Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12751Fastest speed for an outboard motorboatBob Wartinger284.14 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Parker, Arizona, Colorado River30 November 1989The record for the fastest speed for an outboard motorboat is 284.14 km/h (176.556 mph) set by Bob Wartinger (USA) in a Karelsen make hull powered by a 3.5 litre Evinrude outboard motor on a stretch of the Colorado River near Parker, Arizona, USA, on 30 November 1989.
12752Oldest seawaterUnknownCanada08 January 2005The seawater at the bottom of the 3,800 m-deep (12,400 ft) Canada Basin has remained unstirred for perhaps several thousand years. The Basin, which is north of Canada and Alaska, USA, is connected to the Pacific Ocean only by the 70 m-deep (230 ft) Bering Strait and is protected from the influence of the Atlantic Ocean by tall submarine ridges.Many species of life in the depths of the basin are thought to have been isolated from the rest of the oceans for perhaps millions of years.
12753First use of balloons in warfareFrenchfirstAustria, 01 January 1794Military balloons were first used by the French at the Battle of Fleurus in 1794 for successful reconnaissance observations of their enemy, Austria, when 'L'Entreprenant' was used by French Revolutionary troops to watch the movements of the enemy. This was after France's declaration of war on Austria in April 1792, during the French Revolutionary Wars of 1792–1801.These reconnaissance missions were key to in helping the French ultimately win their war with Austria.
12754Largest speed dating event (multi-venue)Unknown1240 peopleAustralia, Australian - nationwide14 February 2008The largest speed dating event involved 1,240 people across Australia, and was organised by Fast Impressions to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the dating organisation RSVP and help funding the Drought Relief, on 14 February 2008.
12755Longest temporary barNorthcoast UniversityUnited States, Maumee11 June 2011The longest temporary bar was 796.82 m (2,614 ft 2 in) and was achieved by Northcoast University (USA) in Maumee, Ohio, USA, on 11 June 2011. The bar was created out of tables that were lined up. This is the same way the previous holder set up their bar.
12756Largest parade of automatic motorcyclesThai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.Thailand, Nakornmayok08 August 2009The largest parade of automatic motorcycles was achieved by 2,474 Yamaha Finos at an event organised by Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., at Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam, Nakorn Nayok Province, Thailand, on 8 August 2009.The motorcyclists were Fino enthusiasts from all across Thailand who camped overnight to take part in the event.The record attempt was part of a larger event the Fino rainy music festival, the rainy refers to the monsoon season that characterises the Thai summer. The parade lasted almost one hour and the riders braved monsoon conditions to make the record a reality.
12757Most peteca passes in one minute (doubles)Benoit Pertuc, Aurelien Reynold, Julien Haenggi, Jean-Francois InpinnaFrance, Soulac17 August 2005The record for the most peteca passes in one minute by doubles players is 77 and was set by Benoit Pertuc, Aurelien Reynold, Julien Haenggi and Jean-Francois Inpinna on the set of L'Ete De Tous Les Records in Soulac, France on 17 August 2005.
12758First game to win an ELSPA Diamond Million-Seller award<i>Grand Theft Auto III</i> (Rockstar Games, 2001)firstNot ApplicableGTA III was the first game to be recognized by the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) for selling over one million copies in the UK. Notably, it is also the first British game to make the ELSPA Award Million-Seller list. GWR Video Gamer's Edition 2008, title: First game to win an ELSPA Diamond Million-Seller award.
12759Longest duration juggling three shot puts - maleMilan Roskopf52.05 second(s)Germany, Neufahrn27 October 2002Milan Roskopf (Slovakia) juggled three 7.25 kg (16 lb) shot puts for 52.05 sec at the Impossibility Challenger Games, Neufahrn, Germany, on 27 October 2002.
12760Largest sculpture made of soapProtex SoapSouth Africa, Johannesburg05 October 2010The largest soap sculpture measures 2.19 x 2.07 x 2.68 m (7.19 x 6.79 x 8.80 ft) and was created by Protex Soap (South Africa) in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 5 October 2010.The sculpture represents a globe held by two hands.
12761Longest onion stringTurda Fest FestivalRomania, Turda / Transylvania27 September 2008The longest string of onions measured 5,817.1 m (3.6 miles) and was made by 33 people as part of Turda Fest Festival 2008 (Romania) in Turda, Transylvania, Romania, on 27 September 2008.12 tons of onions were used for the string.
12762First ascent of K2Achille Campagnoni, Lino LacedellifirstPakistan, Karakoram31 July 1954The first successful ascent of K2, which at 8,611 m (28,251 ft) is the world's second highest mountain, was achieved by Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli (both Italy) on 31 July 1954. They were members of an Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio. K2 is situated in the Karakoram range on the border between Pakistan and China.
