Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

1231Largest gathering of people dressed as miceThis record is for the greatest number of people wearing mice costumes at a single venue.This record is to be attempted by a group of unlimited size.For the purpose of this record all individuals are required to dress from head to toe in costume to represent the small mammal belonging to the order of the rodents known as a mouse.
1232Longest didgeridooThis record is for the longest didgeridoo, based on its physical length.This record is measured in metres and centimetres, with the equivalent measurement given in imperial units.This record is to be attempted by an individual or team of unlimited size.For the purposes of the record, a didgeridoo is defined as a wind instrument consisting of a long wooden pipe.
1233Most people applying selftanThis record is for the greatest number of people applying self tanning lotion at a single venue.This record is measured by the number of people simultaneously applying self tanning lotion at a single location.For the purpose of this record self tan lotion is defined as the product applied to the skin to give the individual a tanned appearance.
1234Angels Baseball fans don sombreros and set mass participation record during gameThe Los Angeles Angels Baseball team wanted to organise a memorable event in honour of this year’s Cinco de Mayo and do something that would engage their fans. There’s nothing more exciting than a mass participation record attempt and a successful bid for the Largest gathering of people wearing sombreros world record certainly hit it out of the park.
1235Most IPTV channels on single platformThis record is most IPTV channels on a single platform. This record may be attempted by a single organisation. For the purpose of this record IPTV channels refer to the delivery of audio, video, and other media over the Internet without the involvement of a multiple-system operator in the control or distribution of the content.
1236Farthest treadmill distance in high heels by a team in one hour (male)This record is for the furthest distance to walk or run in high heels on treadmills in one hour by a team of male individuals.This record is to be attempted by a team of up to 50 male individuals.This record is measured in kilometres, with the equivalent imperial measurement also given in miles.
1237Most toes on a pigThis record is for the most toes on a pig.This record is to be attempted by a pig of any age.This record is to be measured by the number of toes.For the purposes of this record, the phalanges and declaws on the pig's feet count as toes.
1238Longest journey by milk floatThis record is for the longest journey by milk float.This record may be attempted by an individual or a team.This record is measured in kilometres, with the equivalent imperial distance in miles also provided. A milk float is a battery-powered electric vehicle designed to be used for delivering fresh milk to domestic locations.
1239Largest human skullSkull1980 square centimetre(s)The largest skull documented in medical literature belonged to a retarded man with a cranial capacity of 1,980 cm³ (120 in³). Although the shape of his skull was normal, the cranial capacity of a human skull averages at between 950 – 1,800 cm³ (57.9 – 109 in³) depending on age and body size.
1240Least dense solidGao ChaoChina27 February 2013The world's least dense solid is a graphene aerogel with a density of just 0.16 mg/cm³ produced by a research team from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering lab at Zhejiang University, China, headed up by Professor Gao Chao (China). The material was announced in Nature magazine on 27 February 2013.
1241Largest cave castlePredjama CastleSlovenia, Postojna01 January 1570At more than 35m (115ft) in height, Predjama Castle in Postojna, Slovenia, is the largest castle built in the entrance to a cave. Positioned halfway up a 123m-high cliff face, the castle dates back to at least the 13th century, and was rebuilt in a Renaissance style in 1570.Pic: Alamy
1242Longest jump by a catAlley182.88 centimetre(s)United States, Chicago27 October 2013The longest jump by a cat is 182.88 cm (6 ft) and was achieved by Alley, owned by Samantha Martin (USA), in Austin, Texas, USA, on 27 October 2013.
1243Fastest average time to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfoldedMarcin KowalczykPoland, Reda10 November 2013Marcin Kowalczyk (Poland) holds the record for the fastest average blindfolded Rubik's Cube solve, with a time of 28.87 seconds. He set the record at the GLS Autumn Reda 2013 in Reda, Poland, on 9–10 November 2013.
1244Highest flight by a hot air balloonVijaypat SINGHANIA21027 metre(s)India, Mumbai26 November 2005Dr Vijaypat Singhania (India) achieved the altitude record of 21,027 m (68,986 ft) in a Cameron Z-1600 hot-air balloon over Mumbai, India on 26 November 2005.
1245Longest pipelines - oilUnknownUSAThe world's longest crude oil pipeline is the Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc. installation, which spans the North American continent from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada through Chicago to Montreal: a distance of 3787.2km 2353 miles. Along the length of the pipe, 82 pumping stations maintain a flow of more than 254,000 m3 1.6 million barrels a day.
