Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12721Rarest heronimperial (white-bellied) heron <i>Ardea insignis</India09 November 2013The rarest species of heron is the imperial (white-bellied) heron Ardea insignis. Native to the eastern Himalayan foothills of India, Myanmar, Bhutan, and possibly Bangladesh still, but now extinct in Nepal, its total population is estimated at no more than 400 individuals and is thought to be decreasing. It is categorized as "Critically Endangered" by the IUCN.
12722Rarest chameleonSmith’s dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion taeniabronchum)5850 square kilometre(s)South Africa, 01 January 2010The world´s rarest chameleon is Smith´s dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion taeniabronchum). Classed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, it is limited to an area not exceeding 5,850 km² (2,258 mi2), within which its area of occupancy is estimated as 400 km² (154 mi2) near Algoa Bay in South Africa.
12723Oldest and largest publishing company owned wholly by its employeesW.W. Norton & CompanyUnited States01 January 2011Dating from 1923, W.W. Norton & Company (USA) is the world’s oldest and largest publishing house owned wholly by its employees. Specialising in academic texts, the publisher is home to such luminaries as Bertrand Russell, Paul Henry Lang and Sigmund Freud.
12724Worst country for improvised explosive device attacksUS soldiersAfghanistan01 January 2009The year 2009 was the worst year yet for improvised explosive device attacks in Afghanistan with a total 7,228 attacks – an increase of 120% over 2008. In 2010, 3,366 US soldiers were wounded by such attacks and 368 soldiers were killed by IEDs – that is nearly 52% of all deaths.
12725Largest black opalDallas, Judith, Shannon, Jeffery and Ken Westbrook2268.19/2450/1460/527 gram(s)Australia, Belmont .N.S.W Australia04 July 2011The largest black opal weighs 11,340.95 carats (2,268.19 grams 80 oz) and measures 2,450 x 1,460 x 527 mm (96.45 x 57.48 x 20.74 in). It is owned by Dallas, Judith, Shannon, Jeffery and Ken Westbrook (all Australia).The black opal was found in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.
12726Most people wearing paper crowns in 24 hours (multiple venues)The Camping and Caravanning ClubUnited Kingdom, London04 June 2012The most people wearing paper crowns in 24 hours (multiple venues) was achieved by 14,621 participants from the Camping and Caravanning club (UK) on 4 June 2012It was broken by 101 sites across the UK to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in the UK
12727Longest over and under lineThree UK721 participantsUnited Kingdom, ,,Wembley26 June 2013The longest 'over and under' line consisted of 721 participants and was achieved by Three UK, at Wembley, UK, on 26 June 2013.The first two attempts by Three UK were disqualified. The record was adjudicated by Kirsty Bennett and Mark McKinley.
12728Most people transplanting seedlings (multiple venues)The Marigold Project5677 peopleCanada, Saint John, New Brunswick06 June 2013The most people transplanting seedlings at multiple venues is 5,677 and was achieved by The Marigold Project (Canada) at 34 locations in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, on 6 June 2013.40 schools took part in The Marigold Project's 16th year program.
12729Largest LED 3D TVViasat ABSweden, GöteborgThe largest LED 3D TV is built by EKTA and provided by Videoforce for Viasat Sweden’s 3D event in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 28 May 2011. It measures 7.11 m (23 ft 3.92 in) diagonally and the display area is 6.192 m (20 ft 3.78 in) x 3.483 m (11 ft 5.13 in).The technology used was a stereoscopic 3D solution with shutter glasses. The refresh rate at the surface is 100Hz (meaning each eye receives 50 frames/seconds). The 3D LED TV was utilized by Viasat Sweden when the Champions League final was shown 2011.
12730Fastest time to be sent off in an English Premiership rugby union matchMike WatsonUnited Kingdom, BathThe fastest sending off in an English Premiership Rugby Union match is 42 seconds and was achieved by Mike Watson (UK) playing for London Scottish versus Bath Rugby at the Recreation Ground, Bath, Somerset, England on 15 May 1999.Mike Watson was playing as a second row forward and his sending off so early in the match handed Bath and easy win, 76-13. It was London Scottish´s last Premiership game before being placed into administration and to date they have not returned to the top tier of English rugby. In 2013 Nick Wood of Gloucester became the second fastest red carded player when he was given his marching orders after 73 seconds in a game against Saracens which Wood's side lost 44-12.
