Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12871Most sumo squats in one hourTHIENNA HO5135 repetitionsUnited States, San Francisco,Basketball court of San Francisco State University16 December 2007The record for the most sumo squats in one hour is 5,135, and was achieved by Dr. Thienna Ho (Vietnam) at the San Francisco State University, in San Francisco, California, USA, on 16 December 2007.She was trying to attempt the most squats but the position was different to the squats made by the record holder at the time, Paddy Doyle, so the category of sumo squats was created. Thienna Ho used the record attempt to promote her book about healthier and whiter skin. Carlos Martinez adjudicated.
12872Longest ice barTeam Ice ProUnited States, Fairbanks05 March 2011The longest ice bar is a 63.70-m (209-ft) shooter bar carved by Team Ice Pro members Joe Rimer, Max Zuleta, Dawson List, James Ottens and Dominique Colell with the assistance of Ice Alaska, Jay Ulz and volunteers from the city of Fairbanks, Alaska (all USA). It was unveiled during the 2011 BP World Ice Art Championship held in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, on 5 March 2011.The B-shaped, freestanding ice bar measured 0.85 m (2 ft 9.6 in) high and 0.36 m (1 ft 2.4 in) wide, and featured a 7-m-tall (23-ft) centrepiece sculpted into the shape of the fairytale character Rapunzel. A giant ice luge, the sculpture channelled vodka from her mouth, down her hair and into an ice bowl. The shooter bar was open throughout the awards event (from noon to 10 p.m.) and offered chilled shots of spirits, mainly vodka and whisky.Both the ice bar and the luge were made from 17 clear blocks of "Arctic Diamond” ice quarried from the O’Grady Pond in Fairbanks. A customized Alaskan mill rig was installed to allow the slabs to be cut using a chainsaw with a 54-inch (1.37-m) bar. Each block measured a minimum of 1.2 m (4 ft) x 1.2 m (4 ft) x 0.91 m (3 ft).With temperatures often dropping to -3.89 °C (25 °F), the Team Ice Pro carved the bar over five full working days, assisted by five Ice Park volunteers on any given day and making use of a tractor and a crane operator to move the slabs. No material other than solid ice was used, including no use of snow as a filler. The ice bar was demolished by an Ice Alaska volunteer on 1 April 2011.
12873Longest chain of neck ties (team)GET KNOTTED Tie Challenge8695 itemsAustralia, Bathurst11 February 2010The longest chain of neck ties consisted of 8,695 neckties and was created by the GET KNOTTED Tie Challenge (Australia) at the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, on 11 February 2010.The chain had a length of 12.406 km (7.71 miles) which is equal to two laps around the race circuit.
12874First commercially available bubblegumUnknownfirstUSA, 01 January 1869In 1869, William Finley Semple (USA) became the first person to patent a chewing gum (US patent #98,304), and by 1906, Frank Henry Fleer (USA) had invented a form of bubblegum but it never reached the stores. It wasn't until 1928 that consumers could blow bubbles with their gum after Walter Diemer (USA), an employee of Fleer's, introduced two unique selling points: he dyed the gum pink, and invented a formula that allowed big bubbles to be blown safely. Prior to Diemer's "Dubble Bubble", burst chewing gum residue had to be removed from the face using turpentine! Unfortunately, he was never paid royalties for his invention.
12875Highest Air on Skis on a SuperpipePeter Olenick7.58 metre(s)United States, Aspen31 January 2010The highest air on skis on a superpipe is 7.58 m (24 ft 11 in) by Peter Olenick (USA) at Winter X Games 14 in Aspen, Colorado, USA on 31 January 2010.
12876Fastest marathon in an animal costume (female)Susannah Gill3/18/09 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London,,2012 Virgin London Marathon22 April 2012The fastest marathon in an animal costume (female) was 3 hr 18 min 09 sec by Susannah Gill (UK) dressed as a peacock at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon in London, UK, on 22 April 2012.
12877Fastest half marathon wearing a gas maskAndy McMahon1/27/23 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, Lossiemouth19 February 2012The fastest half marathon wearing a gas mask is 1 hr 27 min 23 sec by Andy McMahon (UK) at the Kinloss to Lossiemouth Half Marathon in Lossiemouth, Moray, UK on 19 February 2012.
12878Most blunt to fakies (ollie blunt) in one hourKyle Decot849 timesUnited States, Columbus,,The Flow Skatepark17 January 2011The most blunt to fakies (ollie blunts) in one hour on a skateboard is 849 by Kyle Decot (USA) at The Flow Skatepark, Columbus, Ohio, USA, on 17 January 2011.
