Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12511Deepest scuba dive (male)Ahmed Gabrmetre(s)Egypt, cairo18 September 2014The deepest scuba dive (male) was achieved by Ahmed Gabr (Egypt) who dived to a depth of 332.35 m (1,090 ft 4.5 in) in the Red Sea of Dahab, Egypt, on 18 September 2014.
12512Longest marathon on a swingAimee PivottNew Zealand, Pukekohe05 October 2013The longest marathon on a swing is 32 hr 2 min 3 sec and was achieved by Aimee Pivott (New Zealand) in Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand, on 4-5 October 2013.
12513Longest marathon playing pool (singles)David Miles, Shawn Terrell, Keith Pulley, Drew Rieck100:00:00 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, Colorado Springs06 December 2013The longest marathon playing pool (singles) is 100 hr and was achieved by Drew Rieck and Keith Pulley (both USA) and Shawn Terrell and David Miles (both USA), in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, from 6 to 10 December 2013. Four pairs began the marathon attempt with only two pairs making it all the way until the end. The marathon took place at Corner Pocket West.
12514Longest open saltwater SCUBA dive (male)Cem Karabay72 hours hour(s), minute(s)Cyprus, Girne17 July 2015The longest open saltwater scuba dive is 72 hours and was achieved by Cem Karabay in collaboration with the Prime Ministry of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus & Merit International Hotels (all Turkey), in Girne, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, from 17 - 20 July 2015. Cem Karabay was supported by a team of 30 diving experts.
12515Most concrete blocks broken in a single stackAli BahçetepeTurkey, Menteşe18 March 2015The most concrete blocks broken in a single stack is 37 and was achieved by Ali Bahçetepe (Turkey) at the Ataturk Cultural Centre of Mugla Sitki Kocman University in Mentese, Turkey, on 18 March 2015.
12516Longest journey walking on flower petalsDhammakaya FoundationThailand, Bangkok31 January 2015The longest journey walking on flower petals is 485 km (301.36 miles) and was achieved by Buddhist monks, who walked across Thailand on the 4th Dhammachai Dhutanga pilgrimage, between 2 and 31 January 2015. The attempt was made by 1,130 monks.
12517Longest journey on roller skisGerard Proteaukilometre(s)France, gretz-armainviliers28 June 2014The longest journey on roller skis is 2,783.40 km (1,729.5 miles) and was achieved by Gerard Proteau (France) between Oslo, Norway and Gretz-Armainvilliers, France, from 21 May to 28 June 2014.
12518Largest bicycle bell ensemblePrudential RideLondon FreeCycle639 participantsUnited Kingdom, City of London09 August 2014The largest bicycle bell ensemble involved 639 participants and took place at the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle in London, UK, on 9 August 2014.
12519Longest chain of plastic bottles in 24 hoursYouth League of the Kyotango City Society of Commerce and Industry35832 itemsJapan, Kyotango16 March 2014The longest chain of plastic bottles in 24 hours consists of 35,832 bottles and was achieved by the Youth League of the Kyotango City Society of Commerce and Industry (Japan) in Kyotango, Kyoto, Japan, on 16 March 2014.
12520Longest limbo skatingMedvin DevaIndia, Chennai21 February 2015The longest limbo skating is 72 m (236 ft 2.64 in) and was achieved by Medvin Deva (India) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on 21 February 2015. Medvin beat the previous record by an incredible 17 m (55 ft 9.29 in).
12521Most basketball underhanded half-court shots in one minuteBuckets Blakes6 timesUnited States, Phoenix03 November 2014The most basketball underhanded half-court shots made in one minute is six and was achieved by Buckets Blakes of the Harlem Globetrotters (USA) at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 3 November 2014.
12522Farthest basketball hook shotBig Easy Lofton18.69 m (61 ft 4 in) metre(s)United States, Phoenix03 November 2014The farthest basketball hook shot is 18.69 m (61 ft 4 in) and was achieved by Big Easy Lofton of the Harlem Globetrotters (USA) at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 3 November 2014.
12523Largest collection of Lion King memorabiliaLisa CourtneyUnited Kingdom, Welwyn Garden CityThe largest collection of Lion King related memorabilia consists of 1,555 items and belongs to Lisa Courtney (UK) as verified in Hertfordshire, UK, on 22 May 2015. .
12524Largest maze, snow mazeFort William Historical Park1696 square metre(s)Canada, Thunder Bay15 February 2014The largest snow maze is 1,696 m² (18,255.59 ft²) and was created by the Fort William Historical Park (Canada) at their premises in Thunder Bay, Canada, and measured on 15 February 2015.The maze was created as one of the highlights of their Voyageur Winter Carnival.
12525Largest collection of clothes for recycle/donationRescue Mission of Trenton179,550 piecesUnited States, Trenton15 November 2015The largest collection of clothes for donation/recycle consists of 179,550 items, and was achieved by The Rescue Mission of Trenton (USA) in Trenton, New Jersey, USA on 15 November 2015.More than 77,000 lbs of clothing was donated from 153 places of worship, schools, businesses and donation boxes throughout New Jersey.
12526Fastest time to eat a Ferrero Rocher chocolate with no handsThomas Gangstad8.94 second(s)Norway, Trondheim23 February 2015The fastest time to eat a Ferrero Rocher chocolate with no hands is 8.04 seconds and was achieved by Thomas Gangstad (Norway) in Trondheim, Norway, on 23 February 2015.This record was broken on the Guinness World Record Challengers site (Challengers' tag: THOMAS.GANGSTAD):
12527Fastest mile piggy back raceOwen Larsen, Jordan Botwright11:11.81 minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Plymouth02 July 2015The fastest mile piggy back race is 11 min 11.81 sec and was achieved by Owen Larsen and Jordan Botwright (both UK) in Devon, UK, on 2 July 2015Owen Larsen (carrier) and Jordan Botwright are both members of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery Workshop based at The Royal Citadel Plymouth in Devon, UK. The record attempt took place at Brickfield's athletics track in Plymouth as part of a charity event which raised over £1000 for the Army Benevolent Fund.
