Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13021Largest wood fired ceramic kilnWuping Chen260.03 cubic metre(s)China, Jingdezhen,,The Exhibition Region of Old Kiln Folk Customs22 October 2009The largest wood fired ceramic kiln is the Jingdezhen Zhen Kiln measuring 260.03 cubic meters (919.24 cubic feet). It was certified at the Exhibition Region of Old Kiln Folk Customs in Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi province, China, on 22 October 2009.The kiln is in the shape of an egg. It is 18 meters (59.05 ft) long, 5.6 meters (18.37 ft) at the tallest point and 2.6 meters (8.53 ft) at the lowest point, the widest point is 4.6 meters (15.09 ft) and the narrowest point is 3 meters (9.84 ft). It uses about 40,000 kg (66,138.67 lb) of pine wood for one session to burn about 20,000 pieces of ceramic items.
13022Most people painting each other's faces simultaneouslyChangzhong TangChina, Qiubei County,,Jiaolian Square in Qiubei county15 August 2009The most people painting each other's faces simultaneously in one location was achieved by 13,413 participants in an event organised by the People's Government of Qiubei County at Jiaolian Square in Qiubei county, Yunnan province, China, on 15 August 2009. Paiting each other's faces black with grass ash has been the customs of the Yi people in Yunnan province for many years. The people who get painted are considered to be blessed and will enjoy good luck. The event usually take place on 24 June(Lunar year) every year. This year, the event was held one day after. The paricipants were mostly Yi people as well as other minority people from the region.
13023First person to take-off from a moving shipCommander Charles SamsonfirstUnited Kingdom, Weymouth BayThe first airman to take off from a moving ship was Commander Charles Samson of the British Royal Navy, who got airborne in a Short S27 biplane from HMS Hibernia steaming at 10.5 knots (19 km/h 11.8 mph), during the Royal Fleet Review at Weymouth, UK on 2 May 1912.
13024First light sensor built into a videogame cartridgeBoktaifirstMany video games have featured a day/night cycle that affects the gameplay in some way – for example, recent Pokémon games have used an internal clock to tell whether it should be light or dark and changed the game’s settings to match it. The Gameboy Advance title Boktai took this idea one step further by including a light sensor on the cartridge that affected the strength of the game’s vampire enemies. Many gamers were tempted to play only in bright sunlight.Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2009.
13025Longest mountainboard race5th Annual Nate Harrison Grade RaceUnited States, San Diego03 September 2008The longest mountainboarding race is the 5th Annual Nate Harrison Grade Race which measures 6.95 miles (11.18 km) and took place at Palomar Mountain, San Diego County, California, United States, on 3 September 2008.The race was measured using Topcon GPS equipment. There were 15 entrants with the the winner being 2008 World Freestyle Mountainboard Champion Kody Stewart who finished in 18 min 56 sec (a course record). The highest amateur finish was 20 min 11 sec by Kris Kidwell who finished 2nd. Damien Hertenstein finished in 11th place, a tremendous achievement considering he was only 8 years old at the time!
13026First permanent international criminal courtInternational Criminal Court01 January 2002The International Criminal Court is the world´s only permanent international criminal court. It is entirely separate from the United Nations´ International Court of Justice, which attempts to resolve disputes between states. The ICC deals with the most serious crimes of international concern such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. It was agreed by the Rome Statute, signed by 120 countries in 1998 but did not come into existence until 2002. It can only deal with crimes committed since then.
13027Most underpants worn in five minutesThomas SeitelGermany18 December 2008Thomas Seitel (Germany) put on 82 pairs of underpants in five minutes on the set of Guinness World Records: Die GroBten Weltrekorde in Germany, on 18 December 2008.
13028Largest dinosaur museumShandong Tianyu Museum of Nature28000 square metre(s)China, Linyi22 July 2010The world's largest museum devoted to dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna is the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature, situated in Linyi, Pingyi County, Shandong Province, China. It contains 28,000 square metres (301,389 sq. ft) of exhibition space, housing 1,106 dinosaur speciments and thousands of other ancient fossils.Dinosaur speciments include 368 psittacosaurid, 391 dromaeosaurid, 255 Anchiornis, 22 Jeholosaurus and 70 other unnamed speciments. The museum also contains a research center, 4D cinema and 28 exhibition halls.
13029Largest awareness ribbon made of flowersDubai Health Carecity Dubai Health CarecityUnited Arab Emirates, Dubai16 November 2007The largest awareness ribbon made of flowers was 28.71 m (94 ft 2 in) long and 19.68 m (64 ft 6 in) wide and was made of 105,000 pink carnations. Unveiled on 16 November 2007, in Dubai, UAE, it was created on behalf of the Dubai Healthcare City to raise awareness for breast cancer research.Adjudicated by Marco. The ribbon is inscribed a 32 x 25 m ellipse. If the ribbon was unfodled it would be 60 m long.
