Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13201Tallest geraniumHerbert JonasGermany, Dueren01 October 2010The tallest geranium measured 6.5 m (21 ft 3 in) and was grown by Herbert Jonas (Germany) in Dueren, Germany, and measured on 1 October 2010.
13202Oldest kinkajou ever in captivitySugar BearUnited States, Honolulu01 January 2003The oldest kinkajou (Potos flavus) ever in captivity was Sugar Bear, who lived to be 40 years and 6 months, when he died at Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii, USA in 2003.Sugar Bear's date of birth was 8 June 1962, however there is no precise date for his death, apart from early 2003.The kinkajou (Indian for 'Honey Bear') is a member of the raccoon family, and related to the red panda. It is indigenous to the tropical forests in southern Mexico, Belize and southern Brazil. The average age of a kinkajou in captivity is 23 years.
13203Largest creme bruleeOrlando Culinary AcademyUnited States, Orlando Culinary Academy,Orlando,Florida12 February 2005The largest crème brulee weighed 1,599.96 lb (725.72 kg) and was made by students of the Le Cordon Bleu Program at the Orlando Culinary Academy, Orlando, Florida, USA on 12 February 2005.K Hopkins adjudicated.
13204Oldest living bacteriaBacillus 2-9-3United States, New Mexico19 October 2000Bacteria trapped in suspended animation inside salt crystals for 250 million years have been revived and cultured by US scientists. Designated Bacillus 2-9-3, this species is ten times older than the previous oldest revived bacteria.
13205Smallest chemical signaling agent (living world)Carbon dioxideNot Applicable11 November 2000Chemical compounds are used by many members of the plant and animal kingdoms as an altenative means of communication to sound and carbon dioxide (CO2), with just three atoms, is the simplest known of these chemical agents.Some fire ants use it as an aggregation pheromone, and worker ants use it outside their nests as a navigation tool.CO2 is also used by the larvae of the corn root worm diabrotica virgifera, which use it to find the roots of corn roots and hence nourishment. Mosquitos are also attracted to carbon dioxide, a product of animal respiration.
13206Heaviest kaleScott RobbUnited States, Palmer29 August 2007The largest kale was grown by Scott Robb (USA) and weighed 48.04 kg (105 lb 14.5 oz) at the Alaska State Fair, Palmer, Alaska, USA, on 29 August 2007.
13207Heaviest kohlrabiScott RobbUnited States, Palmer30 August 2006The largest kohlrabi was grown by Scott Robb (USA) and weighed 43.98 kg (96 lb 15 oz) at the Alaska State Fair, Palmer, Alaska, USA, on 30 August 2006.
13208Oldest koala sanctuaryLone Pine Koala SanctuaryAustralia, Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane01 January 1927The world's oldest koala sanctuary is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was established in 1927 by Claude Reid (Australia)and still operates today. It currently houses the largest number of koalas in captivity, with 137 koalas.There were 137 koalas as of 9 December 2004. The sanctuary also has the record for the oldest koala ever - Sarah. The sanctuary was named after a nearby tree, and established with 2 pairs of koalas, Jack & Jill, Cutie & Cuddles. By 1952, the family run sanctuary housed 152 koalas, 150 kangaroos as well as numerous other wildlife. The sanctuary is now owned by others, and operated as a key tourist and educational centre.
13209Longest running civil court case by an individualJames Martin1972 - 1982 year(s)United States, Wilmington14 December 1972The longest running civil court case has been led by James Martin (USA) since 14 December 1972, when the issue in the Martin v. Sample case was filed it was then appealed to the US Supreme Court, Washington, DC, USA in October 1981, and docketed as case number 81-6884, on 14 June 1982. Following a summons by the Selective Service System (Pennsylvania, USA), Mr Martin attended a three-day pre-induction physical exam to assess his fitness for military service in the Vietnam War he was subsequently classified as disabled. The original filed case (which remains active today), regards the subsequent academic and professional discrimination and interference experienced by Mr Martin following this detainment (11-13 December 1972) for medical testing - an issue that Mr Martin, the Office for Civil Rights and the US Department of Education, argues violates the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which forbids discrimination on the basis of alleged or of actual medical history. The original case, (Martin v Sample, 459 US 850, 74 L ed 2s 98, 103 S Ct 111) -where Mr Sample was the president of the college that Mr Martin was enrolled in at the time - remains active as of 11 December 2006 (when this record was approved).The above date (14 December 1972) is the date of the decision from the Selective Service, following their issuance of the summons to me, directing Mr Martin to appear at the pre-induction examination. (The case was filed with the issuance of the summons, which occurred before 14 December 1972).
