Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1141Most money raised for charity by a street hockey championshipsThe Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation1,331,600 US dollar(s)Canada, Toronto26 September 2015The Most money raised for charity by a street hockey championships is US $1,331,600 and was achieved by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (Canada) for The Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on 26 September 2015. The money was raised by the 5th annual Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event.
1142Most wind socks flown simultaneously, single locationJunior Chamber International DateJapan, Date23 August 2014The most wind socks flown simultaneously, at a single location, is 7,494, achieved by Junior Chamber International Date (Japan) at Hobara Sougou Park in Date, Fukushima, Japan, on 23 August 2014.
1143Fastest time to erect a four man tent (team of 10)Amy Van SteenburghMinute(s), second(s) minute(s), second(s)Canada, Tweed19 July 2014The fastest time to erect a four man tent is 1 minute and 58.55 seconds and was achieved by Savanna Hirt, Elinore Van Meer, Branden Sword, Jordan Hawken, Hayden Fowler, Morgan Jinks, Keegan Sponagle, David Fry, Adam Heaney, Amy Patterson (all Canada) at a Scouts Canada Camp, Vanderwater Conservation Area, in Thomasburg, Ontario, Canada on 19 July 2014.The participants were all members of Scouting, and 7 members of the team were children aged from 10 to 15 years old.
1144Most Ironman 70.3 races completed in a yearRobert VerhelstUnited StatesThe most Ironman 70.3 races completed in a year is 23 and was accomplished by Robert Verhelst (USA) of Waunakee, Wisconsin, USA, between 10 January and 8 November 2015. Robert Verhelst is also known to many as "Fireman Rob." He completes the running portion of each race in full firefighter gear to inspire others to be part of something bigger. He has done this since 11 September, 2011, when he completed the Ironman Wisconsin race in full firefighter gear to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 11 September, 2001 terrorism attacks in New York City. He wants to spread a message of inspiration around the globe and show his children that anything is possible. Fireman Rob accomplished this record to show people that when you believe your strength is in your passion and you put your passion into action, then you can accomplish the impossible.
1145Longest journey by elliptical cycle in a single countryGlen Burmeister5001.3 kilometre(s)Australia, Sydney08 November 2014The longest journey by elliptical cycle in a single country is 5001.3 km (3107.4 miles) and was achieved by Glen Burmeister (UK), who rode throughout Australia from 20 September 2014 to 8 November 2014. Mr Burmeister's ultimate objective is to cross every continent on Earth using only human-powered vehicles.
1146Largest silat lessonDr. Md Radzi bin Hanafi12,393 participantsMalaysia, Kuala Lumpur29 August 2015The largest silat lesson involved 12,393 participants and was directed by Grandmaster YM Syeikh Dr. Md Radzi bin Hanafi (Malaysia), Pewaris Mutlak Silat Cekak from Persekutuan Seni Silat Cekak Pusaka Ustaz Hanafi Malaysia in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 29th August 2015. Silat is the Malay art of self-defence, practised as a martial art or accompanied by drums as a ceremonial display or dance. Participants came from across Malaysia and the world to participate in the largest lesson silat.
1147Longest marathon playing five-a-side football (soccer)Lee Knight Foundation70 hours 3 minutes hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, WirralThe longest marathon playing five-a-side football (soccer) is 70 hours 3 minutes and was achieved by Lee Knight Foundation (UK) in Wirral, UK, from 30 July to 2 August 2015. The record was attempted to raise funds and awareness of the work of Lee Knight (UK) who had previously been the chairman of Tranmere Rovers Disabled Supporters Association. The two teams, White Knights and Tranmere Fans Un Knight ed, were made up of Lee's family and friends. The final score was White Knights 399 - 416 Tranmere Fans Un Knight ed.
1148Most hits of a golf ball on a golf club in 30 secondsAaron Ramsey61 total numberUnited Kingdom, London09 July 2015The most hits of a golf ball on a golf club in 30 seconds is 61 and was achieved by Aaron Ramsay (UK) on the set of A League of Their Own (CPL, UK) in London, UK, on 9 July 2015.Jamie Redknapp was due to attempt this record too but gave up his opportunity after Aarons success.Full story: Watch Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey set golf keepy-uppy record on A League of Their Own
1149Most people in a mountain run - single mountainMARATHON ASSOCIATION SATARA2618 peopleIndia, Satara06 September 2015The most people running up a single mountain is 2,618 and was achieved by participants of the PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon, organised by Marathon Association Satara in Satara, Maharashtra, India, on 6 September 2015. Participants took part in the 4th annual Satara Hill Half-marathon road race event. To qualify towards the record, runners were required to run to the half-way point (10.5Km) which was 1082 feet above the start line. The winner, Biruk Jifar from Ethiopia, completed the race in 1hr 7mins and 47secs.