12763Most Vezina TrophiesJacques Plante7 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 1969The most Vezina Trophies won by an individual player is seven by Jacques Plante (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens in 1956-60 and 1962, and jointly with his St Louis Blues team mate Glenn Hall (Canada) in 1969. The Vezina trophy is awarded each year to the premier goalkeeper in the NHL.
12764Most ice hockey Jack Adams TrophiesPat Burns3 timesCanada, 01 January 1998The most Jack Adams Trophies won by an individual coach is three by Pat Burns (Canada) with three different teams, the Montreal Canadiens in 1989, the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1993 and the Boston Bruins in 1998. The Jack Adams Trophy is awarded to the coach deemed to have contributed the most to his team’s success each NHL season.
12765Most ice hockey Conn Smythe TrophiesPatrick Roy3 timesNot Applicable, 01 January 2001The most Conn Smythe Trophies won by an individual player is three by Patrick Roy (Canada) playing for the Montreal Canadiens in 1986, 1993, and in 2001 playing for the Colorado Avalanche. The Conn Smythe trophy is awarded each year to the Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Cup play-offs.
12766First Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games-776 year(s)Greece, 01 January 1900The earliest celebration of the ancient Olympic Games of which there is a certain record is that of July 776 BC, when Coroibos , a cook from Elis, won the foot race, though their origin dates from perhaps as early as c. 1370 BC. The ancient Games were terminated by an order issued in AD393 by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I.Information from Archives (e.g. 1998).Submitted for use in Scholastic's Modern Marvels.
12767Largest parade of tuk-tuks / auto rickshawsSpecial Journey Company LtdThailand, Bangkok06 October 2006The longest parade of tuk-tuk, or auto rickshaws, consists of 175 vehicles and was organised by Special Journey Company Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6 October 2006The tuk-tuk (µØ꡵Øê¡ or µØê¡æ in Thai) is the Southeast Asian version of a vehicle known elsewhere as an auto rickshaw or cabin cycle. It is a widely used form of urban transport in Bangkok and other Thai cities, as well as other major Southeast Asian and South Asian cities. It is particularly popular where traffic congestion is a major problem, such as in Bangkok. Tuk-tuks were introduced in Brighton, England on 10th July 2006, where a fleet of twelve (spelt TucTuc) operate using compressed natural gas, as the first motorised rickshaw service in Europe, between Brighton Marina and Hove, via Brighton railway station.
12768Fewest points for speed skating long track sprint combination (male)Michel Mulder136.790 point(s)United States, Salt Lake City27 January 2013The fewest points scored by an individual male speed skater in the long track sprint combination event over 500/1,000/500/1,000 m is 136.790 points by Michel Mulder (Netherlands) at Salt Lake City, USA on 27 January 2013.
12769Longest contract in NHL ice hockeyIlya Kovalchuk, Rick DiPietroUnited States, Newark03 September 2010The longest contract in NHL ice hockey is 15 years, originally signed by Rick DiPietro (USA) with the New York Islanders on 12 September 2006 and later matched by Ilya Kovalchuk (Russia) with the New Jersey Devils on 3 September 2010. DiPietro's contract paid $67.5 million (£43 million), while Kovalchuk's is for $100 million (£63.7 million).
12770Largest handheld game console partyGamestopUnited States, Las Vegas28 August 2011The largest handheld game console party consisted of 1,019 participants and was organized by Gamestop (USA) at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on 28 August 2011. Participants all played the Nintendo DS.Event was organized in association with the annual Gamestop Managers Conference. Comedian Wali Collins emceed the event.
12771Most expensive turntableContinuum Caliburn112000 US dollar(s)Australia, MelbourneThe Continuum Caliburn turntable, manufactured by Continuum Audio Laboratories PTY in Melbourne, Australia, is the most expensive in the world with prices reaching up to $112,000 (£57,800) depending on the finish – the tone arm costs an additional $12,000 (£6,200). The turntable’s magnesium platter is magnetically levitated and suspended in a vacuum to ensure that the playing disc remains unaffected by external vibrations.
12772Smallest robot humanoidUnknown153 millimetre(s)Chinese Taipei, Taoyuan06 September 2007The smallest humanoid robot in production is the BeRobot, which measures 153 mm (6 in) high and is able to walk, kick and perform push-ups. The robot was manufactured by GeStream (Taiwan) and demonstrated at the Global SMEs Convention on 6 September 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
12773Largest Musical Saw EnsembleNatalia ParuzUnited States, NYC18 July 2009The largest musical saw ensemble was achieved by 53 participants in an event organised by Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz (USA) at Trinity Church LIC, Astoria, New York, USA, on 18 July 2009.The concert lasted four and a half hours. The participants performed Franz Schubert's 'Ave Maria'- a well known classical music piece and the performance was conducted by James Bassi (USA).