12731Longest marathon playing basketballAsian Cable Enterprises Inc.120/1/7 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Philippines, Manila,,Meralco Gym, Meralco Compound29 March 2014The longest marathon playing basketball is 120 hours, 1 minute and 7 seconds, achieved at the Meralco Gym in Manila, Philippines from 24-29 March 2014.The organiser of the attempt was Asian Cable Enterprises Inc.The teams competing were Walang Iwanan & Bounce Back. Team players:Helino Francisco Jr, Adin Rome D. Santos, John Rey Mappala, Renell Motecillo, Justo Quita Jr, Robert Clark Bear, Samdy Cenal, Owen Jeremhia Bado Mabaga, Harold Lomtong, Abraham Compuesto III, Evan Lazana, Hazel Foja, Luis Jay Bolante, Jopet Quiro, Paul Michael Dela Pena, Robbie Del Macatbag, Kerr Hastley Bangeles, Lazaro Macapanpan, Carlo Ferdinand Vasquez, Satos B. Tominio III, Maricar Convencido, Chuck Williams, Jeffrey Alan Moore, Anthony Ray Tatar.
12732Most birth dates memorized
12733Longest marathon playing pool, doubles
12734Most retweeted message on Twitter
12735First manmade plasticUnknownfirstUnited Kingdom, London,At the Great International Exhibition30 April 2003The first manmade plastic was parkesine, invented by Alexander Parkes (UK) (1813-1890). Derived from plant cellulose, the shape of parkesine could be molded when heated, but it kept its shape once cooled. He unveiled his invention at the Great International Exhibition in London, UK in 1862.
12736Most passengers on an aircraftEl Al Boeing 7471088 peopleEthiopia, Addis AbabaThe greatest number of passengers ever carried by a commercial airliner is 1,088, by an El Al Boeing 747 during Operation Solomon, which involved the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and started on 24 May 1991. This figure included two babies born on the flight.The operation to evacuate the Ethiopian Jews continued non-stop for 36 hours involving a total of 34 El Al jumbo jets and Hercules C-130s - with seats removed to accommodate the maximum number of passengers. For more detailed information see Feature from 1995 edition (also attached below).Feature from the 1995 edition (p. 126):An astounding record was set on 24 May 1991 when 1086 Ethiopian Jews were evacuated to Israel in one plane. This was more than double the normal capacity of a passenger jumbo jet, and not surprisingly, never before had so many people flown in a commercial airliner. Two babies were born en route bringing the total who landed in Israel to 1088.The flight was just one of 40 which were put on to evacuate a total of 14,200 Jews to their promised land from Addis Ababa, the besieged capital of Ethiopia, all in the space of 24 hours. The exercise, codenamed ‘Operation Solomon’, had been planned over several weeks with US diplomatic assistance, and President Bush personally helped with the request to the Ethiopian government for permission to be granted to carry out the airlift. The Jewish Agency for Israel and El Al, the Israeli national airline, helped co-ordinate the whole operation.
12737Longest marathon playing billiards, singlesJeff Fijneman, Arie Hermans45/10 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Netherlands, Oosterhout14 February 2004Arie Hermans and Jeff Fijneman (both Netherlands) played three cushion billiards against each other for 45 hr 10 min at Biljartzaal de Eekhoorn, Oosterhout, Netherlands from 12 to 14 February 2004.
12738Most complicated wristwatchWilly Ernst SturzeneggerSwitzerland13 January 2005In terms of the number of individual parts, the world's most complicated wristwatch is the Piguet/Muller/Gerber Grand Complication watch, which contains 1,116 parts. It was most recently added to by master watchmaker Paul Gerber (Switzlerland) and is owned by Willy Ernst Sturzenegger, Territorial Earl of Arran (Switzerland).
12739Longest time flying an airshipHugo EckenerGermany, Freidrichshafen01 November 1928The longest ever non-stop flight by an airship, both in terms of distance and duration, was one of 6,384.5 km (3,967 miles), made by Hugo Eckener (Germany) piloting the Graf Zeppelin in November 1928. The flight lasted 71 hours and was made between Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA, and Friedrichshafen, Germany.
12740Largest area covered by artificial snowfallSnow Business12462.78 square metre(s)United Kingdom, Bond Street23 November 2006The largest area over which artificial snow fell continuously measured 12,462.78 m² (134,148 ft²), and was achieved by Snow Business International (Gloucestershire, UK) over Bond Street, London, UK to celebrate switching on the street's Christmas lights, on 23 November 2006.**Please make sure that it is listed as: 'Snow Business International' and NOT Snow Business (UK) as this is a different company.**The length measured 903.1 m (2,963 ft), the width at the narrowest point 13.8 m (45 ft 3 in). In total, 40 machines used 200 litres (352 pints 422 US pints) of fluid to produce the effect.The snow was eco-friendly, melted on impact with the ground and was made from seaweed.