1150Most people in a CPR relayQueensland Ambulance986 participantsAustralia, Airlie Beach22 November 2015The most people to take part in a CPR relay is 986 and was organised by Queensland Ambulance (Australia) in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia, on 22 November 2015.
1151Longest coconut wheelie on a skateboardPer Canguru33 metre(s)Brazil, São Paulo23 July 2015The longest coconut wheelie (rail slide) on a skateboard is 33 m (108.3 ft) achieved by Per Canguru (Brazil), at Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 23 July 2015. Ricardo de Souza Amaral, also known as Per Canguru, started to skate in 1979 in freestyle skateboard modality. He competed in many different countries, such as Brazil, Sweden, USA and Canada.To be able to attempt this record, Per Canguru begun to practice the coconut wheelie (rail slide) in 2014. His inspiration came from Kevin Harris, a professional freestyle skateboarder, who holds a world record for most spins of skateboards under each foot (two-board 360’s) with an extraordinary result of 1,032 spins.
1152Most light orbs in a photographSatwik Sharma, Ankur Bansal, Sanchit Kapur, Shobhit Tiwari, Arun Pandit, Jeswin RebelloIndia, Ambala Cantt26 July 2015The most light orbs in a photograph is 900 and was achieved by Satwik Sharma, Ankur Bansal, Sanchit Kapur, Shobhit Tiwari, Arun Pandit and Jeswin Rebello (all India), at the Lal Kurti Bazar, India, on 26 July 2015. The team used an exposure time of 830 seconds to create the photograph.
1153Most recorded jazz bassistRon CarterUnited States, Walnut Creek15 September 2015The most recorded jazz bassist is Ron Carter (USA) with 2,221 individual recording credits, as verified on 15 September 2015. Ron Carter (USA) performed on the soundtrack to a number of films including Midnight Cowboy (1969) and the seminal TV series Twin Peaks (1990)
1154Most people registered to a job training online platform in 8 hours (single venue)Teléfonos de México S.A.B. de C.V.250 peopleMexico, Mexico City25 July 2015The most people registered to a job training online platform in 8 hours at a single venue is 2,409 and was achieved by Telmex (Mexico) at Aldea Digital, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 25 July 2015. Telmex had 48,542 registered people during the Aldea Digital, event hosted between 10 July and 31 July 2015, offering about 40 different online job courses.This initiative reaffirms their commitment with the development and propulsion of the education and generation of human capital to produce economic value.
1155Largest collection of pencilsTushar LakhanpalIndia14 October 2015The largest collection of pencils consists of 19,824 pencils and belongs to Tushar Lakhanpal (India) as verified in Delhi, India, on 14 October 2015. .
1156Fastest time to arrange a Chinese chess set (team of two)Mian Feihu, Wu Hao43.74 second(s)China, Beijing19 September 2015 BCThe fastest time to arrange a Chinese chess set by a team of two is 43.74 seconds and was achieved by Wu Hao and Mian Feihu (both China) in Beijing, China on 19 September 2015. The attempt was part of an event organized by Beijing Foreign Studies University.
1157Fastest time to arrange a large chess setAltynbek Bekmuratov1, 44.00 minute(s), second(s)Russian Federation, Moscow04 October 2015The fastest time to arrange a large chess set is 1 min 44.00 sec and was achieved by Altynbek Bekmuratov (Kyrgyzstan), in Moscow, Russia, on 4 October 2015. This record was broken on the second day of the Guinness World Records Live event at the grand opening of the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping centre.
1158Fastest time to disassemble and assemble a Russian nesting doll (matryoshka) blindfoldedIlya Katselashvili9.98 second(s)Russian Federation, Moscow04 October 2015The fastest time to disassemble and assemble a Russian nesting doll (matryoshka) blindfolded is 9.98 seconds and was achieved by Ilya Katselashvili (Russia), in Moscow, Russia, on 4 October 2015. This record was broken on the second day of the Guinness World Records Live event at the grand opening of the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping centre.
1159Most roof tiles broken whilst on a balance board (single striking blow)Silvio SabbaItaly, Milan28 September 2015The most roof tiles broken whilst on a balance board with one single blow is a stack of 5 and was achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy) in Milan, Italy, on 28 September 2015. Both participant and the stack of roof tiles are on the balance board during the record attempt.
1160Fastest time full body bus wrapping (team)Orchid Advertising11:48 minute(s), second(s)United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi21 December 2015The fastest time to fully wrap a bus body by a team of 12 is 11 min and 48 sec and was achieved in an event organised by Orchid Advertising (UAE), in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 21 December 2015. The team wrapped a Lion's Regio bus with vinyl sticker paper with a high-gloss UV coating and crack-and-peel backing.
1161Largest bollywood dance lessonCapgemini4,276 participantsIndia, Bangalore22 January 2016The largest Bollywood dance lesson involved 4,276 participants and was achieved by employees of Capgemini (India) at a corporate event held in Bangalore, India, on 22 January 2016. The lesson lasted over half an hour and included a dance routine.
