Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12211Most stripper trousers worn and removed in one minuteKEE Zippers Corporation Limited (China)China, Foshan21 August 2013The most stripper trousers worn and removed in one minute is twelve pairs and was achieved by KEE Zippers Corporation Limited (China) in Foshan, Guangdong, China, on 21 August 2013.
12212Newest class of nuclear submarineHMS AstuteNot Applicable08 June 2007The newest class of Sub Surface Nuclear Submarine (SSN) was introduced with the launch of HMS Astute by the British Royal Navy on 8 June 2007. This 7,800-tonne (8,600-ton) boat, with its Rolls-Royce PWR 2 pressurised water reactor for propulsion, will be capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots (23 mph 37 km/h) underwater, and be able to go complete its designed service-life of over 25 years without refuelling. With four on order, this new class will represent the largest and most powerful attack submarines operated by the Royal Navy, and will be armed with Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.
12213Most people rowing 500 m on a Concept ll Indoor Rower in a 24-hour relayMercyhurst University600 peopleUnited States, Erie,,Mercyhurst University athletics center, Erie, PA, USA.08 March 2013The most people to row 500 meters in a relay on a Concept II Indoor Rower in 24 hours is 600 achieved at an event organized by Mercyhurst University Mens Rowing team (USA), in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA on 8 March 2013.Students and faculty from Mercyhurst University and members of the Erie community took part in the relay, with monies raised from the event benefiting Project Kenya, The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, & Mercyhurst Rowing as they prepare to travel and compete at the IRA Championships in Sacramento, CA, and the Henley Royal Regatta in England.
12214Most backboard passes to a dunk in 30 seconds using a mini-trampoline (team)Team AcrodunkUnited States, NBA All-Star Jam Session14 February 2009The most off the glass passes to a dunk in 30 seconds using a mini-trampoline by a team of four is 35 passes and was achieved by Team Acrodunk (USA) at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 14 February 2009.Team Acrodunk are a team who do acrobatic slam dunk shows and impact performances. The team that set the record are Gregory L. Mueller, Gregory T. Jerralds, Romale D. Crawford and Eddie Ray Johnson III.
12215Longest marathon playing indoor football (soccer)Healthy Hearts Alberta30/10 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Canada, Leduc ,AlbertaThe longest marathon playing indoor football (soccer) is 30 hr 10 min by members of Healthy Hearts Alberta (Canada) at the Leduc Recreation Centre in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, from 20-21 May 2010.The two teams - Blue vs. Yellow - played to raise awareness for general health and wellness in the local community. The final result was a 282-275 victory for team Blue. One player was sent off for a red card issued after 21 hrs 7 min for a handball in the goal box.
12216Tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks in one minuteAndy ParsonsUnited Kingdom, Minehead, Butlins.05 June 2010The tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks in one minute is 131 bricks tall and was built by Andy Parsons (UK) at Butlins, Minehead, UK, on 5 June, 2010. Adjudicated by Leanne Punchard as part of GWR Live! at Butlins.
12217Largest Rocky Road
12218Most cups kicked off one person's head in one minuteAtrooba NadeemPakistan, Lahore,Sports Board Punjab Gymnasium28 February 2014The most cups kicked off one person’s head in one minute is 133 and was achieved by Atrooba Nadeem (Pakistan), at Punjab Youth Festival 2014 organized by Sports Board Punjab, in Lahore, Pakistan, on 28 February 2014.
12219Fastest crossing of Loch Ness by single canoe/kayak (Fort Augustus to Dores)Nairn Kayak Club3/42/7 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Loch Ness07 September 2014The fastest time to kayak the length of Loch Ness, Scotland, UK, from Fort Augustus to Dores (a distance of 17.9 nautical miles, 20.59 miles, 33.15 km) is 3 hours 42 minutes 7 seconds, achieved by the Nairn Kayak Club on 7 September 2014.Four members of Nairn Kayak Club achieved this record: Calum Urquhart, Michael Sidney Surmon, Kevin Bruce Ramsay and Steven Dean Mackinnon. The team lined up to cross the finish line together and therefore achieved the same time.
12220Longest journey kite surfing (male)Francisco Lufinha862 kilometre(s)Portugal, Lisbon07 July 2015The longest kitesurfing journey is 862 km (536 miles 465 nautical miles) and was achieved by Francisco Lufinha (Portugal) who travelled from Lisbon, Portugal towards Madeira, Portugal, from 5 to 7 July 2015. Francisco completed this record-breaking attempt as a single, non-stop journey.
12221Largest scrambled eggsZakład Pakowania Jaj MeringPoland, Kartuzy26 July 2014The largest scrambled eggs weighed 1,566 kg (3,452 lb 7.04 oz) and was made by Zakład Pakowania Jaj Mering (Poland) in Kartuzy, Poland, on 26 July 2014. The eggs were broken a day before in an egg processing plant and transported on the record location in tanks. Overall 29,096 eggs were used and the cooking took 2 hours and 45 minutes. During the cooking process the eggs were continuously stirred and then the dish was distributed amongs the guests and fully consumed.
