Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

12961First crossing of the Antarctic continentUnknownfirst, Shackleton Base02 March 1958The first surface crossing of the Antarctic continent was completed at 1:47 p.m. on 2 March 1958, after a trek of 3,473 km (2,158 miles) lasting 99 days from 24 November 1957. The crossing was from Shackleton Base to Scott Base via the Pole using a large tractor, and the crossing party of 12 was led by Sir Vivian Ernest Fuchs (UK).
12962First circumnavigation via both Poles, surfaceRanulph Fiennes, Charles BurtonfirstUnited Kingdom, Greenwich29 August 1982The first surface circumnavigation via both the geographical Poles was achieved by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton (both UK) of the British Trans-Globe Expedition. They travelled south from Greenwich, London, UK on 2 September 1979, crossed the South Pole on 15 December 1980, the North Pole on 10 April 1982, and returned to Greenwich on 29 August 1982 after a 56,000 km (35,000 mile) journey.Sir Ranulph Fiennes discusses his experiences of climbing Everest in our 60th anniversary video below.
12963Most milkshake dispensed through the noseGary Bashaw Jr.54 millilitre(s)United States, Los Angeles01 August 1999Gary Bashaw Jr (USA), mixed milk and chocolate powder in his mouth, and dispensed the chocolate milk mixture measuring 54 ml (1.82 oz) from his nostril, on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime in Los Angeles, California, USA in August 1999.
12964Fastest wine bottle openerAlain DorotteFrance, Paris18 April 2001Alain Dorotte (France) opened 13 wine bottles with a 'T-handled' cork screw (non-leverage) in one minute on the set of L'Émission des Records, Paris, France on 18 April 2001
12965Oldest kinkajou living in captivityHuggy BearUnited States, Holiday01 January 2004The oldest living kinkajou (Potos flavus) in captivity is Huggy Bear, who turned 27 years 6 months old in January 2004 and belongs to Sonja Pedersen (USA) of Holiday, Florida, USA.Mrs Pedersen bought Huggy Bear from a pet shop in Clearwater, Florida, USA in January 1977 aged 6 months, with the assumed birthday date of 1 August 1976, although the exact date is not known.A kinkanjou's life span in captivity is usually 23 years.Still with us as of 9/12/04.
12966Heaviest woman - livingPauline Potter291.6 kilogram(s)United States, Sacramento, CaliforniaThe heaviest woman living is Pauline Potter (USA) of Sacramento, California, USA, who weighed 291.6 kg (643 lbs) on 13 May 2010.
12967Oldest operating pharmaceutical factorySuangpeng MengChina, Guangzhou,,Museum of Guanghzou Chenliji Pharmaceutical Factory25 September 2010The oldest operating pharmaceutical factory is the Guangzhou Chenliji Pharmaceutical Factory, which has been operating since it was founded in 1600. The record was verified in Guangzhou City, China, on 25 September 2010.The certificate presentation ceremony was held at the 410 anniversary celebration of the Guangzhou Chenliji Pharmaceutical factory.
12968Largest wearable turbanMajor SinghIndia, Amritsar01 December 2010The largest turban is made with 400 m (1,312 ft) of cloth and belongs to Major Singh (India), a Nihang Sikh who wears the tower-shaped turban using over 100 hairpins, and 51 religious symbols made in metal. This style of round turban is known as a dumaala and is common to Nihang Sikhs. Most Nihangs wear a smaller turban than this, but there is a tradition of competing to see who can wear the largest. Major Singh’s 400 meter turban weighs around 35 kg, or roughly 77 lbs. Nobody else is in his weight class, the next largest turbans are 10 kg smaller.
12969Most people static cycling (multiple venues)Virgin Active3509 peopleUnited Kingdom, Multiple locations ,,Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, South Africa and U.K.05 December 2011The most people static cycling at multiple venues is 3,509 and was achieved by Virgin Active (UK) in 102 gyms located in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, South Africa and the UK, on 5 December 2011.The event took place between 6pm and 6:15pm GMT.
12970Most people dressed as smurfs within 24 hours (multiple venues)Sony PicturesUnited States, Multiple25 June 2011The largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs in 24 hours at multiple venues is 4,891 and was organized by Sony Pictures in 11 countries to celebrate the release of the film The Smurfs, on 25 June 2011.
12971Most brands advertising on one single billboardUAE Logos 2012United Arab Emirates, Dubai12 December 2012The most brands advertising on one single billboard is 1,498 and was achieved by UAE Logos 2012 (UAE) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 12 December 2012.
12972First suggestion of continental driftAbraham OrteliusfirstBelgium, 01 January 1570Looking at any world map it is obvious that the coastlines of west Africa and east South America match each other in shape. The first person to notice this is believed to be the Flemish mapmaker Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598). He believed that the two continents were once joined together before drifting apart. Continental drift only became accepted by mainstream academia in the last half of the twentieth century.
