Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1171Most skips of a skimming stoneKurt Steiner88 timesUnited States, Emporium PA06 September 2013The most consecutive skips of a stone on water is 88 and was achieved by Kurt Steiner (USA). The cast was achieved at Red Bridge, near Kane, Pennsylvania, USA on 6 September 2013. Kurt, being the previous record holder for this category from 2002-2007, has been practicing for the past few years to improve his skills. He has collected more than 10,000 "quality rocks" and has sorted each according to its type, to prepare for the best possible throw. He looks for stones "that weigh between 3 - 8 ounces... that are very smooth (they don't have to be perfectly round), flat bottoms and are between 1/4 - 5/16th of an inch thick."
1172Largest collection of stubby holdersPhil StockAustralia, Coffs Harbour02 October 2014The largest collection of stubby holders consists of 2,739 stubby holders and belongs to Phil Stock (Australia). The collection was verified at Club Coffs on West High in Coffs Harbour, Australia, on 2 October 2014. Phil's collection started 24 years ago at the age of 18 when his parents went on holidays and brought him back two stubby holders to celebrate his turning legal drinking age in Australia (to this day these two holders are still his favourites). The father of two keeps 600 holders on display in his garage, and the rest safely packed in boxes in storage, as he "just doesn't have enough space for them".
1173Longest continuous marathon wakeboardingChad Dumble6 hr 42 min hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Bli Bli09 October 2014The longest continuous wakeboarding marathon is 6 hr 42 min and was achieved by Chad Dumble (Australia) who wakeboarded behind a cable tow at Bli Bli Wake Park in Bli Bli, Queensland, Australia, on 9 October 2014. Distance covered during the attempt was 214.4 km (133.22).
1174Longest career as a presenter of an educational television programmeInes Sanchez de Revuelta52 year(s)Costa Rica, San Jose11 November 2015The longest career as a presenter of an educational television programme is 52 years and was achieved by Inés Sánchez de Revuelta (Cuba), who has hosted the programme ‘Teleclub’ since its first broadcast on 8 February 1963. Teleclub is also the longest running educational programme on TV. Mrs. Sanchez has never been off TV for more than 3.5 months.
1175Most consecutive rugby passesHybu Pobl IfancUnited Kingdom, Newport,Wales07 August 2010The most consecutive rugby ball passes was 279 in an event organized by Hybu Pobl Ifanc and the Newport Gwent Dragons at the Dragons' playing ground in Newport, United Kingdom, on 7 August 2010. All passes were backward, legal as per the rules of rugby, and each travelled a minimum of 5 m (16 ft 4 in) to their recipient.Each pass was monitored for veracity by licensed rugby referee Khalid Falvey (UK).
1176Most pledges received for a health campaignHutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.China, multiple location19 September 2015The most pledges received for a health campaign is 27,457 pledges and was achieved by Hutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. (China) in 26 locations across China on 19 September 2015. The health campaign included the distribution of yellow identification bracelets, given to individuals with memory loss to help them find home should they become lost. This campaign took place during World Alzheimer month to promote the understanding of this neurodegenerative disease.
1177Fastest relay 1,000 miles by a team of 10Norrie Williamson, Jan van Rooyen, Dimitri Grishin, Simon Meli, Phillip Molefi, Graham Meyer, Frans Moyo, Pio Mpolokeng, Williw Myolo, Oliver Kandiero, Daniel Radebe99/3/27 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)South Africa, Durban18 August 2002The record for the fastest 1,000 mile relay by a team of ten is 99 hr 3 min 27 sec. It was run by Willie Mtolo, Graham Meyer, Jan van Rooyen, Dimitri Grishine, Daniel Radebe, Pio Mpolokeng, Oliver Kandiero, Frans Moyo, Simon Mele and Philip Molefi (all South Africa) from Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa from 14-18 August 2002.
1178Longest line of balloons popped by a laserIt's Not Rocket ScienceUnited Kingdom, Borehamwood23 January 2016The longest line of balloons popped by a laser is 200, achieved by 'It's Not Rocket Science' in Borehamwood, UK, on 23 January 2016.The laser used was a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) laser.
1179Most balloons burst by a laser in one minuteDaniel BlackUnited Kingdom, London22 September 2014The most balloons burst with a laser in one minute is 55 and was achieved by Daniel Black (UK) at the Institute of Making, UCL, London, UK, on 22 September 2014. The laser Daniel opted to use was his self-built, variable focus laser with a wavelength output of 445nm. The balloons were black, so they absorbed as much of the incident energy as possible.
1180United Biscuits
1181EF Education First
1182Video: Watch Cally 'The Wonderdog' set fastest time to pop 100 balloons record on Britain's Got TalentSimon Cowell has a reputation for being a tough man to impress, but the Britain’s Got Talent judge was moved to a standing ovation last night by a record-breaking dog.