1246First photos of lunar farsideLuna IIIfirstUSSR, 07 October 1959The first photographic images of the hidden side of the Moon were collected by the Soviet Luna III from 6:30a.m. on 7 Oct 1959 from a range of up to 70,400km 43,750miles and transmitted to the Earth from a distance of 470,000km 292,000miles.
1247Largest human centipedeThai Beverage Marketing Co., Ltd , Have A Good Dream Co. Ltd.2961 peopleThailand, Ratchaburi16 June 2010The largest human centipede consisted of 2,961 people in an event organized by Have A Good Dream Co. Ltd. and Thai Beverage Marketing Co. Ltd. (all Thailand) at Ratchaborikanukro School, Ratchaburi, Thailand on 16 June 2010.The participants walked 30 metres, as required by the guidelines.
1248First trick cycling loop the loopAncillottifirstItaly, Barnum Bailey Circus01 January 1868Trick cycling was introduced by Ancillotti (Italy) in 1868 and, in 1904, at the Barnum Bailey Circus, one of the Ancillotti Troupe did a world first, riding down a ramp which looped the loop. At the head of the loop was a 3.3 m (10 ft) gap across which the rider leapt while upside down on his bicycle.
1249Largest golf lessonMayakoba Golf Classic1073 peopleMexico, Playa del Carmen23 January 2011The largest golf lesson involved 1,073 participants and was organized by Golf PARa Todos, a community initiative of the Mayakoba Golf Classic, at the El Camaleón Golf Course, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, on 23 January 2011.1,153 started the lesson but 80 of them either left before the 30 minutes time, or were not participating actively in the lesson (taking pictures, talking amongst them, laying on the grass, etc). Golf PARa Todos (Golf FORe Everyone) offers this big lessons for free every month, but they had never surpassed the 1,000 attendants mark.
1250Most people dribbling basketballs simultaneouslyUnited Nations Relief and Works Agency7556 participantsPalestinian Entity (West Bank-Gaza), Gaza22 July 2010The most people dribbling a basketball simultaneously was 7,556 during an event organised by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine, on 22 July 2010.The event was part of a summer games programme for children in Gaza Strip organised by UNRWA.
1251Largest para para danceFanny IpHong Kong, Hong Kong17 June 2001Organised by the Bauhinia Junior Chamber a total of 840 people para para danced to the music 'Fantasy' for over six minutes at the Charter Road Pedestrian Precinct, Hong Kong on 17 June 2001. Para para is a dance style popular in Asia and is a combination of line and club dancing with most movement on the dance floor made with the hands.
1252Most nationalities in a saunaPocari Sweat (China)China, Beijing,Fengtai District,The attempt took place at the spa of the Bizhonghai Member's Club, Beijing.24 March 2013The most nationalities in a sauna is 99 and was achieved by Pocari Sweat (China) in Beijing, China, on 24 March 2013.Pocari Sweat is a Japanese sports drink. The aim of the event was to promote the ablity of Pocari Sweat to replace the ions lost when sweating.