13210Largest seizure of narcotics assetsUS government280000000 US dollar(s)United States, 01 December 1998In December 1998, nearly U$280 million (then approx. £169 million) from illicit drugs profits were seized by the US government, making it the largest in history.The largest of the seizures, U$180 million (then approx. £108 million), was found in a Swiss bank account and was split 50/50 with the Swiss government. The money belonged to Colombian drug lord Julio Nasser David and had been stashed over the 70's and 80's through massive drugs smuggling operations to the US and Switzerland. He is currently jailed in Colombia and his wife Sheila is serving a 12 year sentence in the US. The confiscated money was distributed to federal and local law enforcement agencies to be used in future drug related investigations.
13211Highest heeled shoes commercially availableJames SyiemiongIndia01 February 2004The highest heels commercially available are boots boasting a combination of 43 cm (17 in) platforms and 51 cm (20 in) heels, produced by James Syiemiong (India) for in February 2004.
13212First documented horticultural showExhibition of Fruits, Flowers and Plants1829/06/06 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, Philadelphia06 June 1829The earliest documented public horticultural show was the Exhibition of Fruits, Flowers and Plants, which was hosted by the Pennyslvania Horticultural Society (established 1827), and held at the Masonic Hall, Pennsylvania, USA on 6 June 1829.The show continues to be held annually (except for 1918, 1943-46, when the USA was involved in WWI and WWII) and became known as The Philadephia Flower Show. The 2006 show will be the 172nd one (considering the war years).
13213Most targets shot in 8 hours - 30 m rangeChristopher Large4059 timesUnited Kingdom, Groby25 October 2008The most 40 mm targets shot in 8 hours from 30 metres with an air rifle is 4,059 and was achieved by Chris Large (UK) in Leicestershire, UK, on 25 October 2008.Chris was shooting at 80 target shot boards and took between 8-10 minutes to complete each board.
13214Highest team score in a first-class 50-over match (male)Surrey CricketUnited Kingdom, London29 April 2007The highest limited overs total in professional cricket is 496-4 from 50overs by Surrey in their match against Gloucestershire at the Brit Oval, London, UK, on 29 April 2007.
13215First game of footbag golfUnknownfirstUnited States, Portand01 August 1982The first ever game of footbag golf was organized by John Stalberger (USA) and played in August 1982 at Delta Park, Portand, Oregon, USA.The object of the game is to complete a pre-determined course by kicking a footbag in the fewest number of kicks.
13216Shortest person to wing walkKiran ShahUnited Kingdom, Gloucestershire30 April 2010The shortest person to wing walk is Kiran Shah (UK)who stands at 1 m 26.3 cm (4ft 1.7 in) and was achieved in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK, on 30 April 2010.Kiran Shah also holds the record for the shortest stuntman.
13217Highest score on Home Run Pinball in The Bigs 2 (2K Sports, 2009)Christopher ZupanUnited States, TacomaThe highest score for Home Run Pinball on The Bigs 2 (2K Sports, 2007) is 1,570,000, achieved by Chris 'dragonangyle' Zupan (USA) in Tacoma, Washington, USA, on 22 June 2010.Approved via Gamer's Edition on Bragster: Brag URL
13218Fastest 1-round victory on WWE Day of Reckoning (THQ, 2005)James BouchierUnited Kingdom, AberystwythThe fastest 1-round victory in WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (THQ, 2005) is 11 seconds, achieved by James 'TwIsTeD_EnEmY' Bouchier (Canada) in Aberystwyth, UK on 17 May 2010.