1183Video: Hundreds help set most instruments used in a piece of music world record in IndiaMusic can often be the catalyst for bringing people together, and that was very much the case during a successful attempt by Rupam Sarmah and his team at the world record for most instruments used in a piece of music recently in the far eastern region of Assam in India. Playing a piece composed and directed by Rupam Sarmah, an international award-winning film and music director based in California, USA, an incredible 315 different instruments were used to play the symphony, with a total of 476 performers on stage during the attempt in the city of Jorhat. Musicians gathered from all over the world for the history-making concert on February 24th to play the piece which lasted for over half an hour. In order for the attempt to be successful there had to be more than 181 different instruments in the ensemble to beat the existing record that had been set in Japan.The symphony, which was written as a message for world peace, included a variety of different styles of music from world folk, classical, jazz, Bihu, Borgeet, Jhumur, Latino, and Irish, with the lyrics for the piece featuring passages in Assamese, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Bengali. The grand conclusion to the piece was met with a standing ovation from the gathered audience of over 25,000. Commenting on the new world record following the performance, a delighted Rupam, who originally hails from Jorhat, said: “When the dreams of a person resembles those of another and the number grows in such a way, only then this type of a unique event can be organised”.video
1184Video: 78-foot wave surfed by Garrett McNamara confirmed as largest ever riddenGuinness World Records can confirm that Garrett McNamara has entered the record books for surfing the largest ever wave.The extreme waterman and ocean explorer's managed to surf a mammoth 78-foot wave last November at Nazaré, Portugal, a feat which has now been ratified by GWR after examining evidence.The Hawaiian 44-year-old's epic ride, which required him to be towed into the wave from a jetski, beats a record set by Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank in southern California, in 2008 by over a foot.videoGarrett, a professional big wave surfer for the Body Glove International team, is part of an elite group that travels the world chasing storms and tracking swells in an effort to surf the largest waves.In the past he has ridden breaks such as Waimea in Oahu, Mavericks in California and Todos Santos in Mexico.Describing the record breaking wave ride, Garrett said: "It's the most challenging, dangerous wave I've ever surfed - it's the only place in the world in which a giant canyon reaches all the way to the beach".Among those to congratulate Garrett on his achievement was Jorge Barroso, mayor of the town of Nazaré. In a personal e-mail to Garrett he said, " It's an honour to work with you, for your determination, strength and courage that you put in your quest for perfection!!! A little bit like Nazare, your home away from home, and our people that have you as an example."The record for largest wave surfed (paddle-in) remains held by Shane Dorian, who managed to successfully ride a wave measured at measured 57ft (17.4 m) in height without a tow at a break known as 'Jaws' off the coast of Maui, Hawaii, USA in March last year.To learn more about Garrett and his other missions visit
1185WYMLW: Crazy Contraptions, Trampoline Skills and Sibling Rivalry...Well, well, well… Here we are again. Time to take a look at some of the great Guinness World Records videos from last week...Right, let’s start. Trampolines. They’re fun, right? Right...Maybe not so much when you’re launching yourself in a pike, backwards, through a hole high up in the air.No thanks.videoNow, remember last week we took a look at Bing being less than kind to his sister? Well, revenge is a dish best served in a water balloon. She could do with working on her throw though, I reckon. And maybe some cheaper balloons...videoFinally, meet Colin Furze. He’s a madcap inventor from here in the UK but blink, and you might miss him.He’s held a few Guinness World Records titles in his time, including the world’s fastest mobility scooter and the world’s fastest pram to name a couple.I visited him in his Stamford workshop to see what makes a man who boils his tea with a pulse jet tick…videoBefore I leave you, some exciting news. Starting this week and going into next we have some exciting new shows coming your way.First off, I’ll be bringing you the first episode of #askGWR, where we lift the lid on what goes on behind the scenes here at Guinness World Records.Secondly, our very own Mike Janela from the New York Office will be bringing you a sports round up and, starting next week, the first of the brand new ‘Mike Meets’ series.Stay tuned!
1186Karelia Business Hotel becomes the world's largest 3d paintingYou'd be forgiven for thinking a giant has left some luggage behind - but despite appearances, that's not an enormous suitcase in St. Petersburg, Russia, but the record-breaking new look of the Karelia Business Hotel.This makeover has earnt the hotel a Guinness World Records achievement for the largest 3d painting, with the suitcase imagery covering a total area of 15,682 m² (168,800 ft²) - more than two football pitches.Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank paid a special visit to the hotel on December 4 2012, and after a careful measuring process, was happy to confirm it had set a new Guinness World Records title. " We had a lot of ideas for how to transform our facade," explains Commercial Director NV Ovechkina, " We tried images of a yellow submarine, an accordion, and books, among many others. But then we came across the idea of a suitcase, which clearly corresponds with tourism and trips."The painting of the hotel was undertaken by local young artists, and required the use of over 10,000 litres of paint - almost twice the volume of the largest cup of lemonade!The project's aims were to support mural art, and to strengthen the cultural status of the city of St. Petersburg. The end result, two volumetric suitcases, is a combination of creativity, and a nod to the building's purpose as a business hotel." I hope that today our hotel will become one of the major tourist destinations of the city," said General manager AL Putyakov, " Tourists from Russia and across the world will want to visit this work of art!"