12528Fastest marathon dressed as a bottle (female)Natasha Pitman3 hours 57 minutes 57 seconds hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London26 April 2015The fastest marathon dressed as a bottle (female) is 3 hr 57 min 57 sec achieved by Natasha Pitman (UK) at the Virgin London Marathon, London, UK, on 25 April 2015. Natasha ran on behalf of the Help for Heroes charity.
12529Fastest time to type 1 to 50sk ashrafIndia, JAHANUMA13 July 2015The fastest time to type 1 to 50 is 14.88 seconds and was achieved by SK Ashraf (India) in Hyderabad, India, on 13 July 2015. The challenger is required to type a full stop between each number. The attempt took place at the Computer Institute in Falaknuma.
12530Highest lowrider hopRobert White414.65 centimetre(s)United States, Austin26 July 2015The highest lowrider hop 414.65 cm (163.25 in) and was achieved by Robert White (USA) at the Los Magnificos car show in Austin, Texas, USA on 21 November 2015. The hop was made by a converted school bus called the Honeybadger.
12531​Largest recycling lessonCoimbatore City Municipal Corporation12,994 participantsIndia, Coimbatore05 August 2015The Largest recycling lesson is 12,994 and was organized by Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (India), in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, on 5 August 2015. This event was an attempt to reach majority of local households with practical messages on waste segregation, reduce dumping of waste and recover for recycling and composting.
12532Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hoursDavid Staley131.35 kilometre(s)United States, Denver01 August 2015The greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours is 131.35 km (81.62 mi) and was achieved by David Staley (USA) in Denver, Colorado, USA, on 1 August 2015.The entire attempt was live streamed online.
12533Longest duration juggling three objects blindfoldedDavid Rush6:34 minute(s), second(s)United States, Boise02 October 2015The longest duration juggling three objects blindfolded is 6 min 34 sec and was achieved by David Rush (USA) at the Cradlepoint Block Party in Boise, Idaho, USA on 2 October 2015.David attempted this record to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) education.
12534Fastest time to limbo skate under twenty carsLi Mingfen14.15 second(s)China, Beijing01 August 2015The fastest time to limbo skate under twenty cars is 14.15 seconds and was achieved by Li Mingfen (China) on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 1 August 2015. It was an outdoor attempt for CCTV-Guinness World Records Special.
12535Most football touches with the heel in one minute (male)John FarnworthUnited Kingdom, London27 October 2015The most football touches with the heel in one minute (male) is 154 and was achieved by John Farnworth (UK) in London, UK, on 27 October 2015. The successful record attempt took place during a GWR Live! event for Family Bloggers.
12536Tallest cylindrical aquariumAviapark20.31 metre(s)Russian Federation, Moscow28 October 2015The tallest cylindrical aquarium is 20.31 m (66 ft 7.6 in) tall and was built by Aviapark (Russian Federation) at their premises in Moscow, Russian Federation, as measured on 28 October 2015.The tank contains approximately 370,000 liters of saltwater and nearly 2,500 fish. Scuba divers have the opportunity to dive within the tank, and need to make multiple decompression stops when ascending from its bottom.
12537Longest uninterrupted live webcast (audio only)Nescafe 3ü1 Arada52 hours day(s), hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Turkey, Istanbul15 April 2012The longest uninterrupted live webcast (audio only) is 52 hours and was achieved by Nescafe 3ü1 Arada (Turkey) in Istanbul, Turkey from 13 April - 15 April, 2012. The record attempt was carried out by two famous male Turkish radio DJ's, called Cenk and Erdem. The whole crew consisted of 30 people (incl. stewards, technicians, production and organisation team). The attempt was organised by Rabarba Ad Agency, for their client 'Nescafe.'Additionally, the longest marathon hosting an internet radio talk show by a team is 52 hours and was achieved by Nescafe 3ü1 Arada (Turkey) in Istanbul, Turkey from 13 April - 15 April, 2012.
12538Longest running TV variety showSabado Gigante53 years and 42 days year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Miami19 September 2015The longest running TV variety show is Sabado Gigante (Univision Television Network, USA) hosted by Mario Kreutzberger aka 'Don Francisco' (Chile) running for 53 years and 42 days, from 8 August 1962 to 19 September 2015. On 19 September 2015 the last program of Sabado Gigante was broadcasted. The program was shown internationally across Latin America.
12539Most paper collected in 24 hoursSan Diego County Credit Union256056.7 kilogram(s)United States, San Diego25 July 2015The most paper collected in 24 hours is 256,056.7 kg (584,350 lb) and was achieved by San Diego County Credit Union (USA) in San Diego, California, USA, from 24-25 July 2015. This was SDCCU's 3rd time breaking this record.
12540Greatest distance cycled off-road in 12 hoursAdrian Ellul307.68 kilometre(s)Australia, Walkerston10 October 2015The greatest distance cycled in 12 hours on a mountain bike is 307.68 km (191.18 miles) and was achieved by Adrian Ellul (Australia) in McLennon Park, Walkerston, Queensland, Australia, on 9 - 10 October 2015. Adrian used a Giant XTC mountain bike for this record-breaking attempt.

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