12973Most people playing whipping tops simultaneouslyThe People's Government of Tumen City, Yanbian Morningpost507 peopleChina, Tumen City,Jilin Province,Tumen River Square17 February 2011The most people playing whipping tops simultaneously is 507 and was achieved by the People's Government of Tumen City and Yanbian Morningpost (both China) in Tumen City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China, on 17 February 2011.The participants played on ice.A Trompo or Whipping Top is a toy popular in Latin America (in Spain it is known as "peonza" or "trompa", in Japan as "Koma", with different designs in different cities). It has a pear-shaped body and is usually made of wood, although new resins and strong plastic materials have also been used.
12974Smallest ostrich living (height)Pawel Kanigowski127 centimetre(s)South Africa, Cape Town15 July 2011The smallest ostrich living (height) is 127 cm tall (50 inches), achieved by Tom Thumb, an adult male African ostrich (South Africa) based at the Cape Town Ostrich ranch, Cape Town, South Africa, on 15 July 2011 Tom Thumb is fully grown and measures 57cm from ground to the patella when standing and 51cm from base of neck to base of head ie: length of neck. The average male ostrich is usually 1.8 - 2.7 meters / 6 - 9 feet tall, while female ostriches are 1.7 - 2 meters / 5.5 - 6.5 ft tall.
12975Smallest living organismNanoarchaeum equitans400 nanometre(s)Not Applicable, 01 January 2002The smallest entity universally recognised to be a living organism (not everyone considers the slightly smaller nanobes to be alive) is Nanoarchaeum equitans. This minuscule microbe was only discovered in 2002, in a hydrothermal vent on the seafloor off the coast of Iceland, and its cells are only 400 nanometres across. In addition, its genome is only 490,885 nucleotide bases long, which makes it the smallest non-viral genome ever sequenced.
12976Longest confirmed sniper killCraig HarrisonUK01 November 2009Confirmed by GPS, Craig Harrison (UK) of the UK’s Household Cavalry killed two Taliban insurgents from a distance of 2,474 m/2.47 km (8,120 ft, or 1.54 miles) in November 2009. It took the 8.59 mm rounds almost three seconds to hit their targets, which were 914 m (3,000 ft) beyond the L115A3 sniper rifle’s recommended range. A third shot took out the insurgent’s machine gun. The rifle used was by Accuracy International.
12977Largest collection of lenticular imagesEdo Rajh, Iva RajhCroatia, Zagreb10 September 2010The largest collection of lenticular images is 2,919 different images and belongs to Edo and Iva Rajh (Croatia). The collection was measured in Zagreb, Croatia on 10 September 2010.The father-daughter pair began collecting lenticular images in 2006.
12978Most points scored in a playoff game, WNBAAngel McCoughtryUnited States07 September 2010The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) record for most points scored by an individual in a playoff game is 42 by Angel McCoughtry (USA) playing for the Atlanta Dream (USA) in a 105-93 victory over the New York Liberty (USA) in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) on 7 September 2010. McCoughtry surpassed the 41 points that Tamika Whitmore (USA) scored while playing for the Indianapolis Fever (USA) against the Detroit Shock in the 2006 playoffs.
12979Most different dishes on display (multiple venues)Baibuting CommunityChina, Wuhan City27 January 2011The most different dishes on display at multiple venues is 8,146 and was achieved by the Administration Committee of Baibuting Community (China) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, on 27 January 2011.The attempt took place in 10 different locations in Baibuting Community. The dishes were cooked by the residents in the community. As requested in the guidelines, each dish had to be distinct in at least one main ingredient. Out of a total number of 8,727 dishes verified by the Public Notary, 581 dishes were disqualified due to repeated occurrence of the same main ingredient in different dishes or because the list of ingredients had not been submitted, thus leaving “only” 8,146 dishes to set the Guinness World Records achievement.
12980Largest cratonNorth American cratonNorth America01 January 2011Cratons are large parts of continental crust that are stable and that have remained relatively unmodified by plate tectonics since the end of the Precambrian era, 542 million years ago. They are normally located in the interior of continents and contain some of the oldest rocks on Earth. The North American craton is the largest, covering around 70% of the continent. It was formed around two billion years ago by the collision of several smaller microcontinents.
12981First code-breaking computerColossus Mark 1firstUnited Kingdom, 01 February 1944Operational from February 1944, the Colossus Mark 1 was the world’s first code-breaking computer. Designed by engineer Tommy Flowers (UK), the computer was based at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, England. The Mark 2 version, which came on-line on 1 June 1944, was used to crack German codes in the run-up to the Normandy Landings of 6 June 1944, revealing crucially that Adolf Hitler had not requested extra troops to be placed within the landing zones.
12982Longest line of breadsMaillard Gourmandises et TraditionsSwitzerland, Châtel-St-Denis,,Stade de Lussy23 October 2011The longest line of breads is 973.24 m (3,193 ft 0.46 in) and was achieved by Maillard Gourmandises et Traditions (Switzerland), in Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland, on 23 October 2011.'Cuchaule' was the bread used for the attempt. The cuchaule was then sold off with the monies going to the charity 'Fondation Loisirs pour Tous'.