12741Most people playing four square simultaneously (multiple venues)Hope Beckham and Cartoon Network KingUnited States, Across the United States03 March 2009The most people playing four square simultaneously is 3,176 participants during an event organised by Hope Beckham and Cartoon Network around the USA on 3 March 2009.44 schools around the USA participated in the attempt.
12742Largest Cadillac paradeThe Orleans County FairUnited States, Barton, Vermont17 August 2011The largest Cadillac parade consisted of 298 Cadillac cars at the Orleans County Fair in Barton, Vermont, USA, on 17 August 2011.This parade was held in honor of Barton, VT native, Henry M. Leland, inventor of both the Cadillac and Lincoln cars.
12743Most siblings to marry the siblings of another familyBappy Roy5 peopleBangladesh, 01 January 1996All five daughters of Narandra Nath and Taramoni Roy (Bangladesh) married five brothers, sons of Trarpoda Karmaker and Khana Rani Roy (both Bangladesh) between 1977–1996.
12744Longest audio bookTakaaki YoshimotoJapan, Tokyo01 August 2008Published on 1 August 2008 by Tokyo Shigesato Itoi Office K.K. (Japan), the audio book "50 Lectures" by Takaaki Yoshimoto (Japan) is 6,943 minutes (115 hours 43 minutes), making it the longest audio book.The audio book contains content from Mr Yoshimoto's lectures from the 1960's and 70's. Yoshimoto is a Japanese poet, literary critic, and philosopher from Tokyo. He is the father of the famous Japanese writer known as Banana Yoshimoto and of the cartoonist Haruno Yoiko.
12745Most cars hurdled in one hourJeff ClayUnited States, Fort Oglethorpe29 April 1989Jeff Clay (USA) jumped over 101 cars - clearing their roofs completely - in one hour on 29 April 1989 at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA.His feat was a fundraiser for a Kiwanis Club.
12746Tallest herba cistanchesYongmao ChenChina, Inner Mongolia15 August 2006The world's tallest herba cistanches (Cistanche deserticola) measured 1.95m (6 ft 4 in) on 15 August 2006. It was collected from the desert of Inner Mongolia, China, by Yongmao Chen and identified by the College of Life Sciences of the Inner Mongolia University, China.
12747Largest civilian formation flightStu McCurdyUnited States, Oshkosh, WI29 July 2009The largest civilian formation flight consisted of 37 Van's RV Aircraft led by Stu McCurdy (USA). They flew in different close formations during the AirVenture09 Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, on 28 -29 July 2009Stu McCurdy also held the previous record. The formation in 2009 was flown to comemmorate the 10th anniversary of FFI (Formation Flying Inc.)
12748First flight over the South PoleRichard ByrdfirstNot Applicable, Antarctica29 November 1929The first flight over the South Pole was made by the pioneering aviator Richard Byrd (USA) on 29 November 1929. The round trip to and from the expedition's base on the Ross Ice Shelf took 19 hours.Byrd is also famous for the controversy surrounding his alleged flight over the North Pole in 1926. There is some doubt about whether his flight in fact passed over the pole itself if it did, it would have been the first flight over the North Pole.(Primary source: Britannica online)
12749First spy satellites using photo-opticalUSAfirstChina, 01 January 1959Project CORONA, established in 1959, was the first known use of 'reconnaissance' or 'spy' satellites to gather intelligence. The US project, funded by the CIA and the US Air Force, was established to provide photographic surveillance of Russia and China. The satellites would eject sealed canisters (or 'buckets') of exposed film, which would parachute down for mid-air collection by specially adapted aircraft.The project achieved a number of 'firsts', namely: the first photo taken from a satellite the first recovery of an object from space and the first in mid-air the first mapping of Earth from space the first use of multiple re-entry vehicles and the first space program to fly 100 missions.
12750Most people pole dancing - multiple venuesInternational Pole Sports Federation494 peopleUnited Kingdom, 22 February 2014The most people pole dancing simultaneously at multiple venues is 494 and was achieved by the International Pole Sports Federation (worldwide), in an event organised by Katie Coates (UK), on 22 February 2014.

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