1187Turkish diver Cem Karabay sets new scuba recordTurkish athlete Cem Karabay recently broke his own world record for the longest scuba dive (controlled environment) after staying underwater for an incredible 192 hrs, 19 mins and 19 secs.The attempt began on 21 October with Cem diving into a specially made gigantic pool at the Activity Plaza in Istanbul's Caddebostan beach, with water set at a constant temperature of 35 Celsius degrees.The attempt ended with Cem rising to surface on the 29 th in time to celebrate Turkey's Republic Holiday, beating his own previous benchmark set in 2009 by an impressive two days in the process. During his marathon stay underwater he lead a relatively normal life, at times playing backgammon, working out on an exercise bike and even buying a ring for his wife through his sponsor's website 20-strong team supported Cem through his attempt and were on hand day and night to change his oxygen tanks, bring him the food that he wanted and even give him a massage.According to the Guinness World Records Guidelines for the record, Cem was not permitted to come to the surface for the duration of the attempt. In order to stop him from floating during his sleep, the crew placed weights on his back. His hands and legs were regularly moisturised and nourished by a special mixture of 10 creams.After a brief press meeting following the end of his attempt, he was quickly taken to a local hospital for a check-up. After being given a clean bill of health, Cem received his certificate from Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi-Gemici at a special presentation the following day.While insisting he has no plans to attempt the record again, Cem says he is aiming to break at least two other records in other categories in
1188Highest catch of a rugby ballThis record is for the furthest vertical distance from which a rugby ball is caught.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is measured in metres, with the equivalent distance given in feet and inches.For the purposes of the record, a rugby ball is defined as the ovoid-shaped ball which is used in the sport of rugby football.
1189Largest cup/glass of milkshakeThis record is for the largest cup/glass of milkshake.This record is to be attempted by an individual or a team of unlimited size.This record is measured in litres, with the relevant equivalent given in UK gallons and US gallons.For the purposes of this record a milkshake is a flavoured milk drink, occasionally made with the addition extra ingredients such as ice cream.
1190Largest gathering of SpartansThis record is for the greatest number of people dressed as Spartans gathered at a single venue.This record is measured by the number of people dressed as Spartans gathered at a single location.For the purpose of this record a Spartan costume is defined as the outfit worn by the ancient Spartan army popularised by the 2006 movie 300.
1191Largest gathering of prosthetic limb recipients (single venue)This record is for the greatest number of people who have received prosthetic limbs at a single venue.This record is measured by the number of people to be gathered together.For the purpose of this record a prosthetic limb is defined as an artificial substitute or replacement of a person's arm or leg.
1192Largest FlammkuchenThis record is for the largest edible Flammkuchen. This record may be attempted by an individual or by a team of unlimited size.This record is measured by area in square metres, with an equivalent imperial measurement given in square feet.Flammkuchen (also known as Tarte Flambée or flammekueche) is a flatbread topped with soured cream or cream cheese, onions and chopped bacon, traditionally baked in a wood-burning oven.
1193Largest bindi collectionThis record is for the largest number of bindis in a private, personal collection.This record is to be attempted by an individualIt is measured by the total number of bindis in the collection.For the purpose of this record is defined a a decorative mark or piece of jewelry worn in the middle of the forehead.
1194Most people to sign up to donate blood in 8 hoursThis record is for the greatest number of people to sign up to donate blood in 8 hours at a single venue. This record is to be attempted by a medical organisation.This record is measured by the total number of people.For the purpose this record participants must officially sign up to donated blood to a medical organisation.
1195Most Gaelic football points scored in 24 hours (team)This record is for the most Gaelic football points scored in 24 hours by a team.This record is to be attempted by a team of no more than 15 players.The record will be measured in successful points kicked.A point is scored by kicking the ball above the crossbar of the goal and between the two upright posts.
1196Farthest softball throw (female)This record is for the longest softball throw by a female.This record is to be attempted by an individual.This record is to be measured in metres, with the equivalent imperial measurement given in feet.A softball throw is considered to be propelling a softball through the air by the movement of the arm and hand.
1197Most expensive pie safe sold at auctionThis is for the highest price a pie safe is sold for at an auction.This is measured in the currency it was bought in and then converted to UK£ Sterling, Euros and US$ at the currency rates on the day of purchase.For the purposes of this record, a pie safe is defined as a freestanding, ventilated cupboard with deep shelves that can store pies and other baked goods.
1198Largest collection of belemnite fossilsThis record is for the largest collection of belemnite fossils. This record is measured by the total number of belemnite fossils in a single collection.For the purposes of this record, a belemnite fossil is a conical fossil consisting of the internal calcareous rod of an extinct animal related to the cuttlefish. They are sometimes called thunderstones.
1199Largest egg pyramidThis record is for the largest egg pyramid.It is to be attempted by an individual or a team of unlimited size.It is measured by the number of eggs in the pyramid.For the purpose of this record a perfect pyramid shape must be formed consisting of a square base and finishing with one egg on top.
1200Most pet food donated to charity in one monthThis record is for the most pet food donated to charity in one month.This record is to be attempted by a team of unlimited size.This record is measured by weight in kilograms to the nearest 0.001 kg, with the equivalent imperial measure also given in pounds.For the purposes of this record, a month is defined as a period of 30 consecutive days.

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