Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

11731Longest marathon playing wheelchair basketballSouth West Scorpions Wheelchair Basketball Club27/32 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Bristol12 August 2012The longest wheelchair basketball marathon is 27 hours and 32 minutes, achieved by South West Scorpions Wheelchair Basketball Club (UK) at Filton College in Bristol, UK, from 11-12 August 2012.
11732First instant telecommunicationThe telegraph systemfirstUnited States, 11 February 2004The telegraph system was the first form of instant communication. It was invented by Samuel Morse (USA). The first link, from Washington DC to Baltimore Maryland, USA, was completed by May 1844. The first message was sent by Morse himself and read 'What Hath God Wrought!'. The arrangements of dots and dashes became known as Morse Code.
11733First privately-funded manned spaceflightScaled Composites, Paul Allen, Mike MelvillfirstUnited States, Mojave21 June 2004The first privately-funded manned space flight was achieved on 21 June 2004. SpaceShipOne reached an altitude of 100,124 m (328,492 ft), piloted by Mike Melvill (South Africa), built and operated by Scaled Composites, Mojave, California, and funded by Paul G Allen (USA). The space craft took off from and landed at Mojave Airport.
11734Most baseballs held in the hand (palm down)Zachery GeorgeUnited States, Elkins20 March 2011The most baseballs held in the hand palm down is 6 and was achieved by Zachery George (USA) in Elkins, West Virginia, USA, on 20 March 2011.Zachery achieved 4 other world records at the event.
11735Most power wheelchair spins in one minuteGeoffrey BugnotFrance, Montluçon02 December 2009The most power wheelchair spins in one minute is 32 and was achieved by Geoffrey Bugnot (France) in Montluçon, Auvergne, France, on 2 December 2009.14-year-old Geoffrey, a tetraplegic since the age of 13 months, averaged 25 spins during practice runs but was able to attain 32 at the final attempt.
11736Most modelling balloon sculptures made in 24 hoursTim ThurmondUnited States, Northville17 April 2006Tim Thurmond (USA) was able to make 6,176 modelling balloon sculptures in 24 hours at the Revival Outreach Center International Church, Northville, Michigan, USA, between 16 – 17 April 2004.
11737Inline skates – most consecutive flatspinsStephane Alfano16 timesFrance, Port Medoc18 July 2005The record for the most consecutive flatspins performed on inline skates is 16 and was set by Stephane Alfano (France) on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records, Port Medoc, France, on 18 July 2005.
11738Largest collection of penguin-related itemsBirgit BerendsGermany, Cuxhaven14 March 2011Birgit Berends (Germany) had amassed a collection of 11,062 different penguin-related items, as of 14 March 2011.Birgit started her collection at the age of 18, inspired by the animated series Pingu, although her very first penguin dates back to her days in elementary school.
11739Longest distance static cycling by 100 teams in 24 hoursNational Cycling AcademyGermany, Oberhausen01 October 2006The record for the longest distance static cycling by 100 teams in 24 hours is 64,524 km (40093.27 miles) and was set during the CentrO Festival in Oberhausen, Germany, between 30 September and 1 October 2006.
11740Most theatre productions to appear in - single nightKRISHNA KUMAR PENDEMIndia, Suryapet09 July 2009The most scripted roles held in separate theatre productions on the same night is nine, achieved by Pendem Krishna Kumar (India) in Suryapet, India, on 9 July 2009.The shows he appeared in, in order:1. Ravanathapasa2. Mayasaba3. Jagadeka Veerudu4. Sri Rama Vana Masam5. Nadeemathali6. Prana Sidhi Vratham7. Rakshabandam8. Chatrapathi9. Pandava Puthrudu
11741Most pizzas made in one hourBrian EdlerUnited States, Findlay09 December 2010The most pizzas made in one hour is 206 and was achieved by Brian Edler (USA) at the Domino's Pizza store on North Main St, Findlay, Ohio, USA, on 9 December 2010.Each pizza contained a 14-ounce (396 g) 12-inch (30 cm) base, between 4.5 and 6 oz (127 to 170 g) of sauce and 8 to 10 oz (226 to 283 g) of cheese. 206 out of 215 pizzas were deemed acceptable by the judges.
11742Largest collection of belt bucklesChester LindgrenCanada23 June 2005Chester Lindgren (Canada) has 1,642 different belt buckles that he has collected since 1974.Chester stopped collecting buckles in 2004.
11743Most concerts performed in one year
11744Most varieties of whisky commercially availableForbes Robertson, Millionayr Casino, AyrUnited Kingdom, Millionayr Casino,Ayr,Scotland01 September 2005Forbes Robertson, owner of Millionayr Casino, Ayr, Scotland, UK has 800 different varieties of whisky commercially available at his licensed premises as of 1 September 2005.
11745Farthest flight by an airshipHugo EckenerGermany, Freidrichshafen01 November 1928The longest ever non-stop flight by an airship, both in terms of distance and duration, was one of 6,384.5 km (3,967 miles), made by Hugo Eckener (Germany) piloting the Graf Zeppelin in November 1928. The flight lasted 71 hours and was made between Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA, and Friedrichshafen, Germany.