12879Longest marathon playing bocce (team)Sons & Daughters of Italy Upper Keys Lodge24/29 hour(s), minute(s)United States, Key Largo10 November 2013The longest marathon playing bocce (team) is 24 hr 29 min and was achieved by Bocce Ball players from Sons & Daughters of Italy Upper Keys Lodge (USA) in Key Largo, Florida, USA, from 9 to 10 November 2013.Two attempts at this record ran alongside each other, with a total of 16 players taking part across the two attempts. Bocciano Paisano played against Vicchi Ragazzi on Court One, with Bocciano Paisano winning 19 of the 33 games the two teams played. On Court Two, 53 games were played between Walking Dead and Carolina, with Walking Dead winning 44 of those games.Bocciano Paisano: Dan Vinco (organiser - played in memory of friend Charley 'The Ump'), Livio Vinco, James Rothing, Steve ParagusVicchi Ragazzi: Henry Vinco, Anthony Vinco, Chris Naccio, Robert GilbertWalking Dead: Tony Allen, Jacqui Allen, Fredreick Richter, Steve GrinzilCarolina: Tony Marchisella, Julius Marchisella, James Shanks, Carrie Shanks
12880Longest distance vaulted between two objects (parkour)Toby SegarUnited Kingdom, Tunbridge Wells,,NDGA Gymnastics Club15 August 2014The longest distance vaulted between two objects (double kong) is 4.00 m (13 ft 1.48 in) and was achieved by Toby Segar (UK) on the set of ‘Officially Amazing’ (CBBC) at NDGA Gymnastics Club in Tunbridge Wells, UK, on 15 August 2014.
12881Longest marathon playing indoor bowlsPeter Harry, Rob Atkinson, Lyn Atkinson, Lorraine Missingham, Laurie Munro, Liz Munro40 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)Australia, Roxburgh Park,,Bridgewater Lake Estate Community Centre19 April 2013The longest marathon playing indoor bowls is 40 hours and was achieved by Peter Harry, Rob Atkinson, Lyn Atkinson, Lorraine Missingham, Laurie Munro and Liz Munro (all Australia), at the Bridgewater Lake Estate Community Centre in Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia, between 17-19 April 2013.This was the team's second attempt at breaking the record, having fallen short in an attempt the year before.
12882Largest collection of DaleksRobert HullUnited Kingdom, Doncaster25 March 2015As of 25 March 2015, Rob’s Dalek collection runs to 1,801 examples and includes several rare pieces as well as a full-size working model, which, at the press of a button, issues the famously menacing battle cry: “Exterminate!”Rob Hull (UK) is the world’s biggest fan of the Doctor Who's arch nemeses, the Daleks.
12883Largest pillowSinomax Group18.59/26.64 metre(s)China, Guangzhou09 April 2014The largest pillow measures 18.59 m (61 ft) long and 26.64 m wide (87 ft 4 in) and was created by Sinomax Group (China) in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, on 9 April 2014.
12884Longest string passed through nose and mouth in one minuteGirish KumarIndia, Bangalore,,Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bangalore26 October 2013The longest string passed through the nose and mouth in one minute is 115 m (377.3 ft) and was achieved by Girish Kumar (India) at the Royal Meenakshi Mall in Bangalore, India on 26 October 2013.
12885Longest chain of loom band braceletsFrenchgate Shopping CentreUnited Kingdom, Doncaster,,Frenchgate Shopping Centre02 November 2014The longest chain of loom band bracelets is made of 5,038 bracelets and was achieved by Frenchgate Shopping Centre (UK) in Doncaster, UK, on 2 November 2014.
12886Shortest charging time to cross the United States in an electric vehicleRodney Hawk, Deena Mastracci, Carl Reese12, 48, 19 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, NYC19 April 2015The least non-driving time to cross the United States in an electric vehicle is 12 hr 48 min 19 sec, achieved by Rodney Hawk, Deena Mastracci and Carl Reese (all USA) in a Tesla Model S P85D electric vehicle that arrived in New York, NY, USA, on 19 April 2015. The record-breaking trio drove from Los Angeles to New York City.
12887Fastest half marathon running backwards (female)Justine Galloway2/46/06 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United States, San DiegoThe fastest half marathon running backwards (female) is 2 hr 46 min 6 sec and was achieved by Justine Galloway (USA) at the Suja Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon in San Diego, California, USA, on 31 May 2015. The half marathon was a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.
12888Youngest professional rock bandBlack DiamondsUnited States, Boston01 January 1900The youngest professional rock band is Black Diamonds (USA), whose four members had an average age of 11 years 130 days, at the time of their debut album release on 19 December 2010. The band consists of Wolfgang Burger on Bass Guitar, Henry McIntyre on Guitar, AJ Marks on Vocals and Nick Calnan on Drums.
12889Largest human image of an earAmplifon, Amplifon323 participantsUnited Kingdom, Milbrook30 January 2015The largest human image of an ear is 323 and was achieved by Amplifon (UK and Ireland) in Center Parcs, Woburn, UK, on 30 January 2015. The participants wore 3 different colours (Red, black and Fuchsia) ponchos to create the image
12890Fastest battery-powered remote-controlled model car (RC)Nic Case325.12 kilometre(s) per hourUnited States, Saint George25 October 2014The fastest battery-powered remote-controlled model car is the "Radio Controlled Bullet" at a speed of 325.12 km/h (202.02 mph), built by Nic Case (USA) and achieved in Saint George, Utah, USA, on 25 October 2014.The speed run was taken at the ROSSA (Radio Operated Scale Speed Association) World Championships.