1253Highest fall survived without parachuteVesna VulovicCzechoslovakia, Srbsk,Kamenice26 January 1972Vesna Vulovic (Yugoslavia) was 23 working as a Jugoslavenski Aerotransport hostess when she survived a fall from 10,160 m (33,333 ft) over Srbsk, Kamenice, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), on 26 January 1972 after the DC-9 she was working aboard, blew up. She fell inside a section of tail unit.She was in hospital for 16 months after emerging from a 27 day coma and having many bones broken. It is estimated that the human body reaches 99% of its low level terminal velocity after falling 573 m (1,880 ft) which takes 13 - 14 sec. This is 188-201 km/h (117 - 125 mph) at normal atmospheric pressure in a random posture, but up to 298 km/h (185 mph) in a head down position.Vulvovic was not even supposed to be on board. Her schedule had been mixed up with that of another stewardess also named Vesna, and she was subsequently placed on the wrong flight. But Vulvovic was happy for the mistake, as it afforded her the opportunity to see Denmark and to stay in a Sheraton Hotel, which she had always dreamed of doing. But the mix up was not so fortuitous as it seemed.A terrorist group known as Ustashe had placed a powerful explosive on this particular plane. The Ustache was a far-right nazi/fascist group in Croatia which was implicated in over two dozen terrorist attacks against Yugoslavia after World War II. Vulovic's flight, JAT Yugoslav Flight 364, was with an airline based in Yugoslavia.While passing over the city of Srbska-Kamenice, the explosive device detonated. The DC-9 was torn into pieces, and the plane's wreckage, along with its twenty-eight passengers, fell through the sky for three long minutes before striking a frozen mountainside. A German man, upon arriving at the crash site, found all of the plane's passengers dead, save one. Vulovic was lying half outside of the plane, with another crew member's body on top of her, and a serving cart pinned against her spine. The man had been a medic in the second world war, and did what he could for her until further help arrived.At the hospital, her parents were told that although there was still life in her body, she would not survive. Her skull was broken and haemorrhaging, both of her legs were broken, and she had three crushed vertebrae. But three days later, she awoke from her coma, and asked for a cigarette!Vesna was paralysed from the waist down, but she was alive and conscious. Two weeks after the accident, her doctor told her what had happened, and gave her a newspaper to read the story, but the memory of this event would escape her, as did everything from one hour before the accident to one month after, due to amnesia. Later, she underwent surgery that restored movement to her left leg, and a month after that, she regained movement in her right leg. Eventually, she was able to walk again.She never suffered any psychological trauma as a result of the incident, and never experienced any fear of flying. She is still alive today, and flies with some regularity.Her good fortune in surviving the accident is most likely due to her low blood pressure, which caused her to pass out quickly and prevented her heart from bursting. However, Vulovic does not consider herself lucky. Thirty years after the crash, in an interview she said:'I'm not lucky. Everybody thinks I am lucky, but they are mistaken. If I were lucky I would never have had this accident and my mother and father would be alive. The accident ruined their lives too.'
1254Most waterskiers towed behind a single boatHorsehead Water Ski Club145 peopleAustralia, Strahan27 January 2012The most water skiers towed behind a single boat is 145 by the Horsehead Water Ski Club (Australia) in Strahan, Tasmania, Australia, on 27 January 2012.World Waterski Record Run 145 Skiers from Good Universe on Vimeo.
1255Largest audience for a comedianMario BarthGermany, Berlin12 July 2008The largest audience for a comedian was 67,733 and was achieved by Mario Barth (Germany) at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany, on 12 July 2008.
1256Longest ears on a rabbitNipper's Geronimo79 centimetre(s)United States, Wichita01 November 2003The longest rabbit ears measured 79 cm (31.125 in) in a complete span on 1 November 2003 at the American Rabbit Breeders Association National Show in Wichita, Kansas, USA. The ears belong to an English Lop called Nipper's Geronimo who was owned by Waymon and Margaret Nipper of Bakersfield, California, USA.Nipper's Guinness, as he has been nick-named, is a tortoiseshell-coloured buck, born on 10 May 2003. The width of his ears measured 18.4 cm (7.25 in) at the widest point.The rabbit died in 2006 approx.
1257Most steps tumbled down in a stunt stair fallJoaquin OrtegaSpain, Bielva17 November 2006The most steps tumbled down in a stunt stair fall is 134 set by Joaquín Ortega (Spain) at the Hermitage of the Christ of Bielva in Cantabria, Spain, on 17 November 2006.
1258First animal cartoonOld Doc YakUSA01 July 1913Old Doc Yak, a tail coated billy-goat in striped pants, was brought to the screen by Chicago Tribune cartoonist Sidney Smith (USA) in a Selig Polyscope series started in July 1913. It was the much loved animal cartoon characters who eventually gave animated films a distinct appeal of their own as suitable entertainment for children.
1259First monolithic integrated circuit (microchip)Jack KilbyfirstUnited States, 01 January 1958Kilby continued refining his invention, producing the world's first pocket calculator, the 'Poketronic'. Without Kilby's invention, no personal computer, fax machine, cellular phone, satellite television or any mass communication system would exist.
1260Largest simultaneous balloon popping - single locationThe Marketing Store (Asia) Ltd8428 peopleChina, Bo On Stadium,Shenzhen18 March 2005The most people to pop a balloon simultaneously is 8,428 organised by The Marketing Store (Asia) Ltd at the Talent Showcase 2005, Bo On Stadium, Shenzhen, China on 18 March 2005.

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