11746Largest apronAmbadi Enterprises LtdIndia, Gurgaon22 June 2011The largest kitchen apron measured 25.3 m (83 ft) long, 21.8 m (71 ft 6 in) wide and was manufactured by Ambadi Enterprises Ltd (India) in Chennai, India, on 22 June 2011.In addition to the evidence, the claimant also sent the actual apron to our London office. The shipment weighed over 92 kg (202.83 lbs)
11747Longest marathon snowboardingBernhard MairAustria, Bad Kleinkirchheim16 January 2004The record for the longest snowboarding marathon is 180 hr 34 min and was set by Bernhard Mair (Austria) at Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria from 9 to 16 January 2004.He covered 820.8 km, 134,520 vertical metres and took 456 rides in the ski lift during this time.
11748Most wreaths made in 24 hoursCarolann NaugleCanada, Truro,Nova Scotia24 November 2012The most wreaths made by an individual in 24 hours is 70 and was set by Carolann Naugle (Canada) at the Nova Scotia Recreation Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 23-24 November 2012.
11749Longest handshakeDinesh and Pawan Timilsina42/35 hour(s), minute(s)Nepal, Kathmandu/galkopakha/Thamel06 March 2011The longest handshake lasted 42 hours and 35 minutes and was achieved by Dinesh Timilsina and Pawan Timilsina (both Nepal) at the Everest College of Multiple Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal on 4-6 March 2011.Dinesh and Pawan are brothers. They started their attempt at 1pm on the 4th and finished at 7.35am on the 6th March. They attempted the record with the motive of spreading the name of their college and Nepal to the world.
11750Largest collection of diceKevin CookUnited States03 September 2004Kevin Cook (USA) has a collection of 11,097 dice that he has amassed since 1977.
11751Most guitar strings changed in one hourGlenn HaworthAustralia, Shellharbour15 March 2009The most guitars re-strung in 1 hour is 30, achieved by Glenn Haworth (Australia) at Haworth's Shellharbour Music Centre, Albion Park Rail, Australia, on 15 March 2009.Glenn changed a total of 183 strings - 30 complete guitars and half of a 31st.
11752Tallest beer dispenser/towerJerome RueffSwitzerland, SionThe tallest tabletop beer dispenser/tower measures 3 m (9 ft 11 in) in height. The tower was made by the Swiss brewery Valaisanne, which is owned by Feldschlösschen Beverages Ltd. and displayed in Sion, Switzerland, on 6 May 2006.The dispenser holds 211.95 liters of beer
11753Most basketball three pointers in one hourDaniel LoriauxUnited States, Tigard27 June 2012The most basketball three pointers made in one hour is 1,077 and was achieved by Daniel Loriaux (USA) at Club Sport Oregon in Tigard, Oregon, USA on 27 June 2012.
11754Most stamps licked in one minuteDeepak Sharma BajagainNepal, Balkumari06 August 2010The most stamps licked in one minute is 70 and was achieved by Deepak Sharma Bajagain (Nepal) at Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal in Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal, on 6 August 2010.One envelope was disqualified as the stamp fell off before counting began.
11755Most basketball half-court shots in one minuteAdam Beatrice10 total numberUnited States, Nashville10 April 2011The most basketball half-court shorts made in one minute was 10 by Adam Beatrice (USA) at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 10 April 2011. Beatrice sank 10 of 24 shot attempts in his frantic minute.Beatrice made the attempt on Lipscomb's official NCAA basketball court. He made seven attempts at the record on the same day, with his mark of 10 coming on his third attempt. Other results included six, four, four, seven, eight, and three shots in one minute.
11756Most consecutive flips on hands held by two peopleZang Shibo, Jiang Tongbao and Gao XuefengChina, Beijing14 November 2008The most consecutive flips on hands held by two people are 19 and were achieved by Zang Shibo, Jiang Tongbao and Gao Xuefeng (All China) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 14 November 2008.
11757Most lip prints collected in 12 hoursLush CosmeticsNot Applicable06 July 2013The most lipstick prints collected in 12 hours is 38,829 and was achieved by Lush Cosmetics (UK), at 265 locations in 37 countries, on 6 July 2013. The attempt took place on International Kissing Day to make a statement against testing on animals for cosmetics.
11758First circumnavigation via both Poles by helicopterColin Bodill, Jennifer MurrayfirstUnited States, Fort Worth,Departure and final landing at the Alliance KAFW Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.The record for the first circumnavigation via both Poles by helicopter was achieved by Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill (both UK), from 5 December 2006 to 23 May 2007, in a Bell 407 helicopter. The journey started and finished in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.It is also the fastest circumnavigation, of course, lasting 170 days 22 hr 47 min 17 sec. The record has been recognised by the Federation Aviation International (FAI). FAI requirements for the world record require that the aircraft covers more thant the circumference of the earth at the equator and travels through all the meridians. Complete logbook with taking offs and landings at each point in the record's file.
11759Tallest mountain in the Solar System, non volcanicBoosaule MontesBoosaule Montes, on Jupiter’s active moon Io, reach up to 16,000 m (52,493 ft) in height. Rather than being built up by volcanic eruptions, like Olympus Mons, they were formed by tectonic activity (more like Mt Everest) generated by enormous stresses in the Ionian crust. Boosaule Montes is around as high as Everest and K2 on top of each other.
11760Most faces painted in one minuteGary GoodUnited Kingdom, London30 April 2008The most faces painted in one minute was four, set by Gary Good (UK) on the set of The New Paul O'Grady Show, London, UK, on 30 April 2008.

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