12222Largest vegetable stewKnorr Fine FoodsEgypt, Cairo21 March 2015The largest vegetable stew is 4,155 kg (9,160 lb 3 oz) and was made by Knorr Fine Foods (Egypt) in Cairo, Egypt, on 21 March 2015.Foul (other spellings are ful and foule) is an Egyptian dish of cooked fava beans that is optionally seasoned with vegetable oil and a mix of herbs and spices. Other vegetables included peppers, onions & tomatoes and it took over 12 hours to cook.
12223Largest fruit displayHis Holiness Dr.Vasanth Vijajji MaharajIndia, KrishnagiriThe largest fruit display weighs 9,399.60 kilograms (20,722.6 lbs) and was achieved by His Holiness Dr.Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj (India), on behalf of Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Seva Trust, in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India, on 31 May 2015.
12224Largest vertical garden (green wall)Shine Green Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd., Cleanaway Company Limited2,593.77 square metre(s)Chinese Taipei, Kaohsiung29 June 2015The largest vertical garden measures 2,593.77 m² (27,919 ft²) and was achieved by Cleanaway Company Limited and Shine Green Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd. (both Chinese Taipei) in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei on 29 June 2015. Cleanaway and Shine Green Energy both specialise in sustainable waste disposal and green energy. The vertical garden helps to camouflage a landfill site into the surrounding countryside.
12225Longest pizzaTomato World Week 2015, La Pizza+1 Sante Ludovico, Nip Food1,595.45 metre(s)Italy, Milan20 June 2015The longest pizza measures 1,595.45 m (5,234 ft 4.8 in) and was created by La Pizza+1 of Sante Ludovico, NIPfood of Dovilio Nardi and Tomato World Week 2015 (all Italy) at Milan’s Expo 2015 world fair, in Milan, Italy, on 20 June 2015.Made using 1.5 tonnes of mozzarella cheese and two tonnes of tomato sauce, the pizza weighed in at 5 tons and was made in 18 hours by over 60 chefs. Over 35,000 slices were cut for visitors to the Expo. Over three hundred metres of pizza were given to the foodbank Banco Alimentare to be redistribueted to charitable organizations that assist the poor and the needy.
12226Fastest mile by a marching bandMSC Cruises14 minutes 26 seconds minute(s)United Kingdom, Southampton01 September 2015The fastest mile for a marching band is 14 min 26 sec and was achieved by MSC Cruises and the Imperial Military Band (both UK), aboard the cruise ship MSC Splendida in Southampton, England, UK, on 1 September 2015. The Imperial Military Band, made up of 21 serving and former military musicians – agreed to take on the challenge even though it meant playing their instruments while marching at a fierce 150 beats-per-minute pace. Tunes played during the march contained military marches including 'Standard of St George’, ‘Sons of the Brave’ and ‘Colonel Bogey’.MSC Cruises called on surveyor Peter Collings, from Salisbury-based land surveying company LDS to accurately measure the course. Peter’s experience includes providing surveying services at the Olympic Games (Athens 2004, London 2012), Winter Olympics (Sochi 2014) and Commonwealth games (Glasgow 2014).
12227Farthest distance cycled in one monthJanet Davison6455 kilometre(s)United Kingdom, Wilmslow22 August 2015The farthest distance cycled in one month is 6,455 km (4,010 miles) and was achieved by Janet Davison (UK) from 24 July to 22 August 2015. Janet cycled a circuit around Cheshire, beginning and ending each day at her home. She averaged 215 km (134 miles) per day.
12228Largest serving of rice puddingHis Holiness Dr.Vasanth Vijajji MaharajIndia, KrishnagiriThe largest serving of rice pudding weighed 2,070 kg (4,563.56lbs)and was achieved by His Holiness Dr.Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj (India) on behalf of Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Seva Trust, in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India, on 31 May 2015.
12229Largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricksNCC EventsUnited Kingdom, Bordon08 October 2015This record is for the largest caravan built solely with interlocking plastic bricks.This record is measured by the number of interlocking plastic bricks used to make the caravan.This record is to be attempted by an individual or team of unlimited size.For the purposes of the record, a caravan is defined as a a vehicle equipped for living in, with amenities such as a sink, cooking facilities, electricity and interior lighting.LEGO® bricks or other branded interlocking bricks may be used.
12230Most countries visited on a single tank of fuel (diesel or petrol)Audi UK, RAC14 countries countriesNetherlands, Maastricht10 June 2015The most countries visited on a single tank of fuel is 14 and was achieved by RAC and Audi UK (both UK) on 9-10 June 2015. Drivers Andrew Frankel and Rebecca Jackson (both UK) first started their journey in The Netherlands, moving on to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia then Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and, finally, Hungary. The journey took them a total of 28 hours to complete.