13219Most consecutive matches played without missing an inning, professional baseballTomoaki KanemotoJapan, Hanshin18 April 2010The most consecutive matches played without missing an inning in professional baseball is 1,492 by Tomoaki Kanemoto (Japan) with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Hanshin Tigers (both Japan) of Nippon Professional Baseball from 21 July 1999 to 17 April 2010.Kanemoto surpassed Cal Ripken Jr.'s (USA) mark of 903 consecutive games in Major League Baseball (USA) on 9 April 2006. During his streak, Kanemoto won the Central League Most Valuable Player once, won six of his seven Best Nine Awards, and earned seven of his 10 selections to the NPB all-star game. He finally missed an inning by not starting in Hanshin's 18 April 2010 game against the Yokohama Baystars, a result of a right shoulder injury he suffered before the season began.
13220First life on EarthUnknownAustralia, Query01 January 2010The earliest life for which there is strong evidence are the microfossils of reef-building cyanobacteria found in the Apex Chert, Western Australia, and estimated to be 3.465 billion years old.
13221Most consecutive penalty kicks scored on FIFA 10 (EA, 2009)Christopher HullUnited Kingdom, LiverpoolThe most consecutive penalty kicks scores on FIFA 10 (EA, 2009) is 26, achieved by Christopher 'Jeeby' Hull (UK) in Liverpool, UK, on 30 May 2010.
13222First orbital space shuttle missionSTS-1 Columbia1981/4/12 - 1981/4/14 year(s), month(s), day(s)United States, 01 January 1981The earliest orbital space shuttle mission – STS-1 – was the 54.5-hour maiden flight of Columbia, commanded by John Young. It lasted from 12 april until 14 april 1981.
13223First tweet to amass over one million followersAshton Kutcher1000000 peopleUSAThe celebrity Twitter popularity contest is being won by actor Ashton Kutcher (USA), the first tweet to amass over 1 million followers.
13224Largest database of videogame featuresElectronic Entertainment Design and ResearchUnited States, Carlsbad, CA07 February 2010The largest active database of video games information is maintained by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) of California, USA, and features 15,414,725 objectively quantifiable data points as of 9 February 2010.EEDAR is a consultancy that supplies information to video games publishers advising on the viability of gaming projects and tracks data points for each title, including sales, number of characters, box art and many thousands more to build up a complete picture of the industry.
13225Largest augmented reality markRossi Residencial898.2 square metre(s)Brazil, Vitoria30 June 2010The largest augmented reality mark is 898.2 m² (9,668.11 ft²) and was unveiled by Rossi Residencial (Brazil) in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil, on 30 June 2010.The augmented reality mark displayed the image of a buliding 106 m (347 ft 9 in) high to be built in the area where the augmented reality mark was placed.
13226Fastest lap on Crash Nitro Kart (Universal, 2003)Alex HerreraUnited States, LilburnThe fastest lap achieved on Jungle Boogie on Crash Nitro Kart (Universal, 2003) is 37.77 sec, by Alex Herrera (USA) in Lilburn, Georgia, USA, on 31 May 2010.
13227Highest score on PAC-Man Championship Edition (Namco Bandai, 2010)Christopher Zupan451660 point(s)United States, tacoma09 June 2010The highest score on Pac-Man Championship Edition is 451,660, achieved by Chris 'dragonangyle' Zupan (USA), in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A. on 9 June 2010 This is for a 10 minute run, and is distinct to the 5 minute record present on GWR Challengers.
13228Fastest completion of Rose and Camellia (Nigoro, Flash)Nick Sotiropoulos58 minute(s), second(s)Greece, 15 March 2014The fastest completion of Rose and Camellia is 58 seconds, and was achieved by Nick Sotiropoulos (Greece), in Lamia, Fthiotis, Greece, on 15 March 2014.
13229Highest winning margin in Mario Smash Football (Nintendo, 2005)James BouchierAfghanistan22 June 2010The highest winning margin in Mario Smash Football/Super Mario Strikers (Nintendo, 2005) is 39, achieved by James 'TwIsTeD_EnEmY' Bouchier (Canada) in Aberystwyth, UK on 22 June 2010.
13230Fastest completion of Mario Medley in Mario Party 4 (Nintendo, 2002)James BouchierUnited Kingdom23 June 2010The fastest completion of Mario Medley on Mario Party 4 (Nintendo, 2002) is 50.1 sec, achieved by James 'TwIsTeD_EnEmY' Bouchier (Canada) in Aberystwyth, UK on 23 June 2010.

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