Guinness World Records List
Guinness World Records List

13321Most people making kimchi simultaneouslyKorea Yakult Corporation2635 peopleKorea (South), Seoul,,Seoul Square13 November 2013The most people making kimchi simultaneously is 2,635 and was achieved by Korea Yakult Corporation (South Korea), in Seoul Square, Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on 13 November 2013.The attempt took place during the 13th 'Sharing kimchi of love'.
13322Highest score on Flick Soccer! HD (iOS)Patrick SinnerGermany23 February 2014The highest score on Flick Soccer! HD (iOS) is 8,885,970 points and was achieved by Patrick Sinner (Germany), in Kefenrod, Germany, on 23 February 2014.
13323Trap shooting - fastest 25 targets (American Trap)John Yeiser1/4.14 minute(s), second(s)United States, San Diego,Green Head Gun Club07 November 2013The fastest time to shoot 25 American trap targets is 1 min 4.14 sec, achieved by John Yeiser IV (USA) at the Green Head Gun Club, San Diego, California, USA, on 7 November 2013.
13324Most personal transporter figure-of-eights in two minutesMark McKinleyUnited States, Elyria,,Lorain County Community College14 November 2013The most personal transporter figure-of-eights in two minutes is 12 and was achieved by Mark McKinley (USA) at Lorain County Community College, in Elyria, Ohio, USA, on 14 November 2013.Dr. McKinley is a professor at the psychology department at Lorain County Community College, he has also been recognised by Guinness World Records for his collection of talking clocks which as of 15 February 2011 numbered 782.
13325Largest cut brown sapphireOphir Collection, LLCUnited States, Atlanta22 February 2014The largest cut brown sapphire weighs 5,905 carats (1.19 kg, 41.66 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 22 February 2014.The sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3). It also contains elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, and magnesium.
13326Most consecutive tenpin bowling games bowling the same scoreStanley KodishUnited States, Toledo09 March 1988The most consecutive tenpin bowling games bowling the same score is 8 and was achieved by Stanley Kodish (USA) during the PBA Trust Corp National Tournament in Toledo, Ohio, USA on 9 March 1988.Kodish bowled 202 on eight occassions breaking the previous record of Bob Barker who had bowled the score of 157 on seven consecutive occassions.
13327Largest cut tanzanite
13328Largest cut neptuniteOphir Collection, LLCUnited States, Atlanta25 January 2014The largest cut neptunite weighs 15.43 carats (3.09 g, 0.11 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 25 January 2014.The neptunite is a mineral containing potassium, iron, sodium, lithium, manganese, silicon, oxygen, and titanium.
13329Largest cut serendibiteOphir Collection, LLCUnited States, Atlanta20 December 2013The largest cut serendibite weighs 65.22 carats (13.04 g, 0.46 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 20 December 2013.The serendibite is a mineral containing aluminum, boron, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, and silicon.
13330Fastest aggregate time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female)Maria ConceicaoSouth Africa08 March 2014The fastest aggregate time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female) is 46 hr 11 min 10 sec and was achieved by Maria Conceicao (Portugal) from 26 January to 8 March 2014.The race details of the seven ultra marathons she ran are as follows:Ultra marathon 1 - White Continent 50K, King George Island, Antarctica, 26/01/14 - 6:24:05Ultra marathon 2 - Punta Arenas 50K, Chile, South America, 30/01/14 - 5:18:58Ultra marathon 3 - Wadi Bih Solo Canyon 50K, Oman, Asia, 07/02/14 - 6:21:58Ultra marathon 4 - Moonlight Challenge 2014 50K, UK, Europe, 15/02/14 - 7:18:00Ultra marathon 5 - Coburg 50K, Australia, Australasia, 23/02/14 - 7:24:53Ultra marathon 6 - Caumsett State Park 50K, USA, North America, 02/03/14 - 6:59:37Ultra marathon 7 - Louis Massyn Aldam Ultra Marathon 50K, South Africa, Africa, 08/03/14 - 6:23:39This record is based on the aggregate time to complete the seven ultra marathons. However, in breaking this record, Maria also broke the record for 'Fastest time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female)', completing the seven ultra marathons in 41 days, 3 hr, 23 min and 39 sec.