13030Longest beard chainVerband Deutscher Bartclubs e. V19.05/20 peopleGermany, Amberg02 December 2007The longest beard chain consisted of 20 participants, measured 19.05 m ( 62 ft 6 in) and was achieved by the members if the 'Verband Deutscher Bartclubs e. V' in Amberg, Germany, on 2 December 2007.
13031First networked 3D shooterMaze War01 January 1973The earliest networked 3D shooter was Maze War. Maze War is the ancestor of many online gaming concepts. Its earliest version was written by Steve Colley at the NASA Ames Research Centre in 1973. It first ran on an Imlac PDS-1 computer. By connecting two Imlacs together using their serial ports, Colley and colleagues were able to play the game multiplayer– the first computer game in the world to accomplish this.
13032Largest one-day golf tournamentMission Hills Golf ClubChina, Shenzhen18 June 2014The largest one day golf tournament consisted of 1,987 participants and was achieved at the Mission Hills’ Golf World Record Challenge, organised by Mission Hills (China) at the Mission Hills Golf Club in Shenzhen, China, on 18 June 2014.
13033Fastest tortoiseBertie0.28 metre(s) per secondUnited Kingdom, Brasside03 July 2014The greatest speed achieved by a tortoise is 0.28 m/s (0.92 ft/s) and was achieved by Bertie at Adventure Valley, Brasside, UK on 9 July 2014.GWR caught up with Marco Calzini and his wife Janine (both UK), who own Adventure Valley, a family adventure park in Brasside, Durham, UK which is home to Bertie:Why did you try for this particular record?Bertie has always been very active. Visitors to Adventure Valley would wonder just how fast he was. Having found a previous record for a tortoise named Charlie, I tested Bertie against it and he beat it every time. So we applied for the record.What was the biggest challenge?Building the track to the specifications in the guidelines. Also, sourcing an architect to verify the attempt. On the day, the local press were invited and I was worried that Bertie might not feel like it. But as soon as the timer started, I knew the record had been broken because of Bertie’s pace.What advice would you give to someone else attempting a record?Don’t give up. Have confidence and self-belief. If you don’t manage it, there is always another day. Do your best.What does Guinness World Records mean to you – and Bertie?Since setting a new Guinness World Records title, Bertie has become quite a celebrity and very popular with visitors. He now lives in a luxury enclosure with his girlfriend Shelly and his Guinness World Records certificate proudly displayed on the wall.I used to collect the Guinness World Records books – my first was the 1980 edition – and I fondly remember seeing them all in the shops. To be in the book is a dream come true, a massive achievement!Read more: Record Holder Profile Video - Bertie the fastest tortoise
13034Longest awareness ribbon chainThe Caroline FoundationIreland, Bray/GreystonesThe longest awareness ribbon chain is 8,500 m (27,887 ft 1 in) long and was created by The Caroline Foundation (Ireland) in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland, on 11 May 2014.The awareness ribbon stretched from Bray via Cliff Walk to Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland.
13035Most people making paper aircrafts simultaneously (multiple venues)Deloitte Southeast Asia Ltd.803 participantsSingapore, Singapore31 October 2014The most people making paper aircrafts simultaneously (multiple venues) is 803 and was achieved by Deloitte Southeast Asia Ltd. (Singapore), in Singapore on 31 October 2014.
13036Largest s'moreDeer Run Camping Resort121.11 kilogram(s)United States, gardnersThe largest s'more weighs 121.11 kg (267 lbs) and was made at the Deer Run Camping Resort (USA), in Gardners, Pennsylvania, USA, on 31 May 2014. There were a total of 104 volunteers that worked together to make the s'more.
13037Largest saxophone ensembleHenan Cultural Communications Co., Ltd., Henan Association for Symphonic Bands and EnsemblesChina, ZhengzhouThe largest saxophone ensemble is 1,875 participants was achieved by Henan Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensemble and Henan Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. (both China) with the help of Liu Peng Cheng and Cui Rong Han at Henan Art Center in Zhengzhou, Henan, China on 9 May 2015. Two songs were played during the attempt, lasting a total of 5 minutes and 37 seconds.
13038Oldest patient - dental implantsFilomena Battista100/210 year(s), day(s)United States, Palm Harbor06 December 2012The oldest person to have dental implants is Filomena Battista (USA, born 10 May 1912), who had dental implants aged 100 years and 210 days, at Mayur J. Mehta, M.D.S., P.A. Surgery, in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA on 6 December 2012.Filomena had four implants placed.