12983Fastest time to swim the Persian GulfMohammad KobadiIran, Arvand Kenar12 March 2012Open-water swimming takes place in open oceans, seas, rivers, canals, etc. The first, and therefore fastest, swim along the length of the Persian Gulf is by 34-year-old Mohammad Kobadi (Iran). In 84 days between 19 December 2011 and 12 March 2012, Kobadi swam 1,051 km (653 miles), in stages, from the Strait of Hormuz to Arvand Kenar along the coast of southeastern Iran, averaging 11.7 km (7.2 miles) per day. The achievement was ratified by Open Water Source.
12984Largest football trialsPeneirinha GilletteBrazil, Porto Alegre18 November 2012The largest football trials was achieved by Peneirinha Gillette with 5,119 participants in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil from 8 September to 18 November 2012.The trials were for children aged 8-9 and 10-12 in two states, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul - however for the purposes of the record only the children aged 10-12 in Rio Grande do Sul were counted. The largest participation in a single city was 1,988 children in Porto Alegre the state capital. At each city a handful of children were selected for the finals with one winner from each category chosen. The winners were awarded a place at the 'Football School' of their choice and a trip to Europe to train with a world famous football club.
12985Longest underwater clean-upAstroMalaysia, Kota Kinabalu,,Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park13 April 2013The longest underwater cleanup lasted 168 hours and 39 minutes and was achieved by Astro (Malaysia) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, on 13 April 2013.The attempt took place in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and covered 224 dive sites around the islands. A total of 139 volunteer divers from Malaysia, France, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands performed a total of 1,120 dives in the marine park. The waste recovered weighed a total of 3,171.59 kg after coming out of the water. After the water had drained, the waste was separated into categories and weighed again. This revealed that 1,560.66 kg of plastic materials, 140.44 kg of glass and ceramics, 5.35 kg of paper and cardboard, 318.36 kg of metal, 357.34 kg of rubber and cloth and 716.61 kg of wood and mixed materials was recovered to give a final drained weight of 3,098.76 kg. The attempt was part of Astro's corporate responsibility programme. The aim was to create greater ecotourism awareness and to promote marine conservation.
12986Highest density of white marble-clad buildingsAshgabat4513584 square metre(s)Turkmenistan, Ashgabad25 March 2013In an impressive architectural re-styling effort led by the government of Turkmenistan, an area measuring 22 km² (8.49 mi²) in the capital Ashgabat boasts 543 new buildings clad with 4,513,584 m² (48,583,619 ft²) of white marble. If the marble was laid out flat, there would be one square metre of marble for every 4.87 m² of land.The main avenue, Bitarap Türkmenistan Sayolu, is 12.6 km (7.83 miles) long and lined with 170 buildings clad with a total of 1,156,818 m² (12,451,835 ft²) of white marble.
12987Largest online book discussion in 24 hoursMiriam LaundryCanada, St. Catharines,,The location for the attempt was technically, managed from the office of Laundry Books.The largest online book discussion involved 33,695 participants in 24 hours, achieved by Laundry Books (Canada), at an event organized to promote positive mental health through the book "I Can Believe in Myself" in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, on May 7th, 2014.The volume of interest and participation in the attempt came from thousands of individuals in twenty nine countries worldwide including Canada, United Arab Emirates, France, USA, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Singapore, New Zealand, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Philippines, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Peru, Brazil, Malawi, Bolivia, South Africa, India, Russia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Colombia and Turkey
12988Longest tongueNick Stoeberl10.1 centimetre(s)United States, Salinas27 November 2012The longest tongue measures 10.1 cm (3.97 in) from its tip to the middle of the closed top lip and belongs to Nick Stoeberl (USA). It was verified in Salinas, California, USA, on 27 November 2012.
12989First sea clockJohn HarrisonfirstUnited Kingdom, 18 November 1761The H4, built by John Harrison (1693-1776), was the first timepiece ever constructed that was accurate enough to allow the calculation of longitude during navigation by seafarers. In tests at sea, this large revolutionary pocket watch lost just five seconds in six weeks. This was three times the accuracy required to win the 'Longitude Prize'. The H4 was first tested at sea when John Harrison's son, William, set sail with it for Jamaica on 18 November 1761.The Longitude Prize, a £20,000 award, was offered by the Board of Longitude in 1714, set up by the British Parliament, to anyone who could solve the problem of accurately calculating longitude at sea.
12990Largest water pistol fightUniversity of California, Irvine3875 participantsUnited States, Irvine,,The sports field at the University of California, Irvine24 September 2013The largest water pistol fight involved 3,875 participants and was achieved by the University of California, Irvine at an event organised by NLA Sports (both USA) in Irvine, California, USA, on 24 September 2013.Students from the University of California, Irvine, were divided into two teams that wore the colors blue and gold respectively, fought a battle with water pistols that lasted twelve minutes.

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