1162Most somersaults on a wheel of death in one minuteAnnaliese Nock4 timesUnited States, Sarasota12 February 2016The most somersaults on a wheel of death in one minute is 4 and was achieved by Annaliese Nock (USA) at Circus Sarasota, in Sarasota, Florida, USA, on 12 February 2016. Annaliese achieved 4 somersaults in her second attempt to this record. Annaliese is an 8th generation circus performer (his own father being a GWR record holder too). The record was set in the Grand Opening of the 2016 season of Circus Sarasota.
1163Most people popping party poppersHitachi, Ltd., Information & Telecommunication Systems Company2,311 peopleJapan, Yokohama07 February 2016The most people popping party poppers is 2,311 and was achieved by Hitachi, Ltd., Information & Telecommunication Systems Company (Japan) at YOKOHAMA STADIUM, in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, on 7 February 2016. The participants of the event were employees of the Hitachi, Ltd., Information & Telecommunication Systems Company and their families.
1164Noisiest crocodilianAmerican alligator Alligator mississipiensis92 decibel(s) (A-weighted)United States, 12 October 2015The noisiest crocodilian is the American alligator Alligator mississipiensis, native to the southwestern USA, including Florida. Its bellowing during courtship, demarcating territory, or when aggravated can be readily heard from a distance of 150 m. At a distance of 5 m, this roaring sound measures approximately 92 decibels, which is almost as loud as standing next to a small propeller aircraft.Scientists believe that this species emits such exceedingly loud bellows because its natural swampy habitat does not readily permit the maintaining of visual communication, so in order to attract mates it has evolved very effective vocal communication instead. Interestingly, it has no vocal cords, producing its ear-splitting bellows by sucking air into its lungs and then forcefully expelling it again.
1165Largest piggyback relayAtsugi City's 60th Anniversary Executive Committee357 pairsJapan, Atsugi21 November 2015The largest piggyback relay consists of 357 pairs and was achieved at an event organised by Atsugi City's 60th Anniversary Executive Committee (Japan) at Atsugi Ogino Athletic Park, in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan, on 21 November 2015. Most of the pairs participating in the record attempt were parent-child pairs. There were also some pairs consisting of siblings, friends and couples.
1166Largest marketing lesson (single venue)Festival of Marketing610 participantsUnited Kingdom, London12 November 2015The largest marketing lesson involved 617 participants, achieved by Festival of Marketing (UK), at Tobacco Dock, London, UK, on 12 November 2015 The lesson, which lasted 32 minutes, was given by marketing experts Sir John Hegarty and Torie Scoota.
1167Fastest hat-trick in a Bundesliga football (soccer) matchRobert Lewandowski0, 3, 22 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Germany, Munich22 September 2015The fastest hat-trick in a Bundesliga football (soccer) match is 3 min 22 sec and was achieved by Robert Lewanadowski (Poland) when playing for Bayern Munich against Wolfsburg at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on 22 September 2015. Robert Lewanadowski came on as a 46th minute substitute for Thiago Alcantara, Bayern Munich were losing 0-1 at this point of the game. They went on to win the match 5-1.
1168Largest hotel key card mosaicChoice Hotels Owners Council53.15 square metre(s)United States, Orlando04 February 2016The largest hotel key card mosaic measures 53.15 m² (572.16 ft²), achieved by the Choice Hotels Owners Council (USA) in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 4 February 2016. A total of 13,325 key cards were used: 1,181 silver cards, 695 red cards, 2,781 blue cards, and 8,668 white cards.
1169Longest career as a lawyerEmanuel Hugh McGregoryear(s)United States, Chardon24 June 2014The longest career as a lawyer is 66 years 99 days and was achieved by Emanuel Hugh McGregor (b. 13 March 1920, USA) who served as a professional lawyer in Chardon, Ohio, USA, from 17 March 1948 until 24 June 2014.
1170Most football (soccer) penalty kicks scored by a team of mascots - 1 minuteNick KicksUnited Kingdom, London26 January 2016The most football (soccer) penalty kicks scored by a team of mascots in 1 minute is 16 and was achieved on Nick Kicks (Nickelodeon UK) at Alexandra Palace in London, UK, on 26 January 2016. The mascots that took part in this attempt wereSpongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon)Haydon the Womble (AFC Wimbledon)Robyn the Robin (Charlton Athletic)Digger the Dog (Dagenham & Redbridge)Nelson the Dog (Portsmouth)Happy Harry (Luton Town)Rammie (Derby County)Bully the Badger (Fulham)Wolfie and Wendy (Wolverhampton Wanderers)Captain Blade (Sheffield United)The team received assistance from Sir Valiant (Charlton Athletic) and support from the sidelines from Peter Burrow (Peterborough United), Ewie (Derby County), Gully (Brighton & Hove Albion), and Clarence the Dragon (Northampton Town).

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