13331Most people bowling simultaneously (multiple venues)Bowlmor AMFUnited States, Nationwide21 June 2014The most people bowling simultaneously (multiple venues) is 579, achieved by participants at Bowlmor Lanes (USA) at locations across the country on 21 June 2014.Participants across the United States bowled a single ball simultaneously at 7:15 pm Eastern Time.
13332Most consecutive volleyball victories in all competitions (female)Vakifbank IstanbulTurkey, Istanbul22 January 2014The most consecutive volleyball victories in all competitions is 73 and was achieved by VakifBank Istanbul (Turkey) from 23 October 2012 to 22 January 2014.The VakifBank Volleyball team won an unprecedented 5 trophies during this winning streak including the CEV Champions League and FIVB World Club's Championship the highest prizes available in women's club volleyball. They also won the domestic treble of the Turkish National League, Turkish Cup and Super Cup. Their streak was finally ended on 27 January 2014 in a game against Fenerbahce.
13333Fastest 100 m on forearm crutches - invertedTameru ZegeyeGermany, Fürth06 March 2014The fastest 100 m on forearm crutches inverted is 57.00 seconds and was achieved by Tameru Zegeye (Ethiopia) in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, on 6 March 2014.Circus performer Tameru was born with deformed feet, and learned to move on his hands in early childhood.
13334Highest score on Into the Dead (Android / iOS)Alayna FeltonUnited States13 October 2013The highest score on Into the Dead (Android / iOS) is 32,858 and was achieved by Alayna Felton (USA), during the Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship competition, from 11-13 October 2013.The Kiip Mobile Gaming Championship event for the mobile game Into the Dead was held over the October 11-13 weekend. It was an online tournament where gamers competed for the highest score on the mobile game Into the Dead. Alayna beat the previous high score of 23,800 with her 32,858.
13335Largest Chinese orchestra (single venue)
13336Largest cut painiteOphir Collection, LLCCanada, Port Moody20 December 2013The largest cut painite weighs 25.92 carats (5.18 g, 0.18 oz) and is owned by Ophir Collection, LLC (USA) on 20 December 2013.The painite is a mineral containing calcium, zirconium, boron, aluminium and oxygen (CaZrAl9O15(BO3)). The mineral also contains trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.
13337Longest-running botanical periodical/magazine
13338Largest display of soldering gunsIMM StiftungGermany, Mittweida26 November 2013The largest display of soldering guns is 626 and was achieved by IMM Stiftung (Germany) in Mittweida, Germany, on 26 November 2013.
13339Most 'tick tock' gymnastic moves in one minuteMridula ShankerUnited States, Ann Arbor,Northside Elementary School13 December 2013The most 'tick tock' gymnastic moves in one minute is 63 and was achieved by Mridula Shanker (India) at Northside Elementary School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, on 13 December 2013.Mridula was just nine when she made her attempt in front of her classmates and teachers at Northside Elementary School.
13340Largest gathering of people wearing boater hatsMuseum Maker'sUnited Kingdom, Luton16 August 2014The largest gathering of people wearing boater hats is 797 and was achieved by Museum Maker's (UK) at Wardown Park Museum, Luton, UK on 16 August 2014.
13341Longest chocolate candy sculpture
13342Largest online meditation lesson
13343Most pitchers of summer punch sold in 24 hours (multiple venues)
13344Most valuable guandao
13345Most people skipping double dutch style simultaneously
13346Largest drinking straw mosaic
13347First wireless induction powered aquatic toy
13348Largest clay cooking pot (baked)
13349Largest Peruvian folk dance
13350Longest chain of hazelnutsCity of CortemiliaItaly, cortemilia16 August 2014The longest line of hazelnuts consisted of 6,580 hazelnuts, measured 106.14 m (348 ft 3 in) and was created by the city of Cortemilia (Italy), in Cortemilia, Italy, on 16 August 2014.

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