12774First light-gun gameRay-O-Litefirst, 01 January 1936While not a video game as such, the first game to use a light gun was the Ray-O-Lite, released in 1936 by Seeburg. It featured a small, moving model duck with a light-sensing vacuum tube in it to detect when it was “shot” by the game’s in-built rifle.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
12775Lightest competitive bodybuilderThomas Campion55.5 kilogram(s)United Kingdom, sunderland02 August 2009The lightest Competitive Body Builder is Thomas Campion (UK) weighing in at 55.5 kg (122.36 lbs), at the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation, United Kingdom, on 2 August 2009.Thomas Campion entered teh over 50's category for the BNBF Championships and came 4th place in the competition.
12776Most people planting seeds simultaneouslyTema Mersin CityTurkey, MERSIN28 April 2009The most people planting seeds simultaneously was achieved by 10,624 participants in an event organised by the Tema Mersin City in stadium of Mersin Tevifk Sirri, Turkey, on 28 April 2009.A logbook was used for the attempt.
12777Largest orchestra playing on bamboo instrumentsBenny J. Mamoto3011 peopleIndonesia, Tondano31 October 2009The largest orchestra playing on bamboo instruments was formed by 3011 people and was achieved during an event organised by Mr. Benny J. Mamoto in Tondano Maesa Stadium, Tondano, Indonesia on 31 October 2009.Playing bamboo flute is common in Indonesia and the bamboo plant can be found in all regions. Under the influence of the Iberian and Dutch orchestra during three century of occupation and one century of formal education in schools, the people from Minahasa have taken over the European musical tradition and developed the single bamboo flute into a complete orchestra, made from bamboo materials. Most Minahasan villages have a bamboo orchestra to perform on special out-door festivities, such as a weddings. The power of the bamboo musical sound creates the festive atmosphere without using any electric acoustic instruments, and it suits the poor rural condition of living without electricity. This traditional orchestra set consists of 30 to 40 pieces of flutes in various sizes according to each position in the group. The most important flutes are the sopran (in tone scale of c), usually two pieces, and the alto (also two flutes), followed by the bass (also two), while other flutes, called as ‘guitar’ and ‘saxaphone’ according to their tone level, function to accompany the display. The sopran and alto flutes have six holes to play for two octaves, while the others have only three holes to play three tones with different tone scale this is the way to transform the European musical band to the Minahasan traditional bamboo musical instruments. Therefore this orchestra needs at least 30 flutes players. The players do not have music books to exercise and most of them can not read the music notes so they can just count on their listening capacity to understand the music and to catch and blow the right tones. That is the traditional way they learn and inprove their musical talent and skill. Together with the introduction of zinc materials, the Minahasan musicians have also created new musical blowing instruments, added to the bamboo flute orchestra. There are then two kinds of the orchestra one consists of only bamboo flutes, called Musik Bambu Melulu (‘all bamboo musical instruments’), and the other is called Musik Bambu Seng (‘a set of bamboo and zinc flutes) and also Musik Bambu Klarinet (bamboo and clarinet orchestra). The set of the Musik Bambu Seng or Musik Bambu Klarinet now consists of pieces of bamboo flutes, two for sopran, two for alto, 10-20 for three tones ‘guitar’, and of zinc blowing musical instruments, namely 2-4 functioning as ‘clarinet’, two as ‘saxophone’, two as ‘tuba’, two as ‘trombone’, and two as ‘bass’. Nowadays there are about 15 groups of the Musik Bambu Seng to be found among 2 million inhabitants of the North Sulawesi Province, especially in the Minahasa region with more than 400 villages.
12778Most people generating electricity in 24 hours - multiple locationsAEON RETAIL Co., Ltd11461 peopleJapan, Various03 November 2009The most people generating electricity in 24 hours in multiple locations is 11,461 and was achieved by AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd at 10 locations across Japan, on 3 November 2009.The attempt took place at ten different shopping centres, the electricity was generated by pedalling bicycles and the aim was to light up a Christmas tree in each location.
12779Fastest time trial in 1080° Avalanche (GameCube)Andrew “MrMiyagi” Nguyen (Australia)AustraliaThe quickest run achieved in Time Trial mode on 1080° Avalanche (Nintendo, 2003) is 40.38 seconds, set by Andrew “MrMiyagi” Nguyen (Australia) on 4 October 2006. Andrew beat the previous best of 40.48 seconds, set by Italian Andrea “Turtle7” Schiappacasse, using character Rob Haywood on the TenderFoot Pass course.Featured in Guinness World Records Gamer''s Edition 2010
12780Fastest time to reach both Poles unsupportedTina Sjögren, Thomas SjögrenArctic, South PoleThe fastest time to walk to both Poles unsupported was achieved by Thomas and Tina Sjögren (Sweden) who reached the South Pole on 1 February 2002, and the North Pole 117 days later, on 29 May 2002 - the shortest time between walking to both Poles.

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