12231Largest multi-sudoku puzzleBeijing Sudoku Association200 itemsChina, Beijing25 July 2015The largest multi-sudoku puzzle consists of 200 standard sudoku grids and was achieved by Beijing Sudoku Association (China) in Beijing, China, on 25 July 2015
12232Longest ramp jump by a truck cabGregg Godfrey50.60 metre(s)United States, Butte24 July 2015The longest ramp jump by a truck cab measured 50.60 m (166 ft), and was completed by Gregg Godfrey (USA), at Evel Knievel Days Event, in Butte, Montana, USA, on 24 July 2015.Gregg Godfrey previously held this record at 15.39 m.
12233Longest stand-up comedy show by an individualDavid Scott40/8 hour(s), minute(s)United States, Dubuque30 April 2013The longest stand-up comedy show by an individual is 40 hours and 8 minutes, and was performed by The Midnight Swinger aka David Scott (USA) at the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, on 29-30 April 2013.
12234Most chest to ground burpees in 24 hoursThis record is for the greatest number of burpees in 24 hours.This record is to be attempted by an individual.The record is to be measured in the number of complete chest to ground burpees. A chest to ground burpee may be regarded as a push up with a vertical jump and must be performed as follows: In the start position the body must be straight, i.e. no bending at the knees or waist. The original position of the feet should be behind a line on the ground, line X, at right angles to the participant. A second line, line Y, should be drawn on the ground parallel to line X and beneath the hips of the competitor. The distance between X and Y must be a minimum of one half of the height of the participant. For example, if he/she measures 1.80 m the distance between X and Y should be 90 cm. The participant must start face down with the chest in contact with the ground, arms positioned at right angles to the side of the body. The arms then move into a push up position and lift the chest and torso off the ground. The body is then raised until the arms are straight although they do not need to be locked at the elbow. The feet should then, in one movement, travel to line Y. The competitor should then jump off the ground, with neither hands nor feet touching, then returning to the same position on the ground when landing. The feet are then returned in a single movement to the original position -that is, behind X. The participant must then lay flat on with their chest to the ground and arms spread out to the side before the next repetition. Only completed burpees will be assigned towards the record. If the 24 hours expires before the final burpee is completed, that one will not be included in the final total.
12235Most weight lifted by incline dumbbell flyes in one minute (individual)Eamonn Keane2160 kilogram(s)Ireland, Louisburgh,,Louisburgh Gym16 October 2013The most weight lifted by incline dumbbell flyes in one minute is 2,160 kg (4,761 lb 15.84 oz) and was achieved by Eamonn Keane (Ireland) at Louisburgh Gym in Louisburgh, Ireland, on 16 October 2013.Eamonn performed 48 lifts using two 22.5 kg dumbbells.
12236Lowest Speedgolf score (male)Christopher SmithUnited States, Chicago16 October 2005The lowest Speedgolf score is 109.06 and was achieved by Christopher Smith (US) at the 2005 Chicago Speedgolf Classic, in Chicago, United States, on 16 October 2005.Speed golf is also known as Hit and Run golf or Extreme golf. The score is calculated by adding the standard golf score to the time taken to complete the course. In this case the golf score was 65 and the time was 44 min 06 sec.
12237Most skateboard varial heelflips in one minuteRobert PradoUnited States, Lake Elsinore, California08 April 2008The most skateboard varial heelflips in one minute is 14 and was achieved by Robert Prado (United States) at Lake Elsinore High School, Lake Elsinore, United States, on 8 April 2008.Robert says the varial heelflip is his favourite trick which he has been trying for 6 years.
12238Most pull ups in 24 hoursJan Kares6800 repetitionsSlovakia, Bratislava18 September 2015The most pull ups in 24 hours is 6,800 and was achieved by Jan Kares (Czech Republic), in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 18-19 September 2015. Jan attempted two other records for the most pull ups in 6 hours and the most pull ups in 12 hours during the attempt.
12239Most pull ups in six hours (male)Jan Kares3387 repetitionsCzech Republic, Prague05 April 2015The most pull ups in 6 hours is 3,387 and was achieved by Jan Kares (Czech Republic), in Prague, Czech Republic, on 5 April 2015. Jan set this record during an Easter sporting festival which was held to raise money and awareness for colon cancer.
12240Most pull ups in 12 hoursJan Kares4910 repetitionsSlovakia, Bratislava18 September 2015The most pull ups in 12 hours is 4,910 and was achieved by Jan Kares (Czech Republic), in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 18-19 September 2015. Jan went on to break the record for the most pull ups in 24 hours after completing this attempt.

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