13039Largest fleet of ocean sensorsArgoNot ApplicableThe Argo programme uses the largest fleet of ocean sensors to monitor global ocean current patterns. Approximately 3,600 free-floating, robotic Argo sensors drift to depths of 2,000 m (6,560 ft) and rise to transmit data via satellites. By Nov 2012, Argo had collected its millionth profile of temperature and salinity – twice the number obtained by all research vessels during the 20th century.
13040Deepest scuba dive in sea waterAhmed GabrEgypt18 September 2014Ahmed Gabr (Egypt) dived to a depth of 332.35 m (1,090 ft 4.5 in) in the Red Sea of Dahab, Egypt, on 18 September 2014.
13041Widest tongue (male)Byron Schlenker8.57 centimetre(s)United States, Syracuse02 November 2014The widest tongue measures 8.57 cm (3.37 in) at its widest point and belongs to Byron Schlenker (USA), as measured in Syracuse, New York, USA, on 2 November 2014.Byron Schlenker has previously held this record with a tongue width of 8.3cm, but since this was set, his tongue has become wider!Meet Byron's daughter Emily, who holds the current record for widest tongue (female)
13042Largest hand hygiene lesson (multiple venues)Glasgow City of Science3,089 participantsUnited Kingdom, Glasgow19 March 2014The largest hand hygiene lesson at multiple venues involved 3,089 participants at an event organised by Glasgow City of Science at 36 sites in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 19 March 2014. The attempt took place across 62 sites, involving an estimated 5,400 children, although evidence was presented for 36 sites only. A standardised lesson plan was used and approved by e-bug and Health Protection Agency UK. A minimum of two nurses qualified in hand hygiene with additional training specific to the attempt attended each site.
13043Largest ori tahiti dance (Tahitian)I Ke Kani Ana Pahu1,539 peopleMexico, Mexico City05 September 2015The largest Tahiti Ori dance involved 1,539 participants and was achieved by dancers from dance schools all over Mexico, at the Deportivo Plan Sexenal in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, on 5 September 2015. The dancers performed three traditional Tahitian dances consecutively: the Otea, Panoa, and Hivinao.
13044Largest donation of pet food in one weekRemax Randgro Benoni Boksburg15,469.48 kilogram(s)South Africa, Benoni24 February 2014The most pet food donated in one week weighs 15,469.48 kg (34,104 lb 5.92 oz) and was collected by Remax Properties Benoni (South Africa) in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa, between 24 February and 3 March 2014. Dog, cat, bird and rabbit, to name a few, were the animals that food was collected for throughout the week. The food was donated to a total of 28 different animal shelters.
13045Most people to roll down a hill in one hourNational Trust570 peopleUnited Kingdom, Polesden Lacey26 July 2014The most people to roll down a hill in one hour is 570 and was achieved at an event organised by The National Trust (UK) in Polesden Lacey, Surrey, UK on 26 July 2014.
13046Most 3D printers operating simultaneouslyAirwolf 3D159 itemsUnited States, Costa Mesa13 December 2014The most 3D printers operating simultaneously is 159 and was achieved by Airwolf 3D (USA) at their premises in Costa Mesa, California, USA, on 13 December 2014. The record was part of an event on behalf of the charity Robohand. Each of the printers were fabricating prosthetic hands in a variety of sizes, and a total of 201 were printed at the event.
13047Most people washing their hands - multiple locationsDepartment of Panchayat and Rural Development, Government of Madhya1,276,425 participantsIndia, Bhopal15 October 2014The most people washing their hands in multiple locations was 1,276,425, in an event organised by the Department of Panchayat and Rural Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh (India) at multiple venues across Madhya Pradesh, India, on 15 October 2014.The attempt took place at over 13,196 locations across the 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh.
13048Largest Lavani dance (single venue)Tapasyasiddhi Kala Academy573 participantsIndia, Kolhapur31 January 2016The largest Lavani dance involved 573 participants, achieved by Tapasyasiddhi Kala Academy (India) at Shivaji Stadium, Kolhapur, India, on 31 January 2016. Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, performed to the beats of the Dholki, a percussion instrument.
13049Most people popping bubble wrapDenver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America2,681 peopleUnited States, Elbert19 September 2015The most people popping bubble wrap simultaneously is 2,681, achieved by the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (USA) at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert, Colorado, USA, on 19 September 2015.The scouts popped bubble wrap as part of their annual “Camporee.”
13050Most people singing live on a radio broadcastBarclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park - 28th June 20156904 peopleUnited Kingdom, London28 June 2015The most people singing live on a radio broadcast is 6,904 and was achieved by Barclaycard presents British Summertime (UK) in Hyde Park, London, UK, on 29 June 2015.The participants sang 'Let it Go' from Disney's hit film 'Frozen'.

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