Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

11971Most crown cap bottles opened in one minuteRaffaele QuarantaItaly, Italy01 August 2009The most crown cup bottles opened in one minute is 96 and was achieved by Raffaele Quaranta (Italy), in Taranto, Italy, on 1 August 2009.
11972Farthest distance Nordic walking in 24 hoursWalter Geckle175 kilometre(s)Austria, Unzmarkt15 August 2010The farthest distance Nordic walking in 24 hours was 175 km (108.74 mi) and was achieved by Walter Geckle (Austria) in Unzmarkt, Austria, on 14-15 August 2010. Geckle is a former Nordic walking world champion.
11973Largest curve in a sword swallowedDai AndrewsUnited States, Baltimore, MD12 September 2009The largest curve in a sword swallowed is 120 degrees and was achieved by Dai Andrews (USA) at the Blue Thunder Festival at Pimlico Racetrack, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on 12 September 2009.Blue Thunder is an all day festival organised nty the Baltimore City Police to raise money for Signal 13, a charitable organisation dedictaed to assisting officers in need. The blade was submitted to members of the public and was measured manually on site as well as before the event via computer.
11974Most consecutive kung fu roundsPerry ZmuggAustria, Vienna02 August 2011The most consecutive full contact rounds was 103 by Perry Zmugg (Austria) against various opponents in the discipline of kung fu at "Sand in the City" in Vienna, Austria, on 2 August 2011.Zmugg was required to fight the rounds as per international rules, thus two minute rounds followed by a one-minute break. He was allowed to combat the same opponent multiple times but never in consecutive rounds.
11975Longest videogame marathon on a survival-horror gameTim Turi27/8 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Minneapolis07 August 2011The longest video games marathon playing a survival horror game was achieved by Tim Turi (USA) who played the Resident Evil series for 27 hours 8 minutes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, from 6-7 August 2011.The attempt started at 9:02 am on 6 August and ended 12.10 pm on 7 August. Tim Turi is an Associate Editor at Game Informer and the attempt took place in Game Informer's offices. Sara Wilcox and Freddie Hoff adjudicated.
11976Most baseball bats broken with hands in one minuteMuhamed KahrimanovicGermany, Hamburg17 November 2010The most baseball bats broken with hands in one minute is 55 achieved by Muhamed Kahrimanovic (Germany) at Mosan e.V. in Hamburg (Germany) on 17 November 2010 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2010.
11977Fastest 100m hopping on one leg and jumping rope
11978Fastest time to cross 10 metres on light bulbs
11979Longest bubble chain (stacked)Gennadij KilGermany, Bensheim13 January 2011The longest stacked bubble chain consisted of 21 bubbles and was achieved by Gennadij Kil (AKA 'Blub'- Germany) at the Centro de Crecion y Formacion Joven of Guia de Isora, Tenerife, Spain on 13 January 2011. Gennadij also attempted the Largest explosive soap bubble record on the same day and was successful.
11980Most targets hit with basketballs in one minuteLuis Scola, Xiaoyu LiuChina, Beijing,,The stadium of Beijing University of TechnologyThe most targets hit with basketballs is 16, shared by Luis Scola (Argentina) and Liu Xiaoyu (China) in Beijing, China, on 23 May 2011.The record was achieved during the TV show <i>Zheng Da Zong Yi-Guinness World Records Special</i>.
11981Highest margin of victory against computer on 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilPatrick HadlerGermany, RethemThe highest margin of victory against computer on 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is 321 goals, achieved by Patrick Hadler (Germany), in Rethem, Germany, on 28 May 2014.Read more: Record Holder Profile - FIFA goal king Patrick Hadler
11982Combine harvesting (wheat) - team in eight hoursNew Holland Agriculture797.656 tonne(s) (metric ton)United Kingdom, Wragby15 August 2014The most wheat harvested in eight hours is 797.656 tonnes (1,758,530.46 lb) and was achieved by New Holland Agriculture with a CR 10.90 combine harvester at Wragby, Lincolnshire, England, UK, on 15 August 2014.
11983Most bubblegum bubbles blown in one minuteMichael AmatoUnited States14 September 2014The most bubble gum bubbles blown in one minute is 15 and was achieved by Michael Amato (USA), in Union City, New Jersey, USA, on 14 September 2014.
11984Stair climbing - vertical height (12 hours)Christian Riedl13,145.65 metre(s)Germany, Frankfurt28 September 2014The greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours is 13,145.65 m (43,128 ft 8 in) and was achieved by Christian Riedl (Germany) climbing Tower 185 in Frankfurt, Germany, on 28 September 2014. Riedl made 71 ascents with each ascent comprising of 988 steps. In total, Riedl climbed 70,148 stairs during the record breaking feat. At the time of the attempt, Riedl ranked No. 3 in the Towerrunning World Cup rankings.
11985Most footballs juggledVictor Rubilar, Marko Vermeer5 total numberNetherlands, Amstelveen11 August 2014The most footballs (soccer balls) juggled simultaneously is five and was achieved by Victor Rubilar (Argentina) at the Gallerian Shopping Centre in Stockholm, Sweden, on 4 November 2006. This was equaled by Marko Vermeer (Netherlands) in Amstelveen, Netherlands, on 11 August 2014.The record requires the five footballs to be juggled for at least 10 seconds.
