand in one minute is 359 by Glenn Coxon (Australia) on the set of Guinness World Records at Seven Network Studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 16 August 2005.
11525Heaviest vehicle pulled with an arm wrestling moveKevin Fast11060 kilogram(s)Canada, Cobourg26 April 2013The heaviest vehicle pulled with an arm wrestling move weighed 11,060 kg (24,380 lb) and was pulled by Kevin Fast (Canada) in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, on 26 April 2012.Fast successfully moved the vehicle a minimum of 30 cm (11.8 in).
11526Most jam doughnuts eaten in three minutesLup Fun Yau6 itemsUnited Kingdom, LondonThe most sugared jam doughnuts eaten in 3 minutes, without licking the lips is 6 and is held by Lup Fun Yau who equalled the record at The Sun Offices, London, UK on the 2 May 2007.Kevin and Amarilis adjudicated record.Previous and equal holder details:The most sugared jam doughnuts eaten in 3 minutes, without licking the lips is 6 and is held by Steve McHugh (UK) who attempted this at the offices of Guinness World Records, London on 28 June 2002.
11527Most skips in 24 hours by a team of sixLarry O'Brien, Martin Murphy, Christy O'Reilly, Jim Payne, Neil Gough, Deirdre Hearne260307 timesIreland, Waterford25 January 2002The record for the most skips in 24 hours by a team of six is 260,307 and was set by Jim Payne, Neil Gough, Larry O’Brien, Christy O’Reilly, Deirdre Hearne and Martin Murphy at City Square, Waterford, Ireland on 24–25 May 2002.The attempt was held in order to raise funds for the South Eastern Cancer Foundation, specifically for a drop-in centre for the local community.Each skipper skipped for a continuous hour, four times in relay fashion.
11528Most baked beans eaten in 3 minutesAshrita FurmanUnited States, Jamaica27 December 2012The most baked beans eaten in three minutes is 152 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), in the kitchen of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in jamaica, new York, USA, on 27 December 2012
11529Origami - largest paper cranePeace Piece Project81.94 metre(s)Japan, Hiroshima29 August 2009The largest origami paper crane has a wingspan of 81.94 m (268 ft 9 in) and was created by 800 people of the Peace Piece Project (all Japan) at the Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima, Japan, on 29 August 2009.The claimants first created a piece of paper measuring 100 m x 100 m (328 ft x 328 ft) out of smaller paper pieces. These pieces were attached to one another with tape. The wingspan was measured by a surveyor using triangulation.
11530Most consecutive foot juggling flipsWuqiao County Aerobatic Group90 timesChina, Beijing19 September 2007The record for the most consecutive foot juggling flips is 90 and was achieved by Hou Yanan and Jiang Tiantian (both China) from the Wuqiao County Aerobatic Group on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 19 September 2007.
11531Most hot dogs eaten in 3 minutesTakeru KobayashiJapan, Kashiwanohakoen Sogokyogijo25 August 2009The most hotdogs eaten in 3 minutes was 6 and was achieved by Takeru Kobayashi (Japan) for Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special #2 (Fuji TV) at Kashiwanohakoen Sogokyogijo, Kashiwa, Japan, on 25 August 2009.He beat the previous record by two hot dogs.Takeru Kobayashi (b. 15 March 1978) is a Japanese competitive eater and a member of the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). He has won the hot dog eating competition for nearly six years, and is ranked third in the world for competitive eating according to the International Federation of Competitive Eating.
11532Longest marathon playing korfballKingfisher Korfball Club30/2 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)United Kingdom, Rochester15 June 2008The longest game of korfball is 30 hr 2 min, set by Kingfisher Korfball Club, at Larkfield Leisure Centre, Kent, United Kingdom, 14-15 June 2008.The game was played between the Kingfisher Blues and the Kingfisher Whites with the Whites winning 476 to 471.
11533Largest jigsaw puzzleGreat East Asia Surveyors & Consultants Co.Ltd5428.8/21600 square metre(s)China, Kai Tai03 November 2002The world's largest jigsaw puzzle measured 5,428.8 m² (58,435.1 ft²) and consisted of 21,600 pieces. Devised by Great East Asia Surveyors & Consultants Co. Ltd it was assembled by 777 people at the former Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong on 3 November 2002.Each peice measured a maximum 0.5 x 0.5 m.
11534Most rice grains eaten in three minutes using chopsticksBob Blumer134 piecesChinese Taipei, Taipei30 August 2010The most rice eaten in three minutes is 134 grains and was achieved by Bob Blumer (Canada) at the Taipei Culinary Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, on 30 August 2010.The attempt was filmed for the TV series "Glutton for Punishment."
11535Most basketball three pointers in 24 hoursDaniel Loriaux10381 total numberUnited States, Tualatin01 July 2012The most basketball three-pointers in 24 hours is 10,381, and was achieved by Daniel Loriaux (USA) at Club Sport Oregon in Tigard, Oregon, USA, from 30 June to 1 July 2012.Daniel took 13,718 shot in total. His shooting accuracy for this attempt is 75.67%
11536Highest ramp jump by wheelchairAaron Fotheringham60 centimetre(s)Italy, Rome24 March 2010The highest ramp jump on a wheelchair is 60 cm and was achieved by Aaron Fotheringham (USA) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 24 March 2010. Aaron has been in a wheelchair since the age of 13 as he suffers from spina biffida.