12891Fastest time to visit every location on the London Monopoly® board on footDavid Clare02:37:07 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London20 September 2015The fastest time to visit every location on the London Monopoly board on foot is 2 hr 37 min 7 sec, and was achieved by David Clare (UK) in London, on 20 September 2015. This record requires the challenger to travel on foot to every named street and railway station on the original London Monopoly board. David devised his own route to allow him to complete this tour in record-breaking time.
12892Longest line of doughnutsHamburg Enhanced Recreation Organization (H.E.R.O.)3,453.41 metre(s)United States, Hamburg19 June 2015The longest line of doughnuts is 3,453.41 metres (11,330.07 feet) and was achieved by Hamburg Enhanced Recreation Organization (H.E.R.O.) (USA) at the Manly Bennett Memorial Park in Hamburg, Michigan, USA, on 19 June 2015. The Hamburg Enhanced Recreation Organization (H.E.R.O.) attempted this record in honor of the organisation's ten year anniversary. The theme for the event was "We Salute Our Heroes," and was done to show support and appreciation for their heroes, such as policemen, firemen and military personnel, who risk their lives to protect others.
12893Fastest rocket-powered model carJoseph Whitaker School Young Engineerskilometre(s) per hourUnited Kingdom, Hucknall, Rolls Royce Runway, Hucknall, UK04 October 2014The fastest rocket-powered model car is 'Insanity' with a speed of 857.94 km/h (533.10 mph), achieved by the Joseph Whitaker School Young Engineers (UK), at the Rolls Royce Runway, Hucknall, UK, on 4 October 2014.
12894Largest parade of military motorcyclesRon PierFrance, Bayeux06 June 2014The largest parade of military motorcycles consisted of 187 motorcycles that were all manufactured during the Second World War. The parade was organized by Ron Pier (UK) and took place on route D613, near Bayeux, France, on 6 June 2014. Mr Pier chose Normandy, France, as a suitably poignant location for this record attempt. "The comradery from people of all nations was incredible," he says, "and it was fun."
12895Smallest nautical knot boardReinhold Jan Skultety7 x 10 a unit not listed belowGermany, Singen05 August 2015The smallest nautical knot board measures 7 x 10 cm (2.75 x 3.93 in) and includes replicas of 12 different knots. It was made by Reinhold Jan Skultety (Germany) from Singen, Germany, as verified on 5 August 2015. Mr Skultety as a passion for nautical objects and also created a range of very detailed small sailing vessels from walnut shells.
12896Fastest marathon carrying a 20-lb packMike Ellicock2:56:39 hour(s), minute(s), second(s)United Kingdom, London26 April 2015The fastest marathon carrying a 20-lb pack (male) is 2 hr 56 min 39 sec and was achieved by Mike Ellicock (UK) at the Virgin Money London Marathon in London, UK, on 26 April 2015.Ellicock's record was one of 34 records verified by GWR on the day of the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon.
12897Fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia)Scott Napier58:3:45 day(s), hour(s), minute(s)Argentina, Ushuaia25 October 2009The fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia), is 58 days 3 hours and 45 minutes and was achieved by Scott Napier (UK), from 28 August to 25 October 2009. Scott set this record as part of his successful attempt at Fastest cycle journey of the Pan-American Highway.
12898Largest collection of Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) memorabiliaJorge Luis Vásquez FloresPeru, Lima16 January 2016The largest collection of Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) memorabilia consists of 6,688 items and was achieved by Jorge Luis Vásquez Flores (Peru) in San Luis, Lima, Peru, on 16 January 2016. Vásquez has been collecting Saint Seiya memorabilia for more than 20 years and his collection includes action figures, trading cards, cups, posters, wallets, magnets, costumes and movies.
12899Fastest speed on an electric skateboardMischo Erban95.83 kilometre(s) per hourSlovenia, Portorož27 October 2015The fastest speed on an electric skateboard is 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph) and was achieved by Mischo Erban (Canada/Czech Republic), at Portorož airport, Piran, Slovenia, on 27 October 2015.Mischo also holds the record for 'Fastest skateboard speed downhill (standing)'.Full story: Fastest speed on an electric skateboard - watch incredible footage as thrill-seeker Mischo Erban hits 95.83 km/h
12900Largest seasonal chocolate brand - currentLindt806,900,000 US dollar(s)Switzerland, ZurichThe current largest seasonal chocolate brand is Kinder (USA) with approximately $806,900,000 (£521,351,000 €705,400,000) in revenue in 2014. The second largest seasonal chocolate brand is Hershey's (USA) with approximately $653,200,000 (£571,034,000 €422,043,000) in revenue in 2014.This record is based on estimates provided by market research.

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