11986Longest sequence of objects memorized in one minuteArpan SharmaNepal, Damak26 September 2014The longest sequence of objects memorized in one minute is 42 and was achieved by Arpan Sharma (Nepal) at the Pathivara Hotel and Lodge, Damak, Nepal, on 26 September 2015. Arpan's selection of objects were randomly chosen by the independent witnesses.
11987Greatest distance on a static cycle in one minute (male)Miguel Ángel Castro Rodríguez3,060 metre(s)Spain, Santa Cruz27 June 2015The greatest distance on a static cycle in one minute by a male is 3,060 m (10,039.4 ft) and was achieved by Miguel Ángel Castro Rodríguez (Spain), in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, on 27 June 2015.With this achievement Miguel Ángel Castro has broken his own record, achieved in 2009, of 2,040 metres (6692.9 ft).
11988Largest collection of wine cansAllan Green449 itemsUnited States, Philo05 July 2015The largest collection of wine cans is 449 and was achieved by Allan Green (USA) in Philo, California, USA, on 5 July 2015. Allan began his collection in 1980.
11989Most gloves put on one hand in one minuteAlishia SwainUnited Kingdom, Hull09 July 2015The most gloves put on one hand in one minute is 22 and was achieved by Alishia Swain (UK) in Hull, UK, on 9 July 2015.The attempt was organised as part of Emmaus Hull'sshoebox4thestr88ts appeal to raise awareness of homelessness in the Humberside area. Students from Winfired Holtby School in Hull took part in a "Glove-a-thon", attempting glove related Guinness World Records titles. During the session Alishia unofficially achieved more gloves on one hand than the current record holder.
11990Longest underwater walk with one breathSertan Aydin79.94 metre(s)Turkey, Canakkale19 April 2015The longest underwater walk was 79.94 m (262 ft 3.24 in) and was achieved by Sertan Aydin (Turkey) at Anafartalar Olympic Pool in Canakkale, Turkey, on 19 April 2015.
11991Largest candy mosaicArcor146,50 square metre(s)Argentina, Buenos Aires06 March 2015The largest candy mosaic measures 146,50 m² (1,576 ft² 11 in²) and was created by Arcor (Argentina) at the Convención de Ventas at Golden Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 6 March 2015 Arcor's annual sales conference had a team building exercise with sales team members from around the country creating mosaic panels with the companies most popular candies. Over 215 participants used 300,000 pieces of candies to create the company logo.
11992Most countries identified from capital cities in one minuteMohd Shadab56 countriesIndia, The Glocal University, Saharanpur17 October 2015The most countries identified from capital cities in one minute is 56 and was achieved by Mohd Shadab (India), at The Glocal University, in Saharanpur, India, on 17 October 2015. Mohd practiced for over two years to be able to complete his successful attempt.
11993Most soap bubbles cut from one bubbleFu Feng TsaiChinese Taipei, Taipei18 April 2014The most soap bubbles cut from one bubble is 6 and was achieved by Fu Feng Tsai (Chinese Taipei) in New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, on 18 April 2014.
11994Most pumpkins carved in one hourTrevor HuntUnited States, New York21 October 2014The most pumpkins carved in one hour is 109 and was achieved by Trevor Hunt (USA) on the set of NBC's The Meredith Vieira Show in New York, New York, USA, on 21 October 2014.
11995Most martial arts kicks in one hour (one leg)Ahmad Amin BodlarepetitionsPakistan, Lahore09 March 2014The most martial arts kicks in one hour (one leg) is 6,970 and was achieved by Ahmad Amin Bodla (Pakistan) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, on 9 March 2014.
11996Tallest object balanced on the noseRichard Ljungman14.29 metre(s)Macao, Macau10 January 2015The tallest object balanced on the nose is 14.29 m (46 ft 10.6 in) was achieved by Richard Ljungman (Sweden) at the Venetian VIP Show in the Venetian Theatre, Macau, China on 10 January 2015.Ljungman previously held this title with 13.01 m (42 ft 8 in) pole
11997Longest bubble chain (hanging)Steven LangleyUnited States, Huntersville11 June 2015The longest hanging bubble chain consisted of 35 bubbles and was achieved by Steven Langley (USA) at Discovery Place Kids Science Museum in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA, on 11 June 2015.
11998Most basketball free throws made in one minute while alternating handsBob J. FisherUnited States, Seneca22 February 2015The most basketball free throws in one minute while alternating hands is 45 and was achieved by Bob J. Fisher (USA) at Nemaha Central High School in Seneca, Kansas, USA, on 22 February 2015. Bob J. Fisher broke his own record of 44 during this attempt.
11999Longest line of teddy bearsFinlay ChurchUnited Kingdom, AlvechurchThe longest line of teddy bears consists of 15,534 bears and was achieved by Finlay Church (UK) at the Alvechurch Cricket Club in Alvechurch, Worcestershire, UK, on 3 May 2015.The line measured 2,106 m (6,909 ft 5.22 in) in length.
12000Largest underwater panoramic imageMarcio Cabral220,500,000 pixel(s)Brazil, Bonito20 February 2015The largest underwater panoramic image is 220.5 megapixels and was created by Marcio Cabral (Brazil), at the Sucuri river, in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, as measured on 20 February 2015. The composed image comprises 11 individual frames taken from the same location.

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