11537Most basketball free throws in 30 secondsBob J. FisherUnited States, Vermillion05 June 2010The most basketball free throws made in 30 seconds is 33 by Bob J. Fisher (USA) at Vermillion High School in Vermillion, Kansas, USA, on 5 June 2010.Fisher also broke the record for most basketball free throws in 10 minutes the same day. Both attempts were officiated by licensed basketball referee James Shaughnessy, who ensured that all shots taken were legal.
11538Most forward roll frontflips in one minute (parkour)Mathew Kaye17 timesUnited Kingdom, 08 September 2010The most forward roll frontflips in one minute is 17 and was achieved by Mathew Kaye (UK) at Basingstoke Active Life Centre, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK, on 8 September 2010. Mathew is a member of the parkour team, 3Run.
11539Most swallowed swords while juggling three objectsChayne HultgrenAustralia, Byron Bay15 November 2012The most swords swallowed whilst juggling three objects is 18, achieved by Chayne 'Space Cowboy' Hultgren (Australia) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 15 November 2012
11540Most olives eaten in one minuteAshrita FurmanUnited States, New York22 July 2012The most olives eaten in one minute is 60, by Ashrita Furman (USA) in New York, New York, USA, on 22 July 2012.
11541Longest duration flight by helium balloonsJonathan Trappe13/36/57 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Plymouth11 April 2010The longest duration flight by helium balloons is 13 hr 36 min 57 seconds and was achieved by Jonathan Trappe (United States) in The Spirit Cluster (totalling 57 balloons) who flew over North Carolina, United States, from 10 - 11 April 2010.Jonathan covered 109 miles during his flight in what is also thought to be the first cluster balloon system to launch in daylight and fly through the night. In total there were 57 balloons and Jonathan reached a peak altitude of 7,474 feet. The balloon size ranged from 5.5 to 8.5 feet in diameter.
11542Heaviest weight lifted by both eye socketsManjit Singh24 kilogram(s)United Kingdom, Leicester15 November 2012The heaviest weight lifted simultaneously with both eye sockets is 24 kg (52 lb 14.5 oz) and was achieved by Manjit Singh (UK) at Cossington Sports Hall in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK on 15 November 2012 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day.
11543Most money raised for charity in 24 hours by haircutsAveda76569.15 US dollar(s)United States, 22 April 2013The most money raised for charity in 24 hours by haircuts is $76,569.15 (£50,256.40 €58,650.80) and was achieved by Aveda (global) at salons throughout the world, on 22 April 2013.Salons from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey all participated. The money raised from the Cut-A-Thon event, which took place on Earth Day, was donated to more than 10 different charities across the world.
11544Heaviest weight lifted with an eye socket (female)Asha RaniIndia, Mahilpur,,M J Hotel01 February 2013The heaviest weight lifted with an eye socket by a female is 6 kg (13.23 lb) and was achieved by Asha Rani (India), at M J Hotel in Mahilpur, Punjab, India, on 1 February 2013.
11545Largest toy car mosaicMINI China10.767 square metre(s)China, Guangzhou15 June 2013The largest toy car mosaic measures 10.767 m² (115.89 ft²) and was created by Mini China in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, on 15 June 2013. 1,034 toy cars were used for the mosaic, which depicted the national flag of the United Kingdom.
11546Most bananas peeled and eaten in one minutePatrick Bertoletti8 itemsUSA, Sierra Studios,East Dundee,Illinois14 January 2012The most bananas peeled and eaten in one minute is 8 and was achieved by Patrick Bertoletti (USA), at Sierra Studios, East Dundee, Illinois, USA, on 14 January 2012.
11547Most revolutions hula hooping in one minuteGregory Sean Dillon243 timesUnited States, Capistrano Beach20 March 2012The record for the most revolutions of a hula hoop in one minute is 243 and was achieved by Gregory Sean Dillon (USA) and took place at Vivos Fitness, in California, USA, on 20 March 2012. Gregory used a 36 inch aluminum hoop for the record attempt and managed to spin the hoop at great speed during the one minute duration. Slow motion video footage was provided to accurately verify the exact number of revolutions.
11548Fastest circumnavigation via both Poles by aeroplaneCaptain Walter H Mullikin54/7/12 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, San Francisco01 October 1977The fastest aerial circumnavigation of the Earth via both the geographical Poles is 54 hr 7 min 12 sec (including refuelling stops) by a Boeing 747 SP piloted by Captain Walter H Mullikin (USA) between 28 and 31 October 1977. The journey started and finished in San Francisco, USA, and stopped in Cape Town, South Africa, and Auckland, New Zealand.The average speed was 784.31 km/h (487.34 mph), and the time airborne was 48 hr 3 min.
11549Most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minuteMuhamed KahrimanovicGermany, Halle/ Saale04 June 2011The most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute is 118, and was achieved by Muhamed Kahrimanovic (Germany), on the set of the live TV program Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik in Halle/ Saale, Germany, on 4 June 2011.Das Sommerfest der Volksmusik, hosted by record-breaking enthusiast Florian Silbereisen (Germany) is a music and entertainment show aired on ARD, Germany.
11550Greatest vocal range, maleTim Storms0.7973 - 807.3 hertz(es)United States, Branson01 August 2008The widest vocal range of any human is 10 octaves ranging from G/G#-5 to G/G#5 (0.7973 Hz - 807.3 Hz), achieved by Tim Storms (USA) at Citywalk Studios in Branson, Missouri, USA, on 1 August 2008.Mr. Storms also holds the record for the lowest vocal note.The notes achieved are actually between G and G#, so in terms of concert tuning his rang is actually 9 octaves and 11 semitones, however because we use a hertz measurement the range is recognised as the full 10 octaves.

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